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The Regressor and the Blind Saint Chapter 192

Preparations for the coming-of-age ceremony were taking place elsewhere.

“What is Aisha?”

“Hairpin! you?”

“me too.”

Jenny and Aisha shared each other’s gifts in the same room.

How can it be called a strange coincidence?

The gift they prepared was two hairpins that looked alike.

A ‘oh’ sound came out of Aisha’s mouth.

“You are right!”


Jenny’s cheeks turned red.

It was because of excitement that I was able to connect with a friend my age for the first time in my life.

“Shall we pack together?”

“yes… !”

Jenny’s head nodded up and down.

Aisha giggled with a satisfied face and grabbed a hairpin.


“right. But don’t you have anything prepared for Grandma?”

Aisha suddenly remembered the Anneales that Jenny was holding, and when Aisha asked that question, Anilys was excited! He turned his head and answered.

[What’s so pretty about that bitch.]

He was likely to get angry at the word ‘grandmother’, but the tone that came out was calm, as he had already gotten used to Aisha’s way of speaking.


Jenny slapped Anilles on the top of the head.

Anilles’s head turned like crazy.

[I told you not to do that!]


[why me!]

“Because it’s an adult ceremony… !”

Jenny was rarely stubborn.

Anilys felt like she was about to die from her stomach ache.

It was natural.

It is said to congratulate the leader of the gang who cut off his own head, but it is impossible to say no.

[The rotten little boy… !]

The sound of grinding teeth was heard from the doll.

Meanwhile, Aisha, who had been watching from the sidelines, provoked Anilis.

“You don’t know how to choose a gift? Didn’t Grandma have lived so long and had no friends to give her a present?”

Aniles’s body stood still.

It’s like being stabbed in the corner.

[Uh, what… !]

… No, it was right to be stabbed in the vertex.

Nervous and self-righteous personality.

In addition to that, due to the eccentricity of always having only young children around, there had never been a single occasion in the life of a wizard named Anillis that was worthy of celebrating someone’s coming-of-age ceremony.

However, this cannot be denied.

A symbol of arrogance and self-righteousness.

Aniles, the incarnation of the ego, who went to that place with only one pride, was angered by the insult that could not be tolerated.

[Huh, you don’t know the extent of this half-beast little boy sitting still? boy! little boy! Go and get the dragon scales! Bring it and make it just what I tell you to do!]

Was it the problem of being alone with the children, or was it the problem of being trapped in the doll’s body for too long?

Annielis was falling for Aisha’s tricks like that, without showing any of her usual insightful appearance.

Aisha and Jenny exchanged glances from an angle that Anilees couldn’t see… It was unknown to her.


“What did you prepare?”

The corner room of the outbuilding.

Miller asked, and the twins answered it.

“Crek, I have prepared a present for the safety of Saint.”

“I think Marek. Contraception is important.”

Miller’s eyes narrowed.

“… Then it is.”

I think it was a good choice to check in advance because I thought I was going to have an accident.

I didn’t even want to imagine what would have happened if the twins had presented that gift to Renee.

So, Miller vomited out anger instead of imagining it.

“You rotten bastards!”

“Professor calm down.”

“right. Getting excited anywhere is a bad habit. The professor is a spoiled d*ck.”

“f*ck bastards!”


A fight happened.

Norn, who watched it from a little distance, shook his head, then looked at the embroidery he was making.

‘… Still, a handkerchief is a good gift.’

Practicality and sincerity, it is the best choice that will not be missed no matter where you look.

His gift would be much more normal and ordinary than those three people.

Norn felt that he was already smiling at the thought of seeing Renee’s happy face, and continued to embroider again.

‘Well, the gift is sincerity.’

Norn at this time did not know that he was giving the best gift among the party.


The day of the coming-of-age ceremony was bright.

Vera stood in the middle of the hall where the ceremony was prepared, with a tense expression on his face.

‘This is enough… .’

We rented a hall with a lot of white and arranged white decorations and fresh flowers.

In the sense of creating an atmosphere that resembles Renee as much as possible, the fresh flowers that were placed were also selected only in blue and transparent colors, so there was no need to mention the decoration.

From https://noblemtl.com

Other than that, if you go for food and drinks for a banquet… .

‘… plausible.’

It was great.

Vera looked at the rum on the table with a blushed face.

The name of the rum decorated with a red ribbon at the entrance is ‘Vera’.

It was the origin of my name.

The choice was inspired by Rohan’s saying, ‘The gift is me’.

It was a very witty pun, even in my opinion.

From https://noblemtl.com

Of course, cheap rum could not be given as a gift, so the main gift was left out.

“How about the lady?”

“Yes, you don’t even know that today is Coming-of-Age Day. It will probably be a surprise.”

Vera made a satisfied face at Norn’s answer.

Everything was as planned.

Renee was not aware that today was her coming-of-age ceremony due to the past events, and in the meantime, she is in Oben, where she can have a grand coming-of-age ceremony.

Any material you want is available.

Manpower can also be mobilized.

As such, it is possible to make certain ‘memorable moments’ that Erne couldn’t.

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Of course, this decoration is not very important to Renee, who can’t see his eyes, but what does that mean?

