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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 177

Chapter 177 – Covert Operation and the Betrayal of Female Slime Slaves?!

Sunny afternoon.
Helga and Cynthia met in front of Cynthia’s restored yard.
She sat on a wooden bench and table, facing each other.

“Did you find it? Miss Helga?”
“Yes. I had something urgent to tell you and something I wanted to consult with, so I was rude.”
“No. It’s fine. I’m fine, so call me anytime. But… What’s going on?”

At Cynthia’s question, Helga pulled out her paper bag on her wooden table.

“This is the content of the white missionary school that has appeared recently.”

Cynthia took her envelope and examined what was inside.
Details related to Baekseongyo were tightly written.

“It is a group that follows God who presented the system to players. They say that ordinary people can become players if they believe in God. And if they believe in God and punish the ungodly, they can go to Valhalla, the world where the gods live.”
“Huh… Isn’t it a pseudo?”

Cynthia gritted her teeth and said.

“Yes. But skill is not a fake. In fact, they succeeded in turning ordinary people into players. Even at this moment, Baek Seon-gyo’s touch is spreading. People believe that Baekseon-gyo is a descendant of God. I tried to investigate, but…”
Helga bit her lip.

“Most of them are said to have fallen for Baekseonkyo. Currently, the number of players who are interested in Baekseonkyo is rapidly increasing. They say that they are skillfully persuading and intimidating the top players by touching their weaknesses or what they want.”

Cynthia stood up without looking at any more papers like reports.

“I have to take action right away. Wouldn’t it be enough if we destroy Baek Seon-gyo or something?”
“It’s not that simple. They use special powers. Look at this.”

Helga took out her smart phone and showed a video of a fairy tale that I don’t know where it was recorded.

It was a video looking down diagonally at a person bound with a chair, chains and handcuffs.
When the video was played, a man wearing a white robe, presumably a member of Baek Mission, approached with an unidentified green light.

Confirming the epicenter of the green light, Cynthia looked at the video with her eyes wide open.
That hexagonal crystal. No matter how you looked at it, it looked like a green crystal that had the energy of the earth.

There is no sound, but it seems that the man tied to the chair refuses to enter Baekseon Bridge.
The member who obtained the crystal immediately held the crystal in front of the man’s nose.

Then… A man who suddenly lowered his head.
Where did the strength he resisted go?

“It seems that anyone who looks at that crystal is brainwashed. For reference, that man is the chairman of the Welfare Foundation and is famous for carrying out various welfare projects, so he is called the father of good deeds.”

It was Cynthia who only realized Helga’s identity after hearing her words.

“He refused Baek Mission from the beginning to the end, but eventually gave in because of that unknown power. Even while we are talking here, Baek Mission continues its activities secretly. And Baek Mission has an unknown power. .. Humanity may fall into their hands.”

Cynthia’s cute face was deeply pensive.
As Helga said, you shouldn’t leave Baekseon Bridge as it is, but if that green light and the power of brainwashing are the power of the green crystal, the situation gets worse.

“All-out war is dangerous.”
“What are you talking about?”

Cynthia talked about crystals to Helga, the only player she could trust.
Of course… Except for the story that she made a female slave with slime slaves and an orange crystal with mana of light, and combined it with Fairy Queen Uni to make a new cock case and Oh Alone.

“We have to retrieve the crystal. That’s the only way we can stand against God. However, now that the White Mission has been fully exposed, it’s dangerous all-out. I’m trying to get it back.”

Helga tried to tell her that she was reckless and think of a better strategy, but she shut her mouth.
Cynthia. A player with unimaginable power, a unique player who has teamed up with various races.

The fact is that Cynthia conquers them all with her sex, and if she puts her mind to it, she can mobilize a huge number of races, but…
Helga doesn’t know that yet.
Even if you investigate behind the scenes, nothing will come out because there are excellent Haruna and Hitomi there.

“Helga-sama. I heard she rescued all the guild members.”
“Yes. Fortunately, everything… Is safe. For now.”

For once, it’s safe. There are many meanings in it. Cynthia knew that too, but she didn’t bother to mention it.

“Hellga, why don’t you re-establish the guild in a safe place? For example… My workshop… Near the mountain. It’s easy to recuperate and most enemies won’t bother you.”
“Are you okay?”
“Yes. I’m going out of the world anyway. Baek Mission, God, whatever… I’ll get rid of them all.”

