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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 25

25 episodes

[White Long Sword]

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A long sword forged with pure white spirit.

The delicately honed blades were combined with the magic arrangement, giving them a strong yet sharp foresight. The work of a blacksmith with excellent skills.

*Making power increases cutting power.

“Uh… … .”

“This… … .”

“Write… … .”

The three professors of the smelting department, who saw the white long sword and the iron sword with a pure white blade in front of them, stared at the sword without saying anything.

In terms of performance alone, iron swords superior to this were widely spread within Babel, but that was not the point.

“Mr Inseong. Is this really purely using iron ingots? Have you ever used any other materials or skills?”

“Yes, yes… … you’re right.”

“Are you sure?”


The professors ask again as if they have seen something wrong. Han In-seong responded with an unhappy expression to the suspicious look.

“Really! Even the professors don’t know… … !”

“What. That’s it.”

“No, but isn’t it strange to have this level of perfection no matter what?”

The professors were convinced, but still murmured as if they were doubtful. In response to that reaction, Han In-seong felt absurd beyond resentment.

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No matter how well a cadet made it, he doubted his own eyes as a teaching assistant. I couldn’t be saddened by this, but on the other hand, it was understandable to have such a reaction.

“How can a freshman make something like this without being active duty?”

“Active? I wonder if even a tenth of them can make something like this.”

“It seems like it has been a long time since I’ve seen a sword so familiar with the basics. hey really… … .”

An item of such a high degree of perfection that even the professors who have evaluated the swords of many cadets cannot believe it.

That’s the iron sword in front of him, Lee Se-hoon’s submission.

“older brother. If this is enough, there is nothing to worry about, right? Just one big hit with the highest price.”

Kim In-cheol shook his head at the suggestion of Professor Lees, a middle-aged man with a short stature and thick torso.

“Still, the value must be measured with certainty. If we do it wrong, we can create the image of a genius we created.”

“My brother is very concerned about everything. I created a high-grade grade using basic deception on a regular iron ingot, would you be treated like that?”

“People you know do. But rumors circulate among strangers. You have to be careful.”

Even if they have an impact on Lee Se-hoon’s future because of them, there is nothing to be sorry about.

At that time, Kim In-cheol was thinking about an appropriate amount without causing any misunderstandings.

“Is this the sword made by the head of the department?”

Ten professors, led by Michael, entered the workshop.

With that appearance, the atmosphere of the workshop quickly subsided and a suffocating tension was created.

A school of pure smelting led by Kim In-cheol. And the latest smelting school led by Michael Barmut.

The heavy atmosphere created by the two factions made Han In-seong nervous and looked at his eyes.

“It’s definitely great. Should I say that I am the head of the department? … I am really looking forward to it.”

Michael smiles calmly and praises Lee Se-hoon’s sword. It was a bit surprising to see it, but the professors of the Kim In-cheol faction still looked at it with caution.

Because it was Michael’s specialty to hit the back of the head while showing such a good side of a person.

“What did you come here for? We should have decided to take over this inspection.”

“What are you so upset about? I just came to see the sword that the head of the department made.”

“Then you can go back now.”

Kim In-cheol doesn’t even look at it as if it’s the end of it. Michael’s eyes widened slightly at that sight.

‘I’m very proud that I got a chance on a topic that was pushed to the end of the cliff.’

He wanted to throw him out of his mind, but one way or another, he is still an advisor and a person who is attracting attention from the head of the Ludwig Academy.

There’s a monster-like guy named Sehun Lee attached to it, so it won’t be as easy to get it out as it used to.

‘In such a situation, you have to be more careful.’

In the end, it’s just a matter of time. The results won’t change. With that in mind, Michael straightened his expression and opened his mouth again.

“But are you really okay? Didn’t you make a sword like this? I think it would be better to take advantage of the opportunity a little more… … .”

“I’m busy with the review, so please tell me briefly.”

“It seems pointless to compete with classmates, so why not organize it for the regular auction for the sophomores next week? By the way, the theme of ‘Iron Sword’ overlaps perfectly.”

“What? say that… … .”

At Michael’s suggestion, Reese put on an exasperated expression.

