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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 42

42 episodes

[How about paying the price for taking care of a guy named Jake?]

“Seongha Yeom, what is this guy doing… … .”

After waking up and checking the message that arrived on his cell phone, Sehun Lee made an absurd expression on his face.

You’re asking for private retaliation in order to handle the payment because you want it at this time. It was just less than before the return, but it seemed similar to the past and now that he didn’t appreciate his acknowledgment.

‘Having to drag this guy back… … My seller is also… … .’

Se-hun Lee, who had sent a reply to Seong-ha Yeom not to mess around with him, immediately called Jake.

-hello… … .

Jake’s voice had lost all his strength as if he had stayed all night. Sehun Lee gave him a puzzled look.

“what. Why is your voice like that?”

-yes? Ahh… … are you okay. no big deal What’s wrong with that?

“I wondered what happened to the information I asked for earlier.”

– Oh, if that’s the case… … Wait a moment.

A rustling sound was heard for a moment as they moved to an unpopulated area, and then Jake continued the story again.

-When I looked up about the incident half a year ago, there was one suspicious thing.

“What is it?”

– First of all, do you know about Babel’s ‘Ivory Tower’?

ivory tower. It is a 30-story high-rise building located on the downtown side of Ur, and was mainly used by cadets in the field of magic.

Professors and graduates in the field of magic. And Ivory Tower, an independently operated foundation supported by organizations related to them.

Since it provided support separately from Babel, it was the ivory tower that exerted great influence only on the cadets in the field of magic.

“I know to some extent.”

-Ivory Tower selects special students for each grade, but Gerwin-senpai was targeting second-year special students half a year ago. And at that time, there was a person who was mentioned as a strong candidate… … .

“I mean, it was Louise Valente.”

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Now the blurry outline was clearly captured. Sehun Lee, who thought deeply, then asked a question.

“What about Bier Barmut?”

-The UD group and the Barmut family have been in business cooperation for several years, so there have been some exchanges between the families. They are also in a relationship with each other.


-The 22nd daughter of the Kruger family married the eldest son of the Barmut family. It must have been an arranged marriage because it was done right before the business cooperation was signed?

“It’s just a dirty talk.”

Still, with this, it became quite clear that Gerwin and Vier were holding hands and aimed at Louise. Having organized it in his head, Sehun Lee asked another question.

“Aside from that, was there anything else you were concerned about? Towards Louise Valente-related.”

This is the part I’ve been guessing to some extent. Now I had to find out the source of the ‘inhaler’ that Louise was using.

-If anything else… … oh okay. Did you know that there was a legal battle between Louise Valente and Vier Barmut?

“I know that.”

-When Louise Valente lost and then Bier Barmut sued in reverse. Professor Charles of the Department of Elements intervened. Even now, it seems that I personally support and help.

“… … That’s right.”

It may sound like a heartwarming story about how a gift was helping a disciple, but it was clear to Sehun Lee what the intention was there.

“Thank you. I think that should be enough. Then later… … .”

-ah. Come on, wait.


-that… … uh… … One request… … .

Seeing Jake hesitated because it was difficult to speak at will, Sehun Lee asked in a puzzled voice.

“What is it?”

-that… … There are a lot of people who care about you. Seongha Yeom or… … Erica or… … .

“… … .”

– If you have time, can you tell me that it’s okay? Because my eyes sting… … .

One side wanders around with flashing eyes as it is a golden opportunity to repay the debt, while the other stares in anger for hurting a talented person who had been salivating.

Considering their eccentric personalities, they are probably suffering quite a bit.

‘If only Aria could help… … .’

Sehun Lee, who understood Jake’s plight to some extent, answered with a bitter smile.

“Okay. I sent it to Seongha Yeom earlier, so I’ll send it to Erica as well.”

-Thank you… … .

“I am more grateful. If you find out later, please let me know.”

After finishing the call, Se-Hoon Lee checked the reply that had just arrived to Seong-Ha Yeom.

[I get it.]

“You know, it’s a horn… … .”

After sending a message to Jake not to even come close to him, Sehun Lee dialed the phone book to talk to Erica as well.

“… … None.”

