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Welcome to the Magic Tower Chapter 94

94 – Departure

It was a really long journey.

The system suddenly wakes up in anger at being robbed of money by a childhood friend,

Meet Shin Hye-young and enter the Magic Tower,

Abducted by Xiao Fang,

I was saved by Yuhanna again,

Revenge on Irene.

I managed to reach this point while continuing the life of a wizard or ninja that I am not familiar with at all.

It was time to move on to a new world.

I got on the ark.

A ship majestic enough to carry all the survivors of Earth.

It was a way to escape to another world together, prepared with money like my own blood.

It is impossible for everyone to pay a huge amount of money and move on to utopia.

If it had been impossible, I would have been forced to leave, but what can I do now that I have come up with a way.

It seemed like it would be a rough journey, but……

“Because I can still get it.”

In that case, shouldn’t we do something about it?

“Status window.”


< Jinwoo Lee >

[ Rating : Red ]

[ Occupation: Merchant, Ninja ]

[ Attributes: Gold Coin God – 7 Stars, Escape Ninja ]

[ Ability: Golden Almighty ]

[ Tendency: Moderate, hot-blooded ]

[ Strength: 55 ] [ Stamina: 53 ]

[ Agility: 58 ] [ Wisdom: 52 ]

[ mana: 71 ] [ Luck: 80 ]

[ Possession: 832,627,521,690 Gold ]


It was reduced because of the purchase of the ark, but thanks to the money raised in advance, the funds were sufficient. There was plenty of time to try new challenges.

[ Compass of the Crossroads ]

[ Selling Price – 15,000,000,000 Gold ]

[ Conditions for use – Dimensional Ark owner ]

[ A wonderful compass that navigates the route to a new world. ]

It was filthy expensive for a compass, but as a result of looking around the shop window.

I couldn’t find a better option than this.

At least in a way that everyone could try to survive.

“Are you ready?”

Yuna, who lives with a smile on her face these days, approached me and asked.

I nodded.

The filthy expensive compass was already firmly held in my hand.

“All we have to do now is start.”


Yuhanna holding an ax red like blood.

Shin Hye-young and Xiao Fang are on standby with their magical powers ready to cast spells at any time.

Irene panting like a dog, and Michaela, the new recruit.

I made my declaration facing my trusted comrade on deck.

“It’s a departure.”

It was finally time to leave for another world.

[ Use the ‘compass of the opposite route’. ]

As soon as the system message popped up, a huge crack appeared in the air.

A shape similar to the dimensional rift that was created when you fought the princess before.

It was a passage to another dimension.

In a way, it was a space like the universe, where you might become a lost child in a dimension.

‘It’s well worth it.’

We weren’t weak enough to be swept away by the waves.

[ The dimensional ark leaves ‘Earth’. ]

The ark floated in the sky, moved smoothly, and eventually entered the crack.

It was a crack that looked only jet-black from the outside, but once inside, a brilliant light like a rainbow-colored aurora came into view.


A long passage as if countless shooting stars were swimming in another dimension.

Shin Hye-young, the witch inside the blonde, let out her exclamation, and she immediately smiled.

“…… At las.”

How long has it been since you started swimming with the stars?

The long passage has come to an end.

The light has gone out.

[ Enter ‘Void’. ]

After the brilliance disappeared for an instant, what came into sight was endless darkness.

I didn’t see anything.

Even the colleague next to me could barely feel it, at least as a sign of magical power.

‘Has the sense of magic weakened?’

If you have to live here forever, it’s a terrible place.

Because you can’t see anything, and in the case of ordinary people, you won’t even feel someone’s presence.

From noble mtl dot com

If I hadn’t prepared this information in advance, everyone would have gone mad.

Fortunately, they knew in advance, so everyone in the ark was prescribed sleeping pills to temporarily lose consciousness, or eye patches to block their vision.

It took a very long time to prepare for our voyage here, but the process will be over very soon. That was, of course, if it worked out.

[ ‘The compass of the opposite route’ presents the direction. ]

I saw the light of a clue in the pitch-black darkness.

