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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 186

The elf looked around blankly with a wet face.

The face of the elf who found me turned pale.

His face, which was already white, was stained with a pale blue color.

Behind me, his companions were slumped on each other’s backs.

Some kind of magic had been used, and the earth had risen above them, devouring their lower halves, and tentacles that made them uncomfortable just by looking at them were wrapped around their bodies.

His eyes rolled and he looked to the side.

The powder of the bloodstone that they had been carrying and pouring out had almost diminished.

how did this happen

His eyes, which continued to roll in bewilderment, were stuck between bloodstones.

‘What the hell is that?’

His eyes trembled violently as if an earthquake had occurred.

The blindness in his vision was literally sucking the bloodstone.

A line of blood was formed in the unknown blade. The veins, as red as bloodstone, continued to wriggle, and each time the veins wriggled, the amount of bloodstone decreased.

It was hard to accept with my head how this had happened, so I grabbed his head where he was in a daze.

“Where do you keep looking like that?”

I forced him to make eye contact with me, but even with me in front of him, his eyes were shooting in all directions.

But I couldn’t stop holding his eyes, so I gave up making eye contact with him and let go of my hand holding my head.

Instead, he pointed at Nameless, who was holding him by the neck and sucking the bloodstone deliciously.

To be precise, he asked, pointing at the bloodstone dust filled around the nameless area.

“You, where did you get those?”

“… .”

His body, which was trembling at the fear of my questioning, subsided like a lie.

In that state, he bit his lower lip.

‘What, this is the level at which a person has changed.’

It wasn’t that I just kept my mouth shut.

Just as people’s inclinations don’t change easily, so did the elves.

The elf, which had been swaying in my hand like a reed blown by the wind until just now, was standing firm.

His eyes, which had been swaying relentlessly and looking everywhere, stared at the bloodstone, and his body, which had been trembling violently, sank to the point where there was not even the slightest tremble.

“Are you not going to talk?”

The elf didn’t answer.

He bit his lip tightly as if he would never answer.

He bit so hard that his lower lip cracked open and blood gushed out.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say anything.”

I don’t have to use my strength to keep my mouth shut.

Even if it wasn’t me, there was hatchling’s magic, so why would I do that?

There is a way to achieve very efficient performance, but there is no reason for me to lose power.

“Five… The rate of absorption is faster than yesterday. You ate so much of it so quickly.”

Looking around, I smiled at the nameless who had eaten a lot of bloodstone powder before I knew it.

There was quite a lot of it, but a lot of the bloodstone powder disappeared and the nameless remained alone and was calling me.

As if he was still hungry, his name seemed to point to the bloodstone powder.

“no. that later.”

I pulled out the cotton and stroked it as if I were handling a baby, and inserted it into the scabbard.

He pointed to a bag of bloodstone powder that had not yet been used and said to Hatchling.

“Can you keep this for me?”

The wizards I knew basically had a subspace.

Of course, those wizards are 4th circle or higher wizards, but Hatchling has long since surpassed that level.

-Of course! Because I am great!

As communication became smoother than before, Hatchling expressed his feelings more freely.

Hatchling raised a paw and pointed at a bag of bloodstone dust.


The bloodstone bag floated in the air, and the soil buried in the bag fell to the ground.

All the bloodstone sacks floated into the air and disappeared without a trace.

Hatchling put it in subspace.

As expected, a wizard was essential when going somewhere.

Even with just one mage, it’s so convenient.

“Hee! Uh, how!”

At that time, the elf who had fallen to the ground foamed at the bloodstone bag that disappeared in the air.

When I saw that, I wanted to ache.

Come to think of it, Hatchling was currently hidden.

It was so perfectly concealed that even the sword master, Count Warrug, could not notice it.

No matter how sensitive the Elf was, it was not as good as the Sword Master.

‘I didn’t think of this.’

It took a lot of things to say I did it.

First of all, I talked to Hatchling.

And when Hatchling opened the subspace, the waves he felt were mana, not aura.

Sorcerer’s legacy.

According to basic common sense, mana and aura cannot coexist.

I used an aura, and the Elf who knew it couldn’t help but be surprised by the sudden reverberation of the magical power.

‘Should I just kill him?’

I’m in trouble when an elf makes fun of other elves.

In that case, I’d rather kill him.

‘No, no matter how much an elf, would you believe the words of a traitor?’

First of all, there is no evidence that I ever used magic.

Even if the elves had a tendency to be cheap with each other, there was no way they would take care of their own people who harmed their mother.

Rather, if you kill without mercy, you kill.

To them, the World Tree is their god and everything.

It was questionable from the beginning whether they would treat the elves who had harmed them for not touching the World Tree as their own kind.

