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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 184

“Looks like it worked out.”

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han, who was sitting on the sofa and holding his smartphone, smiled. On the screen, the KakaoTalk message I had just shared with Seonghyun Choi was displayed.

‘I was worried that things might go wrong… … .’

It was a fact that Choi Seong-hyun already knew that he had feelings for Jeong Ga-in. And looking at the situation roughly, it seemed that Jeong Ga-in had a heart of her own.

However, originally, it is the time to continuously increase the number of meetings and get to know each other little by little… … .

Choi Seong-hyeon was having a particularly busy time these days, and Jeong Ga-in, who was in the midst of preparing for the Olympics as a national representative, was at the level of needless to say.

If this is the case, the situation could naturally become fuzzy.

Isn’t there a saying that when the body is far away, the mind is also far away. It’s easy for a long-distance relationship to fade even if it’s already heated up, but if it hasn’t even started yet, the impact has to be much greater.

That’s why I made a place with my own care.

Of course, paying attention like this could be a hindrance, and even if they were in the same space in the first place, they might not be able to run into each other and just pass each other… … .

Kang Tae-han still decided to put his hopes on the relationship between the two, and judging from the content of the Kakao Talk, at least it seemed to have worked successfully so far.

‘From now on, Seonghyun will take care of himself.’

Choi Seong-hyeon, as he is now, was a sociable person who had good interactions with the people around him from before.

So, I have a lot of love experience.

Of course, Kang Tae-han, who has already lived beyond his 60th birthday, has more life experiences, but when it comes to love affairs, Choi Seong-hyun may be more skilled.

Their role is simply to lay the appropriate board.

After that, I just leave it to my friends. Kang Tae-han smiled and put the smartphone back into his pocket.

“Is Seonghyun KakaoTalk?”

“yes that’s right.”

Meanwhile, Director Hwang, who was sitting opposite and working on a laptop, asked insinuatingly. Pretending not to care, but secretly showing interest, the corners of his mouth twitched at Kang Tae-han’s answer.

“How is it going?”

“I don’t know, but thank you.”

“ha ha ha! It looks good.”

At Kang Tae-han’s words, Chief Hwang even clapped his hands and burst into laughter. What to hide, not only Kang Tae-han but also Chief Hwang were involved in this plan. He said, slightly pushing the laptop he was working on forward.

“I knew it would be like this. If this doesn’t work for each other, no matter how you try to connect them, you can’t do it, but if it works, just lay the board in moderation and it will go smoothly on its own.”

“It will be… … .”

At Director Hwang’s words, Kang Tae-han thought for a moment.

Certainly not wrong. Choi Sung-hyun, who has an aptitude for yin and yang, and Jeong Ga-in, who are born with five elements.

Well, it may be a little exaggerated to say that the heavenly match was given, but there is no choice but to be naturally attracted to each other. If I had to express it, I would say it’s a compatibility.

“There is a little bit of that.”

In fact, there are parts that believed in that and pushed forward with this plan. If things go wrong, it’s worse than not doing it, but it was a situation that could have worked out on its own unless there were some serious incidents.

“… But, that’s the way it is.”

Director Hwang, who was showing an excited reaction for a while.

Then, as if he had suddenly remembered, he turned his attention to Kang Tae-han in front of him.

“How is Taehan’s love business going?”


When Kang Tae-han pointed to himself and asked a question that suddenly came in, Director Hwang nodded and asked again.

“Yes, Tae-han. I’m sure you’re in a relationship… I haven’t heard anything in detail.”

Of course, there’s no reason, and there’s no need, to keep track of each other’s relationship status while meeting at work.

but… From the beginning, Chief Hwang tended to be friendly with the employees beyond a business relationship, and especially in the case of Kang Tae-han and Choi Seong-hyun, even though the period of meeting was short, he thought they were quite close.

So, well, I can’t help but be interested in this part. However, Kang Tae-han tilted his head with an ambiguous expression.

“I do not know. I think it’s a bit vague to say.”

“Why, what happened?”

