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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 193

The chaotic atmosphere was naturally settled when Caldern took out the present late.

“The concentrate of the Vision Shake. If you mix this with water and drink it, your nutritional supplement for the day is over.”

… cluttered to the other side.

Renee blankly received the concentrate.

“Go, thank you.”

“Get to work.”

“… .”

Caldern laughed, and Aksen bowed his head.

Whether he wanted to be as ashamed as Caldern’s share, Aksen’s face was full of red.

The moment a strange silence came to mind, the twins stepped out.

“It’s our turn.”

“Lady, don’t be surprised.”

Renee remembered her gratitude to the twins for breaking this bizarre atmosphere.

With that thought, the bright smile on his face grew even stronger.

“Does that make you look forward to it more?”

“Here it is.”

“Keep it safe.”

Renee felt the box fall on the palm of her hand and wiped the surface of it.


wooden box.

There is no way the gift is a box, so the item inside is probably a gift.



“Smells good.”

“Oh, thank you… .”

Just as Renee was about to say thank you, the twins, who were watching Miller and Vera, came closer and whispered to Renee.

“It’s a perfume for the night.”

“Vera, I’m going to die.”

Renee’s movements stopped.

The corners of his lips trembled.

Renee wasn’t naive enough to not even know what the twins had prepared.

The twins whispered again.

“Saint, you are victorious.”

“I cheer for you.”

The scene of the secret transaction would be exactly like this.

Renee answered with a small nod so that no one could see.

“… go for it.”


The gift giving went on and on.

Norn wore an embroidered handkerchief, Hela wore gloves, and Miller wore a bracelet made of unidentified bones.

And when Jenny and Aisha put the pin they had prepared on Renee’s head, Renee became a strange figure with things that did not go well with each other.

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One, such a smile bloomed on Renee’s face.

“Did you prepare all this secretly? You must have been busy.”

“Oh, it’s still a one-time coming-of-age ceremony, isn’t it? Even if you are busy with cancer, you have to take care of these things.”

Miller chuckled in reply, and Norn and Hela nodded.

Meanwhile, Jenny came to Renee again and held something in her hand.

“This is a gift from my grandmother.”


“… charm.”

There was only one person Jenny called her grandmother.


[…] Die.]

Annielis said so and buried her head in Jenny’s arms.

A look of surprise appeared on Renee’s face.

He pursed his lips to say something, then closed it.

and uttered another word.

“Thank you.”

There was no answer returned.

However, a warmer atmosphere came to mind in this space.

“The old man still has a conscience.”

At Miller’s words, laughter erupted from everywhere, and the full-fledged coming-of-age ceremony began.


For continental people, coming-of-age ceremony was like that.

It is a day to celebrate becoming an adult, and a day to prepare to live independently from the family.

A day to declare in front of others the path to take for the rest of your life.

The specific process was different for each region and race, but the above applies equally wherever you go.

Renee walked from the end of the long red carpet.

I reached Vera, who was standing in front of the altar.

As Renee knelt down, Vera said.

“Raise your head.”

A different conversation than usual.

Vera spoke in a reverent tone that could be used really at a ceremony, and Renee held up her laughter and lifted her head.

Vera asked warmly for Renee.

“Now that I am a full-grown adult, there are some things I haven’t asked yet.”


“How do you want to live the life you have been given a gift?”

A question asked by the clergy of the Holy Kingdom on the day of their coming-of-age ceremony.

Rene, who has always been in a position to answer this question from a position of asking this question, recalled the answers she had heard before.

An apprentice priest who was impressed with his soft voice said he would live for the gospel.

The apprentice paladin with a strong voice said that he would live for the glory of Elia.

A priestess with a sweet voice lives a life of singing joy, and a blacksmith with a lively voice lives a life of a field chief who will go down in history.

A life of laughter in peace in Greece.

And Vera said he would live a life of self-defense.

Everyone had a different, clear vision.

how can i live

It was Renee who had seen Vera living with the weight of a horse on her back, so she thought about it.

Because I didn’t want to end this ceremony with a simple ritual, I wanted to convey my sincerity to those who came here for me even though I was busy.

Renee kept her mouth shut and pondered.

It didn’t take long.

Renee already knew what he really wanted, so the answer came in a firm tone.

“For those you love.”

head was raised

“A life that repays the love you receive.”

The veil she was wearing on her head slid open, revealing Renee’s face.

“I want to live a life of giving to others the love I have received in abundance.”

A clear voice echoed through the hall.

The empty pupil maintained its blue light without losing its own color even in such a dazzling ceremony.

There was a gentle smile on his lips.

Vera asked.

“How can I love you?”

“I will love you more than anyone else.”

“How will I repay you?”

“I will return the love I received to the world.”

“How will you give?”

“We will spread the love we gave back by putting another love on top of it.”

There were polite words.

However, the meaning was not at all ceremonial.

Renee laughed even more.

“Even I, who is so greedy, has a lot of love that will feel heavy, so I want to take this love away and share it with those in need.”

Now Renee knew.

There was only one light.

That was the only thing he had lost in return for receiving this undeserved love.

So Renee felt grateful.

To those who gave love, to those who taught love, and also to their own love.

To the people who gave them the most precious treasure in the world.

Since I received too much, I wanted to give it back by adding my share to this.

“I will bless you.”

Vera came.

He cut off the ends of Renee’s hair and tied them together.

“Now I will swear before the temple of the gods, and I will ask you one last question. Do you have any regrets about your answer?”

“There is not.”

“Is there no hesitation?”

“There is not.”

“I will seal it.”

Vera pulled out a wooden box.

She put her hair in a bundle and closed the lid.

Then he turned around and placed it in front of the altar.

“I will pray.”

Renee’s head fell.

