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When I Opened My Eyes, I Was in the Middle of the Battlefield Chapter 256

The gunfire stopped, and silence fell.

While the cries of the hostages leaked through the tight gap in the tape.

The sound of weak footsteps echoed through the building.

The mercenary who had been shooting at the window had stepped back.

It wasn’t one person.

All of the mercenaries who were aiming their guns at the window stepped back.

At the same time, curse words came out with a trembling exhalation.

“f*ck, what is this… … .”

“Um, what the hell is that?”

“Damn it… No radio response.”

As they spoke, their gazes at each other wavered.

Shooting with a rifle inserted into the gap between the hostages parked by the window, and in the meantime, concentrated fire with a heavy machine gun, and tried to fire with an RPG-7 from the rooftop, but none of them worked.

Rather, it was reversed.

And that happened in just over two minutes.

It was clearly an incident that occurred despite having grasped Kang-tae’s data, paid enough attention, and prepared for it.

There are still 9 people alive in this building, including Pikal, but it didn’t mean much.

Even without an order to stop shooting, the mercenaries took their index fingers off the trigger guard and were so embarrassed that they retreated from the window.

“Hey, what now?”

Someone asked the mercenary commander.

It was a question even though there were still missions to be done and there was an engagement to proceed according to the procedure.

With the face of hope that there is another alternative.

It was natural.

Only six people approached with shields, but 50 people couldn’t block it at all and got hit.

Of course, he couldn’t confirm whether the mercenaries were alive or dead, but he could be certain that they were dead.

It was because each time Gangtae fired, the number of shots to stop them decreased, and each time news of a death was heard on the radio, and all the voices responding to the radio disappeared before anyone knew it.

In the meantime, the distance with Kangtae was 50m instead of 200m.

A gap you’ll reach in seconds if you run.

With the muzzle removed from the window, I would speed up and approach the building.

The mercenary commander’s eyes turned to the door.

“… … .”

The only iron front door in the village of Ashizif.

It wouldn’t break as easily as a wooden door, but it wasn’t strong enough to stop enemies from entering.

Above all, if the giant Jake puts a paroo in it, it will break quickly.

Therefore, there was only one thing I could do now.

“… Get ready for indoor CQB (Close Quarter Battle).”

I had no choice but to react.

Pikal hadn’t given any other orders, and he couldn’t have surrendered his weapon voluntarily.

Of course, even he hesitated to speak, but there was nothing he could do.

I was just thinking about the future.

Even if he dies, he hopes that he will receive a huge reward, just like other bereaved families did.

So did the others.

“Damn it… … .”

One of the dogs spat out a curse word.

It was because his own life was more precious than the compensation that would come out after death.

Some of them had no family.

However, it was not possible to surrender to the enemy.

It wasn’t because of personal pride or Pikal’s retaliation or reward.

It was because they had already committed terrorism under the orders of terrorists, had just engaged in a firefight, and were still tying up innocent Pakistani teenagers and using them as obstacles.

It was a non-negotiable death sentence.

As a result, he had to fight against Kangtae again.

Of course, the mindset was different from before.

It was because the will to somehow neutralize Kang-tae had already been broken.

Now, as he had trained in the past, he was moving like a machine.

At the same time, a tense report came up.

“… They have come all the way to the entrance.”

And as soon as the words were finished, the unexpected happened.

Kik-! Kaga River!

Tuk, Degurur—

The iron door opened with a harsh sound, and even a flash grenade rolled into it.

“Get down!”

Along with the shouting, the mercenaries reacted quickly.

It was because forced opening of doors or throwing flashbangs was a standard way to enter CQB, and the mercenaries had trained to the point of getting bored.

To put it simply, they were things I knew well.

but only know

Suffering from being assaulted by an entry was a different story.

The events outside the building that the mercenaries witnessed from the window unfolded again right in front of them.

For example, accurately hitting the middle of the mercenary’s forehead or the hand holding the gun between dozens of hostages.

Empty, empty, empty!

After eight shots like rapid fire, all gunfire stopped.

The mercenaries were annihilated.

The booby traps they had previously hidden near the routes and under the hostages had no effect.

It was because Kang-tae overpowered them all without taking a few steps.

At the end, only the tears of the hostages choked by the tape and the groans of the mercenaries who were still breathing could be heard.

bang bang! bang!

Harry stepped out and blew the heads of the flinching mercenaries to finish the confirmed kill.

After that, Rachel, who was looking at the detector, opened her mouth.

everything is in order.

However, the atmosphere suddenly changed after the words that followed.

“No vital signs on the 2nd floor, 1 detected in the inner room on the 1st floor.”

“… … !”

It was because one signal that it was detected in the inner room was their target.

Just Pikal.

It was the moment when Jake, who was holding a shield with both hands at the same time, was about to give instructions while nodding his head.

