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The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again 176

Chapter 176 – A Strange Cult and Its Secret Activities…

Where no one can easily know.
Dark. It’s wet. Light comes in, but it’s just a ray of light coming in from a very small hole in the ceiling…

A pineapple-shaped prison inside a can of pineapple in a cylindrical model.
The lighthouse built in the middle was a building to watch the prisoners 360 degrees, not the sea.

In a building like a lighthouse, an artificial creature made of magic and a watcher was watching the prisoners for 24 hours without a break.

1 person 1 day. A very old and unsanitary prison.
The identity of the prisoner of a little over a hundred is…

“Save me… Help me… It’s painful…”
“Rather… Kill me… Kill me… Save the guild members…”

They were members of the Holy Knights of Light guild imprisoned.
It’s been more than 15 days since I fell for someone’s trick and got stuck here.

The longer they were trapped in this place, where water, food, and rest were not guaranteed, the longer the guild members’ minds were being devastated.
There were writers who tried to brainwash the guild members by taking advantage of that gap.

They carefully observe how the guild members get tired.
Then, when you see guild members who have reached their limits…

One by one, they are called into another space.
The space was the opposite of a prison, a very luxurious and clean space.

A space comparable to a restaurant in a five-star hotel.
A place where food and beautiful music coexist.

On the wall, gold and silver treasures are piled up like a mountain, giving off a golden and five-color light.
On the soft sofa, beauties I have never seen in my life are posing in bewitching and dangerous poses.
Wearing a micro bikini to seduce the guild members… It was no different from a succubus.

“Here, this is food for you.”
“All you have to do is sign up to join the Order and this food, money and women are yours.”
Two gangsters wearing white robes and even white masks tried to placate the guild members.

“Turn it off… Kill it… Kill me!”
But he didn’t give in.
Kwang- I resisted them with one face.

“No one will come to the rescue.”
“You will suffer for the rest of your life and die.”
“In that case, it’s better to enjoy the pleasure and enter Baekseon Bridge.”

The two followers were persuading the Holy Knights of Light with a mild attitude.

“Pseudo-like bastards… You bastards who want to dominate people… Kkeaaaaa!”
Still, he did not give in to temptation.
He resisted even more vehemently.

After daring to insult Baek Seon-gyo, the two believers took out an injection and injected it into the nape of the neck.
The pain from being stabbed with a needle in my heart spread throughout my body.
He screamed in agony as if his whole body had been pierced by needles.

Of course, there were no wounds on the outside, but inside he was suffering and suffering again.

“How dare you insult Baek Seon-gyo…”
“I’ll let you suffer more and die.”
“Ahhhhh! Kill! Rather!

The guild member, who resisted with all his body, eventually fainted with foam at his mouth.
Seeing his bowed head, the two followers clicked their tongues.

“It’s also foolish.”
“Like the Holy Knights of Light, one will is recognition. We should complete the brainwashing quickly and report it…”
“Yes. It’s easier to fool people’s eyes as much as the system is gone…”


Suddenly, an earthquake shaking the heavens and the earth engulfed the space.
In the aftermath of the earthquake, the luxurious space disappeared into darkness with the sound of chichi-chichi.

This room is a high degree of hallucination and illusion.
As expected, a luxurious space did not suit such a space.
It was just a trap to break the hearts of the members of the Holy Knights of Light guild.

-Intruder. Occur. Believers… Keugh…!
An urgent voice from the emergency siren.
At the word intruder, the two believers looked at each other as they centered themselves.

Is there an intruder in a place that can’t come unless you are a member of Baek Mission?
Not your average intruder…

Cynthia. A player who is close friends with Helga. She is currently one of the most sought after players.
Cynthia’s ability, analyzed by people, is by far the strongest among players.

It is very likely that Cynthia came.
If so, staying here is just like dying a dog.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Rurrrr!

While the roar and vibration continued, the two thought of a player and rushed into action.
One wrapped up a guild member of the Holy Knights of Light who fainted, and the other prepared a teleport to get out of here.

“Yeah. If Cynthia broke in, she wouldn’t be so concerned…”


Right before the teleport was completed, the iron door flew like a sheet of paper and crashed into the wall.
At the same time, a group of pure white lights colored the room filled with darkness with light.

“Ah… No! Teleport doesn’t work!”

