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Welcome to the Magic Tower Chapter 93

93 – A strange process

I was falling from the height that people fear most.


And then, Irene, who had come along, was screaming.

I thought only a few people, including me, would follow, but they all immediately moved together.

It is said that it was a door wherever it looked, but I never thought it would drop from the sky. Doesn’t it usually open right above the ground?

‘…… By the way, how does this land?’

I thought about what would happen if I used the new ability, ‘Golden Almighty’, but it was a waste of money to do so.

Well, there’s a group of people who take care of things on their own, so there’s no reason to lose money.

“Ah! Aww! aaa!!”

Irene, who is screaming in the middle of it, seems hopeless, and the blonde, red-eyed witch’s face is the same even if she doesn’t scream.

However, what I truly believed in were the other two members of the party.

A woman with blue hair with a subtle smile and a woman in a court robe contemplating the sky expressionlessly.

“Brother will show it to you.”

At Xiaofang’s tone, as if to yield, Yuhanna frowned, but continued to move without complaining.

“──Wings of freedom.”

As such a spell was embroidered on the sky, huge white wings erupted from her back.

At the same time, a camp is formed under her feet, and her party is also blessed.

─In that moment, we were free from gravity.

Yes, I was able to get away from the gravitational acceleration that seemed like I was about to hit the ground any second.

Slowly, slowly and steadily, it floated through the sky and began to descend.

Endo, who had been making loud noises, and Hyeyoung Shin, who had been quietly shaking her body, regained her peace and headed to the ground together.

Toouk-. When we reached the white and shiny land like marble, we were finally able to face the people who came to meet us.

In a world made of marble and gold, those with divine white wings.

The angel with the most wings among the dogs announced with a serious expression.

“…… Customers, welcome to Cheonsang Securities.”

Anyway, it seemed to have arrived properly.


“Status window.”


< Jinwoo Lee >

[ Rating : Red ]

[ Occupation: Merchant, Ninja ]

[ Attributes: Gold Coin God – 7 Stars, Escape Ninja ]

[ Ability: Golden Almighty ]

[ Tendency: Moderate, hot-blooded ]

[ Strength: 55 ] [ Stamina: 53 ]

[ Agility: 58 ] [ Wisdom: 52 ]

[ mana: 71 ] [ Luck: 80 ]

[ Possession: 2,627,521,690 Gold ]


Trading (去來), buying (買收), and selling (賣却) were originally my skills.

I once sucked a lot of honey with the ability to have an overwhelming advantage in any distribution transaction.

If its essence has improved, it has improved, but it has not faded just because it has been integrated into the Golden Almighty.

I am confident of making good money in other ways, but the way I am most confident is stock trading.

Since all the securities companies on Earth have gone bankrupt, the only places available are the securities companies of the dimension that invaded us or the heavenly securities companies that govern everything.

I visited because of that.

To Michaela, the angel with six pairs of wings, who introduced herself as the person in charge, I spoke with great joy.

“Please buy everything from here to there.”

“…… Yes?”

It was the beginning of money copying.


“Chief! Wake up!”

“Quick ambulance! No, bring the archangel!”

When I came to my senses, what was hanging in front of my eyes were the team members making a fuss.

‘How did this happen?’

Michaela, head of the first team at Cheonsang Securities, blinked her eyes and looked back at her memories.

What I immediately remember is the image of the people who fell from the sky.

‘…… Yes, those people came.’

From noble mtl dot com

A portent of loud footsteps, or a golden door opening in the sky. The scale was unusual, but in the end it was just a customer.

It’s a common thing that the person in charge of the transaction just needs to be hospitality.

So I treated them as guests.

After a while, a bizarre request was heard asking me to buy from here to there, but it didn’t matter that he wasn’t blowing the money either.

Sometimes an unmanageable amount later turns into a disaster and weighs down the person in charge, but he was an angel with the title of team leader, so he didn’t budge.

