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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 11

11 episodes

Community site ‘Tower’.

This site, where the cadets operate anonymously, was created by a graduate who was the head of the department to insult unlucky professors, but after many years it has become an unofficial community of Babel.

Convenience is also convenient, but cadets liked it because it allows you to speak freely without looking around.

And there was a topic that drew a lot of attention in such a tower, and it was Lee Se-hoon, precisely that ‘exhibit’.

<I don’t understand why you’re posting the best of all time> [493]

Even the professors say it’s a singularity caused by a skill, but it’s just that it’s the best ever.

It’s not that the exhibits are bad, but I think it’s overrated for a very simple reason, so it’s a bit odd to see.

I know it feels good to have the head of the department come out, but I wish I could do it in moderation.

[Anonymous 1] : It’s really funny to upload it because I want it to be this time.

└[Anonymous 2] : If I did it in moderation

└[Anonymous 1]: It’s funniest that they are not professors, but they overestimate each other.




[Anonymous 51]: I think your symbol is just twisted?

└[Anonymous 1] : Yes, you guys are worse.

└[Anonymous 2] : It always pops out lol

└[Anonymous 13] : There are kids who think that everything big is good.

You hear that you have to be unique to some extent to be original, but if you cross that line, you only hear that you are eccentric.

In addition, there was a description of the specificity of the skill, so negative opinions such as that it was ostentatious, lacked practicality, and that it was designed to attract attention were poured out.

But among them, there were those who claimed that they recognized the ‘true value’.

“Why eat… … No, you mean you can’t live?”

Ryu Eun-ha, the head of Borsippa’s department, was one of them.

“After the exhibition was over, didn’t it go back to the cadet’s possession?”

Kim In-cheol, who was standing opposite Ryu Eun-ha, who was showing heat while maintaining an expressionless face, smiled bitterly.

‘Even if it’s changed, it’s changed too much.’

He doesn’t show any interest in other things after finishing his work, but his attitude changes when only Lee Se-hoon is involved.

Kim In-cheol explained the reason step by step to the appearance of Ryu Eun-ha, who was faithful as a ‘gourmet’ rather than the head of the department.

“I don’t know anything else, but it’s not as good as the ‘self-immolation’ I made this time. Do you know what it is?”

The smelting department creates an alter ego from projection alloy only twice, after the entrance ceremony and before the graduation exhibition.

And I kept them and displayed them side by side at the graduation exhibition, with the intention of showing how much my life at Babel had grown as a cadet.

“As it is our faculty’s tradition, I hope you will respect it.”

Kim In-cheol speaks firmly as if he can’t concede as much as this. Ryu Eun-ha looked at it quietly and nodded her head.

“sorry. You looked ugly.”

“no. It’s not that I don’t know the head of the department… … .”

When I first saw the exhibits created by Sehun Lee. Kim In-cheol also had the urge to analyze it immediately.

How the heck did you understand what a weapon is, so that such a thing came about? It was because he thought that if he found out the secret, his worries would be solved a little.

‘Still, that’s not enough.’

If you’re curious about that, you might say, “Can’t you just bring me the projection alloy and ask me to make it again?” But the two of them were firm about it.

‘Even if it is made the same, it will never taste the same as the first time.’

‘It’s just an imitation that looks like the same thing.’

There is no such thing as a perfect match in this world. It only makes you more curious when you receive, eat, and analyze something that is vaguely similar.

“I have to move on to work.”

“I think that would be good.”

The two of them moved on to the next topic right away, as there was only regret left to continue talking.

“It has become a topic of discussion to the extent that it is known outside, but what is the reaction of cadet Lee Se-hoon?”

“There is no reaction at all. He was looking for his minor while attending classes as usual.”

“It’s a minor… … .”

The smelting department could roughly guess what kind of weapon the cadet would make in the future by looking at his minor.

What will Sehun Lee learn, and what will he create based on it?

“This is my personal opinion, but… … .”

As if answering Ryu Eun-ha’s question, Kim In-cheol smiled softly.

“I think I should train my body first.”

* * *

Kaang! Kaang! Kaang!

The regular sound of hammers in front of the brazier.

Each time you hit it, the heated iron unfolds, creating a precision swordsman. The cadets who were smelting in the same way murmured in low voices.

“Did you time it?”

“… … Until now, there was no error of 0.01 second.”

