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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 38

38 episodes

before return. Sehun Lee heard many stories from the three dogs.

Unfortunate events from childhood. The background of the crimes committed by the three dogs. And the reason for the travel that I did not understand in common sense.

At first, it started as a part of the work to raise the relationship level, but as time went on, the three dogs talked about their feelings one by one like a complaint.

And when the relationship level goes up and the stories deepen little by little.


Samgyeon taught Lee Se-hoon about their skills that they had not passed on to anyone else.


The blue fist that was aiming for the spear blade slashed it at once, followed by a rush of spears from the other side.

Jake quickly clenched his fists at the black spear that pierced in the blink of an eye.


A fist that bounces to the right at the same time as it collides. In the meantime, he recovered the fist he had struck at the beginning and swung it again, but it was the same with his opponent.

Kaga River!

Blue fists clad in compressed mana and spear blades filled with flames are constantly swung towards each other. Attacks that interlock endlessly as if they were summed up in advance.

If other people saw this scene, they would think that Jake, the head of Akalkuf’s department, was matching Sehun Lee, but in reality, that wasn’t the case at all.

‘What nonsense is this… … !’

When Lee Se-hoon first created the yin-ryun. Jake was a little surprised, but not too embarrassed.

This is because I heard through friends that Se-Hoon Lee and Seong-Ha Yeom exchanged stories while walking along the Flavium on Monday.

I don’t know exactly what kind of relationship they have, but I have a close relationship with that Seongha Yeom. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t have been so strange if I knew about the flame afterglow.


The problem was the flame spear wielded by Sehun Lee.

Originally, the flamethrower spear was a spear that focused on firepower, which took over a wide space and put pressure on the opponent. Therefore, if the opponent is equally focused on firepower, it usually leads to a battle of strength.

‘Coming again… … !’


However, the spear used by Se-Hoon Lee used two single spears to narrow the space he occupied, but to increase the density very much.

As a result, Jake’s plan to destroy the weapon through a power struggle went awry, and he could not regain the breath he had lost in the first place, so he is being dragged along all the way!



A spear blade that passes under the chin.

The moment I thought I had barely escaped. Sehun Lee’s wrist, who was holding the spear, rotated half a turn and pulled him in.



The spear blade of the black ten spear that brushed the nape of the neck.

Anyone could do it with the skill using the cross-shaped spear blade, but spreading it so sharply is another story.

A blow that could have been fatal if it had been blocked by a barrier, but in actual combat. At that fact, Jake’s body hardened for a moment, and Lee Se-hoon’s attacks continued to pour through the gap.

Whoo! Kaang! Aww!

spears and spears. And the afterglow that forms in the air vomits flames and presses it without rest. It was a situation where he was pushed helplessly, but Jake strengthened his defense with his eyes shining.

‘There’s still a chance… … !’

The physical abilities that Sehun Lee is currently exhibiting are only temporary due to his skills. As evidence of that, he could see the flames on the tip of his head slowly fading away.

The moment when the effect of the skill is cut off and the physical ability decreases. If you aim for that gap, you can completely reverse the current unfavorable situation.

Aiming for that moment only, Jake strengthened his defense, and Sehun Lee kicked his tongue at the sight.

‘Ttt. I’m noticing it.’

At first, they keep fighting back and then suddenly focus on defense.

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No matter how much you look at it, you seem to have noticed the duration of Tamcheol, but your head has calmed down and your posture has changed to a stable one.

‘Chief Akalkuf is not sweet for nothing, that’s all.’

At this rate, as soon as Tamcheol’s effect ends, he will be defeated by a counterattack. After confirming that the situation had changed, Sehun Lee looked at his body.

‘As expected, the body moves well.’

The flamethrower spear that was passed down directly from the rabies before returning. At that time, I got all kinds of swear words for not being able to imitate it, but now it is possible to reproduce it clumsily.

This is because the power of the tetrahedron absorbed through Tamcheol ‘adjusted’ the whole body accordingly.

‘then… … .’

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Now, you have to spread the proper ‘skills’, not the basics. Having made the decision, Sehun Lee kicked Jake’s body and threw himself back.

The narrowed distance widened again, and Jake adjusted his posture and looked at Lee Se-hoon instead of chasing after him.

“I think you are going to finish it with the next one.”

“for now?”

“What if I don’t accept it?”

