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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 12

12 episodes

Se-Hoon Lee, who came out of the bus stop, headed to the main building of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and one person followed after him.

A popular pretender who follows only three steps away without even trying to hide his presence. At the sound of footsteps that didn’t seem to want to go back, Sehun Lee stopped walking and turned around.

“… … .”

Erika stopped walking in the same way and looked up.

Sehun Lee asked with an absurd expression at the sight of him looking at him as if he was not going fast.

“Are you going to follow me?”


“I would have said no.”

“know. I also had something to do with it.”

“What’s going to happen?”

Erica pondered for a moment at Lee Se-hoon’s question, and then answered.

“Following you.”

“… … .”

In response to Erica’s shameless answer, Sehun Lee put on a strange expression.

‘Why is he doing this again?’

I don’t know if there was any incident, and nothing happened except for the one-time eye contact at the entrance ceremony.

Sehun Lee stared at Erica who was suspiciously interested in him.

“Have you ever met me before?”

“It’s the first time for the entrance ceremony.”

“Then why are you so interested in me?”

At Lee Se-hun’s question, Erica glanced at him, questioning as if wondering.

“If it’s the first time we’ve seen each other, shouldn’t we be interested?”

“Yeah… … .”

Lee Se-hoon, who was about to answer “Of course,” suddenly thought about himself objectively.

If it had been before the return, he would have had no choice but to doubt that a famous person like Erica was interested in him as he was insignificant at this time.

But now, as the head of the department of Borsippa, he is a promising prospect both inside and outside Babel.

‘Isn’t it strange?’

It is natural for people to gather not only for Babel, but also for talented people everywhere. Sehun Lee, who was strangely convinced, looked at Erica again with a trembling expression on his face.


Erika asks if she really can’t.

Lee Se-hoon pondered for a moment at the appearance of no malice, and then answered bluntly.

“What… … It’s not a bad thing.”

“Then I’m glad.”

Erica nodded with satisfaction.

Sehun Lee, feeling unfamiliar for some reason, turned around and started walking again.

“Exactly what minor are you looking for?”

Erika asked if she thought she had consented, standing three steps closer and standing next to each other, and Lee Se-hoon answered obediently.

“Minor related to buffs.”

At first, I was only thinking of getting people or things to give me a buff, but when I think about it, it doesn’t seem too bad to learn at this opportunity if I think about the future.

This is because if you learn and use it yourself, it will be easy to adjust and there will be many times when you will use it.

‘I was too caught up in the way it was before the return.’

I was unintentionally thinking of a similar way of growing up, but this time, as the situation has changed, we need to broaden our horizons a little more.

And the first step will be the buff to learn this time.

“What kind of buff?”

“It would be better if it was reinforced in detail. It shouldn’t interfere with smelting.”

“Smelting… … .”

After thinking for a while at Sehun Lee’s answer, Erica asked.

“Then how about shielding?”

“The barrier? Isn’t that defensive?”

“It may depend on how you use it. For example.”

Erica took out a luxuriously patterned square envelope from her bosom and gently scanned the surface with her right hand.

Then, silver magic followed him, forming a magic ceremony, and it naturally settled on the outside of the square envelope.

“ruler. tear it apart.”

Lee Se-hun, who received the square envelope handed to him by Erica, grabbed it with both hands without hesitation and ripped it up and down vigorously.


However, the square envelope did not get crumpled, but held up as stiff as it was made of steel, and as a result, Sehun Lee’s eyes narrowed.

‘Did you increase the intensity? No, rather… … .’

Sehun Lee, noticing that something was different, opened the entrance instead of tearing the square envelope.

Then, as if the stiffness up to now had been a lie, the rectangular envelope gently bent and opened. Seeing that, Sehun Lee made an interesting expression.

‘indeed. You can use it like this.’

When subjected to a certain amount of force, it becomes as hard as steel, but in other conditions, it retains its original character.

A reinforcement value that is actively applied according to the situation. It was a technique that suited well for smelting, which required delicate adjustments at every moment.

‘And this magic ceremony… … It feels familiar.’

Was there anything similar to the data you referenced before the regression?

When Sehun Lee is staring at the square envelope. Erica added an explanation triumphantly from the side.

