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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 43

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next day.

Sehun Lee, who returned to Louise’s hospital room, held out the black plastic bag he was carrying.



“Today’s training tool.”

“What… … .”

Louise’s body, who was about to accept Lee Se-hoon’s somber story, trembled.

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Nothing else, but a training tool that will correct the magic formation so that you can use magic. He was nervous because he said it was like his lifeline.

“what are you doing. Take it quickly.”

“Ah Okay.”

Louise, who swallowed dry saliva, carefully handed the plastic bag and glanced inside.

“… … What’s this.”

She made an absurd expression on the shiny cherry.

“This is a cherry.”

“To be precise, Jason Cherry. It is expensive because of its psychological stabilizing effect and high sugar content… … .”

“no. That’s all, where are the training tools?”

In response to Louise’s question, Sehun Lee pointed to the cherry in the bag.

“There it is. training tool.”

“… … .”

Seeing Louise staring at him coldly as if he were a madman, Sehun Lee pointed his chin inside.

“I’ll explain it properly, so go in and sit down.”

“… … okay.”

It’s not very reliable, but it’s the path he chose.

Louise entered the room while holding down the rising suspicion, and Sehun Lee followed.

Whiteboards, desks, and chairs scattered around in the hospital room. Lee Se-hun laughed at the appearance of the classroom, albeit modestly.

‘I mean, like before the return, I really liked this.’

A riotous dog who always valued the environment and atmosphere when teaching himself or teaching others.

It was the exact opposite of his master, who suddenly taught him even while eating, but Lee Se-hun liked his sincerity.

‘I shuddered for ignoring one’s sincerity if the achievement level didn’t follow, but… … .’

When Se-Hoon Lee, who remembered taking classes for 34 hours in a row, was shaking his head. Louise, who sat down, looked at him.

“what are you doing. Start quickly.”

“Okay. Goes.”

Sehun Lee went to the whiteboard and picked up the pen placed on it.

“Before we start training in earnest, let’s talk about the condition of your neck.”

As Sehun Lee moved his hand lightly, a magic circuit was drawn in an instant on the whiteboard, connecting the neck and the inside of it.

“Basically, magical phase loss refers to a state in which the circuit is restored from its original path. The symptom is that it causes excruciating pain when using magical powers.”

“… … .”

“This is the important part here.”

Sehun Lee, who circled the misaligned magic circuit, looked at Louise.

“What kind of magic is the ‘magic’ that causes pain in the formation of magic?

“… … what is it It’s refined magic.”

In order to use magic power properly, it must go through a refining process through a magic circuit.

It is a bodily action that is reflexively done in the body when it is thought of using magical powers, and that even a child can do it naturally.

“right. Magical formation only responds to refined magic, not to ordinary magic. That’s why you don’t feel pain even though the magic is circulating in your body right now.”

Sehun Lee, who wrote down what he said on the whiteboard, looked at him with a smile.

“Then what should I do to use magic without causing pain in the formation of magic? It’s not that simple.”

tuk tuk-

“You just need to refine your magic here.”

“… … .”

Louise made an absurd expression at the sight of Lee Se-hun pointing to the tip of the board pen hitting the whiteboard and his mouth.

“Are you saying it will be now?”

The output of magical power varies depending on how much refinement it has, and in particular, the difference in magic was very large.

Intermediate magic, which can be used by any cadet in the School of Elements, had to be refined at least 4 times using the magic circuit of the whole body, and even basic magic had to be refined at least once.

But is it only done in the mouth, which is a very small part of the body? In fact, it was like firing a missile with a pistol.

“ha… … Then yes. I have no expectations… … .”

“It can’t be other people.”

Sehun Lee, who cut off Louise’s words, looked at him calmly.

“But you can.”

Louise Valente, the gangster.

Called the wizard’s natural enemy, the worst terrorist who killed countless wizards regardless of hero or demon.

Its ferocious talent is that even this inefficient method can be crafted with a single weapon.

“… … Hmmm.”

At the sight of Lee Se-hoon speaking with confidence, Louise turned her gaze away with a bewildered expression on her face.

“Well, let’s hear it first. What can I do?”

