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When I Opened My Eyes, I Was in the Middle of the Battlefield Chapter 255

It advanced in a wedge shape, protecting the front and sides with shields.

Then, as soon as they got closer to the target building, gunshots rang out and the first engagement began.

I cut off the start.

Empty! Empty! Empty! Turong-!

It was a single shot at the small window where the hostage was located.

To be precise, I hit the dot sight and the scope-like lens between the hostages standing by the window.

Everything that was heading towards us was smashed.

The guys in the back must have been killed or mortally wounded by bullets in the eyeballs.

The target was small, but I was sure.

If the distance was in kilometres, it might have failed, but this distance was less than 200M at most.

Then he hesitated and even responded.

Ride on and on! Tadadadang!

Fortunately, it was nothing to worry about.

Normal rifle rounds came flying, as the firepower was below expectations.

At least four or five rifles.

The location was also conspicuous.

It was to shoot again at the spot I had just removed.

Even in the middle of it, I was shooting to the side by a span or two like a learned guy, but that didn’t matter too much.

Rather good.

It was because, thanks to the shift, the figures behind the gun were revealed.

A part of the outline of the head or shoulders.

Without further judgment, I pulled the trigger right away.

Empty! Empty! Empty! Empty!

In accordance with the order in which they were aimed, the gunshots stopped one after another.

My head probably exploded.

I hit everything I aimed at, and the hostages at the centimeter were not hurt at all.

At the same time, it quickly approached the targeted building.

There were no second shots or supporting shots other than the previous one, so I was able to move quickly without much hindrance.

In an instant, I reached the wooden door of the building and moved according to the planned procedure.

Four weeks vigilance, biosignal detection, entry, enemy suppression.

This was an issue that had been discussed and prepared since moving by helicopter prior to deployment.

It was all decided who should do what.

The second step, bio-signal detection, is scheduled to be carried out by Rachel, who owns the equipment.

However, a bad answer came back.

“Enemy undetectable due to overlapping hostage signals.”

I couldn’t believe it, but it was like that.

It seemed that Pikal’s intentions were slightly visible.

‘Anyway… tsk… … .’

It must be to make our shooting uncomfortable and at the same time use it as a human shield, and at the end to hinder advanced tactics such as bio-signal detection.

But just because the second step went awry, that didn’t mean I couldn’t do the next one.

So far, I’ve been doing just fine without detectors or anything like that.

Same goes for Jake.

As soon as the word Undetectable came out, he immediately issued a new order.

“Prepare the flash grenade.”

Along with that horse, the small paroo that had been hung on the waist came out in his hand.

It was obvious what Jake would do next.

To open the door by inserting it and smashing it, and inserting the flashbang you were told to prepare between them.

Explosions, flashes, and minor explosions could have injured hostages, but other than that, there were no other remedies to consider.

I had to endure this.

It was because the principle was to quickly subdue terrorists, and flash grenades corresponded to that for now.

Moreover, the situation in which the command center considered bombing rather than direct strikes and suppression.

I couldn’t think more or waste my time here.

I didn’t mean to.


Before I knew it, the baru that Jake had driven in twisted the hinges and tore off the thick wooden door.

And as soon as there was a gap the size of a fist, I pulled out a pin and inserted a flash grenade.

“Throw a flash grenade!”

He shouted as if adding a signal.

“ آنکھیں بند کرو ! (Close your eyes!)”

It was Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, which I memorized as an attribute on the way.

I didn’t know if he understood or not.

Couldn’t even check.

The flash grenade went off right away, and it was because we had to get inside quickly.

I couldn’t hear any screams because my mouth was covered with tape, but I was lucky anyway.

There were 14 hostages, 12 of whom were tied to windows.

Only two were missing elsewhere.

To be precise, he was held captive by the remaining mercenaries, and was held in tears like a hostage in a movie.

However, there was no threat in the movie.

The mercenary aimed his gun at us, not at the hostages, and as soon as our eyes met, he opened fire quickly.

“Sir Baal, die!”

And that too with cheap profanity.

Fighting, shouting, shouting—!

However, the bullet did not fly properly.

The first shot just hit the shield.

The rest moved to the upper part of the wall, the corner, and the ceiling.


A bullet hole was made in the earthen ceiling, and dust spread one after another.

Then the mercenary fell back.


It was because I pierced his forehead between the triggers of the first shot.

I left the mercenary behind and quickly cleaned it up.

From grasping the remaining space to confirming and killing.

No action was taken on the 14 hostages that were delivered in advance.

I couldn’t release it or explain it.

Even if it was a young teenager, it was the same.

In the future, we have to pass over 200 hostages, and doing the same thing over and over again will take quite a bit of time.

Even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t control it.

“Come on, let’s move.”

Jake must have made the same decision, and it was time to issue a quick order.

In the meantime, a familiar voice came from the mercenary’s radio.

– From now on, everyone will resist and stop them. Stop them tenaciously so they don’t go any further.

A tone that was dignified and even solemn.

It was a voice that came out a few times in the cinematic video with a face hidden in the shadows.

It’s Pikal’s voice.

‘… It’s really all here, the f*ck thing.’

Swear words rose up to his throat and then went down.

Instead, he spit out something else.

“Let’s go quickly.”

It was clear that a barrage of bullets would soon pour in, as Pikal ordered us to fight, but we couldn’t stay still in this house.

I had to move.

Instead of blowing up the village with artillery fire or air strikes, I had to see and deal with the Pikal myself.

Before leaving the first building like that, Jake looked back at us from the door.

“Prepare firmly.”

After everyone nodded briefly.

