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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 37

37 episodes


“… … .”

Seeing the two spears in front of him, Reese gave a blank expression.

[Emperor’s Spear]

[Rating: Advanced] [Quality: Intermediate]

A spear made by smelting exquisitely crafted alloy.

It can store fire elemental magic and can help form a ring of flames.

* You can store fire attribute magic.

*Efficiency is increased when using a flame wheel.

[Black Ten Spear]

[Rating: Advanced] [Quality: Intermediate]

A spear made by smelting exquisitely crafted alloy.

It can store dark magic and can help stabilize the ring of flames.

*Can store dark magic power.

* Stability is increased when using a flame ring.

The balance of the spear blade was excellent, and the combination of the spear and the magic circuit was also flawless. It’s a great product just looking at its perfection as a ‘window’. But what really surprised me was the effect.

‘I hope you bring a weapon that allows you to make a flame wheel.’

Just by looking at the information window, you would think that it would help to form a ring of flames, but in reality, it wasn’t that much.

Required recipes and supplements to make yeomryun. Each of those two are inside the spear, so if there is even a slight mistake, the attribute magic will be repelled to inform you.

‘This is nothing more than a training tool and textbook.’

I thought I’d be able to make something like that, but I’m sure I’ll bring something like this.

Beyond the absurdity, Reese glanced at Lee Se-hoon, who was standing calmly at the absurd result.

‘I don’t know what to say about this… … .’

At last night’s meeting, he seemed to understand the reason why he was trying to raise the budget allocated to Lee Se-hun so much.

Reese, who was looking at the two choirs, organized the thoughts that came to mind one by one, and then slowly brought up the story.

“priority… … excellent. It has been a long time since I started teaching, but this is the first time in my life that I have completed assignments so quickly and perfectly. I was truly amazed.”

“thank you.”

“Originally, I was going to start grading after completing all the assignments, but… … To be honest, I don’t think there’s any need to procrastinate. So that you know it with full marks.”

“… … full marks?”

“No, really?”

The other cadets in the smelting room murmured at Reese’s story.

In general, it was close to impossible to get a perfect score from the professors at Babel. It was because the benchmark was ridiculously high, just because the target shouldn’t be low.

So, in order to get a perfect score, I had to create a result that no one could deny, but Sehun Lee has been making such a thing since the first assignment!

“Since the assignment has been submitted, attendance is waived until the day of the announcement. You can come to class or not.”

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Not only was it not enough to get a perfect score with the weapon he had made in one day, he even got an exemption from attendance from the strict professor Lees.

The cadets, who had their heads wrapped around making the blueprints, glanced at Lee Se-hun.

‘Can’t we just send him to the 3rd grade?’

‘I think I can graduate.’

‘Why are you with a guy like that? There’s really no such thing as bad luck… … .’

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Now, beyond jealousy, it’s a level that makes you hate it. Sehun Lee glanced at Seongha Yeom, who was standing next to Reese, at the gazes pouring in from the surroundings.

‘Did you see it?’

The spear you ignore is just as great a thing as this.

Seongha Yeom, noticing Sehun Lee’s gaze, turned his head to face him, and began to ponder something for a moment.

And as soon as he thought of an appropriate answer, he raised one corner of his mouth very slightly.

“Good job.”

It turned Lee Se-hoon’s insides upside down at once.

“… … .”

Is it possible that you make others feel that way when you laugh? After looking back at himself for a moment, Se-hun Lee calmed himself and nodded his head.

“Then let’s go.”

“okay. take the window If you want to sell, talk to me.”

Reese immediately started preparing for class, and Lee Se-hoon came out of the smelting room with two javelins.

‘There is nothing to learn, so there is no need to attend class.’

In fact, all major classes in the Faculty of Refining are more like ‘rehabilitation’ that enhances your reputation as the head of the department or relieves your stiff body, rather than learning something.

So, if I could pass it on as Sehun Lee, it was better to pass it, and most of the things I really wanted to learn were minor classes.

