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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 72

72 – World Tree-3

“Nice to meet you, I am Eirin, Elder Elf.”

It was fast.

Contrary to their worries, the elder elves intervened surprisingly quickly.

Of course, it wasn’t a matter of distance. Even though the forest was vast, the bird-shaped spirit flew to the world tree in an instant.

It was rare to see Nerwen running on full power, but she was faster than anyone else in the forest, climbing trees.

Considering that the whole area is made up of forests and trees, it shouldn’t have taken her long to get here.

However, it was hard to see this as a normal situation. It’s a matter of distance anyway.

There is no time to gather opinions. No matter where I looked, it didn’t seem like the time to go through the top.

As if he had been waiting for me, as if he had followed me as soon as he heard the news.

“My children have disrespected me.”

Their behavior was not something that can be described simply as rude. However, I couldn’t believe this woman who showed a compliant attitude right away.

I didn’t think that the people who met me were particularly selfish or evil elves.

Kindness without reason is as dangerous as hate without cause. I couldn’t find a reason for her to be so low-key about me.

“You’ve come, Elder!”

Nerwen waved his hand happily. The tension that I had felt just before had disappeared somewhere.

“Good work, Nerwen.”

Seeing the elf elder smiling benevolently, Nerwen smiled brightly as if he was just glad to see him.

“It must have been a difficult journey, but you came back without difficulty. Thank you for your hard work. Nerwen. And the warrior?

I nodded without speaking.

“Whatever you want, the World Tree will give it to you.”

“thank you.”

Still, it might be okay for now.

I don’t know what ulterior motive lies within, but it’s better to fight with words than with arrows and swords.

Following the elder, the party and I slowly walked through the forest.


It was the first time I had seen so many elves. On the way to the World Tree, countless elves were glancing at us.

I felt that their faces were a little similar, but they were all beautiful.

The most mysterious thing was their house.

“Is that… a tree?”

“That’s right. They are all living things.”

There was a row of huge trees, big enough that their size would make them sacred elsewhere.

If it weren’t for the elves watching me through the windows of the tree, I would still be wondering when the elves’ village would come out.

Perhaps because the trees were blocking the light, compared to the dense forest, there was no need to get your feet caught on branches in the village.

It wasn’t just nature and trees that were here.

Statues and buildings that looked like they were carved out of stone blended harmoniously between them, showing off the exotic beauty of the elves.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to come this soon, but I wasn’t fully prepared yet.”

“Did you know I was coming here?”

“I wasn’t sure, but I was looking forward to it.”

Eirin laughed lightly. Eleanor and Celia were also stunned for a moment, admiring the surrounding scenery.

“But master, you should make sure you pick up that arrow just now!”

As if Ceres wasn’t interested in this scenery, he was indirectly shooting at Eirin.

“I have nothing to say. Those children still… don’t know what’s going to help us elves.”

They didn’t disappear, they kept following us for escort reasons. At first glance, I could see that their expressions were distorted.

Then, Farseer smiled slightly and lightly poked me in the side.

“It’s the first time I’ve been to the city of elves… but this is quite spectacular, isn’t it?”

Contrary to her relaxed-looking voice, the hand signals she sent out seemed quite urgent.



The warriors’ party had to be as good at moving as they were at fighting. The wizard’s stealth magic wasn’t absolute, and there were times when you had to keep your mouth shut.

Hand signals were used when Nerwen reported the size of the enemy or set forth further course of action.


-Caution required

Even if it was his first time entering the World Tree Village, it would not have been the first time he had met the elf itself if he was a Farseer.

If she finds this kindness uneasy, I should not let go either.

“That’s right. The air is nice… Ah, Mr. Eirin. How did you know I was a hero?”

“I also have ears in the Empire. Those who welcomed the warrior were the lowest, so they just didn’t receive the latest information.”

“It’s amazing.”

Not even a few months have passed since the turmoil. Among humans, rumors spread through merchants and diplomats, but it was a bit unexpected that the rumor reached elves.

