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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 245

Somewhere inside the citadel.

Teresa said to Hagrion, who had become extremely sharp.

“What are you in such a hurry for?”

Hegrion’s body trembled.

What follows is an apology.

“… sorry.”

The hardened teeth opened and a deep breath escaped.

I thought that the impatience was evident on the surface, so I tried to straighten out my face, but it was a meaningless action.

It was just a cute struggle for Theresa, who was sad if she was the second to be wise in Elia.

She smiled and continued.

“Don’t be in a hurry. 2 The prince will surely be found.”

Hegrion’s face turned red as he picked up the reason for his impatience.

As if embarrassed, he wiped the back of his neck for nothing, but then made his tone bright and continued.

“Yeah, I’m not a person who can be easily beaten, so I’m guessing they’re trying to do something somewhere else.”

“You know, what are you so restless about? Do you feel any guilt? 2 I think it was my fault that the prince was left alone here… What do you mean?”

Hegryon’s smile faded.

“… That’s not wrong.”

It felt like I was stabbed in the corner.

Hegrion continued to speak, feeling his stomach ache.

“Yes, I was so ashamed of myself for leaving him behind in such a disrespectful subject. I regret not having the courage to say that I will remain with you.”

“Do you know that it is a meaningless assumption?”

“I know. One, the heart is not that easy.”

Theresa laughed.

It was quite enjoyable for her to see a young man with healthy worries, so even in such a gloomy space, she had no choice but to put a smile on her face.

“It’s not useless. Worrying is what makes you grow, so if you regret it, you should try harder not to make the same mistake next time.”

“Thank you for those kind words.”


As the conversation continued, a hand suddenly reached out from the flesh that made up the wall.

Hegryon, who was already feeling it, swung his claymore.


“Hey, while we were talking for a while, I wanted to know what he was doing without being fussy.”

There was an indescribable leeway in Theresa’s wide smile.

“It looks like we should move faster.”

“Are you okay?”

“Don’t ignore me because I’m old. Still, when I was young, I had a body that made a name for itself with just one fist.”

Hegryon’s complexion softened a little.

“Then let’s speed things up a bit.”

“Until the shame.”

A warm pink divinity rose from Theresa.

It wrapped around Hagrion and Theresa’s bodies.

Hegrion’s eyes widened.

“This… .”

“It’s the power I’ve been given. Don’t worry about losing your stamina. The person I serve is so loving that he will share that power with you as well.”

A smirk escaped from Hegryon.

“It seems like we should pray when we go back.”

“Nice to say.”

Hegrion’s head turned forward again.

Theresa also loosened the back load she had been carrying.

Immediately after, red hands appeared from all directions, and the two began to slaughter them all without disturbing their breathing.


Long after walking down the passage inside the citadel, Vera noticed something strange.

“… It’s spinning around.”

“Yes, no matter how big the castle is, there is no way that there will be no change after walking for hours like this.”

Vera nodded at Renee’s answer and narrowed his brow.

There was a catch.

It was strange that they were going round and round in the same place, but what bothered me more than that was this road where nothing but silence existed.

According to reports, if an arm was protruding from the wall or a spirit should have charged, the sense of crisis escalated as there was no threat approaching even after walking for several hours.

“Is it right to see this as Alaysia’s intention?”

“That would be right.”

Renee’s expression grew serious.

His nerves became extremely sensitive as he walked on the muddy flesh the whole time.

As a result, there was a family that came to mind with the accident as well.

“It looks like it happened. Just think about it It would have been much more advantageous for her to have the apostles come into this city on their own feet, right?”

When I think of her silence, the infidelity planted on the soldiers, and Hagrion’s escape, there was an assumption that came to mind.

It was assumed that Alaysia’s purpose was to call them here from the beginning.

“What the hell are you trying to do… .”

Vera’s tone grew harsher.

‘Is the purpose of the apostle’s removal?’

Maybe he was trying to finish what he couldn’t do in Elia the other day.

That thought came to me, but then it went away.

‘No, it’s too quiet for that. Moreover, I can’t explain the reason why they make me and the saint go round and round.’

It’s not just that they’re doing this.

It would be far more reasonable to think that everyone who came in here was spinning around.

Vera came up with a number, thinking that walking like this wouldn’t solve anything.

“Can I stop for a moment?”

“Did anything come to mind?”

“See if there is anything worth doing.”

Renee stopped walking.

Vera paused accordingly and took the dagger from his arms.

It was none other than the legacy, Gorgan’s dagger.

‘The dagger is the eye.’

The power he learned from the battle with Gorgan the other day.

If you use this dagger, you will be able to see the essence of things.

‘I saw nothing from the outside of the castle.’

It would be fair to assume that there must have been some kind of device to block the power of the legacy.

However, I didn’t know if I would be able to see anything else when I came inside the fortress and looked at the wolf in front of my eyes.

He might be caught spying on it prematurely, but fortunately Vera had a defense against it.

‘Bracelet is a curtain.’

As the shield that protects the soul from external stimuli is wrapped around the wrist, this was a worthwhile attempt.

“Are you writing a legacy?”

“Yes, can you put some defensive spells around you?”