“It is not easy to apply such a complex application, but if you are only going to use it in a specific situation, you will be able to create a suitable barrier with the help of a professor.”

“Ummm… … .”

“I’m familiar with the professor of barrier construction, so I’ll introduce myself to you if you want. Instead that… … .”

“ah. Just this.”

Boo Wook!

A square envelope torn in half in Sehun Lee’s hand. Erica’s eyes widened at that sight.

Even if it was simply engraved, it was strengthened by the family barrier. But how could it be torn so futilely in a hand that wasn’t even properly loaded with magic?

“… … .”

There are only two things for this to happen.

Either he had a specialized skill to break the barrier, or he ‘understood’ it and broke it within that short time.

Either way, it was an unusual ability, so when Erika was looking at her with a firm expression. Sehun Lee tore apart the square envelope as if to dismantle the rest of the magic ceremony.

‘A structure like this would definitely be useful.’

It’s difficult to use during battle, but if you’re going to use it for smelting, it’s probably possible with a little learning.

With a satisfied expression on his face, Sehun Lee looked at Erica.

“The shield is definitely fine. Thanks for the advice.”

“… … yes.”

“I’m going to register for a class, so you go eat dinner with the guys behind you. I will throw this away.”

As Se-hun Lee, who had waved his hand, went to the main building of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry without hearing an answer, the subordinates who had been chasing after him silently ran straight to Erica as if they were waiting.

“Are you okay, lady?!”

“If he did something strange… … .”

The subordinates are trembling with all kinds of fuss and examining Erika’s body.

However, Erica looked at Lee Se-hoon, who headed to the main building without even giving them an eye, at the square bag that had been crumpled in his hand and thrown in the trash.

“… … invitation.”

“Noblesse,” an exchange meeting that only elites belonging to the upper classes can attend.

Ordinary cadets were trying to get the invitation somehow torn in Lee Se-Hoon’s hand.

“I gave you… … .”

Erica muttered with a sullen expression.

* * *

“… … .”

Sunlight coming through the gaps in the blinds and the dim ceiling.

After waking up, Sehun Lee, lying on the bed, took a deep breath and recalled the events of yesterday one by one.

‘After I finished applying for my minor, I trained at the training center.’

Lee Se-hoon, who remembered in detail whether there was anything ambiguous or awkward between his memories, continued to check the texture by stroking his body and surrounding objects.

And after checking in about 30 minutes. Sehun Lee, who was lying on the bed again, sighed and muttered.

“That’s right.”

Verification work done every morning after returning to the past.

Maybe he’s dreaming while he’s dying, or maybe the remnants of the Manma War are putting their brains in a barrel and stimulating them with magical powers.

It is to check such a possibility.

‘If you don’t confirm it even though you know it’s not, it’s a shame… … .’

It’s a little frustrating to see yourself like this, but time can only solve this.

Sehun Lee, who felt bad but at the same time refreshed, got up from bed and went out to the living room.

Living room with all basic furniture such as sofa, table and TV. It was a very spacious house for me to write by myself, but all of these were given because I was the head of the department.

‘I think it’s better than the house I lived in before the return.’

Sehun Lee, who looked down at the panoramic view of Borsippa, washed himself lightly, then changed into a cadet uniform and went outside.

‘Can I just go to the Witchcraft School in the morning?’

Yesterday I applied for a minor in ‘Barrier Construction’, and it was said that I was taking a simple test, so I have to stop by the Witchcraft Department for a while.

After that’s over, I’ll be stuck in the training center until lunchtime, squeezing out this beggar’s body.

The moment Lee Se-hoon got off the elevator after organizing his morning schedule.

“what. Why are you here?”

A strange murmur was heard from the front door of the dormitory.

“I don’t know either. Didn’t you come to see him?”

“By the way, at the last exhibition… … hey. come.”

The cadets who had been whispering together at the front door find Lee Se-hoon and look at them all at once as if they had made a promise.


In the sudden situation, Sehun Lee turned his head toward the direction the cadets were looking at.

“… … .”

I found the back of Erica standing in front of the front door.

I would like to think that he will be there for other business, but it is clear who he is waiting for when he considers the gazes of the cadets around him and the events of yesterday.

