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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 189

Chapter 189 – Fighting With the Matango Queen Who Wants to Have Sex With Cynthia!

Earth attribute has the strongest defense among all attributes.
It specializes in physical resistance, but it can block all attacks.
This is why the attribute that tanks have is probably ground.

Matango hid on the ground as soon as the attack began.
He hid in the ground, layering on top a shield of spores and mushrooms.
The moment you realize that the ground you thought was solid is actually made up of several layers of spores and mushrooms…

Booth! Koo Goo Goo Goo!
The ground on which Cynthia was stepping her feet rose abruptly, spreading gold everywhere.

Seul-ah, noticing this, lowered her altitude to allow Cynthia to climb up.
Cynthia also quickly took her doll and tied her doll’s thread to Seul-ah’s body.

Cynthia’s body rises vertically once again.
Cynthia looked down at her.

She narrowed her eyes as she watched the earthquake grow stronger.
A stream of spores shoots out through the cracks in the ground.
Numerous matangos creep up through the cracks.

Even if you attack on the ground, if there are troops like that hiding in the ground… The damage can be reduced to some extent.
Cynthia found this too complacent.

She landed on the ground, blinding her with rage.
She would have been in an awkward situation if she hadn’t been able to subdue her momentum with a pre-emptive strike.

Cynthia admitted to herself that her anger had temporarily clouded her judgment.
From now on, she intended to slay her foe in aerial combat, fighting on her knees.

As Cynthia climbed up, Seul-ah immediately tried to exhale her breath.
But, unbeknownst to Cynthia, Seul-ah exhausted herself by continuously exhaling her breath.

“Big uh…”
Cynthia looked perplexed as she staggered as she drew in her breath.
If you send her back, she has to float in the air on her own, but that secretly takes a lot of her mana.
Of course, there is no problem with Cynthia’s mana right now, but since that Matango is occupying the land, it may eat up more mana than I thought.

“Seulah. Just let me fly. Don’t attack me. I’ll take care of it. Okay?”
The dejected look of Seulah. But she had no time to comfort her.

“Reproduction… Let’s breed… Become one with me…”
“The ground already belongs to Matango…”

Cynthia looked at the ground covered in thick spore air and the Matangos glimpsed between them.
The difference is that she howls like a zombie but makes intermittent moans.

‘Now that it’s like this, I’ll burn it with fire?’

Cynthia thought of an extreme and sure way, but…
Seeing the endless stream of her spores on the battlefield, she switched to Plan B.
It’s because she doesn’t know what will happen if she touches the spore stream that runs like a fuse.

‘Or should it be driven by the principle of property compatibility?’

Fire is weak to water.
Water is weak against lightning.
Lightning is weak to the ground.
The ground is weak against the wind.
Wind is weak against fire.
It is not general common sense, but the principle of attribute compatibility used in the player’s world.

Attacks by controlling a doll with the attribute of wind.
If it is a wind with cutting power, it can cut down Matango.
However, there is no guarantee that sufficient damage will be done.

‘Use the power of the crystal?’
Obviously, since it was absorbed into the body, it should be possible to use the elements in the crystal.
Red crystal. Navy Crystal. Borrow the power of the Purple Crystal… Or not?

Cynthia thought of the trumpet weapon she kept in her subspace inventory.
Ironically, the system was completely broken, but the subspace inventory was usable.
Is it the player’s own ability or if there is some trick… I don’t know yet.

“Hey, nice~ Nangja-ae. Why don’t you stop now and become one with me? If it’s you… You’ll be a great Matango male!”
While the ground is covered with Matango…
A woman sitting on a throne made of mushrooms and calmly proposing to become Matango.
It must be a monster that claims to be the Matango Queen.

“I will accept his choice and turn all humans into Matango. Especially you… A human named Cynthia said you must show despair. A cute man of taste… How about it? Won’t you give me a baby seed like a human? Fufu…”

‘Should I pretend to be crazy and have sex with Queen Matango and turn her into a slime slave?’

“Ahh~ What is it? The sticky slime bodily fluid?”
Then, Matango Queen touched the slime bodily fluid Cynthia used when she landed on her floor.
The moment the female touches the slime bodily fluids, an inescapable estrus should occur.

But Matango Queen was fine.
Perhaps because of the green crystal and god-given ability, it seems to be immune to heat from slime.

If you had sex in that state, Cynthia would rather be eaten… She might become a Matango nanny!
At least, it was fortunate that the spore stream was not eaten by Cynthia.