Yes, it should have been.

The guy who bought and sold stocks a few times fixed his eyes on a certain place and then muttered.

“I will buy 8,000 shares of Cheonma Shinkyo right now.”

Morim’s stock, which has a market value of 150,000 gold, is considered one of the best stocks in its own way.

It is a perfect choice for long-term investment.

Michaela, the head of the first team, shook his head and bought the stock as he said.

[ I bought 8,000 shares of the Heavenly Demon Church at a purchase price of 120,000 gold. ]

“…… ?”

It was only after repeating that task dozens of times that I realized something was wrong.

─Team Leader! Our securities company’s market cap is falling!

─What?! What kind of bullsh*t is that…… ?

Somewhere, they had to pay the price for that madness, so they were taking commissions in reverse.

…… No, why do we

It was unfair, but what can I do? It’s always the stock market that someone loses.

Likewise, it was the rule of the world that someone needed someone to take responsibility.


That’s how Michaela, the head of the first team, was recommended to resign, and she tilted her head.

“…… To?”

Traumatized, she collapsed on the floor of her office and tilted her head in a daze.

The team members looked at Michaela with a sorry expression.

“Chief, you have been working hard.”

“…… Uh, yes.”

After that, even though I was kicked out of my job on my own, the damn nightmare didn’t break.

‘Why doesn’t it end?’

Michaela, now an angel and not the first team leader, took her eyes off her former teammates who were giving her a glimpse of herself, and glared at the sky above her head.

Things have been going strangely since the door opened over there.

“…… I even became unemployed.”

She had no idea what this was all about overnight.

Her man, which seemed to be the cause of everything, lingered in her mind, but she didn’t really want to get angry, she just felt helpless.

I wonder what kind of disaster this is, and I have to get a job again.

“…… Should I go to another brokerage firm?”

I just saw something absurd, so I wasn’t particularly motivated.

If she goes somewhere else and meets her again…… Oh, she didn’t know that she couldn’t stay sane any longer.

“Ehh, then what will I do for a living?”

Should I just live an unemployed life for the time being? A shadow suddenly fell on her face as she squatted on the street with a lot of worries. Without thinking, Michaela raised her head and fell silent.

“…… To?”

The man was right in front of me.

“What the hell happened to you? It’s like this on the street.”

Her own recommendation The first cause of resignation, the provider asked with a pitiful expression and voice.

Michaela was stunned for a moment, she looked at his face and she thought.

Should I be angry here, or should I cry out that it was all your fault?

Honestly, if I was feeling right now, I felt like I could show off either reaction well.

However, former team leader Michaela, who has a strong sense of pride, decided not to rebuke him.

She then bit her lower lip and muttered quietly.

“…… No, nothing happened So don’t worry about it and just go your own way.”

Maybe I’m a pretty cool angel who says this?

Just as Michaela, who had come up with her funny idea, forced her to smile, her man glared at her with her stiff face.

…… No, why is this person like this again?

As Michaela, whose PTSD had suddenly eased, shrank her body, the woman behind her man spoke.

“Jinwu, you know that there are only three people, right?”

“Isn’t it like that?”

The man who had such an incomprehensible conversation stared blankly at Michaela, and at one point she shook her head, and then she flashed her hand out.

“Be my ally!”

“…… Yes?”

Michaela tilted her head at the incomprehensible sound that came again.

Something was going strangely.


“The time has come.”

After copying her funds from her securities company, she bought her ship. She was a majestic ark large enough to carry all the survivors of Earth.

Gathering survivors was more difficult than acquiring these items.

It would have been absolutely impossible without Moon and Hanna anywhere.

But with all that arduous process over, there was only one thing left.

I made my declaration facing my trusted comrade on deck.

“───It’s departure!”

It was finally time to leave for another world.

Welcome to the Magic Tower

Welcome to the Magic Tower

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I became a wizard overnight.


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