Although the white square sword that Se-Hoon Lee made was clearly excellent, it was never at the level of participating in the regular auction for the second year to be held soon.

It’s not that they lack skills, it’s because the conditions themselves were unfair because the items submitted by the second graders were enhanced by using various skills and artifacts.

“It seems possible if the department head’s ability is sufficient.”

“Isn’t the sophomore year prepared from winter break? Putting it in there means… … .”

“That’s fine.”

At Kim In-cheol’s calm acceptance, both eyes turned at once.

“Then, Sehun Lee, like the sophomores, will measure the budget based on the bid price at the auction.”

“no. Bro, that’s… … .”


Kim In-cheol, who interrupted Reese’s words, still looked at Michael with a calm face.

“Any other comments?”

“… … There is not.”

“Then stop now.”

Kim In-cheol turns his gaze again and doesn’t even look at him. Michael, who was staring at the unknown figure, turned around and left.

Reese, who looked at the back, looked at Kim In-cheol with an incomprehensible expression.

“older brother! He knows what tricks he’s going to do at an auction, so he’s sending things to it right away!”

“I’m the head of the department, the face of the department, is that so?”

“no. Now is not the time to joke… … !”

At Kim In-cheol’s casual reply, Reese beat her chest as if frustrated. Even if no one else knew, Michael thought it was unusual for him to damage the reputation of the faculty for his real power.

In fact, there were not one or two professors who were fired for their craftsmanship, and although the status of the smelting department was not 100% as it is now, the influence of Michael, more precisely, the Barmut clan, was not small.

“If this continues, the real faculty may fall into their hands!”

The other two professors looked worried whether they would agree with Reese. Kim In-cheol stared at the three people’s reactions.

“Ttttttt… … .”

Then, as if pitiful, he clicked his tongue and pointed to the white long sword.



“Can’t you see and feel anything?”

At Kim In-cheol’s story, Reese put on a puzzled expression.

“What do you mean?”

It was well made, but it has nothing to do with the current situation. Kim In-cheol sighed as the reactions of the other professors were not too different.

“Just leave it alone.”

And looking at the bright white blade of the sword, he smiled meaningfully.

“What will happen?”

* * *

Saturday morning.

On the first weekend after coming to Babel, the freshmen went out to the streets, decorating themselves to their fullest, and the current students rushed out to attract them to their circles in the future.

Except for events, it is the busiest time inside Babel. In a way, it was a great opportunity to see the scenery that freshmen had dreamed of before entering the school.

“Is there… … .”

Sehun Lee was standing alone in front of the lecture hall in the main building of the Enchantment Department.

[Ancient Enchantology]

A minor class in the Enchantment Department, introduced by Leah. Lee Se-hoon, who arrived in the classroom, knocked lightly on the door.

“ah. come in!”

A familiar voice from within. When Se-Hoon Lee opened the door, the scenery of the lecture hall filled with all kinds of junk was revealed.

“… … It’s bullshit.”

wardrobe and desk. And the interior, including the floor, is nowhere to be seen as an empty space.

When Se-Hoon Lee stares at the messy scene that is more appropriate for a warehouse rather than a lecture hall.


“Welcome to Ancient Enchantology!!”

Leah, who had been hiding in the rubble next to the entrance, came out loudly and greeted me.

“… … .”

Unidentified cloths and amulets all over the body. Leah with the papers glued together. Seeing that mess, Sehun looked at him without saying a word.

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No matter how thick a person’s face was, the reaction was cold enough to make him feel a little embarrassed.

“Hey. Good?”

Leah’s eyes twinkled as if it was rather interesting.

“Eyes as cold as if they were covered in cold water. very good.”

“… … What do you like?”

“The type who gets excited about this kind of situation doesn’t go well with enchantments. Would it be better to be cool and rational like me?”

Leah smiled as she removed the papers from her body.

“In that sense, you are great. It is no exaggeration to say that my mental potential is equal to mine.”

It was a story that I couldn’t tell if it was a compliment or an insult, but Lee Se-hun took it and looked around, thinking that it must have been a very good word.

“What’s the classroom like here?”

“No, it’s not like this in the first place… … .”

Leah, who glanced around the classroom, made a sly expression.

“I was looking for something to show you, so this is what I came up with.”

