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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 275

The two ran.

Having dinner in an alley, to another alley, and then to another area.

A boy and a girl who were confident that they were running away well met many people while running around Elia.

-Eh? What are you guys going there? There’s Albrecht.

I was startled by Aisha’s playful advice and turned around.

– Oh, little ones. It’s good to be lively, but let go of your hands.

He blushed at Rohan’s grumbling.

-Lennon, it’s already sprouting yellow.

-right. The future is bright.

After running around for a while while receiving compliments from the twins, it was already late in the evening.

The two men found an empty house just to the east of Elia and crouched close to it.

Their faces were bright.

It was because he felt like he was playing hide and seek, even though his current purpose was to run away from Albrecht.

With giggles on their faces, the two began to talk.

“If you’re here, you won’t even find Albrecht!”

“yes! It’s a very corner, and we’ve only met people in the south until now, so my uncle will think we’re in the south!”

Erineth nodded her head and made a face full of pride.

“There is nothing wrong with my uncle! Just like Daddy said, it’s completely nonsense!”

The words that came out with confidence rising to the end of his head.

In an instant, a ‘crackling’ sound was heard from somewhere.

Both of their bodies fluttered.

His head is in a state of turning around to find the source of the sound.

However, since there was nothing to be caught, doubts grew on their faces.

“What, what… ?”

“Isn’t the wind blowing?! It is night!”

“is it? If it were Lennon, it would be.”

It was a blatant rattle of doubt, but the children’s thinking did not reach deep suspicion.

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On the roof of the building, Albrecht took a deep breath of relief and made a sad face.

‘older brother… !’

Did my brother judge me like that from behind?

My heart was pounding at the truth I had never known before.

‘You’re too much… .’

He became a little more mature, but his essence was Albrecht in the end.

He is united with narcissism, and that’s why he gets hurt more than anyone else by his demeaning words.

Albrecht, who would soon turn 30, was trembling alone on the roof.

“Now let me go to sleep! I have to hide hard tomorrow too!”


The only thing that lingered in his sad ears was the shouts of excited children.


The sun tickles your face

The light that penetrates through the cracks in the closed eyes urges them to stop opening their eyes.

“Wow… .”

Erineth slowly opened her eyes.

With a blank face, he closed his eyes and yawned a little, then screamed in surprise at the scenery in front of him.


“Are you awake?”

Hela’s words.

Erineth trembled at that.

In the meantime, his head was constantly looking around.

There was no other reason.

This is because the place where he is now is not the vacant house he had until yesterday, but his own dormitory where he stayed during his stay in Elia.

“Would you like to eat first?”

question posed again.

Erineth answered it with her whole body tensed.

“My, why am I here!”

He must have slept with Lennon holding hands last night, but he couldn’t figure out why he woke up here alone.

Anxiety that began to settle inside began to stern imagination.

‘Hey, maybe… !’

Maybe Lennon was punished for trying to hide himself.

So maybe it’s not here.

A sense of crisis began to fill Erineth’s heart.

“Where is Lennon!”

Erineth’s tone was sharp.

The expression that came to mind was that of a cat with a sharp edge.

Hela nodded in response to that.

“You are sleeping, Black.”


“I usually sleep a lot in the morning. You had a hard time yesterday, so you must be still sleeping.”

Erineth’s expression darkened.

Head tilted to the side.

It was a reaction that it was not clear whether he was saying that he was safe or that he was imprisoned somewhere.

Hela sighed as if annoyed and added an explanation to Erineth.

“I sleep at home. And from the Princess, you must wake up.”

The two women’s eyes met.

Hela pointed out the door with a chin gesture and added another word.

“The saint wants to talk to the princess.”


Saint Renee of Elia.

Sung-Hwang’s wife.

And Lennon’s mother.

Erineth, who was constantly thinking about it, as soon as she realized it, dyed her complexion pure white.

‘Okay, something big happened… !’

Erines thought.

The person to worry about now was not Lennon, but himself.


The reception room in the Daeshinjeon was silent.

Being able to overlook the static view of Elia as it is was also a contributing factor, and the awkward relationship between those sitting in front of him could be cited as a reason.


Renee called Erineth with a smile.

Erineth trembled and replied loudly.


There was a beep

Erineth’s pupils trembled as if an earthquake had occurred, and Renee only smiled more deeply at the sight of such a girl.

‘Ugh, my son was wrong.’

How could he have captured the heart of such a pretty girl and made her make such a choice?

I was worried about who he looked like because he had so much charm.

Rene, who had internally made a rebuke that was close to boasting about her child, spoke out.

“You don’t have to be too nervous. I didn’t call you to scold you.”

“He, uh… .”

“I heard the story. You don’t want to go back because you want to be with Lennon more? Now that we part, we don’t know when we’ll meet again.”

Erineth’s expression darkened.

The meaning of blatant positivity.

Her reaction was not something that Renee could not understand.

why not

Right now, everything was living a perfect life, but one day, myself too, had that kind of heart and was terrified.

I couldn’t see ahead.