‘Let’s just leave it alone. He’s going to die anyway, so what can he do by talking? Rather, it’s fortunate that I’m not treated like a crazy person.’

That sounds like fun in its own way.

An elf who is treated as a madman by his own people.

That in itself piqued my interest.

“By the way, I’m really curious where you got the bloodstones from.”

Once, I tried to find the culprits.

To get more bloodstones.

However, the timing was unintentionally advanced.

That’s not a problem, but rather good.

Because you don’t have to waste time.

“Don’t keep walking around like that and come over here.”

– Why are you calling?

I pointed at the elf who was looking at me like a madman as I was talking in the air.

I ignored him and told Hatchling.

“Is there any magic that can control the mind?”

“… !”

The elves freaked out at my words.

I shook my head back and forth trying to figure out who I was talking to.

But he couldn’t find it, and fear crept across his face.

Apparently I was talking to someone, but I couldn’t find the person.

He couldn’t believe that I was talking into the air, and he was very nervous.

-Well… What do you mean?

Hatchling tilted his head, as if my words were difficult.

“Can you make me tell the truth?”

-there is! I can do it!

Hatchling said he understood and approached the elf.

The elf trembled at the invisible threat and looked around with anxious eyes.

Hatchling’s mana enveloped him.

“Uh, uh! no!”

He rolled on the ground holding my head.

What do you hate so much?

Red blood vessels protruded from his face as he rolled on the ground.

The red veins stood out even more because the skin was so pale.

“100 million… !”

The struggle of the elf came to an end with a final scream.

The elf, who had grotesquely bent over, began to stand up slowly.

His arms and legs returned to their original form, and his eyes were empty when he fully stood up.

“Is this okay?”

-If I reap mana, it will return to normal. reap?

“no. Leave it alone. If you are, then so be it.”

The dragon’s magic is close to omnipotent, if not omnipotent.

Even with hatchling magic, there are few mistakes.

If it’s a hatchling, that’s it.

“Then can I ask now?”


Hatchling nodded confidently.

Trusting Hatchling, he asked the elf the simplest questions.

“What is your name?”


“What does that name mean?”

“Calling Happiness.”

“You act against your name.”

“… .”

The elf answered exactly what I asked.

That look gave me more confidence.

After finishing the moderately light question, I asked the question in earnest.

“Why did you betray the World Tree?”

“Because I was promised that I could leave the South.”

Are you out of the South?

Wasn’t the forest all about elves? Although each person’s personality is different.

It was not well understood that an elf who had never left the forest was trying to get out of the south until he left his hometown.

“Why do you want to leave the South?”

“I want to see many things.”

“How many elves did you betray in total?”


I glanced over at the elf tied to the tentacles.

All three elves.

Even with the elves with me, one was not enough.

“What about the other one?”

“It is elsewhere.”

“where? And with whom?”

“In the Kairos tribe, with the tribal chief.”

“Then how did you get the bloodstone dust?”

“The Kairos Tribe provided as much support as needed.”

“You must have paid for it?”

“Mother’s downfall.”

Wow… These are real crazy people.

No matter how much I want to leave the South, I can’t betray my mother and try to kill her.

No matter how much it is for my own benefit, these guys are not even a beast.

“Where is it?”

“The southern end, where all the mines are gathered.”

“Can you guide us?”

“… .”

The elf stands up without a word.

I staggered as I got up to see if the shock from me was still there, but the elf started to move.

‘It’s too sudden.’

I just asked if I could guide you, I didn’t say I would.

Well, it’s not a bad thing because you can save words.

The other elves are tied up properly.

Unless they are stronger than the hatchlings, they cannot escape the clutches of the hatchlings.

Among them, none were stronger than hatchlings.

Perhaps they were paying for betraying the World Tree, but they couldn’t even summon the spirits.

If you knew how to command spirits, you wouldn’t be so easily defeated by me.

“In case you don’t know, use the detection magic.”

-I get it!

Hatchling nodded happily and spread mana widely.

Even though the elves were under the hatchling’s magic, you don’t know what will happen to people.

I followed the elf.

The elf moved at an appropriate pace, neither too fast nor too slow, although it may have matched my pace.

The direction the Elf headed was the opposite of the entrance to the World Tree.

He squeezed himself through a tiny gap and into the tangled bushes.

It wasn’t strange to act secretly because the other elves didn’t want to find out.

how far did it go

The elf suddenly stopped. Then he turned to me and stared silently.

“Are you here?”

“… .”

Leaving behind the unanswering elf, I looked ahead.

“What is this?”

I bit my lip at the sight unfolding before my eyes.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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