“Oh yeah… … That’s great.”

“right? It’s rare for a senior to do this for the sake of his juniors.”

Seeing Leah’s brazen response, whether he was doing it knowingly or not knowing, Sehun Lee looked at him with an absurd expression and asked.

“A professor?”

“ah. You have work today and you are away. You left the application to me, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Are you taking a test or something?”

“How about a simple interview without that order? wait a minute.”

Leah, slyly passing through the clutter, went behind the large box with ornate decorations and pressed the red jewel in the lid.


Then, the objects that had been lying around in the classroom were quickly sucked into the box, and after a while all the clutter disappeared except for the items in the closet.

In the blink of an eye, Sehun Lee looked at the box with an interesting expression.

“Are you freely storing enchanted items?”

“Five. did you know I saw it for the first time, and if you recognize it, it’s a talent… … .”

“But I don’t think that performance alone will come out like that… … Ah, division.”

“… … uh?”

Without seeing Leah’s bewildered expression, Sehun Lee still looked at the box and admired it.

“It is absorbed by the concept of restoration by assuming that it is in its perfect state when it is stored. I also added a method of isolating things inside the enchantment so that they don’t merge with each other. Right?”

“Ah, yes. I will… … .”

“It’s higher than I expected. Hopefully, you will see something like this as soon as you arrive.”

At the sight of Lee Se-hun looking at the box with interest, Leah made a slightly dazed expression.

I was afraid that I might lose interest in a few days, so I was going to make them take a minor by praising whether they had talent or not, but what does this mean?

‘Can’t you find out all that without looking at the information window and just looking at the storage process?’

It’s an enchantment, if you’re sensitive to magic, you can recognize it right away, but it’s not possible to just have a good feeling to understand the applied magic.

Being knowledgeable in the field of enchantment or having a sense of that level. Considering that you are a freshman, it is most likely the latter.

‘It’s really good… … .’

Leah, suppressing the corners of her twitching lips, pointed to a neatly organized place.

“Let’s take it easy and finish the interview first.”

“ah. okay.”

As Sehun Lee sat down, Leah sat across from her, straightening her back and sitting up straight. Then, with a serious expression on his face, he asked while holding the atmosphere.

“Lee Se-hoon cadet.”

“… … Yes.”

“What do you think is the most important thing about enchantment?”

Questions that depend on your preferences. Since there was nothing that could be said to be the correct answer, Sehun Lee immediately answered according to his own thoughts.

“It must be harmony.”

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No matter how good the enchantment is, if the underlying object is not good, the power will drop. The opposite was also true, so it was Lee’s idea that harmony was the most important.

“Well. okay.”

In response to Sehun Lee’s answer, Leah nodded her head once with a serious expression, and then clapped with a smile as if she had ever done that.

“great. Interview passed! Good luck in the future, junior!”

“I’m not sincere, but… … .”

“I mean, it was such a simplistic answer. More than that.”

Leah, who sat close to the chair, looked at Lee Se-hun with twinkling eyes.

“Now that the interview is over, how about having a more constructive and future-oriented story?”

Lee Se-hoon smiled and asked the question with a clear inside.

“The enchantment of the Rosary Whan?”

“That’s good, and if there’s something else you made, that’s fine too. I think anything you make feels good.”

“Enchantment… … Well, that’s not bad either.”

Leah’s eyes twinkled at Lee Se-hoon’s positive answer, and she jumped up from her seat.

“Then go to my workshop right now… … !”


Sehun Lee, who cut off Leah’s words, looked at him indifferently.

“If you can confirm how good you are now.”

If you think of Leah Claudel in the future, your skills are certain, but now is a time when you are in a slump that you did not know about.

In order to entrust the rosary ring, which should be used continuously for a while, it was necessary to look more carefully.

‘You have to check exactly what kind of slump you fell into.’

Leah looked at Lee Se-hun’s proposal for various reasons, and then nodded her head.

“What exactly do you want to see?”

“First of all, the basics will be good.”

“Hmm… … great.”

Leah strode towards the door, and Sehun Lee, who looked at the back, made a puzzled expression.


“I want you to show me the basics.”

Leah looked back and smiled.

“Let’s go to my work.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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