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We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict Chapter 149

149 – Later Story_Pure Saint

I felt the effect of the medicine diminish. As the power that covered the whole body escaped, the boredom that came at the same time took away even the will to lift a hand. Even in the midst of that, I didn’t like the feeling that my whole body was glistening with sweat and juice, so I washed my body with Solar.

Solar also looked limp as if exhausted. In order to repay the hardships of that small body, I washed it myself.

They groaned from time to time, but they didn’t show any different movements, probably because they thought it would be too hard on each other if they did this. Or I don’t have the strength to say anything anymore.

After washing and cleaning her body, she blankly stared at the ceiling as if her brain had melted. The unique scent of semen filled the room.

This is a little sorry for Lane. I need to ventilate it quickly before the smell goes away.


“Ha ha.. whoa.. huh.. yes..”

“Is there any magic to make the room clean?”

Solar, who was lying on the sofa, breathing hard and lengthening and shortening her ribcage, seemed to think for a moment at my words.

“Ah- I can’t. I can’t think of-..”

It took a long time for Sola to say clearly that she couldn’t remember. Hey, if your head is functioning properly in the current situation, that would be scary as it is.

“If Ron kisses you, maybe you’ll remember-“

In a situation where the entire torso is covered with a towel, he makes a cute proposal while waving his legs. As her legs moved, she lightly lowered the towel that had been rolled up to the top of her thighs and granted Solar’s request.

As their lips touched and parted, Solar began to explain the magic of cleaning the filth around her with a cute hee-hee laugh.

Quite a lot of specialized knowledge has been gained, but in conclusion, ‘the efficiency is too low, so it has not been developed.’ That was the conclusion.

Separating what you want and what you don’t want to remain, and pre-work that requires understanding of the space is annoying, so it’s better to just clean by hand.

“..that’s right. I had something to do.”

Solar jumps down from the sofa and starts putting on her own clothes.


“How to erase scars.”

“Huh? Do you have that?”

“I have to think about it. I will work hard on that, as well as Lian’s side… I have something else to do.”


Solar pointed her thumb at herself and smiled.

“How to live beautifully forever.”

al sola. It is not that his small body has stopped growing, but that his allotted time has stopped.

Aging of the body stopped as a side effect of the magic that stopped time in the body. Are you going to replay it?

“Wasn’t that a side effect?”

“You’re trying to study that. You want to live as a young man until you die, right?”

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Not getting old is definitely what everyone wants. I think it would be better if I could do it.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“A lot.”

That’s a welcome answer. great. What do you need? If you give me the ingredients you want, I’ll risk my life…

“Praise me, stroke my hair, massage my shoulders. Say I love you. Kiss me, hug me from behind, say ‘Good job’, say ‘Welcome’ when I get home from research, and at night f*ck her so intensely that she loses her.”

There were many demands, but in the end nothing specialized. But now I don’t suffer from this. I realized that it is important to do what I can.

Of all the things Solar asked for, I did what I could now. Of course, I didn’t do anything to the point of losing consciousness at night. I feel like we could both die if we do this.


Solar jumped out the door with a reaction befitting her apparent age. It was a lively figure that did not match the scene where the whole body was wet with shouts until just now.

Have you already recovered? Is this me old, or are they out of spec.

I was tired and tired and wanted to sag. After I finished cleaning once again, it seemed that the energy that had been in my chest had gone down to the soles of my feet.

It seems that my eyes are closed by themselves. No, it’s already half wound.



The sound of the door being slammed open spurred the drowsiness away. A voice that suits the soft wind and subtly warm weather.

Before he could answer, his silver hair covered his eyes.

It was a problem that the tip of the hair touched the skin and it was itchy, but with Lian’s blue silver eyes right in front of his eyes, he became strangely uneasy. It’s like seeing through all my faults.

“Shall we go away for a while?”

“..why? Me, did I do something wrong? Because of the teeth clashing? Don’t throw it away! I’ll do well!!!!”

The appearance of crying faster than anyone else with a whimpering sound. I think someone said that crying makes anyone ugly, but that seems to be a lie.

“Hueeng, Hueng…”

It was an artificial cry somewhere, but there was no doubt that my words hurt her heart.


“Yes.. yes..”

“You know what you did to me in front of people then.”

“Yes? A kiss?”

It is a very pure and clear word. Wouldn’t it be perfect if Solar’s body and Rian’s body were swapped?

Originally, I was going to do proper sex education, but I thought it would be better to postpone it a little later. Because there is nothing more cruel than breaking one’s innocence.

“It’s nothing. So, did you come here because you have something to say?”

“That… that…”

The sound of crying was artificial, but a drop of tear from Rian’s eyes as she looked down to see if she was really crying fell onto my lips.

“Because I’ll do everything I can.”

“Jung… Really?”


“Then… do me what you did to Rain and Solar!”