Come to think of it, I never exchanged contact information because Erica came to meet me every time or met ‘accidentally’ and talked.

After thinking for a while on how to do this, Sehun Lee shrugged his shoulders.

‘I wonder what’s going on.’

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No matter what Yum Seong-ha might do, Erica won’t have any major accidents.

Sehun Lee, who later decided to talk through Jake, stopped his busy pace.

Louise’s hospital room that I visited yesterday as well. Sehun Lee, who was looking at the door, knocked lightly.


“… … who are you.”

“Yesterday I helped… … .”


Before the answer could be finished, the door of the hospital room broke open, and two white hands came out and grabbed Lee Se-hun by the collar and pulled him down.

Then he saw blue eyes that blazed like a blazing fire. The magic within his body was revealed through his eyes, responding to his emotions, and Sehun Lee muttered to himself.

‘It’s hard.’

If it had been a riotous dog before the return, it would have poured magic until 4 weeks of dislocation came out. When Sehun Lee was putting together an estimate in his head.


Louise, who lost her temper in anger, opened her mouth.

“Dog— Bird— Me— hey————!!!”

It doesn’t contain any magical power, but it has a tremendous volume that makes your ears tingle. At the intense welcome, Sehun Lee looked at him with an annoyed expression.

“Why are you swearing all of a sudden?”

“suddenly? suddenly? Do you know what happened to me now because of you?!”

At the sight of Lee Se-hoon talking calmly, Louise felt upset and shouted.

2 weeks of absolute stability. Up to this point, Louis could have accepted it if it was his own profit, but Professor Ahn Jung-wan went one step further.

‘It seems that the intensity of the rehabilitation experiment right now was too burdensome for you. It would be better to lower the intensity of the experiment to level 1 and try again step by step.’

The intensity of the rehabilitation experiment, which had been relentlessly raised for the past half year, dropped from stage 10 to stage 1 again.

Of course, that didn’t mean the injury got worse, but for Louise, who had endured life in the ward using it as a milestone, it was like lightning in the dry sky.

“Even if you didn’t tell the professor… … … … No, even if I didn’t scare you with a strange sound like incapacity… … !”

Lee Se-hun’s eyes twinkled at the sight of Louise, who shouted and shook his neck as if it was unfair.

“Didn’t you use that inhaler yesterday?”

“okay. Why didn’t you write it! Can I use it if it’s like you!?”

I don’t see any improvement in rehabilitation these days, but I’ve heard such things as worsening injuries or incapacity of magic, how can I use it?

‘If I had known it was going to be like this, I would have just written it… … !’

When Louise is complaining inside. Sehun Lee made an unexpected expression.

‘I thought it would be nice if I even remembered it… … It is also different from the time of the riot.’

It seems that he has a ‘hope’ that he can cure magical formations, so he tends to be a little loose in things related to it.

Se-hun Lee, who wanted to make things easier than he thought, waited until Louise’s arm, which was shaking his neck, stopped, and then opened his mouth.

“Then do you believe me?”

“Ugh… … Ugh… … I don’t believe it! Who do I like? An idiot like you… … .”

“Even if you can cure magic formation?”

Louise, who was about to swear at Lee Se-hoon’s question, flinched and met her eyes.

Eyes that didn’t move even though they were shaken by grabbing their necks for 3 minutes. Louise swallowed dry saliva involuntarily at the sight of telling a very natural truth.

“… … Are you saying you know what magic is?”

“It’s an incurable disease that even those who have achieved nothing can do anything about it. till now.”

“… … .”

Louise bit her lip at the sight of Lee Se-hoon speaking confidently.

If it were someone else, I would have ignored him not to say nonsense, but since it was Lee Se-hoon and no one else, I just couldn’t listen.

[A cadet with similar swordsmanship appears in a rare-grade weapon!]

[The mass production of sword weapons that have failed, is there a new breakthrough?]

[Director of Vulkan Academy ‘If all the rumors are true, a new school will appear’]

Original technology tends to expand into new areas by one genius rather than thousands or tens of thousands of geniuses.

And Sehun Lee in front of him was showing off his talent to the extent that it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was one of those geniuses.

That’s why, even in that nonsensical saying that magic formation can be cured, some kind of ‘belief’ is born.

