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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 276

Elia’s dance hall has a specialty.

It was the girl with an impressive height, barely reaching the waist of an adult, with black black hair and blue pupils that were shining brightly.

Lenny, who turned 7 this year, swung her sword today.

The sword he was holding because he had not been allowed to use the sword was a wooden sword, but it was not important to Lenny.

This is also because it is a sword after all.

Even with a wooden sword like this, there is no problem in drawing swords.



The sword is drawn and a bloody sound is made.

Behind him was a divine shining in brilliant gold, and his eyes chasing after it were cold blue.

Vera stood in the corner of the arena, staring at him.

He had a deep smile on his lips.

‘You’re eager.’

I wasn’t looking here for a special reason.

It was just that she was worried about whether her daughter wasn’t overdoing it, and whether she was trying to train her sword in the wrong way.

The training continued.

Vera looked at it quietly, and only after Lenny stopped his sword did he make a fuss.


Lenny’s head turned to Vera.

Vera smiled and handed Lenny the towel.

“You are getting better day by day.”

“It’s still a long way off.”

Even while shivering with humility, the cheeks turn red.

He had no intention of changing his character, who was weak in praise, and showed a consistent appearance, exuding a kind of loveliness.

“What’s going on here?”

“Is there a reason why parents are looking for their children?”

“Are you a tinker?”

“Did this father seem like such a person?”

A question that narrows your eyes.

Lenny laughed at it and shook her head.

“no! Because your father is a workaholic!”


Vera’s body trembled.

It’s because she already knows the reason why her daughter utters such an answer without any hesitation.

– You’re very workaholic. work addiction. Do you want to see it until you get home?

At the busiest times, there were times when I had to go home and work.

Each time, the children listened to René’s dissatisfaction and imitated it.

There was something I felt sorry for.

There was also a feeling of bitterness.

Vera said, stroking Lenny’s hair.

“… I don’t live my life that way. But I have a lot of work to do, so I have no choice but to do it.”

The excuse of a father who neglected his family was so ugly.

Lenny rolled her eyes, then nodded her head.

“Yes, because your father is in a good mood.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

Lenny snorts and starts to laugh.

Then, with an ‘ah!’ sound, he began to tell Vera of today’s achievements, as always.

From being able to handle the sword freely at last, to being able to circulate it through the body to supplement the sword.

Vera’s smile didn’t stop at the child’s exhilarating chatter.

However, there were also concerns that came to mind.

“Don’t do it too hastily. A sword is… .”

“It starts with building a solid foundation. Right?”

“… Yes, no, I’m glad.”

Vera smiled bitterly, praising the answer.

Lenny was a child who resembled herself more than René in terms of external aspects or in terms of talents and desire for achievement.

Vera knew very well how his daughter would grow up if her temper was twisted.

‘… There shouldn’t be any getting drunk on power.’

From https://noblemtl.com

Overwhelming talent was like a double-edged sword that could lead to arrogance.

It may be okay because there is nothing to compare it to, but as the child grows up, he will begin to feel deeply that he is different from others.

Vera wished.

May Lenny on that day not do anything arrogant by getting drunk on her speciality.

Unlike yourself, use that talent for good.

It would have been nice to say it was old-fashioned.

Also, it would be good to say that it was the greed of the parents.

In the end, it’s the parents who can’t help it.

Vera looked at his daughter’s bright smile, hoping that his children would not make the same mistake.


hut in the woods.

Lenny woke up from the small nest where the early morning sunlight and the chirping of birds awakened the stillness.


Lenny, who stared blankly at the ceiling, raised her arms.

When I open my eyes, I get up by removing Lennon’s feet, which are always on the boat.

After getting out of the blanket and stretching, go out to the living room.

“Oh, Lenny. are you awake already? Wait. Mom will cook for you.”

A moment of crisis that happens once every three days.

However, it was a familiar crisis moment.

As soon as Lenny heard those words, she quickly rolled her eyes to find Vera, and then crept closer to him.

Vera laughed.

“The road is the same, so I’ll take it.”

“Uh… So will you? You know you need to eat well, right? It’s because Lenny is growing up.”

“Let me take care of you.”

Do you know that Renee is the reason why women are so dependent on each other?