“First of all, you have to train it from the magic circle in your mouth. Although it is used for casting, it doesn’t have a lot of importance, so it’s kind of dull.”

“Hmm. Is the mouth the tongue? … .”

Louise, who was rolling her tongue in her mouth, made a strange expression.

As it is the extremity of the body, the proportion of the magic circuit is almost non-existent. But how does this compare to the refined magical power that was created using the whole body?

‘The magic might be triggered in the first place.’

When only the cheeks are pressed firmly with the tongue. Suddenly, Louise’s gaze turned to Cherry.

“So what is this cherry after all?”

“It’s a training tool. I will write from now on.”


At Lee Se-hun’s story, Louise made a puzzled expression.

How do you use cherries to train the magic circuit in your mouth? While Louise was perplexed, Sehun Lee held out his hand.

“Throw one.”

“Ah, yes.”

When Louise threw a cherry out of the bag, Sehun Lee lightly snatched it and put it straight into his mouth.

Then he wanted to murmur for a moment, and then he stuck out his tongue.

“… … ah?”

The top of the cherry, tied in a diamond shape, was revealed.

“This is the basic form. It’s about finely manipulating the magic circuit of the tongue and tying it up.”

“… … .”

“There is a way to assist by moving magic within the mouth, but it will be difficult at first, so just use your teeth. and… … .”

Sehun Lee, who casually explains and draws how to move his tongue on a whiteboard. Louise slowly closed her eyes at the serious explanation.

‘I’m crazy.’

I realized that I was hooked up with a real madman, not a genius.

* * *

After teaching the cherry knot training method. Sehun Lee gave some additional training methods.

“The picture of the soy sauce factory manager is Kang Jal, the green soybean paste picture, and the factory is the factory manager… … .”



A training method to instantly overlap two difficult words to pronounce.

“With a little more evil!”

“Stop being weird, you crazy bastard!!!”

A training method that puts magic and emotions together and shouts with all your might.

“Can’t the pronunciation be disturbed?”

“Give me that.”

A training method to bite and speak with a casting training rod that twists your mouth.

It was such an absurd training that other people would wonder what kind of nonsense they were doing, but Lee Se-hoon taught seriously throughout, and Louise followed along while complaining.

“Walk… … .”

“Better than bitter. Just eat it.”

I ate more than 100 Jason cherries a day, which cost 1,000 won a pill, and chewed my tongue and lips if I could forget them, and the wounds did not diminish.

In addition, his voice rested because he used his neck more often than usual, but he did not stop training.

And I hope the training continues day and night for a week.

“done… … !”

The hexagon was perfectly completed on Louise’s tongue.

A hexagon created using cherry stems. Se-hun Lee applauded the appearance of the finished product without any disturbance.

“Five. really done Is that great?”

“I said. It’s nothing like this!”

“Mmm. Great.”

The hexagonal knot, which I expected to take a month, was completed in a week. Sehun Lee was truly amazed at the sight.

‘Is it because it’s a training method you made up? It adapts quickly.’

I was worried about how much I would be able to teach in two weeks, but I think this is enough to teach.

When Sehun Lee is looking at you with satisfaction.

“… … Ahhh!!”

Louise, who was laughing at the knot, suddenly scratched her head and started screaming.

“what. what’s the matter?”

“Because! That’s because there’s nothing but bullshit that’s grown in the meantime!!”

I was able to move my tongue delicately, and I was able to speak even the most difficult sentences at once without twisting them.

In addition, the vocalization and pronunciation improved to the point of not knowing, but when I listened to the recorded voice, I wondered if it was an announcer.

Considering that all of this was achieved in a week, it was a truly remarkable result.

‘What does this have to do with magic!’

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No matter how you look at it, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the correction of the magical power loss.

A sense of disappointment that he was engrossed in useless training. A sense of shame at himself for revealing his immense talent in that useless training.


Feeling the sudden rush of emotions, Louise grabbed the hexagonal knot that Louise had worked hard on and raised her hand.

Then he sighed deeply and lowered his hand.

“Ha ha… … .”

What’s the use of chewing your tongue like that and trying to vent your anger at the knot you’ve worked so hard for? Louise, with her body drooping, sat down on a chair helplessly.