The only remaining option is to defeat Matango Queen.
On the one hand, I thought that if I made that Matango Queen my slave, it would be a great power later.

Sala is panting.
It’s exhausting because he’s been active a lot lately.
Of course, since I have a child, that will also play a role.

“Why worry? This world is already infected with spores. Everything is destined to become Matango! If only you change, it will be over. Would you like to fight alone? Rather join my family… Let’s work hard for the prosperity of Matango? It’s a chance.”

Temptation of Matango Queen.
Cynthia, of course, had no intention of passing.
However, the mushrooms that sprouted from the ground… And somehow, the mushrooms that looked a lot like modern cannons moved all at once.
Mushrooms that lifted her head right at Cynthia.

Then, a problem arose.
Seul-ah’s body was enveloped in blue light… And her body began to get smaller.
Seul-ah returns from a dragon to a human body.

Cynthia hurriedly wrapped the doll’s thread around Sla’s body and leaped into the air using her mana.
Cynthia accepted Seul-ah, who was sweating profusely as the blue light faded, as a princess.
Despite her height difference, she successfully pulled it off.

“Are you okay? What’s going on? Is it because of the spore stream?”
“Ugh… Master… I’m sorry… The strength… Master and my child… Ah…”
Before Cynthia had time to say anything, she closed her eyes like her pitiful heroine.
She fainted with all her might.

‘Did you follow my words without saying anything with a body like this until now?’
Thinking so, Cynthia’s body trembled.

She was called a slime female slave… Although she is a female with life, she is a doll in the end.
But seeing this makes me very sad.
Who in the world could do so much for himself?

“I’m resting. Thank you. You worked hard.”
With her heartfelt words, Cynthia reverse summoned her slaves and returned them to the space where her female slaves should be.

“Master. A female slave who is believed to be overworked has arrived.”
Lowry, who was a biomorphic AI android and then became a female slime, sent telepathy.

“Yes. Take good care of me. I think this battle will be difficult.”

It seems that I will have to fight on my own this time.
Puppeteer. He is a puppeteer, and the strength of his abilities varies depending on the number of puppets.
Cynthia’s ability right now is the strongest of the strongest.

You can control various dolls of maximum heavenly skill at the same time.
Push with firepower However, it is unclear how strong Matango’s defense is.
But she had no time to hesitate.

Lowry spoke again.

“This battle is Matango… Wouldn’t Lesbi, Queen of the Amazons, have an advantage here? In fact, Lesbi said she’s faced Matango a lot.”
After hearing Lowry’s words, Cynthia asked Resby about her weaknesses and traits.
As if Resby had been waiting, she gave Cynthia her advice… Upon hearing it, Cynthia nodded her head.

Cynthia undressed her in the air.
A chilly wind brushed her skin, but her slime body didn’t feel much of her cold.
There is only the feeling of being cold.

“Oh my gosh, you’ve decided to have sex with me? That’s wise? I’m going to have at least 10,000 children…”
Matango Queen, in her delusion, stuck out her breasts as she flicked her tongue.
It’s a monster with a mushroom on top of her head, though it’s no different from a human body. That’s all.

However, Cynthia did not intend to give up her body so easily.
She took out her trumpet weapon, Uni + Orange Crystal Fusion Slime, from her subspace inventory.
Cynthia with a cock case and onahole inserted into a double cock.

“Haha… Combined sex in the air… It’s erotic…”
Cynthia, who blew Oh Yuni’s nonsense into her ear, took a deep breath as she felt the double cock fit snugly into her.
At the same time, a glow like the setting sun enveloped Cynthia’s naked body.

Judging that this was a new attack, Queen Matango immediately took control of Po-like mushrooms.
Aka Solar Beam. A skill that accumulates sunlight into a mushroom that spreads spore air and shoots a beam.

Particles of light are converging towards the center of the cap of the mushroom.
Along with a strange sound, a bright green light coalesced into the recessed area.

Meanwhile, Cynthia changed into her new clothes.
When it comes to her Cynthia, it’s just a figure wearing a cock case and ona hole on her naked body…
In the eyes of other beings, it only looked like a magical girl…N.

“Heung! Do you think they’ll look at you because you’re wearing cute clothes? Fire it!”
Solar beams came out all at once from hundreds of mushrooms.

To say that it was the power of a lower monster that received the green crystal and the power of God… A bundle of solar beams, which was unusual, was fired at Cynthia.
Cynthia was just watching it.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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