At Cynthia’s promise, Helga nodded her head.

“This time, if we accompany a large number, we will be at a disadvantage. I will secretly infiltrate alone and reveal all of their secrets and mysteries.”
“Is it okay? I suffered quite a bit when I infiltrated the prison.”

Cynthia chuckled at Helga’s concern.

“Yes. I have the support of the different races.”
“Okay. So… I’ll give you a map and the location of their presumed base, just in case. You’ll need this information.”
“Thank you!”

Cynthia didn’t bother to deny anything that might help.


Cynthia decided to take the ona hole cum cock case and Haruna and Hitomi.
Then, when she saw the two female slimes that came out with her belly visible, she decided to just… Just use the dick case.

“You guys, save up your strength. If it’s dangerous, just call Seul-ah and fire a breath… Sena. Make as many TS potions as you can. Tell me the ingredients. I’ll take care of everything.”
“Yes, master! Here are some TS potions I made.”

Cynthia finally gathered her slaves and had a short conversation.
After receiving 3 bottles of TS potion from Sena, she left without delay.

“Ah… The master is in danger… But the master will do just fine.”
“I believe so too.”
“Ahhhhh … I have to take care of the kid!”

When Cynthia disappeared right away, she gave a rather wistful expression and she looked at the spot where Cynthia had disappeared.
There was a female who was watching the scene carefully.

Slime Aurene Queen. And it was Sena.
The slime Aurene Queen and Senna stayed until the end while watching the other slaves get along.
When all the slaves disappeared, the slime Aurene Queen and Senna immediately disappeared somewhere.

“I was waiting for you.”
Cave of the Slime Aurne Queen.
Upon returning inside, a man wearing a robe, a characteristic of Baek Seon-gyo, greeted them politely.

“How does it feel to have your memories back?”
“Hmm… To think that I, the queen of Aurene, became this kind of body and even suffered humiliation… It’s a disgrace.”
“Cynthia. I’ll never forgive you. Make me a seed?”

Surprisingly, the two of them were in a state where the powerful brainwashing that Cynthia had put on them had been released.

“Yes. This is a blessing from God and the power of the crystal. The reason we had to release the brainwashing of the two of you. It is because this crystal contains the energy of the earth. Associated with the queen… Alchemist Senna. The rest of them… The power of the crystal is not yet complete.”

“Whoa… So if this job goes well, there’s no doubt that you’re going to join hands with us, right?”
Slime Aurene Queen smiled strangely and thickly.

“That’s right. Both of you want revenge… Queen Aure makes Cynthia a seed-bearing slave… Senna suffers Cynthia’s lifelong suffering and piles of riches… Will make it happen.”
The man wearing a robe laughed lowly.

“Sena-sama. Did you convey the TS potion or something according to our strategy?”
“Yes. It has a TS effect, but the ingredients have been changed. If you give it a certain wavelength as a potion, it will pop out of the subspace inventory and inject Cynthia in the form of an injection. It will turn her into a woman and her abilities will be greatly reduced.”

Senna crossed her arms and frowned.

“Good. Very good. Then leave the rest to our church. We will pay you as soon as the work is done.”
“Must be alive. You have to catch it intact.”
“Is there any way? Senna-sama made a good weak point and device, so it will be like that. Enough then…”

The man in the robe immediately disappeared on the spot.

Cave of Queen Aurne.
Now, with only the Slime Aurene Queen and Senna remaining…

“Whoa~ Master? Heung…! As revenge for making me like this with sex, I’m going to lay eggs for the rest of my life and remodel my body… Whoop…”
“Okay. But know this. You made me like this too. We’re on the same page, so ughhhhh!”

As soon as Senna showed her hostility, the slime aura Queen Rene pulled out her slime tentacles and wrapped them around Senna’s body.
Her cock-like tentacles burrowed right into Senna’s mouth, into her cunt, and into her ass hole.

Sena’s eyes became hearts because of her pleasure.

“Do you consider me a colleague? Whoa… But what about this? I’ll continue to use you as the egg-bearing mother… Now… Let’s hatch a new egg?”
“Ughhh! Uhhhhh…”

Senna trembled, and she clung to the body of Rene Quinn, the slime.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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