I can see where I should go.

Soon, the ark of the dimension started swimming again according to my will.

However, the speed at which they moved was very slow compared to when they passed through the aisle earlier.

There was resistance from the space itself called ’empty’, but that’s because I wanted it to be so.

Be sure not to hit the reef by any chance.

In this space called emptiness, there were all sorts of things that flowed in from other dimensions.

Among them, there were things like meteorites that could destroy the ark, and monsters that ate people.

“Many responses from life on the left side of the ark.”

Xiaofang, who had maxed out his mana detection, muttered in a low voice.

“Approaching fast.”

For some reason, I felt like I was filming a sci-fi Gundam.

Then what is my position? A runaway ninja? Or a combatant? No, it’s a pillar west.

If I had to question it, it would be closer to the role of captain.

“Hannah. Please.”

“Yes, leave the monsters alone.”

Speaking with confidence, she moved to the side of the ark in an instant.

Even if there is an opponent that is difficult to deal with alone, the remaining members of Musingung or the Mage Tower will automatically assist.

Still can’t block it?

Is that Yuhanna?

‘Then I should just search.’

It must have been the wrong plan from the beginning.

Koo-ung! Soon after, a great vibration was transmitted throughout the ark.

Of course she believed it, but her uneasy mind still existed, so she kept her mouth shut and waited for her.

Thump, thump, thump, I hope the uneasy echo continues several times.

Soon the ark stopped shaking.

“I’m back.”

At some point, the childhood friend stood next to her and leaned into her arms.


It was only the first time, but the monster proved to be able to deal with it.

I let out a sigh of relief.


After that, the monsters approached the ship several times and started attacking, but all of them were successfully blocked without damage.

According to Shin Hye-young, who applied for support in the middle, there were monsters that looked like the mouth of an abyss, and there were monsters that looked like fierce bulldogs.

She said that each and every one of those who invaded the ark had a different shape.

Where did those bastards come from?

“It’s a headache to have to detect everything with magical power, but they aren’t super strong.”

Shin Hye-yeong, a witch who must have been emitting red eyes by now, spoke of the situation over there in her sonorous voice.

“Isn’t it nice to be able to see well by yourself?”

“Yes, that is very good. If you don’t like it, could you take it?”

Shin Hye-young let out a mischievous laugh and tapped my shoulder.

“I will go again, so please keep your seat so that everyone can regain their sight.”

“Yes. I know even if you don’t tell me.”

Similarly, I laughed and held the handle tighter, which I hadn’t let go of since I started sailing from the void.

A baton that controls the dimensional ark and a key that can initiate an emergency escape.

In the worst case, it was a means to open a random portal and fly away before everyone on board was annihilated.

No one knew where it would fly.

If we deviate from the regular course, the Void will not allow us to move freely.

Avoiding the worst, the road to the lesser evil.

So I just hoped and hoped that I would be able to avoid using it as much as possible.

Thump, thump, thump, the occasional vibration from the battle repeated itself.

[ The ‘Compass of the Great Sea’ has found a ‘portal’. ]

At last, good news came.

I muttered in delight.

“Is it finally over?”

I’m glad it ended without any problems. Is it because I thought of such a cliché?

This time a message came from the Ark’s defense system.

─Immense energy source detected from the front. Presumed to be an ark from another dimension. The target point is here.


It looked like someone was running towards us.

I expected them to be just passing travelers, but in the vast and rugged void, such cases were rare, and this was the case too.

─The ark in front is defined as an enemy. You’re concentrating your energy into your ship’s guns.

Anyway, the battle seemed unavoidable.

If you buy a filthy expensive ark and a compass, the opponent won’t be able to touch it.

“Tsk, I didn’t want to use it if possible.”

I clicked my tongue and got ready to start the artifact I prepared in advance.

A long spear came into the hands that only ninja swords were accustomed to.

A weapon as expensive as a large ark. But it was a solid solution.

[ Equip ‘Zeus Lightning’. ]

A window that breaks everything.

Welcome to the Magic Tower

Welcome to the Magic Tower

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I became a wizard overnight.


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