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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 258

Elijah’s Garden.

Bargo met Vera there.

“Are you going now?”

Saying so, I looked at Vera’s whereabouts.

Her hair, which she had grown haphazardly, was neatly organized.

He took off his unsuitable robes and was wearing a sac that was too familiar to him.

The gray pupils were shining brightly, regaining the light they had lost at some point.

Vera bowed his head.

“Yes, I want to go.”

Bargo’s eyes were dazzling as he looked at it.

The reason is that he, who had only been breaking down day by day for the past year, has finally realized that he wants to stand up.

“… Heh, it’s much nicer to look at than squeezing.”

I want to praise the disciple who finally got up after overcoming the pain, but the words that come out because of his mean-spirited disposition don’t allow him to come out in a rough form.

Vera answered it with a bitter smile.

“Sorry for causing concern.”

“A word that is not in your heart.”

Vargo turned around.

“Where are you going?”

“I want to go to where the saint is.”

“Do you want to know where he is?”

“It does not know, but it knows who may know.”

A winter breeze sweeps through the garden.

Bargo gave himself to it for a moment, then exhaled an answer with a long breath.

“… Since the existence of this earth, no one has ever reached heaven.”

A word that pointed out exactly where Vera was headed.

Vera’s eyes widened at it.

Can’t it be deceived?

Vera smiled again, realizing how deep-eyed his teacher was.

“Then I will be the first.”


Bargo’s laughter echoed low in the garden.

He turned his back on Vera and waved his hand, then with those words left the room.

“… Yes, go ahead. If you come across them, they tell you to take away these disgusting stigmas.”

Bargo went away.

Vera stared endlessly at his back, which still felt so large, then bowed his head deeply.

“thank you.”

This year, it was an act of paying tribute to the master who waited for him to stand up.


Vera left the kingdom.

None of the apostles followed his journey.

Knowing that this was something he wanted to do on his own, he wanted to support him as he finally started moving forward, so he just kept a place to come back.

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Of course, the ‘Apostles’ are.

“The Great Forest?”

The voice of a young girl.

Aisha was the owner of the slightly raspy and bad tone.

She tilted her head as she saw the entrance to the great forest that followed Vera.

“Why here?”

Vera looked at Aisha.

There was a disciple who had grown steadily over the past year and now resembled the image in his memory.

late guilt.

He knew that this little girl also cherished Renee, but the fact that he couldn’t control his sadness and let it go was heartbreaking for him.

Vera smiled slightly at Aisha’s wrinkled expression, glaring at the great forest, then replied.

“I’m going to see Adrin.”

“A tree? why?”

“Isn’t she the only ancient servant who has not hid the traces so far?”

Vera’s head turned toward the great forest.

I headed towards Aedrin, who would be at the end.

‘… They are the only ones who can know the heavenly clues.’

existence of creation.

They were the only ones who had direct communication with the gods.

If they were, they must have known something.

“But can I come in? There is a barrier here.”

“There is no need to dig in. I will meet you from over there.”

Aisha’s eyes lit up after thinking for a moment at Vera’s words.

“… ah!”

Something came to mind later.


Who would be in this great forest, that was what came to mind.

The wait wasn’t long.

A single seal coming closer from among the distant trees.

The fairy who flew in the wind and arrived in front of the two laughed.

“Long time no see.”

Aisha’s expression brightened.

Vera smiled faintly.

Friede said with a smile on their faces.

“Grange, your mother has been waiting for you.”

Vera’s eyebrows narrowed at those words.


“Since that day, your mother has been waiting for you the whole time. He was happy that the time had finally come to finish his duties.”

Those were the words Friede spoke as she walked into the depths of the great forest.

Aidrin has been waiting for Vera since the day Alaysia disappeared.

And the moment he arrives, he will finish all his duties.

There’s one more.

“It’s not just my mother.”

Not only Adrin, but other ancient species all waited for this day.

[You’re late.]

a gloomy voice.

Turning his head to it, Vera widened his eyes.

“… Maleus.”

This is because, from a stump in the depths, an undead dressed in splendid decorations was looking at him.

It wasn’t about stopping.

Turning her head, there was a woman with twelve arms stretched out under the dark shadows.

Next to him was a black puppy sleeping with his stomach turned upside down, and when he looked up, he saw a huge dragon of the Ice Sea lying on the tree.

They were ancient species.

The moment I checked them, the earth vibrated.


Vibration to the extent that it is difficult to control the body.

At the end of it, something slowly filled my vision.

“Terdan… !”

At the end of the great forest, a great mountain range arose and took the form of a human.

As he stretched out and spoke, the whole forest trembled.

[You are here.]

what kind of causality is this

As Vera’s expression began to waver in confusion, said Nertania.

[You are such a lazy kid. How can you make me wait so long?]

[It wasn’t long. Compared to the eternity we have lived, this moment is like a fleeting moment.]

[You must be betting on something else. You stupid lizard.]

Nertania got up.

