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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 71

71 – World Tree-2

The atmosphere was bittersweet. It didn’t seem like something that would be easily solved.

“That person is a warrior. He came to the World Tree because he had something to ask for!”

The elves respected the hero as well. If it wasn’t for that, Nerwen, the great champion of the World Tree, wouldn’t have entered the warrior’s party.

However, his respect was weaker than that of humans, and his authority as a warrior was bound to be weak.

Unlike the empire, which had to stop the invasion of the demon king right in front of their eyes, the invasion of the demon king was a rather distant event for the elves.

Unlike the humans who almost worshiped the hero due to the influence of the Empire’s authority and the Goddess Church, there was a sense of innocence.

“Then, the others too? Wasn’t the demon lord expelled?”

Still, they couldn’t ignore the value of the hero’s name, and their attitude softened a little.

“The Demon King has been defeated, but this person still has work to do.”

“Is that for the elves?”

The elven scouts looked at Eleanor and asked a firm question. Eleanor averted her gaze, and it was Nerwen who answered again.

“It’s not like that, but it’s necessary.”

The expression of the elf holding the bow darkened. It seemed like there were a lot of worries.

“…I believe in you, but to bring in outsiders, even you, must get permission from the Elven Elder.”

“I know. I’ll be waiting for you, so report it.”

An elf waved her hand, and a spirit emerged from her long, slender hand on the wind.

A spirit in the shape of a bird with feather tips made of wind and a head made of leaves rubbed its face against the summoner.

“Let’s go. Let the elder know.”

Without explaining anything, she raised her hand and sent the bird up into the sky. The spirit flew like the wind toward the World Tree.

“that’s interesting…”

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen a spirit sage, but the way she handled spirits was quite unfamiliar.

Ordinary elemental spirits needed more time to summon spirits, and they couldn’t give orders that easily.

“Elven elemental spirits originally use that method.”

Farseer glanced at me and spoke. She had a tendency to feel frustrated and unable to endure if she did not explain what she knew.

“The spirit magic of other elemental spirits is basically a transaction. Fundamentally, it is no different from offering sacrifices and trading with demons.”

“It didn’t look like that…”

“Emotions can also be sacrificed. Just as priests offer their faith as a sacrifice in prayer to the gods, sympathy and love with the spirits are also sacrificed.”

Celia’s expression hardened a little, but Farseer continued talking without hesitation.

“But elves are different. Elves born as elemental spirits are loved by the spirits for their very existence. Because of this, they cannot deal with other types of spirits, but the bond with the spirits and the strength of the spirits is incredibly strong.”

Is it that you’ve been a spirit sage since birth? Certainly, it was quite surprising to communicate to the spirits without wrapping a letter around their feet or uttering an explicit command.

“Does it take long?”

As I happened to meet the eyes of the elf, I asked how long it would take.

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Judging by the speed of the flying spirit, it didn’t seem like it would be slow to get in touch with the World Tree right in front of me.

However, it is unknown how long the elf elder’s permission will take.

Administrative processes in another world could not be viewed by modern standards. Even when the demon king was right in front of his nose, he had never seen a conclusion come easily once the village chief started a meeting.

Besides, if the opponent was an elf, the notion of time could be a bit twisted. Even if that wasn’t the case, there was no reason to look at us kindly.

I’ve never met an elf. It wasn’t something I wanted to believe, but Nerwen might have a good personality among elves.

Elves are an exclusive and authoritative race. This is true in all books and testimonies.

An elf like Nerwen who came out of the group to talk or venture out could be a little more social.

“It’s not your kind of business to interfere, human.”

The elves’ arrows were faster than the horses. The arrow, which passed at a distance of about a hand from my face, was stuck in the ground and was struggling.


This was a bit risky. It was partly because she had no murderous intentions, but after receiving Nerwen’s cover, she got into the habit of ‘not avoiding the arrows of the elves’.

I didn’t think the elves would shoot arrows clumsily, but there would be no archer comparable to Nerwen. If you didn’t avoid this, you did something dangerous.