“It’s crazy… … .”

There are two important elements in the newly established smelting technology after the Tower of Heroes appeared.

The first was to uniformly arrange the magical power inside the ore, and the second was to adjust the ore so that it would not be twisted during the injection of magic.

Kaang! Kaang! Kaang!

If you pay attention only to the arrangement of magical power, the ore will be twisted. Conversely, if you focus only on the ore, the arrangement of magic will be disturbed and you will not be able to use it.

Therefore, it was most important to spread the forging so that the two elements could be properly balanced, and now Sehun Lee is doing it perfectly without any error!

“Uh… … .”

At the sight of Lee Se-hun, an assistant professor, Han In-seong, who was conducting a metal smelting class instead, made a strange expression.

‘What the hell are you trying to teach me? … .’

Lee Se-hun’s forging skills were already not at a level that deserved advice from him. Han In-seong, who had been pondering for a while about his ability to not interfere, quickly made a decision.

‘Let’s just pass the kid.’

Trying to give advice without asking a question may result in embarrassment in front of the cadets. Han In-seong turned to the other cadets as if nothing had happened, and after a while, the class ended with a notification.

“… … .”

Se-hun Lee, who was constantly beating the hammer, stopped his hand and looked at the swords he had made, soaked in sweat.

A sword forged faithfully to the basics. There was nothing special because it was simple smelting, but with a little more refinement, the level was good enough for lower-level heroes to use.

“Hmm… … .”

However, Sehun Lee’s eyes looking down at the swords were getting hotter, and his hand holding the hammer trembled.

“Ummm… … .”

And finally, the moment when Lee Se-hoon’s hand, holding the hammer, was about to move like lightning.

“Are you going to break it again?”

The Korean In-sung, who had not come to me throughout the class, approached me.

“I’ll have to use it for the next class, so don’t break it. After the smelting class this week, I have to deliver it to the shopping mall.”

“… … Delivery?”

“How are the cadets going to get their budget? That’s how you get it by selling it outside of college, and depending on the sales performance, you get what Babel supports. If you don’t have a lot of money at home, you have to take care of it.”

It was sold as a weapon for combat cadets to fight, or sold to incumbent heroes through an external company.

“… … Whoa.”

In the past, we would have destroyed it as soon as we heard about delivery, but if you have a budget, you have to compromise a bit more.

Lee Se-hun, who relaxed his hand holding the hammer, looked down at his body with a dissatisfied expression.

‘Really, I have to change this whole body.’

There wasn’t a day when he wasn’t dissatisfied with his physical abilities after returning, but recently, he’s been on the verge of an explosion.

I tried to smelt Mukjungam, one of the materials Ludwig gave me to make a training tool, but my physical ability was too low to even try.

‘It was the easiest way, but it probably won’t work… … .’

I tried several times in the smelting room at night, but all that was left was muscle aches and anger at my trashy body.

When Sehun Lee, who remembered that memory, is grinding his teeth again. Han In-seong, who was watching carefully, asked.

“What exactly do you dislike right now?”

“… … What are you talking about?”

“You don’t like your physical abilities, do you? I’m asking you to tell me if it’s your body or your magic.”

Lee Se-hoon pondered for a moment before answering the question of In-seong Han, who was more serious than he thought.

“It’s my body now.”

The smelting method of Mukjungam to be used this time does not use a lot of magic power, but it takes a long time and requires stamina.

Lee Se-hoon continues to be caught in the physical part right now.

“The body… … Is it necessary during smelting?”

“you’re right.”

“Then it doesn’t matter if your physical abilities increase only while smelting… … ah!”

Han In-seong remembered something and asked Lee Se-hoon.

“Then, wouldn’t buffing be faster than training?”

Lee Se-hoon’s eyes widened at Han In-seong’s question, and he burst out laughing involuntarily.

‘I didn’t think of that.’

It was a method I was reluctant to before returning, so it seems that I did not consider it unconsciously this time as well.

Se-hun Lee, who found a breakthrough, got up from his seat and nodded at Han In-seong.

“Thanks for the advice.”

“Well, with nothing. There are quite a few different types of buffs, so it would be better to visit several places and experience it yourself.”


At the entrance exam, I looked like a young man, but looking at it this way, it seems that the senior who graduated first is right.

Sehun Lee, who looked at Inseong Han, glanced at the sword he had made as a demonstration and spoke.

