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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 26

26 episodes

Sehun Lee, who followed Leah to the downtown area of Akalkuf, was surprised by the scenery in front of him.

“… … A lot.”

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No matter where you look, you can only see the signboard of the restaurant. And a huge crowd filling the street just in time for lunch.

Lee Se-hoon asked as if he was curious about the huge number that could be swept away if he made a mistake.

“Are there really that many?”

“It’s the first week of school, so there are a lot more things, but it’s not much different from usual. There are a lot of good places to eat in Akalkuf.”

“is it… … .”

When it’s crowded like this, it can be a bit crowded, but in reality, people move smoothly like a river.

Both cadets and faculty members are people who do the basics, so they naturally avoid each other and move around.

‘I can only see a sight like this in Babel.’

When Sehun Lee is watching the crowd like a wave. Leah, who was walking in the front, looked back.

“what are you doing. Don’t delay, come quickly.”


Leah, who was walking away from people, eventually stopped in front of a store located in the center of the downtown area.

[Arkalkow Hardware Store]

Unlike the neatly organized surrounding stores, a hardware store with all kinds of cooking utensils piled up like a mountain in front of the entrance.

Seeing that old-fashioned appearance, Sehun Lee looked at Leah.


“You said I am going to work.”

Leah enters as if she needs further explanation. Seeing this, Sehun Lee also looked around and followed.

Most of the kitchen-related tools were hung inside because the surrounding area was a restaurant, but Lee Se-hoon looked at the items and made an interesting expression.

‘Did you make this pretty well?’

If you look at the piles of piles, they look like rubbish, but you can see the traces of a craftsman who has mastered the basics.

Maybe this would be enough to take on a professorship in the smelting department.

With that thought in mind, Sehun Lee is looking closely at things.

“grandmother! I’m here!”

Leah shouted in a loud voice towards the inside of the store.


An old man who appeared as he walked through the ladle that was hung one after the other like a curtain.

He was wearing loose work clothes with chopsticks in place of a hairpin, but his sharp eyes and the corners of his lips that fell down gave a very ferocious feeling.

“I didn’t listen.”

“I haven’t eaten, but if you don’t call me like this, you won’t come out.”


The old man who answered with annoyance while looking at Leah turned his gaze straight away and looked at Lee Se-hun standing behind him.

“What is that guy? Are you your boyfriend?”

“a. Could it be? I’m a junior who came in this year. Junior.”

“Hmm. Are you a freshman?”

In response to Leah’s answer, the old man blatantly glanced at Lee Se-hun up and down, then clicked his tongue.

“Tttttttt. Babel is also dead. Bring in this soft bastard.”

It might sound like an outright arguing, but Lee Se-hun did not say that he was offended by the evaluation.

‘It’s not really soft.’

In terms of physical ability alone, he ranks at the bottom among freshmen this year. He passed because his skills were excellent, but if he had memory loss or something like that, he would not have been able to enter Babel.

Rather than being offended, Lee Se-hun nodded his head as if he was right, and the old man’s expression changed strangely, and Leah laughed.

“Can you say that?”


“Even if I haven’t seen him since, he’s the head of the Borsippa department this year. The smelting department, too.”

“… … this guy?”

The old man widens his eyes as if he wasn’t really expecting it. In response, Sehun smiled and shook his head.

“My name is Sehun Lee, a freshman in the Faculty of Refining.”

“… … Helena.”

“I wish you all the best in the future. old man.”

The old man, Helena, looked at Lee Se-hun with a strange expression, and then scratched his head and looked at Leah.

“Don’t be foolish and get to work quickly. Because this week has accumulated a lot because of the freshmen.”

“Yes Yes. come here.”

Leah took Lee Se-hun and walked into the passage that had been covered with a frying pan, and after a while, a large workshop appeared.

‘Hmm… … .’

Although it was a bit old, it was equipped with all the necessary tools starting from the fire and the condition was not bad.

There was a ‘time’ that everyone had been managing properly, but they were traces that can only be seen in the workshop of a skilled blacksmith.

‘That old man. I think I have better skills than I thought.’

I can’t understand why they’re doing something like a hardware store in a place like this. When Sehun Lee is looking around with a puzzled expression.

“OMG… … .”

Leah sticks her tongue out as she examines the kitchen tools piled up like a mountain to one side.

“It’s serious… … .”

Seeing Leah disliked, Sehun Lee also approached and looked at the piled up items.

‘Are they brought in for repair?’

From the outside, it looked like the enchantment had been engraved on it.