In the meantime, Vera, who barely approached me, often overdos it, and I also had the anxiety that if I let him go like this, I would never see him again.

So, I’ve shown an ugly side as well as a forceful side.

Because it was Renee who had done that, I knew a word that suited this situation.

“The problem is, you don’t know when we’ll see you again, right?”

Erineth’s head was raised.

Doubts began to appear on the face.

It was an instinctive realization that what Renee was saying now was not meant to be a rebuke.

‘Maybe’ comes to mind.

Erineth’s eyes begin to twinkle with a sense of anticipation.

Maybe a saint who is reputed to be charitable will write something down.

While Erinez clenched her fists at that thought and waited for Renee’s next words, Renee giggled and continued.

“Then what if there is a set date to see you again?”

Erineth’s expression brightened.

Renee got up and sat down next to Erineth.

Then, stroking her hair, he said.

“Then are you thinking of going home?”

“yes! Again, I want to see you again! I want to see Lennon again!”

The girl in love was brave.

Renee showed his willingness to the fullest with the expression on his face that made the viewers happy with how imaginary courage it was.

“Hmm… .”

He also showed a sense of playfulness.

As Renee made a worried expression on her face, impatience appeared on Erineth’s face.

Dry saliva ran down the back of my neck.

It would be impossible to tease you too much.

Renee felt it was time to stop playing around and come up with a solution.

“Lennon is going to the Telon Academy. In the next 7 years, I will be 14 years old. I want Lennon to meet more people and learn a lot.”


Erineth’s body shook.

His eyes were wide open.

Even though she is a 7-year-old girl, she is still a princess.

It is the first blood of the strongest nation on this continent.

It means that Erineth is not stupid enough to not know what that word means.

“That means… .”

“Seven years, it’s not a short time, but the princess also needs preparation, right?”

Renee’s hand was soft.

Her smile was beautiful and the warmth in her voice was as warm as that of her mother.

“I have already told your Majesty. The princess said that if she studied hard, she would send her to the academy.”

The tone filled with laughter continued, and he conveyed words of advice to Erineth.

“Don’t you want to be a nice lady and show it to Lennon?”

Erineth felt her stomach churn.

As a result, a full expression appeared on his face, and his body began to tremble.

Uncontrollable emotions shake the body and mind.

The reaction that erupted next was the most child-like form Erineth had ever seen.


A shout out loud and smiling.

The girl was then able to shake off her anxiety and smile broadly.


A week has passed.

Standing in front of the gates of Elia with the imperial attendants who had finished preparing to withdraw, Erines was looking at Lennon with a face full of regret.

“Princess! It was so much fun! Then we’ll see you at the academy next time, right?”

A smile like the sun.

Also, pretty eyes looking straight at you.

Erineth faced them and made up her mind.

So he nodded his head.

“… yes!”

I honestly didn’t want to leave.

In my mind, I wanted to sit down like this and cry and make a swarm.

However, there was a word to stop Erineth like that.

-Don’t you want to be a nice lady and show it to Lennon?

The words Renee called to himself a week ago.

That’s what is holding Erineth’s heart.

‘You’re going to be a great lady!’

Now he was too young and had nothing to do, so he could not defeat the evil pirate king.

So I wanted to come back to Lennon as a better person.

So I wanted to defeat the Pirate King and win Lennon.

The burning will was turning into a passion that would never fade in Erineth.

“I’m sure I’ll be a cool person!”

“The Princess will surely be able to do that!”

“You will be a beauty that Lennon will be surprised to see!”

“You’re still pretty enough!”

“… !”

Erineth’s face turned red.

A warm smile began to appear on the faces of those around them who were listening to their conversation.

“Come on, Princess. Shall we go now?”

Albrecht, who was smiling likewise, took a step forward.

Erineth nodded her head at that, and looked at Lennon with a face full of regrets.

If you leave like this, 7 years.

He would have had to wait as long as he had lived.

For Erineth, who was still young, that time seemed too long.

Erineth’s hesitation only grew thicker at the footsteps that hardly ever fell, and silence began to rise in the space.


Erineth ran forward.

Head to Lennon.

Eventually he arrived and hugged him tightly.

And the people around them gasped.


It was because Erineth kissed Lennon’s cheek with a reddened face.

“Oh, oh my!”

Renee slapped Vera’s shoulder with a blushing face! Pak! He shrugged and clapped.

Vera stared blankly at the two of them with a smirk, while Ellen held back the burst of laughter.

Lennon, not understanding what had happened, made a blank face.

Erineth twisted her body as if embarrassed and whispered to Lennon.

“… Are you still writing letters? At least once a month… !”

Before answering, Erineth got away from Lennon and ran to the wagon.

Then he clenched both fists.


I will surprise Lennon by becoming a beautiful lady whose eyes will sparkle!

I will make Lennon fall in love with him!

Dreaming of a dazzling future.

All you have to do is work hard for it.

Erinez made a promise and went home.


The horse starts running.

The wagon rattles.

I didn’t know that the girl was just filled with passion.

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How many female students would rush after Lennon like that.

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Oben’s promising knight and a senior student at the Academy of Magic.

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The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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