‘shit… … .’

Perhaps all of this now is a ploy by Bier Barmut to trap him.

But it was too sad to pass without listening to it like this.

Louise, who had struggled for a long time with the constantly blooming doubts, clenched her teeth and made a decision.

“If it sounds like bullshit again, I really won’t let it go. Okay?”

“Again. When did I say something strange… … .”

“shut up! Needlessly grabbing a horse’s tail… … .”

Louise, who grumbled dissatisfiedly, released Lee Se-hun’s neck, which was holding him tightly, and turned around.

“come in.”

After saying those words, Louise went inside first.

A cold reaction that brings back old memories. Lee Se-hoon smiled at the back view and went inside and closed the door.

“Sit here.”

Sehun Lee, who sat down with a chair on the side of the desk, faced Louise, who was sitting on the bed.

Black and blue eyes intertwined in the air. After looking at each other for a long time without showing any sign of avoiding each other, Sehun Lee opened his mouth first.

“I have a lot to talk about… … First of all, let’s solve the questions you are most curious about.”

Sehun Lee took out the black case from the drawer and picked up the silver inhaler inside.

“Who did you get this from?”

“that… … .”

“no. what happened The professor of the Department of Elements secretly brought it to me, so it would be difficult to say.”

“What… … ?”

Seeing Louise’s wide-eyed eyes, Sehun Lee confirmed that his guess was correct and flicked the inhaler in his hand.

“This inhaler. I don’t know the official name, but I call it ‘Magic Erosion Machine’.”

“It’s called a magic erosion machine… … ?”

“okay. If you explain it in detail, I will show it to you.”

“What? No, wait… … !”

Surprised, before Louise could block it, Lee Se-hun, who put the magic erosion device in his mouth, pressed the button and then took a deep breath.

woo woo-

The green energy that permeates into the body through the magic erosion device.

In the presence of magical powers with a strange refreshing feeling, Sehun Lee quickly created a temporary passage through the Young Yeon Shin magic.


Following the guide, the green magic that entered the new path calmly circulated through the body and confirmed the place where it would stay.

And the moment he confirmed that there was no other magic in the magic circuit, the way he came in.

Quad Duck-

It began to take root in the magic circuit, revealing its true color.

“This pervert… … uh?”

Louise, who was about to rush in to steal the magical erosion device from Lee Se-hun, widened her eyes at the scenery in front of her.

Lee Se-hoon’s body glows with a soft green color. On the surface, it could have seemed like it was simply by accepting magical power, but Louise immediately noticed the change.

‘Who is that… … .’

Clearly, he looks like a cheap blacksmith, but for some reason it feels like someone else is sitting there.

At that heterogeneous sight, Louise realized what ‘erosion’ meant by Lee Se-hoon only at that moment.

‘Magic circuit… … I’m going to change the whole thing… … ?’

It does not simply erode the magic, but it takes root throughout the magic circuit and changes its nature itself. At that realization, Louise reflexively grabbed his neck.

The green magic that always lingered as if to heal a wounded neck.

However, the truth was that he was taking root in his magic circuit, which had lost even the resistance due to the magic formation.

“Ugh… … !”

It felt as if he knew that hundreds of parasites were burrowing into his throat.

With the urge to rip off his neck right away, Louise shook his body, and Sehun Lee, who was examining his body, frowned.

‘It will flow back again after that.’

If a magical reflux occurs this time, it may be difficult to go into intensive management and meet separately.

In order to calm Louise, Lee Se-hun quickly put the red lily into the magical circuit he had created on a temporary basis.


Green magic that burns as it is swept away by crimson.

Lee Se-hoon, who burned every single root so that there would be no problems in the future, took the red-ryeon back and quickly grabbed Louise’s wrist.

“Don’t grab your neck. Take a deep breath.”

“ha… … lower… … .”

Louise crouched down and trembled as if she couldn’t hear the words from this side.

Seeing this, Sehun Lee quickly grabbed Louise’s face and forced his gaze.

“Don’t close your eyes. Look at my face and take a deep breath. right now.”

When you close your eyes, you think of past events and your seizures get worse, so you have to make them see things in reality.

