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The Hero Disciple Is Back Chapter 11

EP.11 – 10. Is the disciple doing well?

“… It’s night.”

Did you get used to it while repeating the fainting show?

Even so, the speed of mental recovery was accelerating, albeit slightly.

… Are you lucky?

“Still, it must be a positive thing to be able to achieve even a little meaningful results.”

‘Nature’s mana’ is also very small, but slightly increased. Isn’t it meaningful that the stunner show didn’t become meaningless? At least when I just lost my Auror Heart, I decided to think that good is good because it was clear that the situation had gotten better when I just thought of the bleak times.

“How strong does he have to be?”

If you think about the identity of Mr. Lars, who is more than a top-notch wizard, maybe even a great wizard, if you think about how such a person looks so low-key… . It won’t be normal strength. Maybe you’ve already surpassed the master’s level? No matter how much he thought he was his disciple, wouldn’t he have pushed it to an absurdly high level? I guessed it high enough to cause such troubles, but I thought it was possible enough considering the tremendous talent that the student showed me.

I couldn’t ignore the possibility that maybe my aura heart was also running to a higher level by perfectly handling it.

Well, no matter how much I thought about it, I thought it was a very stupid idea… . Dealing with someone else’s Aura Heart wouldn’t be that difficult. If they match surprisingly well, the story may be different, but since the probability of such a thing happening in the first place is low, wouldn’t the meaning of ‘compatible well’ lead to a good meaning?

If that’s not the case, if your Auror Heart pants and listens like a loyal dog that listens well, the story will be different again… .

Considering his personality during his mercenary days, it would be unreasonable to expect his Auror Heart to be such a friendly guy.

“I just want you to stay healthy… .”

As a teacher, it is inevitable that you will just earnestly wish and hope that your student is doing well.


The emperor thought it was a crisis.

That’s why he overreactedly selected warrior candidates and made them have teachers who were above the ranks of masters. But here comes a problem. It is also important to create a lot of warrior candidates. The strategy of increasing a lot of excellent warriors in the name of being a candidate for a hero wasn’t bad either.

But who is the real warrior?

How do you pick a real warrior here?

That is, that’s it.

Things have happened, so I guess I’ll have to do something

I can’t do anything

In many ways, if you don’t create any project and run it, it seems to be a problem as it is.

so as a result

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Just wide open and see

It was a ignorant waste of administrative power that can often happen when you try to do something in an emergency situation in a huge system at the national level. Once committed, ‘I leave the future to me or my colleagues!’ It was the same guy.

Anyway, the important thing is to decorate it to look plausible at this moment.

However, blindfolding right now like this will eventually cause problems.

In this case it is

It’s ‘selection of warriors’.

It was good to select a lot of warrior candidates and entrust them to teachers who are more than excellent masters at the level of ‘It would be good if there were many hero candidates, and as a result of whether or not a hero appeared, it would be good if there were more high-end forces capable of fighting the demon army in the future.’ .

The problem was how to select a warrior.

I just want to leave it to the temple… .

The problem was that he entrusted his disciples to the masters of the temple. For the paladins or the combatants.

In other words, this time, even the temple became a stakeholder.

Even if the temple chooses a warrior candidate from the temple side as a warrior, no one would believe it. In a situation where you have to pick up a warrior and unite around him, ‘Are you a warrior? Aren’t you a warrior?’ There will be a lot of controversy with it. It was a matter of not wanting to send a candidate for the warrior to the temple in the first place after calculating this, but it was unreasonable because it was a situation where there was no choice but to send a candidate for the warrior to the temple after selecting too many candidates in the first place. In the first place, considering the vast network of connections in the temple, it would be a very difficult problem to determine whether or not he was a candidate for the divine warrior.

In any case, it is obvious what the national system would do in this case.

He created the title of ‘Hero Selector’, gave it to the right people, and declared, ‘This is a secret, so no one can tell it.’ If you say that there is a plausible title and talented people who keep it top secret, is it something plausible? It is to make people mistakenly think, “The state has thought about everything and worked on it.” The truth is that it’s nothing more than a patchwork project to cover things up in a hurry.

In addition, it is not so reliable that it is a state secret. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s just that all talented kids secretly know about it. If it was a country that was good at things in the first place, there would be no way to deal with things in such a way that there are a lot of backstories.

In other words

If you know who the ‘heroic selectors’ are and use your hands in advance

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was decided who would be the hero.

What does that mean?

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the regressor who decided to become a hero had been predestined from the beginning.


The mercenary king Balik could be seen as unfair in many ways.

All of the other top ranks and above received a candidate for the hero as a disciple. It wasn’t a story about him. However, in a way, it was a part that could be seen as the minimum conscience of the imperial officials. It was because the mercenary king was the worst famous person as a teacher.

Originally, the mercenary king was armed and armed, but it was a position that could only be attained by having the intelligence to lead the mercenaries and control the industry so that it would not be noisy. But in a chaotic world, can’t we argue about that? In the end, the current mercenary king position was only based on military force, excluding intellect. That was the current mercenary king, Balik.

You know when I say this… .

The mercenary king, Balik, had a bad brain.

Fortunately, it was not the bottom to notice and feel.

