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We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict Chapter 148

148 – Later story_Handmade by the archmage, a powerful elixir

“hahahaha.. Haa.. Heuah.. Chun.. Chure.. Eup..”

I wondered if I was interfering with Solar, who was trying hard to stabilize her breathing, so I slightly turned my head and gave her time to breathe. However, Solar made her breathing more rough and coveted my lips and tongue as she pressed her face.

Fortunately, it seems Solar didn’t make the mistake of confusing whether she was breathing through her mouth or through her nose. However, since I cannot fully breathe through my nasal cavity, I can only breathe through my mouth.

Thanks to her, the breath that passed through her lungs entered my mouth. The moist, high-temperature air that seems to be able to make pure white breath even in midsummer pierces the tongue full of saliva.

“Haa.. Chu.. Chuu.. hahahaha..”

I pushed the tongue with force alone, but Solar’s little tongue that entered my mouth was stiff. Like thinking about what to do next.

My role is important.

have to lead Even so, it should be left as a good experience without being outrageous.

He moved his tongue. As softly and naturally as possible, I scratched the inside of Solar’s mouth as if stroking it, and swept the salivary gland area once.

Saliva began to flow out of the salivary glands as if he was reaching climax, spewing out love juice.

What is the origin of kiss? Where did this foreplay come from? I focused on the movement of my tongue while thinking the same thing.

Even though it was extremely cheap, the erection reached the crack of the solar as if it was natural. Even though they were surrounded by the double protective film of pants and underwear, their nerves were focused to the point where they could feel the pulsation of blood flow between them.

“Huh.. hah.. ah.. hah.. ha..”

When she opened her mouth slightly, saliva flowed down her chin from Solar’s wide open mouth and created a path. I couldn’t tell if it was Solar’s, mine, or a mix.

The small tongue that had escaped from my mouth protruded out of the owner’s mouth without being able to enter the mouth, and the pupils were quivering with their eyes facing the ceiling.

Reaction to this extent with kisses and caresses. Wouldn’t it be possible to go all the way to insertion?

“Solar. If you’re tired, this much…”

The eyes that had soared upward suddenly descended to the center.

“hehehehe… Haae…”

never? It almost seemed like he said that.

If you think about it, it was Solar who went beyond her physical limits with one will.

As if he was fully prepared to hold on somehow, he pulled his tongue out and inhaled as much air as possible while trying to stay awake and forcibly focusing on me.

“Yes.. I will.. will..”

I’ve heard this much, but I’m sure it’s no different from a eunuch.

I laid Solar on the sofa and took off her clothes. Seeing the cock congested to the limit, Solar swallowed her saliva. I couldn’t tell if it was from tension, anxiety, or excitement.

“Is that.. go in..?”

“..Tell me if it hurts.”

Solar nodded and gripped the seat of the sofa tightly.

top level. A position that can be said to be the most ordinary.

Grasp the pillar lightly and aim at the crack in the solar. Clearly the same age as Lane, but much more immature, he tipped his head at the entrance of a hairless, stinging thing.

There was nothing to confuse with other holes. Thanks to Rain and Solar’s nervous attitude, I was able to completely erase the tension on my side.


end is inserted. The labia minora opened like petals unfolding, and the sticky love juice that was in the place where they touched spread out on both sides, and I heard an obscene sound.

Even though the glans didn’t go all the way in, I felt a sense of pushing it out from the inside. If I pushed it like this, it felt like it would shrink under the vaginal pressure.

I put a little more in and looked at Solar. I was gritting my teeth to endure it.

Slowly, I put it in very slowly so that I could get used to it. As the tip of the glans retracted, the labia minora fully unfolded, and with a sticky sound, Solar’s body was energized.

I kissed her again and caressed her breasts to relieve her hardened body.

The tension in Solar’s body, which was trembling while shouting only my name, is relieved. Again, I slowly pushed the pole in.

When I put about 2/3 of it in, I felt something touch the tip of the glans. With that, Sola’s eyes widened.


“Sorry. I guess I went too far.”

“No. It’s okay. Just keep going.”

Aren’t you sick? I felt like I had reached the end.

“Wrap it up inside of me. To the extent that I can’t even compare it to Rain.”

“You said that? It might be really dangerous. Are you okay?”

“Yeah… Until it’s broken, until the inside is filled with your sperm…”

Where did you learn to talk like this?

Anyway, I must have received the word, but I moved my waist because it seemed like it would explode from my side.