A heavy and profound voice came from the inner room on alert.

“You’re finally here.”

It was Pikal’s voice.

He, who was watching the situation with a camera from inside, continued.

“Kang Tae-ri… Oh, can I call you that? If you have a new name to use, call it that.”

It was a tone that permeated leisure and consideration.

But this wasn’t just using natural vocal cords, it was Pikal’s intention.

I was paying attention, even considering the sound of my exhaled breath.

Hide your dignity, and be softer.

It was because they had to buy time by talking to each other in order to survive until the nuclear missiles arrived.

‘About 13 minutes… … .’

Pikal’s eyes, which had been looking at the corner of the laptop screen, narrowed.

It was because of too little time.

If it was 1 minute and 30 seconds, I would have been able to put my mind at ease, but 13 minutes was not an appropriate unit to endure.

But I wasn’t nervous or anxious.

just a little care

He also had other means.

That is an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

The most commonly used and easily made items by terrorists in the Middle East and Africa were installed throughout the room.

If it exploded, this building would coolly be smashed.

Buildings will collapse and dust will fly.

I wanted to press the button right away, but it was not an easy choice.

Because I couldn’t be sure that Kang-tae would die.

Even so, Kang-tae was in a situation where he was protected by a helmet and shield, and he even stood behind a mud wall to mitigate the impact.

I didn’t know if I would survive the fatal wound.

Isn’t even the physical ability at a level that can’t be seen as a person?

‘There should be no doubt, I should also close my eyes comfortably… … .’

If I had to press the IED detonation button, it had to be the moment Kangtae entered the room.

When I was sitting on a chair without a shield.

As I was thinking about that, Kangtae’s answer came back a bit late.

“Do whatever you feel like.”

“Um, good. Then could you give me a chance to talk to your boss? If it’s difficult to judge here, I hope you can at least convey my words to the higher up.”

Pikal continued.

In the same natural and calm tone as before.

At the same time, his eyebrows twitched as he was looking at the screen.


The video transmission of the camera that was filming the interior was stopped.

Not just one, but all.

Around the time I thought this was also an operation of the US military.

Kang Tae opened his mouth.

“What are you talking about?”

A short tone like a soldier active in the field.

Pikal weighed this and replied.

“Has the message been passed on to the superiors? Or do you have full power?”

Kang-tae shook his head in response to a series of questions.

“Then wait a bit.”

After speaking, Kang-tae let go of the HK416, slowly took out the Glock 19 and stretched it out.

Then he brought the gun to the wooden door.

It’s like aiming at an opponent through the door in an espionage movie.

Also, it was actually a preparation process to subdue the opponent beyond the door.

Naturally, this was a marksmanship not included in the CQB course.

I couldn’t even do it.

Because you can’t shoot people without seeing them.

In addition, it was very unfamiliar to Kang-tae.

It was because the sharpshooter trait he had been using did not work on invisible targets.

Therefore, it means that the shooting that will be done now depends entirely on Kang-tae’s senses and luck, not his characteristics.

‘Yeom sick… I can’t see it, won… … .’

Kang-tae, who chewed the swear words inwardly, looked at the screen of the bio-signal detector while crumpling his forehead to estimate the location of the pical.

It had to be.

Because the Pikal Kang-tae knew was not a person who would say trivial, meaningless words.

It was clear that the conversation they were attempting now was a so-called hoax.

Moreover, the possibility of launching nuclear missiles from the Republic of Camarnia is very high.

So, I was preparing carefully.

Of course, this is just trying because Pikal is still.

If he had moved, he would have taken the risk and entered the interior to subdue Pikal.

“after… … .”

In response, Kang-tae took a long breath and slowly moved his index finger that had been placed on the trigger guard.

Then he waited for Pikal to speak.

From nob le mt l dot com

Like when we were looking for an American reporter, the purpose was to aim for the moment when people focus on words.

And the time came quickly.

“Kang Tae-ri, then… … .”

A deep voice was heard, and at the same time Kangtae pulled the trigger.

Not once.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

triggered several times.

With the heart that I wish I could get even one shot.

And Jake ran straight to the door.

As if charging forward with two shields.

bang! Kwajijik!

The moment the door opened, a pical came into Kang-tae’s eyes, who followed him.

he was falling backwards

The body armor worn over the clothes was hit, and the impact pushed the body away.

I couldn’t determine exactly how many feet were hit.

There were only glimpses of the bullet-proof vest.

And at the moment when Pikal passed over, a word popped into Kangtae’s head.


It was only intended to kill, but there seemed to be a possibility of capture.

Because Pikal was going over defenseless.

If only he could capture Pikal, he would be able to find out all the people related to the nuclear missile and erase the remaining aftereffects.

In addition, arresting terrorists was also desired from above.

