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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 190

Chapter 190 – Master…? Master…!

“I’m sorry.”
At someone’s apology, Cynthia held on to the string of consciousness that was drifting away.

Familiar voice. And a missing voice.
Cynthia opened her eyes, realizing that she was the teacher who taught her puppetry.

Pure white space. A space with only pure white light.
Cynthia slowly looked at the pure white being standing in front of her.

“Fate is so nasty. But… This must all be a burden you must carry.”
“Master… Is that right? You became Matango… Isn’t it?”

It was the voice of the unmistakable Master.
However, not only does it have a white body like a statue, but it also has a bizarre appearance without organs that should have been on its face.

“I taught puppetry in human form. That was the ability that suited you best. But now… You’re in a position where you have no choice but to look at it from above. I wanted to help… Even in this form… But I didn’t have the chance. But. .. I thought it was time to give you one last lesson.”

Cynthia trembled over her body.
The appearance of Matango was all a lie.
Master is right. She finally met Master.

Master disappeared one day like a passing cloud.
Maybe she hates herself, maybe she did something big wrong…
She suffered for various reasons.
Of course, it’s all gone now.

“Master. What did I do to you, Master? What did you mean by the kindness and strength you showed me?”
Her voice is cute.
However, the way he spoke was serious Thane itself.

She tells her that she was swept away by Matango’s solar beam.
He tried to move his body, but the fact that he couldn’t move his body due to an unknown force.
Rather than the fact that he might be dead right now, he was more interested in clearing his curiosity with this question.

My heart is full.
Tears are about to come out.
A strange mixture of emotion and anger ran through Cynthia’s body.

“The cornerstone for the next generation. A human with a special and strange destiny.”

A formal answer from the mouth of the master.
In terms of meaning, it was similar to the meaning of using oneself as a tool.
Cynthia, greatly disappointed, was at a loss for what to do, then she tried to say something.

“And the treasure.”
Perhaps he was playing with Cynthia’s heart, but just as Cynthia was about to say something, another word came out of his mouth.

“You were my disciple, you were my brother, you are like my child. Beyond race and class… You… Were a treasure to me.”

His trembling shoulders drooped.
Cynthia looked at Master with an expression as if she was about to cry.
In my heart! Was it Cynthia’s illusion that she heard the sound?

The freshness of the unknown stuffiness that has not been resolved so far disappears like a lie.
Then, one by one, the worries that needed to be dealt with essentially came into my mind.

“Uh… What should I do? A divine being is targeting me. Because of me, people who have nothing to do with me are suffering. Even though I became a monster… Slime… Maybe… Innocent. I may have made existence my slave… But I…”
Cynthia’s trembling body.
The master, who had the shape of a white man, nodded his head.

“It’s okay. Fate is like that… There’s nothing you can do about it. You grow your power in your own way. If it tries to suppress you, don’t choose any means. And… To deal with the gods, even dangerous power must be yours. A being feared by the gods. A being unspeakable. That being… You must deal with.”

Cynthia widened her eyes at the floating cloud-like teaching.


Her solar beams pushed back her spore currents, which spread like thick mist, and she struck straight into the air where Cynthia was.
The overcast sky turned green.

At the sound of the menacing laser, Matango Queen wondered if Cynthia was wrong? She was worried
No matter how much she is an enemy, she is a cute little girl.
She and she are males with great strength and semen.

If you make that male a Matango King, you can find all the humans who still resist and turn them into Matangos.
You can take this planet into your own hands.
To become the legitimate ruler of this planet.

“Enough! This is enough.”
Thinking of the power of her solar beam, Matango Queen quickly stopped her solar beam.

If she were Cynthia, she would have dodged the solar beam.
She shuts off the solar beams, but there is still a clear flash of green light in her air.

Cynthia’s figure disappeared without a trace.
Maybe she’s coming down to the ground and aiming for herself around here!
Matango Queen aimed at that point.

Manipulate the mushrooms that have taken root below the earth with all their might.
She spread powerful spores that she had kept secret until now.

Kurrrrencing…! Shoot aaaaa-
Huge mushrooms came out of the cracks at Matango Queen’s command.
They spread spores all at once, turning this area into the realm of Matango, like death.

Earth and sky. Not all of them are on Cynthia’s side.
All that remains is to wait for Cynthia to transform or watch her appear half-dead.

