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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 12

EP.12 – 11. Master’s past that the student does not know

“Hmm. Come to think of it, I didn’t tell Sera about Valik.”

I ended my mercenary life and started living in seclusion, sorting out all my past ties. I started because I wanted to live quietly alone in the first place, so I could see that it was a natural decision for me to sort out past ties. Organizing the mercenary’s relationship was very easy. Being a mercenary is a job where breakups are common, so of course it was easy.

But there was just one person who wasn’t easy

Rather than thinking and acting rationally on the subject of mercenaries, he was a guy named Balik, who always seemed to run out of emotions.

He was a guy I taught a lot about. It was really hard to teach him because he had a bad head, but his strength was a master’s and his fighting sense was genius, so it was difficult to teach him.

I never imagined that he would take the position of the mercenary king, who was said to require both force and intellect.

“Have you not made a disciple yet? What a chore.”

I remembered the last conversation I had with Valik.

– Brother Jade! Next time we meet, I will make sure to make my own disciple and go to say hello! It’s a promise!

-Then I’ll never see you again. too much for you

-really! Let’s see! I will definitely make a disciple and say hello! Until then, I will never go looking for it!

-I have no intention of telling you where I will hide away anyway… .

-Let’s see! I’ll be sure to go say hello!

“If it was his personality, he would still be looking for disciples, saying he would keep his word. However, considering that the candidate for the hero came to me, even the mercenary king… . Are you saying that bureaucrats have even the slightest conscience?”

No matter how close I was to Valik

So even if the arm bends inward

Considering that no matter how much I think about being a disciple to Balik, I have no choice but to give a negative answer.

If the bureaucrats were human, they wouldn’t have sent disciples to him.

“Anyway, if you say you are my disciple, I think he will help you a lot… . Nope. I can’t ignore the possibility that my disciple is his disciple, but he was trying to teach me strange things.”

As a result, I came to the conclusion that it was a really good decision not to talk about Balik.

But will he live well?

A guy like the mercenary king won’t go around getting beaten up… .

I’m sure you’re doing well!


“Ha ha ha ha ha! I could never have thought he was Jade-hyung’s disciple!”

“… … .”

Sara must have felt a feeling that was hard to explain. I could never have thought that the mercenary king was one of Master’s acquaintances! Sera knew the mercenary king well. Although I had never lived as a mercenary, it was because I had many things to do with mercenaries. However, she was definitely a candidate for a hero, so it was only natural that the mercenary she had the most relationship with would be a mercenary with a high rank, and especially the mercenary king.

To be honest, it didn’t mean that we were close because we knew each other well.

The mercenary king was dissatisfied with the fact that a candidate for the warrior did not come to him as a disciple. In other words, from the mercenary king’s point of view, should I say it’s the feeling of seeing a kid who might have come in as my disciple become someone else’s disciple and is very active? That’s why, whenever I saw Sera, who was always a candidate for the hero, I had to live in an awkward relationship with my mouth sticking out and grunting. Even though he talked a lot, as a result, he always listened to Sera’s requests, so Sera never felt that it was a bad relationship.

However, as for the part about the disciple, Sera could not agree at all. It was also because Sera was well aware of the mercenary king’s disciple education plan. It wasn’t because he was particularly interested in it, but because the mercenary king talked about his discipleship training plan whenever he drank, he couldn’t help but want to know.

Even Sera, who had gone through all sorts of grueling training under all sorts of bizarre teachers, could never agree with the mercenary king’s method. The mercenary king himself insisted, ‘If you do this, you can become the strongest, so of course you have to raise it like this!’ In the first place, making a plan that cannot be done with the human body and saying, “If you achieve this, you can become the strongest.” To an aspiring wizard who does not know anything about the 9th circle magic, “You can become the strongest if you can handle this.” It has nothing to do with saying

For reference, aspiring wizards who have not even properly laid the foundations of magic burn their brains as soon as they read the 9th circle magic book. It was said that what the mercenary king said he would do was no different. As it was the conclusion of the disciple expert Sera, the credibility was very high.

I once heard these words from the mercenary king.

-The ‘senpai in this industry’ who taught me a lot said that you won’t be the one to teach someone. I yelled out loud when I broke up with him. If I raise a decent disciple, I will introduce you. It’s a shame that I haven’t been able to meet that senior because of that promise. … huh? If you want to see it like that, can’t you just go? If you become a man, you have to work through useless stubbornness until the end. Kww.

“Jade hyung taught me so many things. He’s a senior I’m so thankful for, so I want to go say hello somehow… . I ended up shouting, ‘The next time I meet you, I will definitely make a disciple and greet you!’ I never thought that Jade, who said he would never take in disciples, would raise such a great disciple before me and appear in front of me like this! ha ha ha ha! It’s alcohol! Bring more wine!”

… I would never have thought that a senior in the industry would have been my teacher.

If you think about it, when you think about the time when Master was active as ‘Steel Jade’, it overlapped exactly with the time the mercenary king Balik was talking about. However, no matter how many mercenaries there are, no matter how many mercenaries are in the same industry, and how many regions they operate in… . I could never have imagined that the senior the mercenary king Valik was talking about was Jade… .