Rian finished talking as if he didn’t feel any pain while biting his tongue. Because I closed my eyes tightly and shouted that right in front of my nose, the thick, puddled tears dripped down my face and deafened my ears.

What did you do to Rain and Solar? If you think it’s the intersection of the two, that’s all there is to it.

To say such a thing at the moment when I was seriously thinking about breaking my innocence. As a man, don’t scold me!! I wanted to say .. but my body was tired and I didn’t want to do anything.

It was as if the old sexual desire had just completely disappeared, and it was as if he had become a reclusive sage somewhere deep in the mountains.

“After coming out of here, Rain and Solar seemed to be in a good mood! They hummed and even sang! That Rain!

Lian shouted, closing her eyes tightly.

“I want to get something from Ron too!”

“Okay then, shall we go for a walk outside together?”


Lian’s strength is that she can easily shake off bad and good feelings. Ryan raised an eyebrow and nodded.

Fortunately, they didn’t seem to know what I had done with them. If this happens, it may seem a little like that because I’m only bullying Lian, but I hope that I will always be pure with my greed.

It’s really greedy, and it’s okay to be bullied, so eventually I’ll have to tell Lian everything too. The situation of walking together was also created, so I should say it metaphorically.

“Hurry up! There’s a lot to do while walking with Ron!”

“Yes. Let’s go.”


I came out of the inner room with Ryan’s lively words. As Lian said, it was rare to see Lane humming a song while working.

“I’ve cleaned the inner room and even ventilated it. I’ll go out with Ryan for a while.”

“Yeah. Don’t get hurt. When we get back, let’s get together and talk. Everyone together.”

His sentences were still stiff, but he seemed much more energetic than before, probably because his expression was relaxed. I couldn’t say goodbye to Solar, who had already gone somewhere, and came out with Lian.

As soon as you walk through the plaza of the academy, you will be stared at enough to sting your skin. Several upperclassmen in cadet uniforms were looking at me and whispering, and the first year cadets who already knew me were staring blankly at me as if they had been duped.

This attention will fade with time. However, if this happened, it seemed impossible to do as many things as Lian wished.

went out of the gate. Thanks to Lian, who clings tightly and crosses her arms, her eyes are drawn even more. It stands out because the silver hair reflects the sunlight.

Ryan didn’t care about the people staring at him. this would be right Because it must have received a lot of attention from people in one way or another. On the contrary, from Lian’s point of view, I might look more strange with such an oversensitive reaction.

It was something I had to endure anyway, so I did my best to ignore the stares. Lian grabbed my arm and walked towards the stalls that smelled delicious.

It was a food in the form of grilling seasoned meat of unknown origin on a wooden skewer. Made in a shape suitable for eating on the roadside, it has a subtly appetizing aroma.

“Shall I buy it?”

“I’ll live. But the church provided me with money in its own way. It’s more than necessary, so…”

Saying that, he vehemently dissuaded Lian from pulling out a coin pouch and handed out a silver coin to the street vendor. It’s ridiculous to save face like this, but people are already looking at me as rude, so I have to show a good side even in a place like this.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun walking the streets. Without caring, as if enjoying people’s gaze.

They talked happily about the topic of conversation between the past and the present. I ate what looked delicious and enjoyed what I could enjoy.

“Hyaa- It’s fun..! The world is so beautiful!”

“What kind of world have you been living in?”

“It’s quiet inside the temple, so it’s not fun. The world Ron left was pitch black. Ever since you saved me, I’ve felt like the sun disappears without you.”

It was quite embarrassing to hear such great words from the front. Why didn’t I know this heart before?

“Ghm.. I walked too much…”

“it hurts?”

“Little legs…”

weird. The last time I traveled with the kids, wasn’t it fine even when I had to go through more than 7 labyrinths in one day? I put my thoughts aside and went in front of Lian and bent down.

“Get up.”

“Yes? Really?”

“Have you done this before?”

When I said that, as if recalling the past, Lian slipped on his back with a shy smile. He felt Rian’s huge breasts rub against his back. The outfit is baggy, but it’s thinner than I thought.

I didn’t have any libido because of the huge amount of squeeze. It’s like playing with a little girl.

“where should we go?”

“Over there!”

I went to the place Ryan pointed out.

And frowned.

“..is this right?”

“Yes? Yes! This way!”

“Do you know where this is?”

“A place to sleep!”

Following Lian’s fingertips, he arrived at an alley on the outskirts of Hidin, a place lined with inns for men and women to physically mix.

Even at sunset, several couples of men and women clinging to each other slowly enter the inn. A few others were sharing steamy kisses on the street with bright red faces as if they had been drinking.

Once again, the brow narrowed.

We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict

We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict

저희는 마왕을 무찌르고 아무 갈등 없이 해산하였습니다.
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
There probably wouldn’t have been any conflict, and it probably ended the story perfectly and disbanded.


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