By the way… I don’t see any signs of appearing?
The green light that dyed the sky has faded and the ground is covered with thick spores.
Cynthia disappeared as if she had disappeared everywhere.

“Ah… Isn’t it? Did Solarbeam die all at once?”
Matango Queen muttered to herself and her body trembled.
Rather than the joy of achieving her goal, the cute nanny girl Cynthia … The regret of having eliminated a strong candidate for Matango King was greater.

“No! No! I didn’t touch Cynthia on purpose! All my efforts so far have been in vain? Everything… Come out now! Cynthia come out! That… Yes… I just want at least a part of my body to be alive… If there are even cockroaches… With mushrooms… Huh…?”

The bewildered Matango Queen. However, the green light that covered the sky subsided and a huge figure appeared.
Matango Queen opened her eyes and looked up at the sky.

Bigger than the clouds. It’s understandable even if it’s a bit of a mountain…
The upper body of a ferocious giant made of slime guarded Cynthia’s back.
As a matter of fact, Cynthia did not dodge the solar beam, but rather summoned a giant and Cynthia blocked her solar beam.

“Huh… Huh HH HH! Yeah! To be my man… If you’re a candidate for Matango King, of course, isn’t that basic?”
Matango Queen let out a sigh of relief and a smirk, raising the corners of her mouth.

“Now… Then you mean it doesn’t matter if I use a stronger attack? You don’t intend to become the Matango King?
Instead of answering her, Cynthia moved the giant that connected her doll’s threads.
A giant who displays the same speed as Cynthia’s movements despite her very large size.

“Oh! Everyone get up and stop it!”
As if pulled by her gravity, Cynthia falls towards Matango Queen.
Falling with the giant was like a meteorite about to destroy the planet.
Huge sense of intimidation. Sensing that her life was in danger, Matango Queen unknowingly threw all her strength into manipulating the mushrooms.

Solar Beam doesn’t work. Then you have to attack the other side. But how?
Spores are the biggest weapon, but spores don’t work on that male.
Solar Beam was second, but it didn’t work, so I passed.

Then the ability to summon Matango slaves…
Can not help it. There is no choice but to gather all of Matango together and make it exactly like the giant Cynthia made…!

Ppoudeuk- Ppudeuk-
At the same time as her thoughts, mushrooms and matangos gathered in one spot as if to protect the matango queen.
A fusion of a mushroom and Matango that quickly takes on the form of a giant. However, Cynthia’s giant fell close to her.


“Uh… Uh… Uh… Uh…?”
His eyes grew round like her fists as he identified the slime giant wrapped around Cynthia’s body.

“Why is it protecting Cynthia!”
He jumped up from his seat and let out a hysterical sound.
It was because of the giant figure wrapped around Cynthia’s body.

The distant past, called antiquity.
There was a tribe of giants who fought against the gods.
The giant figure wrapped around Cynthia’s body is the antagonist who caused the greatest damage to God, and is also called another god.

Toshin Hirem.
Hirem’s power was so great that she even gave the title of god to the giants.
No matter how much time passed, to the gods, Hirem was almost a taboo word.

I had only heard about it through rumors and only seen it through pictures.
It was made of slime, but it was the first time that it was as vivid as it is now.

“Quick… Quickly kill it! Do you think I gave you the strength to do that to a dirty mongrel like you?”
The appearance of the Avalanche Hirem wrapped around Cynthia. If it was just that, I wouldn’t have reacted like this.

“That’s what humans… Humans aren’t meant to deal with… That figure… Clearly… Someone’s got a hand!”
He growled like a beast and frowned.

Cynthia and Matango Queen appearing on the screen are on the verge of a collision.
Matango Queen’s creation… The plausible Matango giant stretched out his arms to try to stop the slime giant protecting Cynthia.


Crash. Cynthia and Matango Queen started fighting in earnest.
The whole screen was filled with bluish and then green light, so it was impossible to tell who was winning.

However, he told me where the crystal with the energy of the pure earth was condensed and gave me strength.
To those vulgar… Vulgar monsters that languished in the depths of the damp marsh!

At least if it fatally wounds Cynthia, it’s a success.
He glared at the screen, wishing Matango Queen had made a fatal attack on Cynthia.

As the light began to fade, his eyes flashed with madness.
If this plan fails, he looks at the screen that slowly reveals himself with the promise that he will descend into the human world himself.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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