I was used to it by doing it several times before returning, so Sehun Lee continued to take deep breaths while making eye contact, and Louise’s condition began to improve little by little.

“ha… … Whoo… … .”

The rough breathing calms down little by little, and the eyes become clearer.

After seeing that the seizures had stopped, Se-hun Lee removed his hands and waited until he had completely calmed down.

And Louise, who had barely returned to normal, sighed and slowly opened her mouth.

“thank you… … .”

“done. Rather than that, do you understand why I said that I was incapacitated?”

At Lee Se-hun’s question, Louise nodded.

“If the erosion continued, only the neck would have turned into a different magic circuit… … Since then, it must have collided with the magic circuit inside her body, making it impossible to use her magic at all.”

To put it simply, Louise’s magic circuit was originally 110v, but the magic circuit on the eroded neck is changed to 220v only.

As a result, they collide with each other and eventually become overloaded, making it impossible to use magical power.

“… … .”

Louise, who learned all the truth, had a disappointed expression on her face.

A gift that always supported and helped him, even when he injured his neck and was thrown out of the ivory tower, even when he was framed in court and almost expelled from school.

‘If it were you, you would be able to overcome magic loss. So, no matter what kind of pain comes, never give up.’

The image of Professor Charles, an elderly old man who smiled knowingly and handed the inhaler, came back to Louise’s mind.

And the moment when the corners of his lips went up and turned into a sneer like Bier Barmut.


Louise bit her teeth tightly.

He just wanted to be a great hero, but what the hell did he do wrong to torment him so much?

Louise felt resentment and resentment at that miserable reality. And I felt the rage that my head was going to turn into.

“certainly… … I will definitely pay you back… … .”

He will repay the people who brought this misfortune to them by all means, in the same way, even hundreds or thousands of times until they feel relieved.


Without realizing that blood was coming out of his mouth, Louise’s teeth were grinding with a vicious sound, and at the same time a strange change occurred.


The magic in the hospital room that suddenly starts to tremble. At the sight of responding to Louise’s ‘will’, Sehun Lee laughed lightly.


Traces of ‘Magic Fairy Tale’, Louise’s unique skill.

You may not be able to awaken yet, but at that level, you will be able to learn the ‘magic’ that can be called the symbol of a gangster.

After confirming that everything was ready, Sehun looked at the growling Louise.

“I’m still looking into Professor Charles, so let’s talk about it when we’re sure. got it?”

“… … okay.”

“Then the next thing about magic formation.”

Louise, trembling at Lee Se-hun’s story, took a breath and nodded.

“tell me.”

“For now, to be precise, there is nothing I can do about the magic formation itself. I am a blacksmith, not a healer.”

“… … .”

“But I can ‘correct’ you so you can use magic.”

For other people, it would be difficult with the current skills, but with the talents of the big dog, Louise Valente, it is possible.

At Sehun Lee’s story, Louise quietly met her eyes and opened her mouth slowly.

“What do you want?”

Doubts about his abilities had disappeared, but his doubts about his purpose were deepened by the work of Professor Charles.

Sehun Lee answered frankly, because it was obvious that speaking clumsily would not be good for building a relationship.

“I only want two things from you. The first is that it will help me when I search for the Six Great Horses in the future. And the second… … .”

Sehun Lee, who paused for a moment, looked at Louise, who was nervous, and raised the corners of his mouth slightly.

“I will become stronger than anyone else.”

“… … .”

“If you are truly confident, I will do my best to help you, whether it be revenge or rehabilitation.”

Louise stared blankly at the unexpected answer, then smiled and looked at him.

“Isn’t there going to be a fuss later?”

“Who’s going to say that.”

Two people shaking hands with their left hands naturally.

It didn’t appear that the relationship level had risen, but it was felt that a trusting relationship had been established more clearly than before.

After confirming that he could train Louise before he was discharged from the hospital, Se-hun Lee suddenly looked at the magic erosion machine on his desk.

‘Come to think of it… … I think I can use it if I do it well… … .’

Se-Hoon Lee, who decided to use it one more time and check it, grabbed the magic erosion device that was on the desk again.

“one more time… … .”

“don’t do it!”

It was stolen by Louise before she even took a bite.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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