“When forging.”


“You are using too much magic. Reduce it to 70% of what it is now and hit it as if focusing on one point instead. It will be better that way now.”

Sehun Lee walks out as if he doesn’t need an answer.

Han In-seong, who was staring blankly at the back, realized his situation belatedly and muttered in an absurd voice.

“Did you teach me?”

A freshman who has just entered the school for a few days to himself as a teaching assistant?

If it were any other time, the lid would have opened and the whale would have screamed, but strangely, it’s not that angry.

Is it because the other person is the head of the department? Or maybe it was because I felt something from that advice.

“… … .”

Han In-seong, who was peeking through the empty smelting room, secretly grabbed the hammer he had left in his place.

Kaang! Kaang! Kaang!

And the hammering with strange heat rang out belatedly.

* * *


After showering and changing from work clothes to cadet uniforms, Lee Se-hun went straight to the area of ‘Ur’ where the volunteer cadets were gathered on the light rail.

‘You have to take the light rail wherever you go. Too wide is not good.’

Babel was divided into three main sections except for the Hero’s Tower and the central square where the Madurk Mansion was located.

And each division was managed separately by each department, and naturally the atmosphere was slightly different, giving it the feeling of another village.

‘If Borsippa feels messy with prototypes everywhere, it has a neat feeling like a new city in Ur.’

Looking at the scenery outside, Sehun Lee pondered which department to go to first.

‘Even if you strengthen your body in the same way, it depends on which technique you use.’

Instead of being able to easily enhance physical abilities, it may not be suitable for production due to lack of precision, and blueprints and other objects may be created by twisting only certain senses.

Therefore, there were many opinions that using buffs during production is as bad as not doing it. Sehun Lee in the past also agreed with it, but this time it was a little different.

‘I’m in a state of being debuffed in a way.’

A body that is so rotten that it is regrettable to compare it with the body before the return. So, in the current situation, raising the physical ability with a buff was rather close to returning to the original state.

‘Once I have to keep using it during production, it would be better if it was simple and durable.’

When you are narrowing down the candidates in your head. An announcement sounded from the speaker.

-The next station is ‘School of Magic’.

‘It’s a spell… … .’

Buffs that use magic can be used simpler than magic, but the effect was simple and did not match smelting.

‘Still, the persistence is excellent, so let’s take a look.’

Babel’s School of Witchcraft is one of the major departments in Ur. Since the level is high and there is a lot of support, there may be buffs with increased precision.

Se-hun Lee, who decided to take a look, got off the light rail.


“… … .”

I ran into Erika, the head of Ur’s department.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Unchanging pale skin and black hair.

There was a strange atmosphere between the two of them as Erika looked even more staringly at her rather than making eye contact and avoiding it.

Erica looks at him as if he has something to say, and Sehun Lee looks at him as if he wants to say something.

That strange confrontation was about to continue.


One of the cadets standing around Erica, a ferocious young man, stared at Lee Se-hun.

“Do not block the road, get out of the way.”

It seemed like he was trying to say something nice, but his tone was full of hostility.

Lee Se-hoon narrowed his eyes and looked at the opponent who seemed to have a similar temper just by looking at him.

“You have to stay away.”

Doesn’t it make sense to get on after someone gets off?

For Lee Se-hoon, he only said natural things, but the young man and his companions distort their faces as if they were cursed.

Lee Se-hoon lost his absurdity in the atmosphere that quickly became harsh.

‘Am I that happy?’

At the moment when Lee Se-hoon’s dirty-tempered hair was gradually sticking out his head in an incomprehensible hostile reaction.


Erica asked in a quiet voice.

To that question, Sehun Lee looked at the party and subordinates all around Erica, and answered indifferently.

“School of Witchcraft.”

“what brings you here?”

“I was wondering if there was anything I could listen to as a minor.”

In response to Sehun Lee’s answer, Erica thought about something and spoke as if she had made a decision.

“Then come with me.”

Sehun Lee looked surprised at Ekira’s sudden suggestion, and his subordinates around him were also startled.

“Yes? Miss Erica. Then the meeting… … .”

“Go with you.”

“Yeah, but I want the seniors to attend… … .”

“take no interest.”

Erika waits for an answer, ignoring the bewildered subordinates. Seeing that, Sehun thought for a moment and then looked at her.


I watched her eyes widen in real time.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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