Lenny sighed in relief so Renee couldn’t see her and bowed her head.

“I will go.”

“Yeah, do your best today.”


A girl’s day has begun.


To put it bluntly, he is passionate.

To put it a little worse, I am a water lily maniac.

He was only 7 years old, and an ordinary child would enjoy playing with dolls or playing with dirt, but Lenny loved the sword more than that.

There were many reasons.

There was a reason why it was fun to show a new sight every time with his overflowing talent.

The teachers and paladins who praised him whenever he wielded the sword were good.

I liked the sword itself, which made me feel proud that I was a great person.

However, there was another reason that was greater than all of the preceding reasons combined.

“Holy sword, you mean?”

“yes! The sword my father is wearing!”

Lenny asked Norn the story of the Holy Sword today.

A dazzlingly pure white sword with a beauty that makes you feel ecstatic just by looking at it.

tell me what to do

The reason Lenny trained the sword here was to inherit the sword from Vera.

A smile appeared on Norn’s lips.

Without hiding the joyous burst of laughter, Norn again told Lenny the story of the holy sword.

“It was the time when Saint-sama was in full swing around the continent. In the mountains where the Kingdom of the West is located, His Holiness met a blacksmith.”

Lenny didn’t know.

Vera was already aware of Lenny’s interest in the Holy Sword.

When Irie Leni tells the story of the Holy Sword, Norn always reports it to Vera.

Each time, the holy sword trembled and created a warm light.

“You said that the Holy Sword has power. But does that only apply to you?”

“no. The holy sword is an object that can be regarded as a kind of sacred object. Objects made from master pieces are constantly exposed to the power and divinity of His Majesty, and have their own unique qualities.”

“Then the promise engraved on the holy sword must be followed by other people as well?”

Lenny’s questions didn’t stop there.

Would it be possible to explain the moment when cynical Lenny becomes the only chatter?

To the questions that continued throughout the whole time, showing a childlike appearance that he had never seen before, Norn simply smiled and answered kindly.

“Yes, as the Holy Spirit has engraved, the Holy Sword is a sword that can never be used for unclean things. The moment you try to use it for that kind of thing, the sword repulses. But nothing to worry about. In the first place, the holy sword will cover its owner.”

“How do you know that? My father is the first owner, and he still owns it.”

“It is because of what the Holy Father has tried. I was wondering if other people could use the Holy Sword, so I asked the Guardian Apostle and me to wield it.”

Lenny’s eyes widened.

Curiosity and anticipation began to fill the face.

“Well, so what happened… ?”

Norn giggled and shook his head.

“It was impossible to even grip. Divinity erupted from the sword and burned the palm of my hand.”

Saying that, Norn spread out his palm, and there was a large burn.

“Well, I don’t know how sorry the Holy Father was that day. A person who didn’t usually give me vacations gave me a week or so.”

“Oh, that’s great… .”

Lenny swallowed dry saliva and made a tense face.

‘I, if I become like that… .’

A sudden fear.

I thought that if I practiced like this, I would be able to hold the holy sword someday, but what if the holy sword doesn’t like me?

Such worries began to fill Lenny’s heart.


evening after work.

Lenny glanced at Vera and Renee as they were having a conversation, then cautiously entered the bedroom.


Lennon found it and called Lenny.

Leni tensed her body and brought her index finger to her lips.


Lennon tilted his head, then pursed his lips.

Because he already knew that his sister’s fists speak louder than words, and knew that fists were so spicy, he obeyed them.

Lennie quieted Lennon and headed back to the bedroom.

He carefully opened the door, slipped inside, and closed the door again.

Inner room.

It was the room where Vera and Renee slept, and Vera, who released the sword in the house, put the holy sword.

Lenny looked at the corner of the room, praising herself for successfully infiltrating.

A pure white sword standing tall on the wall.

There was a beautiful sword that made me ecstatic just by looking at it.

Lenny’s eyes widened.

“pretty… .”

A murmur resounds throughout the living room.

The footsteps I moved unknowingly headed towards the holy sword.

The moment he inadvertently reached out his hand and was about to sweep the holy sword down, Lenny hesitated and stopped his hand.