It’s more than just getting information that there are real and fake heroes. I found out that it was not just a rumor, but true information, and even found out that the real hero was me.

If I had a particularly good sense, I might be able to figure out who the hero was through my aura, but even so, I was too quick to judge the situation.

“I’ve been a guide since I was born. If I don’t be well-informed and judicious, I’m putting all of us at risk.”

“Indian… Is it something different?”

“It’s just a role. All elves have a role from birth, and the more faithful they are to that role, the more loyal and responsible they can be called an elf.”

Nerwen also used to say things like ‘born noble’ as a habit.

Perhaps, to them, birth has an important meaning.

“The size and shape of a role has nothing to do with its sublimity.”

Nerwen bit his lip as if something had been stabbed. Certainly, at least outwardly, that elder elf was different from the other arrogant elves.

“Come in. I prepared it in a hurry, so please forgive me if there are any shortcomings.”

Entering a tree house that looked even bigger than any other tree, she opened the door made of bark.

Inside the wooden house, the smooth inner flesh of the wood was exposed, but there was no sign that it had been forcibly cut.

No matter how wide the tree was, it was bound to be narrow compared to other huge houses. Perhaps to overcome that shortcoming, the floors were divided in detail.

As soon as I entered, what I saw in front of me was fresh and beautiful fruits. Before we could figure out the situation, we had to sit down at the table.

“You seem to have a lot to say. But before that, please enjoy the elven fruit.”

The neatly cut fruits felt sweet and moist even at a glance.


Not everyone laughed at her dream.

A wizard’s long-cherished wish was basically a goal he had to achieve himself, but sometimes there were wizards who followed others without their own wishes.

Faren was one of them.

“This is the magic tower. I’ve confirmed contact.”

“Good work.”

The voice of a small, soft wizard flowed through the crystal ball.

“Was your meeting with the elves successful?”

“Halfway, they’re more docile than I thought… I’m sure Enerel has something to ask.”

“The plan failed.”

Faren couldn’t hide his regret.

Even when Farseer decided to put his dreams on hold and help him, the sky seemed to fall, but at least I hoped that respect and atonement would be successful.

“Yes. If the elf came out strong, I was going to show off my skills on this side… but there was no time for me to step forward.”

Farren had never met elves, but the farseers’ words gave him a glimpse of what they were like.

Basically, they are elves who view humans as inferior beings. To get their attention, I had to let go of the idea of being recognized as equals.

Looking like seawater that would cause something big if not touched right away, was the only way to negotiate with them.

“It’s definitely excellent. I’ve noticed it before, but the technology to handle life is unmatched. To the extent that living trees are used as living spaces…”

“You can still achieve what you want.”

“Yes. Is work going well over there?”

Faren sighed deeply.

“It’s ethically questionable.”

“That much is manageable. Did you secure the battlefield where you fought the Orc Lord?”

“Yes. Wizards were involved in the postwar process. Both the imperial family and the nobles wanted to postpone it, so they gladly accepted us.”

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Just because he lost his dream or his goal changed didn’t mean that the wizard Farseer had changed.

Rather boldly and coolly, she carried out her new plan.

“However, you never know when it will be discovered.”

“It’s okay. As long as the plan goes ahead of schedule, it doesn’t matter if they get caught after that.”

Farren’s sorrow deepened as he realized that the Farsi language would not know the meaning of the word.

“Are you worth it?”

If this was discovered, the Mage’s Tower would take a big hit, but they were still making holes to escape little by little.

It would be less than a tenth of the blow she would receive.

“Sure. He’s doing it because he wants to atone for my sins, but he’s worth it.”

“I will believe you.”

We couldn’t keep in touch for long. Since it was right in front of the World Tree, the fact that he had used magic must have leaked to the elves.

The crystal ball lost its light. As always, Farseer finished his sentence and cut off the contact order without any doubt.

Faren was left alone, but there was no time to rest. If the materials were not preserved as soon as possible, there was no guarantee that they would be available when she needed them.

Following Farseer’s command, the mage tower moved in an uproar.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

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It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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