The appearance of Helga, not Cynthia.
It also appeared as a divine angel that could have appeared in a famous painting.

Armed with holy white armor and holding a mace and shield in one hand, he was a warrior and angel who defended justice.
The two followers of Baek Seon-gyo tried to escape immediately, but the teleport they were trying to activate suddenly stopped working.

“There will be a judgment of light!”
Helga checked the scattered guild members.
Without hesitation, she struck down the mace imbued with light’s mana.


“Whoa… Uh…!”
“Master’s cock… Semen… Love… Everything is the best. No other man can match his master.”

There is a lot to do.
There is a long way to go, and you don’t know where and how the enemy will come out.
However… It is also important to sincerely appease the slaves who are their own hands and feet.

If I continue to satisfy myself with only Cynthia dolls, my true heart might go away someday.
Loyalty is a two-way street, not a one-way street…

Cynthia decided to take her time and carefully sex each and every slave.
Then, I suddenly remembered the fusion of the 2 remaining slime female slaves.

System notifications completely disappeared.
All information is contained in Cynthia’s head, but she is… She is doubtful that she will be able to use the proper skills.

Player’s problems.
The fact that the majority of players’ systems have been tamed at will.

Skill information is also provided by the system.
If something goes wrong, the system tells you.

Cynthia controls a puppet with a puppet’s thread… It doesn’t have a big impact because it’s a fighting style that relies more on instinct and senses than a system…
In order to use important skills or recently learned skills, a system was also needed.

A situation where many players are now confused after the system disappeared.
If something happens, multiple tribes and Cynthia must step in and resolve it.

“Master! What are you thinking about during sex?”
“Are you thinking of other females?”
“No. I’m worried about something.”

Cynthia’s expression is serious.
I was wondering if you were thinking of another female, but…

“It’s so quiet right now. It wouldn’t be strange if I massacred the players right now… If I were a god, I would. I’d set an example and cause overwhelming fear and division within. But… It’s so quiet.”

Seeing Cynthia’s serious appearance, the two Iris slightly put down their minds to have sex.

“You can have sex anytime… But if the owner is in such serious trouble… Well, it can’t be helped.”
“If there are nice, sexy, sex-savvy, and voluptuous slaves like us, ask them to come out. Huhu…”

The two Iris hugged Cynthia warmly like sweet lovers.
Because of the height difference, the face is covered in soft and gigantic huge breasts! Even though it was buried.

“Master. Bury yourself in the slime queen’s chest and think about it~”
“Ahhh… Milk comes out, so enjoy it to the fullest… Kyaaaaang~♡”

Grumpy, Cynthia pinched both Iris’ nipples and pulled her up.
The two Iris spurted out breast milk in a sudden pleasure.

“Whoa… Seriously. You guys seriously think about it. When peace comes later, later… Um… Uhm… I’ll take all of you and live in our own utopia. Develop your abilities… Real living organisms. A doll… Make my own doll like a homunculus and give it to the slaves… Well… Let’s all live happily ever after.”

At Cynthia’s words, the two Iris spilled their breast milk and smiled sinisterly.
“Ah… Then what about us?”
“We… The two of us who are closest to Master?”

At the words of the two Iris, Cynthia opened her mouth without thinking for a second.

“The two of you… And Krystal, who became an on-a-hole and cock case… Yuni and… I’ll be responsible for the three of them.”
“Ah… Just listening to it makes my pussy bulge… Ha ha… Okay… I love you so much…”

Impressed, the two Iris with heart eyes hugged Cynthia.

“Uh… Ugh!”
“Master. The best~”
“As expected, we are the master’s original wife! I believed in you!”

Slime Iris once again used her breasts to hug Cynthia.

“Hehe… Hehe… As expected, the TS potion I made is the best…”

While Cynthia and Iris were having a sweet time, the TS corrupted slave and slime Senna, who were enjoying being tied to the slime tentacles, groaned.

“Master. Look at that~”
“A male with perfect female corruption… Ahh… Now he’s a perfect slime?”

As the two Iris said, his body, a arsonist and psychopath player, had become a red slime female with a womb full of semen.

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

The Puppeteer Becomes a Player Again

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
You risked your life to kill the Slime Queen. But… I became one with the Slime Queen… [The copyright of the illustration belongs to the artist]


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