I just rushed to finish it in a short period of time, but there is no need to deal with it unless you know that long-term battles are at a disadvantage.

Running away until the effect of the skill dissipates when Jake is seriously considering it. Sehun Lee, who looked at him, answered calmly.

“If you’re scared, you can’t help it.”

“… … What?”

“Isn’t it a bit unusual for Chief Akalkuf to be broken twice by Chief Borsippa? I understand your heart, so do whatever you feel comfortable with. I wouldn’t call it a cowardice.”

Lee Se-hoon raises the corners of his mouth slightly and adjusts his posture.

Jake’s eyes widened at the sight, and he felt his face heat up, then he felt the blood draining away and his body cooling down.


Have you ever been so cold when you’re so angry?

Until recently, he had swung his fists because of his sister’s request and to receive the succession ceremony once again, but Jake felt that the reason had changed.

‘never… … I won’t lose twice… … !’

The desire to win was born from the first day of defeat.

Jake’s eyes lit up and he lowered his posture at the first emotion he felt for a person of a similar age.


Two fists standing next to the waist.

The back is bent down, the head is on the floor and only the elbows are pointing to the sky.

It looked too defenseless to say that it was a posture in front of his opponent, but Lee Se-hun looked at it and licked his dry lips.

‘If you jump in the middle, I’ll destroy you as it is.’

Although it is hard to see from the outside, the momentum of the magical power that is being compressed inside the fist is unusual.

Sehun Lee also took a stance, sticking out his tongue at Jake’s grip that exceeded expectations.

‘okay. Let’s finish this time.’

Lee Se-hun, with the two spears slightly hanging, crossed the spear blades up and down and then raised all his magic.

woo woo-

The blood heated by the tam-cheol and the fire-property magic, Hong-ryeon, race through the whole body with a terrifying force on the passageway constructed with the Yeongyeonsin magic.

Even with this amount, he can knock out all the freshmen in Akalkuf, but his opponent is the strongest first-year department head.

Therefore, Sehun Lee released the magic of the rosary ring filled in his right arm and right ankle in order to be fully prepared.



Unlike usual, dark magic power that is quietly absorbed into the body.

The ‘dark soul’ that Seongha Yeom left on the rosary ring during training came into his body, and Sehun Lee distorted his eyes at the pain he felt throughout his body.

“Big… … .”

It was a completely forbidden act to accept attribute magic that he did not possess into his body.

Second, the inefficiency was because the body without a magic circuit could cause a repulsion and the magic power could run wild.

That is why, in the eyes of others, Lee Se-hoon’s actions now were no different from suicide.

‘The temporary passage… … Long time no see… … !’

Of course, there was a way to use it.


The sound of iron resounding in the body.

The path he made in haste covered Lee Se-hun’s whole body, and Hong-ryeon kicked the dark soul that had been eroding into it.

“Suck… … !”


The Young Yeonshin Magic is to dissect a single body alive and divide it into dozens.

It was dangerous enough to be crazy for those who met it for the first time, and in fact, before returning, Sehun Lee also had a lot of trouble in creating a ‘road’.

But now, he has already fully grasped how his body can be divided. That is to say.


For Lee Se-hun, there is no attribute magic that cannot be dealt with.

Flames and darkness at the tip of the crossed spears. Lee Se-hoon, who had fully raised the two attribute magical powers, breathed in as best as he could and calmed his eyes.

woo woo-

The sound of magical power spreads silently, and the two of them stop breathing. And the moment when the muscles and magical powers of the whole body are completely matched, and all the powers come into contact.


They kicked the ground and rushed towards each other.

The distance narrows in the blink of an eye. With less than a second left before the collision, Jake’s legs, who were running out, suddenly hit the ground.


At the same time as he advances, Jake’s tightly clenched hands are spread out and the palms of the hands are joined together.

“Ugh… … !”


A clash of magical powers compressed to the limit. Amid the pressure of his palms exploding, Jake opened his fingertips slightly apart to create an vent.

Myers-style Temporary Sword Ceremony.

Blue axis 靑築 light ray.

A single ray of light cut through the floor of the stadium and swung towards Lee Se-hun.

A blade of magical power created with compressed magic. It’s rough to use, but if the compression ratio is that low, it’s not lacking even if you say it’s a kind of ‘swordsmanship’.

In front of the department head-like blow, instead of throwing himself to avoid it, Sehun lowered his posture and gripped the spear in both hands.