That’s because they could do anything, whether it was torturing them to get information, or putting them on trial to heat up public opinion.


The moment Pikal fell like that.

Contrary to the possibility of being captured, Kang-tae’s index finger reflexively tensed up.

It was because Pikal moved.

Of course, I didn’t know what the intention was, and I had no intention of knowing.

First of all, you just need perfect suppression.


A 9mm bullet from a Glock 19 lodged in Pikal’s left foot.

The walker was punctured, and at the same time the right foot was moving.

Only then did Kang Tae see something strange in his eyes.

‘… … ?’

It didn’t look like he was simply startled and tried to stretch his legs or get up.

It was a movement with a different purpose.

Of course, whatever it was, it didn’t come true.

Because Kang-tae, who was only 3 meters away, was aiming a gun with his index finger inside the trigger guard.


He hit the right foot accurately, but Kang-tae’s index finger pulled the trigger in quick succession.

bang! Taang!

The landing site was Pikal’s calf and knee.

It made him completely unable to use his legs.

At the same time, Kang Tae’s eyes shone.

Pikal stretched out his leg like crazy, because he saw something close by.

Something smaller than a fist was sticking out.

It was covered in carpet, so I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was clear that there was something inside.

It looks like a stone root.

However, there was no way that Pikal would have sacrificed both feet just because of the stone.


Maybe it was the detonator of the hidden detonator.

It was because it was in a good position to step on naturally from a sitting position.

It’s only now that the pikal has fallen backwards and is visible, but when you’re sitting, you wouldn’t have noticed if you stepped on it quietly.

Soon, Glock 19s spewed fire one after another.

It was because Pikal, who couldn’t use his legs, moved his arms.


Starting with the left hand, the bullet landed on the wrist, forearm, and shoulder.

bang! bang! Taang-!

The moment Pikal’s body, which was about to crawl, stumbled again.


The slide is locked back and the chamber is empty.

Kangtae did not reload.

Instead, I put the Glock 19 in my hand and grabbed the HK416 that was hanging with a sling.

Then, quickly grabbing the gun, I fired at the same time as the berth.


This time to the right hand, its wrist and forearm.

A 5.56mm rifle bullet blew away some of the flesh from the palm of the hand.

It was because Pikal had arrived all the way to the button.

However, in a way, the possibility of being captured was increased.

I already caught it and found out.

There was a record of catching not only illegal mercenaries, but also Giandro, Pikal’s subordinate.

The moment I thought I could catch Pikal enough.

“… … !”

I realized that my judgment was wrong.

It was because Pikal moved even when Kangtae took a step.

Pushing with the stretched arm, pulling the body with the chin.

Crawled towards only one place.

Pikal also wanted only one thing.

‘Button, button, button, button, button, button, button, button, button… … !’

He never thought of anything else.

As Kang-tae expected, he was moving to press the IED detonator lying under the carpet.

And if I dragged myself one more time, I could press enough.

the moment it moves.

Turong-! f*ck!

The lower jaw flew away with the gunshot.

Pikal’s head staggered as he crawled to the floor with his chin.

“… … !”

Then an intense pain came over his brain, but he didn’t have time to feel it.

If alive, you had to press a button.

Ever since several 9mm bullets were stuck in my body armor, I had been thinking about pressing the button instead of the pain.

So even when my feet, calves, hands, forearms, and shoulders were hit in turn, I just focused on moving and didn’t feel any pain or hesitate.

Because this moment when he was dying was an opportunity to kill Kang-tae.

As a result, the moment he tries to crawl, not with his chin, but with his remaining cheekbones.

I saw something in my blood-stained vision.

It was Kang Tae.

He is holding a gun and aiming it.

It was hazy and hard to see, but Pikal was sure in that moment.

No, I woke up.

‘… It was an impossible task.’

However, there was no time to regret or continue other thoughts.


Pikal’s head exploded with a gunshot.

Then a chunk of flesh fell over.

Iron flip.

At the same time, the body that had been moving as if struggling was also limp.

Even so, Kang-tae’s lips, which had been pointed at the gun, opened.

“Team Leader? Camarnia is… … ?”

It was a question concerned about whether a nuclear missile had been launched, but a fortunate answer came back.

“As we entered, Camarnia also attacked at the same time. It will be sorted out soon.”

“is it so? So, the ending has changed… … .”

Kangtae, who looked around, muttered something.

“… You’re not going back.”

As I recalled my original body, Rachel approached me and asked anxiously.

“lee? What’s wrong?”

“no. Now tidy up here… … .”

Kang Tae said with a bitter smile.

“Let’s get some rest.”

When I Opened My Eyes, I Was in the Middle of the Battlefield

When I Opened My Eyes, I Was in the Middle of the Battlefield

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When I opened my eyes, I was in the middle of the battlefield. It’s one of my favorite FPS games…


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