That’s why, since it was a difficult time, he managed to organize the most noisy mercenary industry with his force, and managed to solve his lack of intellect with his senses and senses, and managed it well. That’s definitely something that deserves high marks, but… . Raising disciples was a different matter.

It is natural that the mercenary industry is overflowing with guys who prefer to collide with their bodies. Since these guys are like that, it was only natural that there were a lot of guys who jumped at them with enthusiasm, saying that they would learn a lesson from the current strongest mercenary, the mercenary king.

By the way… .

By the way… .

… Not a single one of those guys was on his back.

The one who endured the position of apprentice under the mercenary king… .

A very famous story… .

That’s why they were bureaucrats who sent warrior candidates to A-class mercenaries who were retiring, but they couldn’t bear to send warrior candidates under the mercenary king. There was such a thing because they had a minimum conscience, but it was also not small because of the fear that they might send a person who might be a real hero under the mercenary king with their own hands and meet the ending of ‘died before becoming a hero’.

That’s why the mercenary king had a lot of complaints.

Unless he sends a disciple to himself

It was because he was entrusted with the troublesome position of ‘Hero Selector’.

‘It’s not my fault. It’s the fault of those who can’t learn even that simple thing.’

The Mercenary King was unfair.

He didn’t teach difficult things like some wizards did.

It wasn’t like the swordsmen, who were full of ostentatiousness and just taught complicated swordsmanship.

very simple

very simple

very simple

Even so, he definitely taught me how to become stronger.

Where can I find such a good teacher? A teacher who guarantees free time as long as you fill a day’s worth?! What a new-age teacher is! That’s why the mercenary king praised himself as a very good teacher.


in this world

teacher or professor

For someone who says ‘I’m a good teacher (professor)!’

There was no such thing as a really good teacher (professor).

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was the ‘truth’.

In the first place, there was a problem with the Mercenary King’s method.

It wasn’t that he made a noise.

He leaves out all the complexities

I just have a really simple way

It taught me to be strong.

If there is a problem, the body that can do it is impossible unless it is the body of a giant.

What do you need magic if you have overwhelming physical strength? Why do you need in-depth swordsmanship?


The mercenary king, Balik, was a man who was a genius when it came to physical strength and combat. It was natural for a genius to not understand the reality and psychology of criminals at all. I could never have imagined that the strange situation would end when Balik, the brainless, was a ‘genius’ and could not understand ‘ordinary people’. But the world was originally full of such irony.

Anyway, the mercenary king Balik didn’t like the position of ‘Hero Selector’.

in that situation

Added reasons for not liking it.

“Cool. Cool. Cool.”

It was because some crazy bitch came in and almost made herself into a half-baked state.

Mercenary King Balik

Since he is the strongest in terms of military power, a man who took the position of the mercenary king with only that military force in a position where he should have had intellect originally. Such a man has become half-dead.

“Yeah. After all, the world is wide.”

The Mercenary King’s body screamed, but he got up. The special greatsword that only the mercenary king could hold was cut. It was cut off even though it was in the state of sincerely containing an aura. Although Balik was not a Transcendentalist, he was a monster who could draw a draw without losing even to the Transcendentalists with his tremendous strength, toughness, sense, and mental power. Even so, the whole body screamed like this, and even the great sword was broken. Even though this greatsword was the only greatsword in the world made of a special metal so that it would not be broken even by the Transcendentalist’s Aura Blade.

In other words, it was a part where you could see how insanely strong the attacker, the mad bitch, was.


Mercenary King Balik stood up.

I know you can’t win

It was only because he had a bad head, and he wasn’t such an idiot that he couldn’t even recognize reality. Rather, as a genius in terms of combat sense, he was able to see through the opponent’s capabilities more accurately than anyone else.

“Choose a hero for me. Then I’ll just leave.”


It wasn’t because of a sense of duty to be fairly determined as much as he sat in the position of ‘heroic selector’. It was because there was no sense of responsibility for the position of ‘Hero Selector’ to the extent of arguing about such things. It was because he could tell just by looking at the reactions of the officials who entrusted him with this job, that this position of ‘Hero Selector’ was created by the empire in a hurry. He just had a bad head, but he wasn’t an idiot.

so that

he is in this place

The reason I said no was not a great reason.

“You crazy boy. Do you know what I hate the most in this world?”

“do not know.”

“Yeah, I don’t know. let me know in particular I’m strong like you, so I’m a guy with arrogant eyes, saying that this world goes my way. So I feel very good right now. I’m weaker than you, but I can make you feel worse than anyone else at this moment, right?”

“And even if you die?”

“Kuk-kuk. If you become a man, you should know how to stick to useless stubbornness until the end.”

“… Crazy?”

“Quack-quick-quick. How dare you say so openly to me? This is the first time since ‘Jade’ hyung.”

“what… ?”

“… … ?”

“… … ?”

“… … ?”

For a while, an awkward silence that was difficult to explain began to dominate the space.

The Hero Disciple Is Back

The Hero Disciple Is Back

용사 제자가 돌아왔다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
My disciple is a candidate for the hero. However, it is said that he became a real warrior and defeated the demon king. But , “Master, do you want to see me go crazy?” The state of the returned disciple is strange.


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