‘Today is… … Ma Kwang-soo, that inspirational class.’

The situation in which 3 hours was lost as I fell into a metal smelting class. Se-hun Lee, who wanted to go to the training room like this, suddenly looked at the subspace pocket in which he put two spears.

‘Should I try it once in a while?’

I had never played it properly before returning, but the self-defense technique I learned from Ma Kwang-soo before may be possible if I have a young and lively body.

It was too much for him to practice in front of others, so Sehun Lee moved to the body control classroom.

‘Class is… … I don’t see it.’

The lecture hall was empty as if Ma Gwang-su was also absent. At the same time, Se-Hoon Lee, who wanted to be good, quickly went into the locker room and changed into his sportswear and came out.



I ran into Jake, who was wearing the same sweatshirt.

“what. Are you starting class now?”

“no. It’s an hour later, but he told me to arrive early and warm up a bit.”


I vaguely thought that I wouldn’t take a class with Jake, but it seems like they decided to take the class individually.

‘Actually, it would be better to teach personally due to the nature of the inspiration.’

However, this made it a little difficult to train in the gymnasium. If there is a place to go instead, there is a private training room, but the official registration has not been completed yet.

When Sehun Lee is contemplating whether to give up everything and go to the general training room to train normally.

“that… … .”

After hesitating for a while, Jake opened his mouth with a serious expression.

“I want to ask you one thing, is it okay?”

“no. I’m not okay.”

“… … .”

Jake’s face stiffened at the knife-like answer, and Sehun Lee, who was looking at it, looked at him calmly.

“Look or mana, I think your older sister said something to bring you a weapon, but I’m not thinking about it, so I’m giving up.”

“… … You didn’t even listen to the terms?”

“okay. I don’t really like it.”

The condition the Myers family puts on it is that if it overflows, it will overflow, but it will never lack. Still, there were two reasons for Lee Se-hoon’s refusal.

The first is that the existence of Arya Myers, who may later awaken as the Demon of Extinction, is gritty.

And the second reason is that no matter what you make now, you will be disappointed.

‘Because one eye is filthy high.’

We haven’t decided yet how we’re going to treat Arya, but neither should make him lose interest in him.

The reason Arya Myers, who had been a top performer, turned to the Demon of Extinction was because she could no longer expect anything from anyone.

‘I’m worried about being trampled on by my eyes, but I don’t go any further… … That vague sense of distance is best for now.’

Until we find out what the conditions of the ‘sword’ that Arya wants, this method is correct.

At Se-Hoon Lee’s determined expression that he would never respond, Jake slightly bit his lip and opened his mouth.

“Then how about this?”

Jake, placing his hand on the subspace pocket on his waist, pulled out a small hammer and held it out.

A silver body with a black handle suitable for one-handed grip. The heads protruding from the sides were dyed red and black, respectively, and I felt a very strong attribute magic.

Lee Se-hoon’s eyes narrowed at the seemingly expensive items at a glance.

“Take a look.”

Sehun Lee, who was handed the hammer Jake had held out, looked directly at the information window.

[Black Flame Hammer]

[Rating: Heroic] [Quality: Severe]

A hammer made by smelting Dragonite.

It has the function of amplifying the two elemental magics by coating each side with fire and dark magic.

* Amplifies both attribute magic.

*You can use the skill ‘Attribute Convergence’.

“Five… … .”

A hammer of a hero-grade mega-merchandise.

Whether it was created for smelting from the beginning, the performance was specialized in maximizing attribute magic, and the performance was not too bad.

And above all, what I liked about Lee Se-hun was that it was an object that could be ‘improved’.

‘It’s not bad… … ?’

This is something that can be sold at a fairly high price in the market. After checking all the information, Sehun Lee looked at Jake.

“So, what is this?”

“Let’s fight with me again. If I lose there, I will give you the hammer of black flame.”

“If I lose, will you make a weapon for your sister?”

“right. Of course, I will pay the price normally.”