This is because the palm of Norn that I saw during the day came to mind in my mind.

If you touch it carelessly, your palm will get hurt.

Recognizing this, Lenny was groaning in pain, then sat down on the floor and looked at the holy sword.

If you are not chosen, you cannot even hold it.

Rather than training, you must first like the Holy Sword.

As soon as he heard those words, Lenny started doing what he had planned.

“hi… !”

Lenny waved at the holy sword.

His expression turned shy.

It will be like a woman looking at each other.

… Yes.

Lenny was trying to seduce the holy sword in order to hold it.

What do you do if you say it’s not funny?

No matter how much you act like an adult, you are still a child.

It is only natural that there is an absurdity in the idea of doing it.

“I, I am Lenny! father… So, she is the daughter of the Holy Father, um… !”

A clumsy greeting echoes in the dark room.

A strange silence follows.

“ah! okay! You, I’m here to get to know you! My dream is to wield you! Hey. You are really pretty, cool, and mysterious… !”

After much deliberation, the words that Lenny finally came up with were the indiscriminate baptism of praise towards the holy sword.

Lenny’s eyes were tightly closed.

His face was flushed with shyness.

so i didn’t see it

The holy sword was scattering pure white light and rejoicing.

Also, Vera and Renee looked at them and smiled in front of the door that suddenly opened.

“I want to get to know you! Me, I’m going to be a great knight. I’m sure you won’t regret it if you choose me too!”

The self-introduction that has suddenly become a cry.

After finishing it, Lenny was panting, and applause resounded in the room.

Clap clap-!

“sister! You have great confidence!”

It was Lennon’s applause.

What caught Lenny’s eyes, as she turned her head in amazement, was the family gathered at the front door and staring at her.

“Ah, Father… !”

Lenny’s face turned red.

Her lips trembled in shame, her eyes twitched.

He looked like he couldn’t control himself in embarrassment.

Vera smiled and walked over to Lenny.

“What a great introduction.”

“That, that… !”

Vera looked at Lenny and recalled the words she had just uttered.

‘It’s a holy sword… .’

It reminds me of how grateful my daughter was to the sword.

will live right

He will wield his sword to protect his family.

It will also be a knight who will elevate the name of the sword.

Vera knew.

How important it is for a child to have such a righteous dream, and what an adult must do to protect it.


Vera picked up the holy sword from the wall and thrust it at Lenny.

“Did you want to hold this sword?”

jokingly asked.

Lenny’s body trembled at that.

The sign of trembling in shame suddenly disappeared, and intense longing began to cover it.

“yes… !”

solid answer.

Vera smiled softly and said to Lenny.

“Then grab it.”

“However… .”

“It will be fine. This kid really likes you.”

Lenny’s head tilted.

Because I couldn’t understand at once what Vera meant.

A concern that lasted for a while.

At the end of that, Lenny’s face, who barely understood the meaning of the words, brightened up in an angry tone.


“Then, isn’t your father a person who doesn’t lie?”


While Vera’s expression wrinkled at the sound of Renee’s laughter as he watched, Lenny’s eyes were fixed on the holy sword.

Drizzle dry saliva.

The hand that stretched out little by little pointed towards the sword.

A room filled with silence and tension.

The moment Lenny’s tiny hand ‘tocked’ the white sword.

Woo woo-.

The holy sword trembled.

Lenny’s eyes widened.

Vera’s smile widened.

“How are you?”

Lennie couldn’t even speak a word, and her mouth clenched.

He trembled with emotion, his face flushed red.

Vera raised his hand and ran it over Lenny’s head.

and said

“You’re going to wait.”

Lenny’s gaze turned to Vera.


“It is this child. He said he would wait for you to grow up. We’ll see you again when we grow up nicely. That’s what you say.”

“… Can you know that?”

“Well then, you know. It’s a comrade who has always been with us.”

Lenny pondered Vera’s words and stared blankly at the holy sword.

For a while things are static.

At the end, the girl smiled brightly and told her dream.

“yes! I will definitely grow up nicely!”


Lennon responded with applause.

Renee also smiled and looked at the woman.

Vera and Lenny looked at each other and shared similar laughs.

A small hut in the woods.

This small house full of love was full of warm light today.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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