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The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 31

31 – fail-2

Red blood dripped from Eleanor’s hand. she said nothing


In the first place, the blue light shouldn’t have come out.

The holy sword is sharp, but it cannot cut humans.

Of course, its weight alone made it a powerful blunt weapon, and it had enough lethal power. However, power control was possible.

The cutting power is based on the premise of using the power of the hero. It becomes a sword that can cut through anything by consuming very little mana, but it shouldn’t cut anyone if she doesn’t want to.

And, of course, Eleanor had no intention of cutting him down. There was an accident, but it was not such a problem that His Majesty had to kill the person he cared about.

So, the moment she got right in front of him, Eleanor gained the strength of a hero.

If he were an ordinary person, his body would have been cut like soft cloth the moment the light hit him.

“what happened…”

-Hahahahaha, good looking, good looking!

The Holy Sword laughed madly. However, the question of the hero was not resolved.

The holy sword has an ego, but it doesn’t allow you to do anything with it. It can only talk or give advice to the person who caught it, but cannot use force.

It is the hero himself who blows the sword. The holy sword never joined Eleanor’s will, but even with it, Eleanor continued to cut enemies.

It is the strength of the warrior.

Around him, the grains of light swirling without hesitation.

The sword on his shoulder was just raised without any damage.

Enerel didn’t say anything, just stood there with her head bowed.

Eleanor finally realized the ideal.

“…no way.”

As if Eleanor wasn’t a hero from the beginning, she couldn’t use the power of a hero at all.

It was neither he nor the holy sword that wounded her hand.

“Now… you don’t need this, do you?”

Opening her eyes, Enerel casually pulled the blade of the holy sword.

Eleanor, whose grip on the sword had loosened for a moment due to the pain she felt in her hand, had to watch the holy sword enter helplessly into his hand.

It wasn’t just a matter of the holy sword. The protection of the goddess she had accumulated during her journey, and the power of a hero, were not left at all.

According to the will of its rightful owner, the power returned to its original place after a long journey.


The fallen mage stared blankly at the sight.

He was thinking that he might be able to get his powers back if he wanted to.

But in that long time, he never tried it. You could use that power to intimidate others or demand better treatment at any time you wished.

But he never said anything like that. He silently accepted his treatment.

Until yesterday, I wouldn’t have understood the behavior. You wouldn’t even have to try to understand.

There is no need to try to understand why the demon beast, which suddenly became quiet, returned before its prey.

But now I could understand.

Every minute and every second the demon king is alive, a person dies. It wasn’t Enerel who didn’t know that.

Even if he exercised the power of a legitimate warrior, he would have been able to defeat the demon king, but he would not have been able to kill the demon king as overwhelmingly and quickly as this party of warriors did.

Most of his suffering was related to the speed and audacity of the warrior party. Every time he saw the corpses of those who had been sacrificed in the demon king’s attack, he let out a moan full of pain.

endured for that endured for that. Because I loved this world, because I was able to sympathize with each and every dying person.


If I had tried to understand him even a little bit, would something have changed?

Eleanor hurriedly dodged the holy sword falling in front of her.

It was a holy sword that struck powerlessly, and did not contain the strength of a hero at the end.

However, he had to do his best to evade his swordsmanship, which was full of sadness and fatigue.

Even though it wouldn’t be released outside, the power he used to move that sword was definitely the power of a hero.

“Are you going to fight!”

should have expected To the common people, Nerwen’s attack was certainly fearful, and running away was not something to be ashamed of.

But in their last meeting, instead of running away when he saw Nerwen, he clenched his fists and prepared to face him.

Although Nerwen’s power may not be overwhelming compared to other superhumans, he is a great champion of the World Tree. Normal strength cannot withstand it.

“Is that why you said you were lucky?”

Even if he didn’t express his gratitude, it was not a normal behavior to leave the place leisurely as if nothing had happened. He was already ready to get the warrior’s power back.

Eleanor hastily drew her spare sword and returned to her stance.

His actions aren’t even swordsmanship. I don’t feel the intent to kill or the skill. I just put my resentment on it and lowered the sword.

However, even a casually waggled tail of a dragon can kill a person. That sword attack was dangerous.

“What… do you want?”

“Well, I was returning just a moment ago…”

His steps were heavy. His body moved, staggering, as if it were difficult to even walk one step at a time.