‘A little further down.’

It may appear to be perfectly crafted, but in reality, it is nothing more than a random release of compressed magic.

Lee Se-hun, who found the gap in the light, rotated his wrist and aimed at the two crossed spear blades at the same time.

Flame Remnant Remnants—改.

The dark half moon 暗明半月.

The red half-moon chasing after darkness slashed the blue rays.


A terrifying shock wave that explodes immediately after the collision.

The protective device spread out in the stadium was broken in half at once, the emergency device was activated, and a barrier that was several times thicker wrapped around the two of them.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Two spear blades crossed at Jake’s neck and hands joined together about an inch away from Sehun Lee’s chin.

If it wasn’t for the barrier, his neck would fly off and he would have died at the same time as he pierced the mediocre. When two people are looking at each other calmly due to ambiguous results.

“… … I lost.”

Jake took a deep breath and pulled out the hand he was holding on to.

[The relationship with the grand prize ‘Jake Myers’ has been established.]

A bond established at the same time as the declaration of defeat.

It was to let Jake know that he was properly recognized through this matchup, but at the content, Sehun Lee looked at him with a puzzled expression rather than being happy.

“Isn’t it a draw?”

It’s a battle involving hero-grade equipment and Arya’s request, but to accept defeat so refreshingly.

To Sehun Lee’s question, Jake answered bluntly.

“Well, if you want to cry like that, you have to cry, but… … .”

Lee Se-hoon’s two spears fell from his neck and went down. Jake smiled bitterly at the sight of the spear blade protruding slightly.

“Only my weapon broke, but it’s a bit too much to call it a draw.”

The spear, which can be called Jake’s weapon, was terribly broken, but Lee Se-hoon’s weapon, the two single spears, was intact without a single broken one.

Therefore, Jake did not insist on a draw and simply accepted his defeat.

‘Besides, I even used the sage, but at the point of a draw, it’s like losing… … .’

Among the skills that Jake can properly use, he is a brute who is not lacking even if he attaches a “death kill”.

I used all my strength to use a technique that I had never seen before even my classmates in Akalkuf, but I couldn’t win, so I only thought that I lost.

“… … .”

As much as the fighting spirit that was boiling, the despair that fell deep in my heart. Although he admitted defeat himself, Jake’s heart wasn’t very happy.

‘If only I had a sword… … .’

It wouldn’t have given me an unfavorable range, and my weapon wouldn’t have been broken like it had just happened.

Some may say it’s ugly, but it’s a pity that doesn’t go away. Then, as Jake looked down at his hand in despair.

“I have one question for you.”

Sehun Lee, who was looking at him, asked.

“Are you sure you can’t use a sword?”

A strange sense of heterogeneity felt in Dalian before. At that time, it was just a misunderstanding, but just through Dalian, Lee Se-hun clearly realized what the sense of disparity he felt at that time was coming from.

‘This guy was spreading his swordsmanship with his bare hands.’

It is difficult to distinguish those who do not know the swordsmanship of the Myers family, but Sehun Lee, who had analyzed before the return, felt the difference.

‘There’s no way a guy who’s so good at swordsmanship doesn’t use a sword on purpose.’

Obviously, there are circumstances that he did not know before returning.

At Sehun Lee’s question, Jake was taken aback for a moment, then nodded his head with a bitter expression.

“I have some circumstances.”

“If someone forcibly blocked it… … .”

“It’s not like that. Should I just say I’m immature… … .”

Jake rubs his red, swollen hands with a bitter smile. Seeing that, Se-hun Lee understood how the general situation was.

‘It was because of that grip.’

An unidentified grip force that is abnormally stronger than physical abilities. Perhaps that was the culprit that made Jake insist on ineffective combat techniques.

“Anyway, I lost to Dalian, so here’s the hammer… … .”

“hey. Jake.”


“Can you make a sword for me?”

“… … uh?”

Seeing Jake’s bewildered look, Sehun raised an eyebrow.

“A sword that you can use without breaking it.”

Hopefully, I will be able to raise Jake’s relationship level to Lv.2 soon.

Thinking so, Sehun Lee smiled confidently.

[The relationship with the target ‘Ma Gwang-soo’ has been established.]

“… … Well?”

I belatedly found Ma Gwang-soo standing blankly at the entrance to the classroom.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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