“sorry… … My head is going back and forth a little bit.”

“What. Things like that happen, too.”

“Let’s keep training. What’s the next knot?”

Louise chews cherries with a despondent face. Seeing that, Sehun smiled softly.

“This training is a method of refining the magical power to be used in ‘Spirit Magic’.”

“okay. word… … Spirit magic?”

Louise’s eyes, who thought it would be another knot, widened in an instant, and Lee Se-hoon raised his magical powers in response to that violent reaction.

“I’ll show you once, so take a look.”

Magical power that gathers in your mouth in an unrefined state. After confirming that the amount was sufficient, Sehun Lee awakened the magic circuit in his tongue and bounced it lightly.


The magical energy gathered in the mouth bounces off the tongue and clumps around.

Louise seemed to think that purifying magical power using only the magic circuit in her mouth was all it took, but in reality, it was different.


There are two things that are required for the Spell Magic.

The minimum magical power that can be the focal point of the spell. And it could be seen as a strong will that could be expressed as magic, or, to be more precise, an ‘image’.

The more accurate and clear the form of magic drawn in your mind, the stronger the power of the magic spell becomes exponentially.

‘First of all, I have to show it well… … It should be old fashioned.’

The moment when the magical imagery is perfectly drawn. The magical energy that had gathered in the mouth turns into a magic trick and begins to draw in the magic in the body.

After confirming that the ceremony was ready, Sehun opened his mouth lightly.


It was realized by absorbing the magical energy around it.

woo woo-

A straight sphere the size of a fist. There was no special effect, but it was completed using only the magic circuit in the mouth.

“… … .”

Louise looked at him with a blank expression on his face.

Corrects the magic formation so that magic can be used. The dubious story was really proven right before my eyes.

Louise stood vacantly as if her soul had escaped from the unbelievable sight, and Sehun Lee looked at the sphere and smiled lightly.

‘I’m in good shape today.’

Before the regression, if a spherical shape was created, six out of ten came out crumpled, but today, it came out neatly in one shot.

Even if you see that stingy bully, do you get hit? level to be acknowledged. Seeing that, Se-hun Lee glanced at Louise, who was staring blankly from the side.

‘It seems to be going well, so let me show you some more.’

If you think about Louise’s talent, she will soon overtake her, so in this case, you have to show your best image as much as possible so that you can be trusted no matter what you do.

Sehun Lee, who looked at the sphere floating in front of him, used a slightly more difficult word magic.



A sphere floating in the air twists and stretches like a pretzel and turns into a thin spiral spear. As with the first, flawless modeling.

Seeing that, Sehun raised an eyebrow.

‘It’s okay.’

Eight out of ten also came out a little unstable in shape, but came out very neatly without twisting.

Sehun Lee, who wanted today to be a day, boldly performed another word magic.


Flames rise in the spiral spear.

“<Give rotation>”

The spear spins violently and makes a wasp-like sound.

Seeing the ghastly magic being completed right before his eyes, Sehun Lee realized that something was going wrong.

‘Why is this so good?’

The success rate was 40%, pierced 30%, then pierced 10%, and pierced 5%.

As the magic that had been unsuccessfully canceled continued to evolve, the air in the hospital room began to vibrate faintly.


A terrifying fire lance that spins fiercely.

Sehun Lee, who was looking at the magic, opened the window of the hospital room and looked up at the sky.

“<Give Acceleration>”


The fire spears that were shot spread out toward the sky with a terrifying force, shining horribly as if they would destroy everything in an instant.

Seeing the sight of a huge explosion, Sehun Lee quickly uttered his last words.


Pyung— Boom!

A small flame burst out of nowhere in the air.

“What just happened?”

“I don’t know. Didn’t it come from the training room?”

The sound is so insignificant that only people walking outside would not notice it. However, Sehun Lee was rather surprised by the terrible power.

‘Uh, how… … ?’

If you compare it to a car, it is like disassembling and stopping a truck that was traveling at 300 km/h instead of hitting the brakes.

before return. Sehun Lee looked up blankly at the sky at the success of the magic spell, which had never been successful.

[You have acquired the skill ‘Spirit: Grant (C)’.]

Another skill dealt with before the return was restored.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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