“That’s because I just gave up. I don’t know what to do.”

The hero gripped his sword firmly and swung it at him.

A sword-to-sword battle of power is just a foolish delusion. As long as she has the power of a hero, her sword cannot inflict fatal wounds.

I had no choice but to attack him first and make his intention to attack disappear.

But he easily dodged her attack. It was a movement that was neither loud nor grandiose, as if Eleanor knew how to attack.

“…This is an attack that should have killed me.”


At the words he spat out, the princess bit her lip.

You cannot cut people with a holy sword. Even if it touches the body, it does not lead to fatal injuries.

The conditions were optimal for training. He had to become strong in order not to die at the hands of demons, and Eleanor forcibly raised his evasion skills and swordsmanship.

As the strongest knight in the empire, she unknowingly uses the power of a hero to push them. The struggles to escape the violent beating still remained in Enerel’s memory.

And, what she said remained.

In the end, she couldn’t avoid the princess’s attack and when she collapsed in pain to the point of death, she approached me with a cold expression and said,

-This is an attack that should have died. Avoid if you don’t want to die.

However, now that he has gained the strength of a hero, his overwhelmingly powerful physical abilities and body vision have risen to the point where he can evade the princess’s sword.

He had sparred with her dozens or hundreds of times. His body, not his head, remembered what kind of attack the princess would take when she showed her eyes.

Even if the princess luckily brought the sword to his body, there was no chance of winning. A clumsy attack would only scratch his body, but not a fatal wound.

“Since when, since when did you take it back!”

“From the beginning.”

Eleanor couldn’t open her mouth any longer. Even a little out of breath, I couldn’t withstand his attack.


Clearly, even though he landed the blow properly, the burden on his body was enormous. It’s hard to even get back into position, let alone counterattack.

He stumbled and gnashed his teeth and got up. Her mind was also in turmoil.

I thought he had run away from his duties. He thought that giving up his power was a natural price to pay for it.

Every time he clears a dungeon, slays gigantic monsters, receives blessings according to the goddess’ plan, and gains the power of a warrior, he took the abilities given to him for granted.

However, that was an illusion. Regardless of her achievements or how hard she worked, the hero’s power was his from beginning to end.

Those who worked hard had to get paid for it. Those who have silently fulfilled their responsibilities must, of course, be respected and stronger than others.

However, he was never weaker than her for a single moment.

It is difficult to block the sword attack. She knew better than anyone how powerful the warrior’s power was.

It is a body that has become accustomed to the power of the hero and the holy sword.

She was a competent knight before, so she could adapt if she had time, but the thin sword and weak body she was holding now made Eleanor hesitant.

dizzy. It seems to fall down. The princess stopped thinking and, following her instincts, avoided and blocked his sword.

“Ah, protect the princess! If we leave it as it is…”

It was a secret space, but there was no escort to protect the princess and the emperor. They each drew their spears and swords and surrounded Enerel.

And that held onto the fainting spirit of the princess.

“What are you doing? Get out of the way!”

“Ha, but…”

“Take His Majesty the Emperor and other priests and wizards! I’ll be blocking this guy, so get away quickly!”

Whether or not she had the power of a hero, what she had to do didn’t change.

to do her duty.

No one is given an ordeal that they can overcome.

In front of a huge group of ogres, the human soldiers are just a snack.

In front of a necromancer who drives a group of huge corpses, there is nothing a single soldier with a bow can do.

But, even so, it holds its place. They sacrifice for the Empire, no matter how small the position. Without hesitation, I offer my life given to each one.

She admitted she couldn’t win. It’s only a matter of time before he gets used to the hero’s power.

However, that was not a reason for him to run away.

I didn’t know how far his anger would spread, but at least I had to stop it from her line.

“I can’t go one step from here!”

Eleanor planted her legs firmly on the ground and used the last strength of her exhausted body to raise her sword.

to fulfill one’s duties.

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

The Hero Party With Whom I Am About To Part Ways Is Obsessed With Me

작별을 앞둔 용사 파티가 내게 집착한다.
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It’s been two years since I went on an adventure following the hero’s party as a porter. He finally kills the Demon King and is waiting for the day he returns home. However, people I don’t want to see again keep wandering around next to me.


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