In the eyes of others, it is a bet that wins or loses, but it was a bet that had no reason to accept for Lee Se-hun, who should never show his bottom line to Arya.

‘It’s worth using a hammer, but… … But it’s not enough to take a risk.’

That’s when Sehun Lee made up his mind to just refuse again.

‘… … Well?’

Jake stares intently, waiting for an answer. It felt reluctant in previous auctions, but now it doesn’t look like that at all.

The feeling that you will definitely win over yourself. Seeing Jake’s honest feelings for the first time, Sehun Lee realized that this was an opportunity and opened his mouth.

“Let’s just add one thing.”


“If I win this time… … Don’t talk about your sister for a month. Pass it on there too.”

“… … .”

one month. If it’s short, it’s short, and if it’s long, it’s a long time, but considering the cravings I’ve been receiving in the meantime, it was like death for Jake.


But Jake nodded and accepted the bet. It was a bet that had to be won, and he was certain he would never lose like before this time.

“okay. Then let’s get started.”

The two immediately climbed onto the dance floor, and a protective device that had previously only protected the vital points covered their entire body.

‘Last time, it was an unexpected counterattack, so I allowed it… … This time, I’ll go with full power from the beginning.’

A blue haze formed when Jake, who had raised his magic power, poured it into his fists.

Even that alone could easily break an iron sword, but Jake took it one step further.


As he clenched his fist, the magical energy gathered in it was further compressed, and then blue steam rose from the gap between his fingers.

The concentration of magical power that gets thicker as impurities leak out. Sehun’s eyes widened at Jake’s two fists dyed deep blue.

‘You can compress that much magical power just by grabbing it… … ?’

Grip strength that is abnormally higher than physical capacity. Sehun Lee suddenly remembered the figure of Jake who blocked Seongha Yeom’s fist.

‘That’s when I intervened… … He must have had the confidence to stop it even with real power.’

I knew there was some potential, but I didn’t know it would be this big. Sehun Lee was also touched by Jake’s unexpected ability.

‘If you’re not careful, I’ll go straight to the goal.’

If it is purely based on physical ability, even if you die and wake up, you cannot win, but if you use all you have, it will be different.

Lee Se-hoon, who raised both hands, clasped each other in front of his chest, and removed the bond engraving on his left hand.

[The bond engraving ‘Fourthstone’ is released.]

A tetrapod that begins to come out of the left palm. Se-hun Lee, who confirmed the touch, immediately activated the engraving he had attached to his right hand.

[The bond engraving ‘Tamcheol’ is activated.]

The moment when tetrapods are melted into the body by tam-cheol. Sehun Lee felt all the muscles in his body move arbitrarily.

It’s as if thousands of threads are being inserted and being manipulated by someone. In that bizarre situation, Sehun Lee’s body gradually found the right posture and began to adjust.

“Whew… … .”

The posture was refined more precisely than before, even though it did not move much. After confirming that the whole body was perfectly connected, Sehun Lee pulled out his weapon immediately.


Two spears from the subspace pocket. Jake made a curious expression at that.

‘You’re also writing a short spear.’

It was quite familiar, so there were no gaps in sight than before.

After reconfirming that Sehun Lee was not as tough as he thought, Jake looked at his clenched fists.

‘We break the weapon in the first move.’

It’s a little rough, but that’s the sure way.

The magical power that has been compressed to the limit, ‘Blue Chunk’. Jake, who drew the power, gave up his hesitation and slowly took his stance.

There is not even a referee to shout that it is a start. At that time, there was a strange silence between the two who looked at each other and did not move.


A protection device that made a small noise after a long time to start. At that moment, the eyes of the two of them flashed without saying who came first.


They sprinted to the floor and rushed towards each other at once.

‘Win… … !’

The moment when I chose to avoid rather than escape, like last time. It’s just being crushed by this power.

Jake’s eyes twinkled and he clenched his fists with all his might.


“… … uh?”

A flame rose from the tip of Lee Se-hoon’s two spears.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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