Slowly, he approached Vera and pressed his face with a large hole in his face.

[Hmm… .]

There was stillness and tension.

At the end, Nertania burst into laughter.

[I didn’t know you could keep your promise like this.]

Vera’s eyes lit up.

Because she already knows what the promise she is talking about.

Clearly, there was something related to this in the recovered memories.

– I will cut off your boredom.

The promise made in the last episode to awaken her who was engulfed in eternal life.

What Nertania was reaching must have something to do with it.

Vera’s lips twitched.

“… I need an explanation.”

[It is not a difficult story.]

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One of Nertania’s hands brushed Vera’s cheek.

[Cute child, have you not heard from Ardain? The time has come for our calling to end.]

Maleus continued.

[We are no longer needed in this land, so we are going back.]

Hyria rolled over and stood up straight.

The exposed white arm scratched Hyria’s chin and said.

[I will go back to my parents’ arms.]

Vera’s expression darkened.

In an instant, Lokrion put an end to the words that followed.

[Listen to the last sacrifice. Open the gates of heaven through this body.]

The six ancient servants stared right at Vera.

Vera licked his lips for a moment, then replied.

“… Can I go too?”

[Isn’t that what you came here for?]

Nertania’s shoulders shook slightly.

[You came to borrow that woman back.]

As he smiled all the time, as if he had faced something he was truly happy to do, Vera recalled the feeling of crying in a long time.

“Bee, Vera… !”

Aisha began to intervene in the eerie atmosphere, and Friede continued to mutter.

“The preparations are complete, you can use the history of Ardain you have left to return them to heaven.”

The history of Ardain.

This too was known to Vera.

No, you are right to say that you are feeling it.

There was a sense of foreign body that I felt all the time after my soul was sealed by Rene, so that’s probably what they were talking about.

Netania asked.

[Well, do you need mental preparation?]

Vera replied.

“It’s done.”

His eyes stared straight at Nertania.

“There is no reason to wait any longer.”

With that said, no further waiting was necessary for Vera.

I have already caught myself in and lost time like eternity, so now I can move on.

To stop one step ahead of his goal was to be considered a useless luxury for him.

[…] Feel so good.]

Netania retreated.

[Then let’s go.]

All twelve arms were opened and the seal was made.

Maleus opened Hell.

Lokrion’s sky opened.

Gorgan’s waves began to shake the floor, and Terdan’s ground began to rise.

Adrin’s branches flew away.


It was supposed to be a scene from a myth.

Vera stretched out his hand in response to the instinctive sensation within it.

Woo woo-.

A pure white light rose from his fingertips.

The floating light went towards the center of the miracle.

[Well, it was quite fun.]

At the end of Nertania’s whisper, Vera’s vision turned white.


Renee focused on the sensations she felt.

The sound of the blowing wind.

The warmth that touches your skin.

The smell of manure emanating from somewhere far away and the feeling of poor quality fabrics lying on the body.

‘… Remeo.’

This is the Remeo of Horden.

It was the hometown where he was born and raised.

‘From here.’

Since we have transcended time and returned to the past, we must be making one by one from here.

– Create a time-agnostic device that is entangled. To do that, you need one life per device.

A timeless device.

He was talking about the grimoire of the dreamer he had encountered in his previous life.

This means that for a future that will kill Alaysia and save Vera, we need to get all those devices into contact with him in the right place.

Renee counted the number of times in her head.

‘A future where Vera will arrive on time as a Remeo, a future where we will spend time together in Elia, a future where we will meet Gili in the Great Forest to receive an inheritance and save Dovan… .’

After stopping Anilis in the Empire, back to the Academy, meeting the Orcs again, stopping by the Cradle of the Dead, and even to Oben.

He would have to repeat a distant regression as he had to coordinate all the long and long journeys.

Perhaps in the process, my mind would wear out.

The sudden emotion that comes to mind is fear.

Recognizing this, Renee placed her hand on her chest.

What I had in my hand was her cross, which should not exist in this timeline.

At the last moment, there was warmth in the objects brought together by force.

‘you can do it.’

Renee laughed.

As long as there is this warmth, no matter how long time passes, I will not collapse, and even if I fall and fall, I will rise again.

Renee wasn’t afraid of anything.


Compared to the cane I always carried with me, the wooden cane is unsightly.

It hit the floor, and Renee stepped forward.

At that moment, a voice rang out.


Renee’s eyes widened.

Then it collapsed horribly.

He had to face reality again.

This is the first round where nothing has started yet.

Vera now was not with him.

“… Are you from the Holy Land?”

Renee said to Rohan who called him.

Rohan was greatly embarrassed by Renee crying and scratched the back of the head.

“Uh, um… So… .”

Sweat is dripping all over his body, and he panics.

It was because Rohan couldn’t figure out why Renee was crying.

A bitter smile crept across Renee’s lips.

“… Let’s go. You must have come to pick me up?”

Rohan’s head fell.

“yep… .”

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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