It was Vera’s love and greed to insist on being the best in all these invisible parts.

Vera calmed his pounding heart and made up his mind once more.


This time, unconditionally, the best.


“Hella? What’s happening all of a sudden? I’m going to make you a general manager like this.”

the hallway of the annex.

Rene, who was full of wonder at Hela’s request for the general manager for some reason, asked that question, and Hela answered.

“His Majesty the King held a muscle beauty contest. I asked the saint to visit there.”

Renee’s expression hardened.

“… What beauty?”

“It’s a muscular beauty contest.”

What kind of competitions are there?

Renee recalled a strange expression on the name of the competition, which he could not understand with his own emotions.

Hela breathed a sigh of relief inwardly.

‘… success.’

It was effective to say the name of the bizarre contest because René, who was quick-witted, was afraid that he would detect something strange.

Hela struggled to grab hold of her pounding stomach with tension, and then added more words.

It was to prepare for the final blow that would shake Renee’s mind.

“I heard that Lord Vera is competing.”


Renee stopped walking.

expression disappeared.

“… what?”

“At the request of His Majesty, Lord Vera was invited to participate.”

“… .”

Renee thought for a moment, then asked.

“First of all, what was the name of the competition?”

“It’s a muscular beauty contest.”

“The muscular beauty contest is… .”

“It’s a competition to show off your muscles in front of others.”

A picture was drawn in Renee’s mind.

large banquet hall.

shining stage.

Vera, standing in the middle, showing off his muscles and bare skin.

“… no.”

Suddenly, a deep despair came out of Renee’s mouth.



Renee slammed his wand as if to smash the floor.

Hela’s head tilted.

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Of course, this is because, as an ignorant Greek, he could not understand René’s reaction.

“Hell! Go fast! You have to stop it!”

Tight! Tight!

The cane struck the floor.

Renee’s pace accelerated.

An alarm rang in Renee’s head.

‘What I haven’t seen! I haven’t touched it! dare!’

could not tolerate

this shouldn’t be

With that thought, Renee also burst into anger against Vera.

‘Wherever a man can’t be taken care of!!!’

A fire erupted inside.

The movement was becoming more and more like an angry bull.

Hela, who was not aware, just remembered the thought of ‘I did it!’ to Renee’s appearance like that, and walked after the gun with a recalled face.


“The saint is coming!”

At Norn’s hasty words, the party went to their respective seats.

Vera stood at the end of the red carpet in the middle.

A group of people stood on either side in order of height.

Norn belatedly stood behind Vera.

Then, Renee came in.


Something urgent.

The moment when the party was about to say congratulations as they remembered that Hela had performed her role well.

“congrats… .”

“Stop it!!!”

Renee exclaimed with an earnest voice.

A stiff silence rises.

In the midst of that, Jenny’s voice, which was slow to respond, was lost without notice.

“… I do.”

… It wasn’t easy from the start.


It was after a short time had passed since then that the turmoil was settled, and the previous kings Caldern, Prince Aksen, and Hegrion visited the venue belatedly.

“Hoo… It’s a muscle beauty contest… .”

Caldern swept down his beard and showed interest.

Hegryon’s eyes twinkled.

Aksen’s face turned white.

“… Yes, there is no such competition.”

Renee realizes all the cause and effect late and is trembling in shame.

Vera licked his lips at Renee’s appearance, then lowered his head.

“… No facets. I was going to prepare a surprise party for the saint.”

Who knew I would be overreacting so much?

When it comes to muscle beauty contests, the expectation that they will come just trembling has gone so far as to cause laughter.

“No, I am too… .”

Renee couldn’t keep up with her words and trembled with a red face.

Vera’s head sank even deeper.

“… Even if.”


“Even if there is such a contest, I will not go out even if I die.”

“Well? why?”

At Caldern’s words, as if he didn’t understand at all, Axen gave an elbow to him.

The same goes for Vera.

Vera, who looked at Caldern for a moment with resentment, then said to Renee.

“I don’t have a hobby of showing my body to others.”

“Yeah… .”

It’s a situation where you can’t really save your life.

Vera remembered the trouble with it, but soon felt the words that would excite René pass through his mind.

At the same time, hesitation came to mind.

Vera’s throat twitched loudly.

Is it correct to say this

Isn’t this too embarrassing to say?

A reaction that came naturally as I thought about everything.

‘… lets do it.’

Vera decided.

Thinking that it would be unthinkable for today’s protagonist to be trembling with such shame, he came closer to Renee and continued such a small whisper that only she could hear.

“… Still, if you want, you can touch me anytime as much as the saint.”

Suddenly, Renee’s body shook violently.

head twitched.


“later… That’s for later… .”

A clue was attached late, but Renee’s heart was already in the bean field.

His face is turning red in a different way than before.

‘Uh, anytime… .’

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow.


free pass.

A miracle happened in René’s head, even the parts that Vera didn’t say became a reality.

Indeed, the site of great creation like the apostle of God.

“Rapid, extreme, uh… .”

Renee, whose head was already filled with flesh color, creaked, nodded her head and let out a scream.

“… Neeek.”

Vera’s eyes narrowed.

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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