Seeing this, Sehun Lee immediately recognized what the workplace Leah was talking about.

“Isn’t it a job to enchant here?”

“answer! I can earn money, and I can enchant as much as I want without worrying about financial costs, so it’s okay.”

Leah smiles as she shows the frying pan with the enchantments removed.

If you enchant these cooking tools, you won’t get much money. It must have been clear that he liked the part where he could enchant himself.

“now. Did my enchantment say you wanted to see it? Come and see.”

Leah, who tapped the seat next to her, dragged the ‘Enchant Palette’ lying right next to her.

The enchantment palette was filled with colored powders made by grinding various mana stones, and there were a total of 16 types of them.

‘I know that the default is 8 colors… … It’s pretty colorful.’

When Lee Se-hoon is watching with interest. Leah pulled out her enchantment brush from the inside of her sleeve.



The tip of the brush was imbued with Leah’s magical power and glowed blue, and when dipped in red manastone powder, it was dyed red and trembled.

After finishing the coating, Leah turned over the frying pan in her hand and looked down at the floor, then slowly moved her brush.


Leah’s brush passed over the enchanted enchantment that had been removed, and the red energy started to rotate again on the bottom of the darkly dead frying pan.

An enchantment that started breathing again in the blink of an eye. Lee Se-hoon was slightly amazed at the sight.

‘How can you save a damaged enchantment so easily? I do quite… … .’

Reviving an enchantment once damaged was similar to leaning on a piece of torn clothing.

Even if the color of the cloth is different, it stands out, and even if the stitching is clumsy, it stands out.

Even depending on which part it is, it is inevitable that it will stand out, so there were many cases where it was usually peeled off and a new one was engraved.


However, Leia revives the enchantment flawlessly no matter which part is damaged, and restores them perfectly as if they were newly engraved.

Sehun Lee, who looked at the restoration process, nodded his head involuntarily.

‘Not bad.’

A clean, flawless base. Thanks to that, the parts that seemed to be the cause of the slump could be seen at a glance without needing to be observed.

‘If this is enough, it will be over soon.’

Se-hun Lee, who came up with a way to solve it, saw Leah finishing it and just started talking.


After finishing the enchantment, Leah threw the frying pan aside and picked up a new pot.

“… … .”

Leah enchants by moving her brush without a break without even blinking her eyes. Seeing that he was completely immersed in his own world, Se-Hoon Lee looked at him softly and then smiled.


Being able to immerse yourself like that is a kind of talent.

A genius in the enchanter world who is steadily building a foundation even while he is wandering in a slump. Sehun Lee, who had decided to leave it on until the end, got up quietly and looked around the studio again.

‘There are really quite a few tools. I’d rather borrow a little here and build a new hammer… … Well?’

Sehun Lee, who looked around every nook and cranny, noticed stones lying in a row on one side and his eyes lit up.

Rectangular stones of various colors. Recognizing that all of them were whetstones, Sehun Lee walked right in front of them.

‘It’s all special.’

A special grinding stone used not only to sharpen the blade, but also to add special effects by resonating with the magic arrangement.

Each grindstone had a set effect, so it was a tricky thing to break the blade if you don’t know how to use it correctly.

‘It’s a pretty good day… … .’

Just by stroking the surface of the whetstone, the anticipation of completion is pictured in my mind.

Anyway, yesterday, after a long time since I engraved ‘White Glow’, I was itching to see the proper tools, so I couldn’t stand it because I wanted to sharpen the blade.

When Sehun Lee is thinking about what to do for a while.

“Try it.”

A muffled voice came from the aisle.

“If you can write it.”

Helena leaned against the wall with her arms crossed and stared at him sternly. Sehun Lee pointed to the sharpening stone with those eyes that seemed to show his skills just by looking at it.

“Can I really use it?”

“okay. Things are… … Do whatever you have piled up over there.”

Kitchen knives stacked on one side of the workshop. There were various kinds, but all of them were in a state of bruises.

‘Were there things to go directly to later?’

Instead, it feels like you’re being beaten up, but if you have a chance to try a special grindstone like that, it’s a business that remains.

“All right.”

Sehun Lee, who accepted Helena’s proposal, looked at the stacked knives before choosing a grindstone.

‘If you’re going to do it, you should do it properly.’

Sehun Lee, who looked closely at each knife, picked up a clunky looking knife.

An ordinary kitchen knife that looked the most unsightly among the piled up items. But when Helena saw it, she had a surprised expression on her face.

“… … are you going to do that?”

“Yes. Looking at the traces, he seems like a pretty good person. It looks like it will taste good.”