Sehun Lee sighed inwardly and went straight to Erica.

“Who are you waiting for?”

Erika, who was looking straight ahead at Lee Se-hoon’s question, slowly turned her head to make eye contact and answered.


“… … That’s right.”

Why is it just right when I didn’t want it?

With a bitter smile, Sehun Lee asked Erika, who continued to look at him.

“What’s going on?”

“There is a barrier composition test today. I have to see it too, so I want to go with you.”

“Then we can wait in front of the shaman school… … .”

Why did you come all the way here and make such a fuss? When Sehun Lee made a ridiculous expression, Erica made a puzzled expression.

“Can’t you come over?”

“… … okay. All right, all right.”

At the entrance ceremony, he looked like a promising young man, but now that he looks just fine on the outside, he’s a strange guy on the inside.

Sehun Lee, who decided that it would only hurt to pay attention to this and that, shook off his thoughts and looked at him.

“Then let’s go.”


The two walked side by side and headed to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and attention naturally drew attention wherever they went.

Although it is still early, there are quite a few cadets coming out for morning training or meals. Besides, since both of them are head of departments, there is no one who doesn’t recognize them.

‘I don’t know if this is just a strange rumor circulating.’

To others, it would seem that Erica had a crush on him, but Sehun Lee knew that he wasn’t.

If this is true, it is because the bond between Erica and himself had to be established by his own unique skill, ‘The Blacksmith of Bonds’.

‘Maybe it’s actually a bit interesting. And if it falls, it is a level that can be erased from memory immediately.’

Sehun Lee glanced at Erica, who was standing next to him without saying a word, and naturally thought about her before returning.

An S-class hero who handled myth-grade weapons. It was often called ‘Mangak 刻’, but it was a nickname given to him by using all of his numerous magic skills at a high level.

‘And later, I became a magician called greedy 貪忘… … .’

Demons, beings that have been tainted by the swamps of Manma and have escaped from humans.

Among them, the strong men who could kill even S-class hunters were grouped together and called ‘Seven Evils’, but Erika and Tammang were powerful enough to occupy their place.

Sehun Lee did not know how he became such a magician, but it was clear that he needed to be careful.

‘Well, you don’t have to worry about it right now.’

It is a distant future that Erica became a Magician. And the time when mankind was being pushed to the edge of the cliff by the power of Manma War.

It was a long time later, and since I met myself, a huge variable, a regressor, it could be changed.

While Sehun Lee was thinking about this and that, he arrived at the main building of the Faculty of Magic and Erica pointed to one side.

“The test is done outside, so come along.”

Erica takes the lead. Sehun Lee, who was following him, looked around at the piercing gaze.

‘If only I was curious before… … Is this the enemy?’

I heard that there was a culture of belonging and rejection in my department, but the School of Witchcraft had a particularly strong feeling.

If you see that you did not feel this kind of gaze yesterday, it is probably because of Erica who is walking with you.

‘It’s very popular.’

He has a good family and good abilities, so unless he refuses, subordinates will naturally arise.

The two of them came out to the back yard of the main building, feeling their gaze full of hostility, and went straight into the dense forest.


A forest with a strangely gloomy atmosphere without much sunlight.

There were cadets who seemed to have come to take the same test, but all of them were in strange condition.

“shit… … .”

“Where the hell are you?”

They wander around and grumble as if looking for something. Seeing that, Sehun Lee put on a puzzled expression.

‘Any treasure hunt?’

Maybe they hid things with barriers all over the forest and told them to find them. Sehun Lee frowned at the annoying test and continued to follow Erica.


A wide vacant lot suddenly appeared in front of me.

In that situation, Se-hun Lee looked at the empty lot with a puzzled expression, and those standing inside also looked at it with a surprised expression.

And at that moment, there was a strange silence.

“Te, the test passed.”

“… … Yes?”

A more incomprehensible answer came.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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The Regressor Make Everything mtl Se-Hoon Lee, the blacksmith of the Last Squad of Humanity. He fought against the demons until the very end, but the result was annihilation and the destruction of the world. The moment when he took his own life at the futile end. “… … What is this?” He returned to the days of cadets at Babel, a hero nurturing institution. opportunity again. He would use anything as a material to create victory. anything!


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