“… Yes, be careful.”

If you write a legacy, you might lose your mind like before, so you have to leave the defense to Renee.

“… Then I will go.”

Vera held the dagger in both hands.

And now he started to resonate with the dagger and his soul with the movements he was used to.

Woo woo-.

low ringing.

The moment it overlapped with the beating of his heart, Vera struck the floor with a dagger.


So Vera’s thoughts sank into the subconscious.


Marie and Friede stopped walking.

There was no other reason.

A large cavity that spread out in front of them caught the two of them.

“This… .”

The communal atmosphere was quaint.

Blood was dripping all over the walls and ceiling, forming pools of blood underneath.

In addition, light, which I do not know where it came from, was reflected in the puddle, which only added to the dullness.

Are you in a new area?

That thought came to me for a moment, but it quickly subsided.

This is because, if you look closely, the gruesome traces you see reveal that this is a space created by someone.

The flesh of the squashed wall and the arms that procrastinate at the end.

And puddles of blood swampy on the floor.

Needless to say, it was a sign of destruction.

“… It’s Gorgan.”

At Friede’s words, Marie’s forehead narrowed.

Hearing those words, I saw something.

“Claw marks.”

The red scars all over the ceiling had the shape of being scratched by the claws of an animal.

It wasn’t just that.

“I can’t even play. This must have been the dog’s.”

The next question that comes to mind is ‘why?’.

It was, of course, a question to ponder.

“If you just look at this… After that, I would say that they reduced the size again.”

The cavity had the shape of a complete hemisphere.

If Gorgan continued to move while growing in size, it would be appropriate if the passage of this width continued to the end, but the road seen in the distance was narrowed again to the width he had walked before.

In response to Marie’s question, Friede made a guess.

“It must be one of two things. It was necessary to stockpile due to excessive consumption of power, or else there was a reason to reduce the size.”

“Actually, one thing. Still, it’s an ancient species, so I wouldn’t have panted with this.”

Friede nodded and muttered.

“That’s why we have to reduce the size… .”

At the end of the look of contemplation, Friede let out a sigh.

“… I don’t know. The only thing that comes to mind is that they found an advance squadron, but I don’t think Gorggan would have cared about that.”

“But, he’s not a dog that will stop just to save a few more people.”

A question with no answer.

The two of them looked around the joint for a long time, hoping to get some clues, then decided that there was nothing to gain from this place and exhaled.

“Are you going to keep going? There’s only one way to see, so if you go over there, you’ll find Gorgan or whatever.”

“Hey, let’s go.”

The two walked towards the road.

So again an empty cavity.



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Only the sound of blood dripping over the puddle echoed in the place where the two had left.



The red arm was cut off again.

Hagrion took a deep breath, wiping the blood off the claymore.

“After all, it seems that the road is repeating itself.”

“exactly. No matter how big the fortress is, there is no way you can’t see the end no matter how far you run.”

Hegrion’s expression frowned.

“It’s strange. In the past, if you passed through a wall, something would definitely come out… .”

“I think I have to admit it now. The last escape was in their plans.”


Hegryon’s teeth were broken.

The white and blue Auror began to bear a cooler light according to his feelings.

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Once again, impatience was in the air.

Thanks to Theresa’s powers, she still has enough stamina, but that must have a limit in the end.

If he went on like this, he might collapse from exhaustion before even finding Albrecht.

A workaround is needed.

The moment when that thought popped into their heads at the same time.


A shrill cry was heard from somewhere.

Their heads turned to the source of the sound at the same time.

“… Behind the wall.”

Hegryon’s eyes lit up.

It was because he knew immediately whose voice he heard.

“The second prince, the voice of the second prince!”

Hegryon’s aura was greatly expanded.

It was strong enough to cover his entire body and burn the surrounding walls.

Claymore held up without saying anything else.

Theresa was about to say something to stop her, but it was too late.

“sleep… !”


The sword cut through the wall.

Blood splattered to the point of nauseating all over the place.

A look of disappointment appeared on Theresa’s face.

‘Your voice is strange… !’

The tone of the voice heard was strange.

Even if he did not know Albrecht well, he could tell that there was something wrong with his voice.

Theresa’s head turned toward the torn wall.

For some reason, the moment when Teresa’s divinity burns even more as a sense of dread fills up.

Chae Aeeng-!

A monster protruded from the wall and attacked Hegryon.


Fortunately, the sword of Hegrion who reacted and the long sword that was burning red began to fight.

Hagrion took a breath and looked at the man with the sword.

“The 2nd Prince… !”

It was Albrecht.

He was attacking himself with a muzzle covered in blood all over his body.

what the hell is this

While Hagrion’s power was slowly weakening in the vain mind that had arisen, Theresa shouted.

“Illusion! You’re enchanted!”

Hegrion’s body trembled.

The sword was twisted.

momentary distraction.

I could say that, but my opponent was not good.


The red-hot sword rode up the claymore in a crawling motion like a snake.

Then, it was shot towards Hegryon’s chest.

Hegrion, whose eyes widened as if torn apart, quickly turned around.


What followed was the sound of a knife cutting into the skin.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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