Even Sarah, who has knowledge, experience, and cunning, did not know this, but it was not a strange situation at all.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Even though he looked like a mummy wrapped in bandages, the mercenary king was enjoying the present moment coolly drinking alcohol. The healing wizard told me not to drink alcohol… . But no one stopped it. Sarah didn’t stop either. The reason she decided to do it was because Sarah knew very well that the mercenary king, Valik, was a man she enjoyed doing right now no matter how hard she suffered later.

“I couldn’t believe that Jade-hyung was a candidate for the hero. I thought he’d long since retired and forgotten from the heads of the can-like imperial bureaucrats when his fame was about to spread throughout the empire. Well, thanks to you, I’m glad I met Mr. Jade’s apprentice. How is your brother?”

“… Yes, you are doing well.”

“yes? Can’t you speak casually like before?”

“… It can’t be.”

Talking badly to Master’s acquaintances?

Sarah could never do it.

I thought that it was too late because I had already been injured by an accident, but wouldn’t it be time to close my eyes and pretend to reflect? No matter what anyone says now, it was the mercenary king Balik.

‘If you think today’s work will go to Master’s ears… .’


I’d rather fight the demon lord!

It was to the point that I was more afraid of not knowing what kind of accident that mouth might cause than the countless failures I had suffered from the devil!

Even the time when my soul was stolen by a mad sword and enslaved was not so scary!

“Ha ha ha ha ha! what? Jade-hyung raised him by beating him… .”


“If you speak ill of Master, I will kill you.”

“… hey. Wouldn’t it be less pretentious to just speak plain language than to say that you will kill someone with respect?”

“… Sorry. It is a mistake.”

For a moment, that mouth talking recklessly about Master looked like the snout of a demon king, so I stopped for a moment… . Or, in Sera, ‘Wouldn’t it be better if I could never open that mouth again?’ It may be that the same shady desire holds the ruler.

“Ha ha ha! It’s a joke. Joke. I know best that Jade is not that kind of person.”

“Is that so?”

Sarah was humiliated. It was also because Jade was not the type to talk about her past. Considering that she sat in the position of an A-class mercenary that no one could rise to, she would have lived a turbulent life, and if she lived such a life, it would not be strange to talk about this and that to her student, but Jade thought that her past would tell her student. There were not many cases where I said that I couldn’t do it. At least, there may have been times like this. I’ve been dealing with… .’ To that extent, to what extent, the experience was all about speaking for Sera’s lack of experience (which Jade mistakenly thought it was).

Therefore, to Sera, the mercenary king Balik could be seen as one of the few precious people who closely observed Master’s past. Although it was true that it was still a very serious problem that he was the one who made such a character half-baked.

Anyway, when the story of Jade’s past came out, Sera had no choice but to react.

“Doesn’t I just look like I have a bad head?”

“… … .”

“… If so, just say ‘yes’.”


“it’s okay. Anyway, I have a bad head just by looking at it. But instead, I don’t know if it’s because he’s strong and has an excellent fighting sense. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that becoming a mercenary was my destiny. If there’s a problem, mercenaries aren’t the only thing that matters. I might be able to make a name for myself as a mercenary with only arms, but the problem was that it was wrong to survive as a mercenary for a long time. But I didn’t even know that obvious fact at the time. A kid who just ran amok drunk on his own power, that was me. Then one day I met Jade hyung.”

Sarah imagined.

Valik who believes only in strength and goes wild

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Jade discovered after seeing such a mercenary

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Jade brilliantly wields her sword and makes her realize the subject… .

“It was a battlefield. He dragged all the Gang Ha-dan guys, left them all to me, and then quietly disappeared.”

“… … .”

… It wasn’t a story about being beaten.

It’s really sad from the disciple’s point of view.

“Then, when I really felt like I was in a moment of crisis, Jade hyung appeared and cleaned everything up so simply. In the first place, it was so overwhelming that you could tell just by looking at it that if it was Jade-hyung’s skills, there would be no need to do such a cowardly thing. So it’s almost half-tone… . It was like it is now.”

“… … .”

Regarding that part, Sera couldn’t find anything to say, so she kept quiet.

“Jade hyung-ssi looked down at me and said, ‘A guy like you who has a bad mind, is extremely strong, and has excellent combat sense, you have to experience it firsthand to learn.’ And that’s it. ‘You’re destined to become a mercenary, but right now you don’t live long and your life seems short-lived.’”

“And then?”

“yes? And?”

“Yeah, what about next?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“… … ?”

“I just left those words and left. I was really dumbfounded too. After making people roll over and saying all sorts of bad words, they just disappear. How stupid must I have been?”

“… … .”

at that point

Sarah was silent.


to our master

that young knights often suffer from

Was there such a thing as a stormy period?

My face blushed as I thought about it.

It was not because I felt embarrassed as a disciple for knowing Master’s embarrassing appearance.

Wherever… .

‘I want to see the master of those days. It would have been cute… .’

… It was just a symptom of being overly obsessed with it.

It was a situation where someone would exclaim, “It’s a really good time.”

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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