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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 246

what is a knight

It was a question that Hegrion had been asking his whole life.

Heir to Oben, a cold country in the north.

A guardian of the slender land that is constantly being invaded.

It was a question that came to mind because he had been carrying a heavy burden from birth, and the answer has always been that way.

‘More power.’

A strong body, unbreakable mental power, and the pride of being willing to do one’s work.

Those three things, he thought, were necessary for the servant of the knight.

Therefore, he did not neglect his training, and was proud of himself.

That’s why he disliked Albrecht.

-Nice to meet you! I am the commander of the Imperial Knights, Albrecht van Frich!

The lackluster muscles and the smile that came to mind looked like something that could be done when enchanting a girl, and the chair with all kinds of accessories seemed full of faults.

What is your personality like?

A weak spirit that will soon crumble if you fix a few flaws, a self-love that is proud of itself rather than karma.

Wouldn’t you have said everything if you felt even grieved at the fact that this kind of thing would become the protagonist of the next generation?

Albrecht was a mojiri that had nothing to do with a knight by Hegreon’s standards, and at the same time was an opponent he could never admit.

– You have reached the peak!

It was the same even the moment I heard it.

Hegryon did not recognize him.

I just thought of a question.

That Mojiri like that had stepped into a state of skepticism before himself.

that you are not that good.

It was supposed to be called jealousy, and it was also to be called humiliation.

“Cool… !”

A bloody cough erupted from Hagrion’s mouth.

He looked at his stomach and wrinkled his expression.

‘A fatal injury was avoided.’

He couldn’t completely avoid it, but it only pierced the dark abdomen that was heading towards his heart.

The pain rose, and I felt like I was clouded by it, but I was still okay.

Hagrion twisted his body wide and swung the claymore.

Albrecht swiftly pulled back at that movement.

The hole in her abdomen was being treated by Theresa’s Divinity.

After recognizing them all, Hagrion took a deep breath and looked at Albrecht.

“What is it… .”

It was an indescribable humiliation.

From his shiny eyes, his blood-covered body, and his blazing red blade, he couldn’t see the face he knew at all.

There was only a maddening light in the eyes, which had always lost their dignified look.

It was a sight I didn’t want to see.

– Avoid! We must tell the barracks the truth!

It was a sight he never wanted to see, of a man who had risen to the top of a subject that was inferior to him, and who was more noble than anyone in a moment of crisis, running wild with madness.

It was the reason he couldn’t stop thinking that it was his fault that he was numb.

Hegrion grabbed the sword with both hands.

Then, he swung his sword towards Albrecht, who rushed at him.


It was dissonant.

The blazing red sword refused to match Hegryon’s sword, twisted my body, and was shot at him again.

Fortunately, this time, Hagrion was not easily beaten.


The pure white mane that wrapped around his body blocked the sword.

Albrecht’s sword was deflected with a crackling sound, but even that was a fleeting moment.

In retrospect, it was natural.

The sword he held was the sword that controlled the flow of space, and the will he realized was a form of creating a reality just for himself.


A sword that was fired with a strange sword that could not be grasped by cognition struck Hegrion’s body.

Hegrion’s body rose to a large extent, and then fell.

Theresa was about to take a step forward, but Hagrion raised a hand to stop it.

“Please wait.”

“you… !”

“I’ll do it.”

Hegryon got up.

His gaze turned straight to Albrecht.

“… I’ll do it.”

Hegryon couldn’t admit it.

‘okay… .’

I couldn’t even do the things that even such a mojiri did.

In a moment of crisis, I pretended to be reason and ran away.

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On such a subject, he himself, who tried to erase the sense of humiliation that had arisen by saving him.

that shallow heart.

Woo woo-.

A white and blue aura surrounded Hegryon’s body.

His white-blue mane set his fur according to his hard-forged body.

Albrecht’s sword shone strangely.

It was to change the flow of space once again according to the intention he had come up with.

If you keep going like this, you will be possessed by that and allow an attack.

Hegrion bit his teeth and raised his sword.

I put my feet on the ground

He looked at not only the source of the Auror, but something deeper than that.

He faced himself and uncovered the flaws within.

A wind that you don’t know where it came from is wrapped around your body.

A red sword is fired along the way.

Hegrion lowered the sword he held high.


The flow was torn.

The shards of the Aurors scattered in all directions were blocked by the grind.

A long breath escaped Hagrion’s mouth.


Although it was blurry, his flow caught my eye.

Hegryon knew.

That you are standing in front of the narrow gate that leads to the world of the conscious mind.

However, there was no joy.

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On the contrary, it was a laugh out loud.

The reason he finally met was because he was a very humble and insignificant man.

It was because he was someone who tried to find the reason for my shortcomings from the outside.

‘The rotten man.’

Hegryon knew now.

The reason he could not reach the will, the reason Albrecht was able to reach the will is that he has eyes that can see himself.

The fact that he was looking at the karma he carried on his back, not himself.

‘Ugly guy.’

Albrecht’s sword creates another flow.