“This, you want to fight, right?”

I was the only one who hadn’t drawn my weapon yet. Eleanor drew her sword, Nerwen aimed her bow, and black flames blazed beside Farseer’s raised staff.

“It is you who have done the disrespect. You have polluted this blessed grove with your filthy mouth, asking questions that are not permitted in this sacred land.”

“Nerwen, is it… usually like this?”

He was immediately wary of her, fearing that he would take the side of the other elves, but it was Nerwen who was holding back the elves the hardest.

Farseer was an unprepared wizard after all, and even if Eleanor had recovered to some extent, the swordsman’s attack needed to close the distance.

But Nerwen’s bow is different. Originally from this village, those elves must know how dangerous her bow is.

Even the most arrogant would know that an arrow from her hand would pierce the heart of an elf with the flick of a finger.

“Is it really like this?”

I was dumbfounded and reprimanded Nerwen. Nerwen bowed her head uncharacteristically.

“Apart from the tone of voice, I didn’t expect to fire arrows first. I’m sorry. After all, they’re young elves, so…”

I knew that Nerwen was also on the very young side of the elves, but I felt strange when I saw that he looked after the grown-up elves because they were young.

“Swearing is a normal thing, so that’s it…”

The elf who aimed his bow at me shuddered and shouted.

“Nerwen! You are the great champion of the World Tree. If you do not keep that dignity, all elves lower than you will lose their authority!”

“This person is a warrior. Even if I raise my words, there is nothing to fall from the authority of the elves.”

“We know who the hero is. Even if we don’t care about the outside world, we know that the hero of this generation is a woman!”

Eleanor’s eyes met. She lowered her head as if she had nothing to say.

I didn’t want to force myself to convince myself that I was a hero. Looking at that attitude, even if I was a warrior, it didn’t seem like I would let go of the bow I drew once.

“It’s okay, let’s put down the weapon first.”

can’t kill There is nothing to be gained by killing them now. It would be better to turn your back and leave the forest.

However, Nerwen’s control was weaker than I thought. At least while she was with him, he didn’t seem to get caught up in the fuss.

Even the strongest warrior, in the end, it might be because the real power is held by the elven elders.

“Sounds like nothing! As a human being, apologize for recklessly asking a noble race! If you hold your head upright like that, even Nerwen’s mercy won’t save you!”

“That’s right…”

“You’re rude. An elf who’s neither noble nor sublime. Intelligence doesn’t exist in your head, so it’s just a waste of the lineage and years given to you.”

I forgot for a moment. The personality of the hero party wasn’t that good either.

“Hero, can I burn it? When this forest is half burnt, even those old children will be able to learn human language and etiquette.”

I didn’t even lose my self-confidence. If a Farseer thinks I’m important, he’ll take an insult to me like an insult to her.

To some extent, it was cool.

I don’t think she can fight and defeat all the elves by herself. However, not all trees here are protected by the elves’ magic.

If you go back to the Mage Tower, gather the necessary materials, and prepare for about a month, you will be able to cut the forest surrounding the World Tree in half.

“How dare you!”

“You’ve crossed the line, little wizard!”

However, the elves in front of me were glaring at Farseer in anger.

things got messed up While I was thinking about how to solve this situation, I felt a strange presence.

something was coming no, it was

“Welcome to the World Tree.”

A newly appeared elf bowed politely.

Like all elves, she had a beauty that was difficult to describe in words.

When looking at the elves side by side, they lacked a bit of individuality, but it was undeniable that all the women were beautiful no matter where they looked.

“Hero… Now, you’re being called Baron Enerel.”

Although she had a calm and mature body, the energy she felt from her body was also formidable.

In the end, if it was a simple fight, it would be worse than Nerwen, but looking at the reactions of the other elves, it was clear that he was a pretty authoritative elf.

“Welcome to the World Tree. Please be at ease.”

The elf greeted me with a smile. The elven patrols, even Nerwen, were staring blankly at me as if they didn’t understand the situation.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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