Even if you use the same knife, it leaves a mark depending on who uses it. And in the eyes of Sehun Lee, the person who used this knife was a person with considerable skill in swordsmanship.

‘All the blades are worn evenly and the shaft is not twisted.’

A normal person would have brought it because it would not cut well even if it was only half this, but the owner of this knife used his skill to the limit.

I don’t know what kind of person he is, but he must have had considerable skill in handling swords.

‘Let’s see. The whetstone… … Just this.’

Among the whetstones laid out, the object with the most evenly compressed magic particles. A technician like this would be able to handle it properly even if the blade was set to the limit.


Lee Se-hun, who sprinkled water diluted with mana stone powder on the whetstone, got up straight away and started sharpening the blade of the knife slowly.

Awk- Aaah–

Every time the blade moves like a grindstone, the kitchen knife’s anticipation comes to life again.

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Not long after starting the work, Helena straightened her crooked body and stared intently at Lee Se-hoon, who was completely immersed in her own world.

“… … .”

Is it true that the guy he is looking at is a freshman who entered this year?

In an unbelievable sight, Helena stared intently at the kitchen knife in her hand, and only the sound of brushes and sharpening knives resounded quietly in the studio.

And after a while, when the two sounds fade away.


After finishing the enchantment with the last ladle, Leah straightened her lower back and shouted.

“uh. what. When did Grandma come?”

“… … I don’t know.”

“what. Why are you so nervous… … Aha.”

Leah found Lee Se-hun looking at the blade, realized how the situation had become, and smiled.

“It seems that our juniors tried to pick up a scratch, but it seemed like they were all over the place. right?”


damn it!


Helena, who slapped Leah’s scruffy forehead with iron chopsticks, approached Se-hun Lee who had finished sharpening the knife.

“Are you done?”

“Well… … .”

At Helena’s question, Sehun Lee looked at the faintly blue blade.

A blue light of anticipation that vibrated faintly like a meandering over the blade. It was a phenomenon in which the surrounding magic was naturally drawn to the magic arrangement of the sword.

It was a phenomenon that showed that the blade was properly sharpened through a special grindstone, but Lee Se-hun frowned.

‘It’s not perfect.’

Compared to the predictions that should have been made with this whetstone, it was just a level of imitation. Lee Se-hoon put on a sad expression on the half-finished perfection.

‘If only I had a little more magic support… … ttt.’

Sehun Lee, who licked his tongue inwardly, answered Helena, who was staring at him with a piercing gaze.

“For now, this is the end.”

“… … okay. Then both of you go away.”

Helena points to the passage with iron chopsticks as if there is nothing more to say. In response to that indifferent reaction, Sehun Lee also put down his knife and stood up without any regrets.

“I’m just nervous… … let’s go!”


Leah stroking her forehead, grabbed Lee Se-hun’s arm and was about to go outside.

“Can you do this much next time?”

Helena asked while looking down at the cleaver. Sehun Lee pondered for a moment at the question and then smiled.

“Next time we will go better.”

“… … Don’t contact me if you’re short on staff. If you are interested, come.”

Sehun Lee nodded at Helena’s blunt talk.

“I look forward to it.”

After saying those words, the two went outside, and Helena, who remained in the workshop, looked down at the kitchen knife Lee Se-hun had gone through as if possessed.

And then, when a strange silence filled the studio.

“sister! Are you smelting?!”

With a loud voice, a giant man entered the workshop.

“what. you’re not doing anything But why didn’t you answer my call?!”

“… … noisy.”

“If I answered from the beginning, there would be no noise! What about a cleaver? I mean, we’re running out of orders right now!”

Helena frowned and looked at the man’s call, which was urging him over and over again.

“When the hell are you going to knock down that restaurant? A guy called the Swordsmanship Faculty Supervisor… … .”

“Don’t say anything about other people’s hobbies. Rather, the knife… … Oh, there it is!”

The man who found his kitchen knife staggered over, picked it up, and looked down with a curious expression.

“what. Did you drink again yesterday? How is my condition?”

“… … no.”

“No, what is it? The day is only about 70% of the normal day. It’s a shame if you do this to a regular.”

Helena spoke calmly to the story of the man who seemed to be in pain.

“I didn’t change it.”

“What? So who did this? Did you call the teaching assistants you used to be close with and order them?”


“… … What?”

To the question of the bewildered man, the professor of the swordsmanship department, Kasar, Helena answered with eyes full of strange heat.

“The freshman who entered this year changed it.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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