Even though it is barely reciprocating back and forth, the vaginal pressure that seems to be squeezed tightly and Solar’s painful sexuality are added to create a sense of ejaculation.

virgin blood flows

It goes deeper and deeper with a crackling sound. to the root. As if she didn’t care about touching the vaginal walls, and became a monkey moving her hips with only her instincts remaining.

“Ah, ang, yes, haat, hey, yeot, Ron, Roon…”

Imagine pouring out all your desires into that small body, and capture Solar’s face and expressions in her eyes.

Eyes shimmering as if crying and lips exhaling unorganized breath. That alone could tell what she was feeling.

My appearance that you see must have changed from before. Even so, he continued to look at her single-mindedly, and in the end he seemed to do it.


I shook my back to make the inside of my vagina tight, like I’d never let it go, in the shape of my cock. The pleasure between the pain on Solar’s face further enhances its presence.

As if imprinting it as mine, I put it inside like a madman. Every time the glans touched the end, Solar’s back began to bend little by little.


A small moan in contrast to the opening of the mouth. The vaginal pressure, which had once been so tight as to squeeze out the cock, was released.

I think it made me feel the climax through insertion in my first experience. Wouldn’t this be enough to leave a bad memory?

However, she did not stop moving even after seeing Solar’s struggling breathing. It seemed that the feeling of ejaculation was blocked at the threshold and could not come out.

I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but I’m still not satisfied.

“..sorry.. there’s no need to..”

While gasping for breath, he looks me in the eye and says as if he accepts everything. I think I said it once. My eyes really can’t lie.

It seemed that the feeling of sorry was revealed on the outside. As if throwing himself into such an embrace, he stabbed the inside of Solar like a beast in heat.

The sound of air being pushed into the narrow space and the sound of each other gasping filled the room. I couldn’t think of anything. I didn’t want to think about it. I wanted to focus all my nerves on the pleasure I felt and vomit everything out of it.

contraception. I just remembered that word. That’s why I felt more immoral. Imagining the scene of fertilization by pushing my sperm into a body smaller than mine, I surrender to the rushing feeling of ejaculation.

We didn’t even have time to talk to each other. The sound of dirty water and rough breathing breaks the silence. It was the moment when one eye trembled and the sense of ejaculation overflowed when concentration was broken.

I felt something so thick that I couldn’t believe I’d ejaculated several times before. The hair is dyed a whitish color. The pleasure of ejaculation drives people crazy to the point that their fingertips curl up every time they feel it.

“heheheh..! Oh, heh, heh, heh..!”

Every time I stabbed him, I was distracted by the swearing I heard. Like a flood, semen was scattered in Sola’s vagina. I don’t know how long you ejaculated. It continued to leave an aftertaste, and it continued to be pushed inside.

I closed my eyes tightly and surrendered my whole body to the pleasure that comes from immorality. However, despite pouring out a considerable amount of semen, the desire did not go away. Is it because of the medicine you just took? Or has something in my head been cut off because of the previous incident?

I wanted to rape the little woman in front of me right now. I wanted to make every part of that pure white body covered in semen, as if branding it as mine. Before the rationality that had been driven to the edge of the precipice fell, he made a final struggle as if struggling.

I remembered. I scream in my head that I think the thing Solar gave me was a problem.

“Solar.. what, did you feed it..”

He bit the tip of his tongue and spoke in a voice that somehow kept his composure.

Wasn’t it the medicine Solar gave you in the first place? Solar already knew what kind of effect the drug had, so she was aware of what situation I was in and what I was doing.

“Estrus.. I.. I thought you would never do it.. To make sure I had sex..”

He gasped and told me everything. I was genuinely grateful for letting you know, but I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Ron, your cock, again, it’s getting bigger.. are you going to… one more time?”

I couldn’t help but nod my head. I can’t remember anything now Archmage? The second star of the continent? Striker of the first hero party? That kind of thing was good. All inside and outside, I just thought I wanted to be dirty with mine.

Without taking it off, the action started again.

To the point where I didn’t know whether it was night or day, to the point where I didn’t know if the bodily fluid was mine or someone else’s, to the point where my penis was swollen with love juice, so that Solar’s pussy changed into mine.


We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict

We Defeated the Demon and Disbanded Without Any Conflict

저희는 마왕을 무찌르고 아무 갈등 없이 해산하였습니다.
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
There probably wouldn’t have been any conflict, and it probably ended the story perfectly and disbanded.


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