With the flow, it felt like his body was being sucked into the tip of Albrecht’s sword.

And Hagrion scattered it.


There was a dull noise for the sword to come into contact with each other.

In front of the narrow gate, Hegrion swelled his muscles and blocked all the swords from being fired.

Then I looked into the door.

It was the person who reflected, and it was also the other person.

No, it was himself, hanging somewhere in the other person’s world.

He was a criminal who was hanging around in the world of genius.

Hagrion has now accepted it.

All the things he ignored were due to his talent, and the reason he didn’t acknowledge it was simply jealousy.

He didn’t want to acknowledge himself as a weed hanging somewhere in the big world.


There is a more dull noise.

Every time the two swords clash, the space made of flesh shakes, and the broken Auror shards are brutally lodged on it.

Albrecht’s whole body became redder, and Hegreon’s mane was dyed red as a result.

Hegrion forgot all about it and just swung his sword.

If he was the culprit who had no choice but to hang on to the huge world, he decided to accept it.

decided not to care.

In the first place, I decided to believe in the efforts that brought him to this level.

His hard work was the only fruit that he did not lose to that genius.


Training and perseverance were Hegryon’s specialties.

All those who were born and raised were those who stood up by testing their limits at every moment, and the world that has been formed so far has been one that has endured in front of an irresistible enemy every time.


Even ugly jealousy, if in its essence, was accepted.

He knew himself that even that jealousy could be sublimated through hard work.


If it was just hanging on, that was enough.

At least it doesn’t fall off.

It means that you can hang on here and stay in place forever.

Chae Aeeng-!

There was a clear sound.

The two blades, which had been in discord all along, finally began to face each other at the same height.

Hagrion stepped forward for the first time.

From your feet firmly pressed to the ground, to your thighs and lower back, and your back, shoulders, and arms to your fingertips.

He lowered the sword using all the muscles of his body.

There were two things that stood out in front of me.

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One was his own fault that had to be cut down, and the other was the flow that awakened it.


There was a sound that was too lowly for the sword to be lowered.

And then, Albrecht fell.


Vera opened his eyes.

[True Liberation! The end of false freedom!]

someone’s cry

What he saw with him was a great fire and a cross.

Dozens of people gathered in front of the cross.

All were wearing black robes, and an inverted cross was hung around their necks.


were apostates.

Vera looked around.

‘This place… .’

What you can see in all directions is the castle wall.

And there was a large fortress and a tower that could not be seen at a glance right in front of it.

It was a citadel that Vera was familiar with.

No, it was an unknown fortress.

why not

Isn’t this fortress the very unholy fortress that I’ve been looking at for the past few days and have now come into.

Vera realized.

‘… The citadel’s past. This is the history of the citadel.’

The dagger is the eye.

The world he is now immersed in was illuminating somewhere in the history of the fortress.

‘how… .’

What is the dagger trying to show?

No, the fortress right now looks like an ordinary building, but why is this fortress like that?

Vera’s expression grew serious at the thought that came to mind.

My footsteps were moving with the thought that I had to figure out something.

‘… Inside the citadel.’

Vera decided to explore it.

In reality, it was the inside of the fortress where clues could not be collected because it was buried in flesh.


[Who are you?]

Someone’s voice turned to Vera.

Vera’s body trembled.

The body quickly returned to the direction the sound was heard.

That was the scene that appeared before his eyes.

Dozens of people who had burned the cross until just before were looking at him.

Vera, who was momentarily flustered by it, understood the cause and effect.

Woo woo-.

Terdan’s ring, a legacy with the power of unity, was crying.

‘… This is not a fantasy.’

It would be right to think that the newly activated ring, which he did not know, absorbed his soul into the world of the image.

Vera’s embarrassment did not last long, as he had already experienced one battle with Gorghan.

‘If it was the people who lived in this fortress that made up the flesh.’

Now, this imaginary world is probably the place where their souls are detained.


The holy sword was drawn out.

Vera’s body burned with a splendid golden divinity.

The body of the apostates trembled greatly, and the one who seemed to be their leader shouted evil.

[He’s a servant of heaven-!!!]

Apostates began to glow at it.

“The false servant of the Lord!”

“Evil to tear to death!”

“Burn it! Burn it-!!!”


Between their robes rose red arms.

Those who were clearly in human form turned into creeping monsters with six red arms.

The apostates pounded and rushed at Vera.



All were cut out in Vera’s number of days.

‘The force is nothing to look at.’

Vera gave a rough estimate and tightened his muscles.

And the stagger was shot towards the leader.


The neck of the apostate, who had fallen cleanly, fell.

Vera’s face frowned as his robe had been removed, revealing his bare face.

‘Snow… .’

There were holes all over his face and eyes in every hole.

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Of course the eye sockets, the nostrils and the inside of the mouth.

In addition, there are places where the hair should be, and the eyes that roll in the middle of the forehead.

Vera stomped on his head, showing his disgust.

‘I’m sure there must be something in there.’

His gaze turned to the fortress again.

With subdued eyes, full of evil energy, Vera moved on.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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