Jake stepped out the door with two shields in front.

And Jose and Andrei both moved forward, covering only one side.

There was no cover when approaching the building at first, thanks to the fact that one side was now completely covered by the wall.

Of course, it was all done according to plan.

In addition to the building that was initially targeted, the order of movement to other buildings, as well as the approach method and form of formation, were all set.

There was only a shield added to it.

“Lee, at 1 o’clock… … .”

The moment Jake’s words come out.

Dada da da da da da da! Fighting, shouting, shouting—!

A barrage of bullets rained down.

At the same time, a sharp creaking sound echoed over the shield.

Kaga gaga gaga river! Kaga River!

It was as if instead of hailstones, there were chunks of iron pouring down.

Even Jake, who was advancing, hesitated.

It was just that rifle bullets were pouring in and flying several times more than before, and among them, even 50-caliber bullets fired by heavy machine guns were mixed in.

“Hold tight!”

“Ugh! Damn it, that’s right!”

“Put on a shield and cover your feet!”

My eyes widened when I heard that someone had been hit, but there was no time to ask or check where or how much I was hurt.

According to the plan, I had to do my job.

Jake, too, kept his mouth shut and was moving forward steadfastly.

It seemed like drops of blood spurted out of him as well, but it didn’t stop at all.

It slowed down a little to keep the distance between the shields on the side, but there was no sign of fear or hesitation.

despite the lack of characteristics.

So I also had to subdue the enemy as prescribed.

Even from the most powerful enemy.

It was a heavy machine gun.

I already knew the direction.

Because the 1 o’clock position Jake was talking about was exactly where the heavy machine gun was literally shooting fire.

A rectangular window in which the hostages were placed.

The moment I confirmed it, I pulled the trigger without further comprehension.


The first shot was fired, and then the window was fired at every gun that came out of the window.

Dot sights and optical sights to be precise.

Empty, empty, empty!

It broke as soon as it exploded, but I couldn’t see the scene after that.

It was because he found the next target and shot.

at the same speed.


Except for the shouting when exchanging magazines in the middle, gunfire soon followed.

It had to be.

While there are 10 mercenaries killed while occupying the first building, there are still 42 enemies that have not been subdued, and now they have replaced one 30-round magazine.

He changed the magazine and aimed the gun again.

The dot sight was stamped like a dart.

At the same time, a shock was fired without shaking, and a bullet was fired as if it were a rapid fire.

It was an instant.

Moving step by step, aiming with the hand gripping the vertical grip and the barrel at once, I did my best without flinching at the gunshots passing by my ears.

In order to reduce the pouring bullets.

It’s empty!

In the middle of the gunfire, a radio came through the headset.

out of my sight.

It was the roof of a building.

– At 3 o’clock! Beware of rooftop enemies in November 2!

As soon as I reflexively turned the muzzle while shooting, I saw a moving figure at first glance.

And it exploded quickly.

It was because thereafter, something that should not be seen or heard appeared.

– RPG!

It was a word that meant an anti-tank rocket cannon, and it was a firearm that could not be blocked even with a shield.


The moment your index finger pulled the trigger.


It exploded.

This was because instead of the mercenary’s head, it hit the end of the warhead with an impact fuse.

There were hostages under the building, but there was no help.

This method was the most obvious.

It was because there was a possibility that if the head was shot or the finger was shot, the rocket warhead that was still alive could have been fired at us at 100 m/s.

This was the case with the mercenary who hit the shield, the wall, and the ceiling while shooting repeatedly even though his forehead was pierced.

If it had been a rocket launcher, not a bullet, our team would have been annihilated.

Even if it fell nearby, it would be injured and it would be difficult to carry out normal operations.

It was something he might regret, thinking that he would have gone and attacked it then.

Kuung, kurrr—

Before I knew it, the house made of mud bricks collapsed and gave off dust, but I couldn’t afford to care more about it.

The fact that there were 8 hostages there should have been considered fortunate out of misfortune.

I had to kill the remaining enemies.

There wasn’t even a moment to feel sorry for or to hesitate.

It was necessary to subdue the enemy as quickly as possible.

that was my job

It’s empty, empty—- oh!

The moment I emptied one more magazine like that.

The gunfire stopped.

However, not all were overpowered.

The enemy still remained.

Although it was triggered like grinding, it was because I remembered it as if it were engraved one by one.

I still had 9 more enemies to kill.

But fortunately, there was only one building.

A two-story building where Pikal is staying, one of only a few in Asisif, where there are 185 hostages.

I took a step while looking at it.

I couldn’t rest.

had to go

It was because Jake, whose shoulders had begun to turn red, continued to move forward without stopping.

Really like a bulldozer.

It seemed that I was hit by bullets during the wild shooting, but instead of mentioning his wounds, he asked about my condition.

“Lee, were you shot?”


“Is there anything else wrong?”

As Jake spoke while still moving, the answer came back with a sigh.

“after… No, just go quickly.”

Andrei spoke as if tolerating not knowing whether it was curse words or pain, but blood flowed from the side of his head that he glanced at.

He, like Jake, must have been injured by a ricochet.

Soon after, Jake’s instructions fell.

“Then speed up and move.”

At the same time, his steps quickened.

So I had to move too, but I had no intention of stopping in the first place.

Speed was the key to target suppression that had already begun.

Moreover, the remaining distance is only a few dozen meters.

It was right in front of me.

When I Opened My Eyes, I Was in the Middle of the Battlefield

When I Opened My Eyes, I Was in the Middle of the Battlefield

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
When I opened my eyes, I was in the middle of the battlefield. It’s one of my favorite FPS games…


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