The thumbs of the overlapping hands crossed each other.


Vera’s hand touched Renee’s forehead.

Vera then recited a prayer.

“I beg you… .”

I feel like the prayers I have become so accustomed to memorizing even while sleeping are tickling my ears.

At that, Renee suddenly felt the meaning of prayer flashing through her mind.

‘… nine.’

A prayer about the nine blessings.

May all life from birth to rest be prosperous.

Know how to be just, know how to be truthful, and know how to be wise.

May you live a life that protects and guides everything you love.

So, may all life be at peace.

She already knew it was such a prayer, but Renee felt it only today.

So, Renee had been wishing for heaven for a really long time.

May life for my love be more faithful than anything else.

May there be laughter at the end.

“… Bless you.”

After the prayer ended, Vera’s hand fell.

Vera raised Renee.

He said in a softer tone than before.

“A girl has become a woman in this place, and she deserves a toast for her.”

Norn came in front of the altar with rum ‘Vera’ and a glass.

When Norn, who handed the cup to Renee and the bottle to Vera, returned to his seat, Vera said.

“Have a cup.”

Renee held out a glass.

Renee was able to guess the name of this drink right away from the strong scent that was emanating from it along with the creak.

‘… Vera.’

An unbearable laugh fills up.

It was all the more so because he knew well that it was Vera who prepared this ceremony.

“… Bless you.”

Vera’s shy voice tickled his ears, followed by rumbles from everywhere.

Renee said with a really bright smile as she straightened the glass she received.

“Bless you.”

Drink Vera on Coming-of-Age Day.

It was a very funny joke.


The coming-of-age ceremony ended successfully.

Rene, Vera, and everyone present in a way that satisfies them.

Renee left the banquet hall while spending time with Vera on the terrace.

“thanks. I forgot too, but you took care of me.”

“Of course it had to be done.”


Renee’s whole body was surrounded by gifts that did not go well with each other.

However, is it an immutable truth to say that hangers are also important?

Even though she was acting so strangely, Renee’s beauty did not fade in the slightest.

Vera’s eyes turned to Renee.

He smiled brightly and looked into his eyes.

Then he stroked his pockets with his hands.

‘… now.’

I had to give you a present.

As it was a gift that could not be delivered due to some shyness at the ceremony, now is the right time to deliver the gift.

The hesitation did not last long.

Vera was not foolish enough to miss the time with hesitation.



“I have prepared something for you.”

Renee’s head turned to Vera.

Vera looked at Renee for a moment, then pulled out a scroll from his bosom.

“… It’s a coming-of-age gift.”

He put it in Renee’s hand.

“What’s this?”

“The magic scroll ‘friend’.”

“It’s a strange name.”

A smile appeared on Renee’s lips.

Sure enough, ‘best friend’ isn’t a really cool name for a magic name.

“What does it do?”

Maybe it’s the magic that connects things when they say they’re best friends.

With that thought in mind, Vera answered the question.

“It is the magic that connects objects to objects.”

“Things and things?”


Vera’s gaze turned to the shining cross on Renee’s chest.

“… I didn’t know what kind of gift you would like, so this time I prepared it as a shapeless gift. Or, may I excuse you for a moment?”

“yes? Ah yes.”

Renee’s head shook up and down.

Vera walked up to Renee with a tense expression on his face and took the Rosario that was hanging around Renee’s neck.

Vera’s face turned red when a hand lightly touched Renee’s chest in the process.

“… It is a magic that makes a mark on two objects so that the wearer can know each other’s condition. So that if something dangerous happens while we are apart, we will know right away.”

“ah… !”

Rene’s cheeks were recalled.

“… It’s good”

“therefore… May I connect my cross with St.’s cross?”

There was a tremor that could not be hidden in his politely questioning voice.

For some reason, Renee felt the heat rising at the thought that it was like the trembling of someone who was even proposing.

‘Oh, it’s hot.’

Is Oben actually a tropical country?

Amidst a rush of useless thoughts, Vera uttered a spell.

I felt divine.

He felt it wrapped around him and Vera.

Immediately after, I felt a certain beating at the cross.

“… Did it happen?”

When Renee put his hand on his cross and asked, Vera answered.

“Yes, do you feel something different?”

“… .”

Renee, who was constantly fiddling with the cross, nodded in response to Vera’s question.

“… Yes, it’s warm. I think there is warmth.”

“It’s working fine. Mine also has a warm energy coming up.”

“Can I touch it?”


Vera led Renee’s hand to his Rosario.

“How is it?”

Rene, holding his own and Vera’s cross in each hand, said, feeling the warmth rising from her.

“The temperature is the same.”

Satisfaction flashed across Renee’s lips.

“Vera and I are the same.”

Can I express this as the same excitement?

Can I think of Vera as having a heart just like him?

“… thanks.”

There was a calming feeling.

It could be said that the huge emotion that does not reveal itself is like a tide that slowly rushes in.

Waves engulf your body from your toes.

But there was no fear.

This is because even if he drowned like this, there would be only warmth, that strange feeling came to mind.

“It’s the best gift ever.”

Renee’s head tilted forward.

His forehead touched Vera’s chest.

“… I’m glad you’re happy.”

Vera laughed along and hugged Renee, sharing the words he had saved.

“Congratulations on becoming an adult.”

“… yes.”

Renee’s arms wrapped around Vera’s waist.

“Thank you for the congratulations.”

Renee thought.

Today is truly a day like a gift.

It seems that the day is like a jewel given to you by your loved ones.

Although he couldn’t see the scene with his own eyes, Renee didn’t care.

The memory of the day, the sound of their laughter, and the warmth of Vera’s embrace.

It has already become a memory that Renee will never forget for the rest of her life.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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