“no. It’s not like that… I am shy.”

“… Um, that’s right.”

Needless to say, Kang Tae-han is a person who is far from being shy. Of course, there are things like ‘Chief’ because I’m shy about the expression ‘President’, so I prefer the expression ‘Chief’, but… … .

Still, I’m not the one who can’t speak because I’m shy. If so, there is something difficult to say. Director Hwang, who read the atmosphere roughly, nodded as if he understood roughly.

‘I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal, but… … .’

Still, it’s a secret to be sure.

If you intend to protect it, keep it without exception, and if you do not intend to protect it, do not keep it from the beginning. The moment you make an ambiguous exception or say that time has passed, you will have nothing to say even if it is revealed at any time.

Of course, you can’t keep it a secret for the rest of your life, but… At least at the moment of revealing it, it is not her decision, but Yoo Se-ah’s decision.

Maybe that’s the truth.

Kang Tae-han shrugged his shoulders with an embarrassed expression.

“Well, maybe there’s an opportunity to tell you later.”

“… As a wedding invitation?”

“Ha ha, not such a big deal.”

At Chief Hwang’s words, which looked far ahead, Kang Tae-han burst into laughter and waved his hand.

* * *

“How are you, Archin? Isn’t that bad?”

“Yeah, that’s good.”

A man in a wheelchair looking around.

An elderly man called Arheen spoke in a voice that sounded quite impressed.

“I have been to Korea once a long time ago… … .”

He looked around the trees in the park, then slightly raised his gaze and looked around once more. Everywhere you look, you can see tall buildings.

“It feels completely different from then.”

“When did you come?”

“When I was just starting my acting career.”

“Haha, then it makes sense.”

It was almost 30 years ago that he retired after making a name for himself as a national actor. Even more so, if it was around the time I started acting, it would have been much earlier than that.

After roughly estimating the time, Marchesi unknowingly burst into laughter and said,

“Isn’t that the time when the Soviet Union still existed?”

“That’s right.”

“Sensei Gandhi is still alive.”

“Dude, I’m not that good.”

“Hahaha, of course I’m joking.”

At the words of Arheen, who made a false voice, Marchesh replied with a smile. The cool breeze that was blowing at the right time felt quite good.

Did you walk without speaking for a while?

“… Honestly.”

Archin, who had been sitting quietly, opened his mouth quietly.

“I wondered if it would be right to come all the way to this faraway country to get a massage. The one you sent was also quite effective. What is that, a massage chair?”

“Well… So?”

“But apart from coming for a massage… You don’t feel too bad, Marchesi. To come on a trip like this with you is itself.”

Marchesi, who had been expecting an appropriate joke as usual, paused for a moment with a confused expression on his face. For no reason, I felt a stabbing in my chest.


“… Yes?”

“What’s up?”

When the pusher stops, the wheelchair also stops. When Arheen looked back and asked insinuatingly, Marchesh smiled lightly again and started moving his feet.

“No, just… I think it’s been a while since I’ve been somewhere with Archin.”

Unsurprisingly, Marchesi has toured overseas several times during that time. For business, socializing, going to watch your favorite team play.

Well, there must be quite a few people who own private jets in India, but I could guarantee that there wouldn’t be many people who boarded private jets as actively as he did.

Even if it’s just that I’m going around all over the place.

It’s been quite a while since I went anywhere with Archin. What comes to mind is a memory from more than ten years ago.

Of course, I didn’t avoid him or anything like that, and it was also because Arheen was busy working as a director, so the schedule didn’t match in many ways.

But I can’t help but feel sad and sorry. If only I had paid more attention, if I had spent more time with Arheen when he could still walk on his own two feet. Such thoughts come to mind.

“It would be nice if we could go together more often in the future.”

“Iknow, right. I was just thinking about that too.”

Did Archin come up with a similar idea?

To his words, which seemed to be somewhat serious, Marchesi tried to answer in a calm voice.

“So, that… Was it Cheommaamba?”

“A Heavenly demon massage, Arhin.”

“okay. Are you still there?”

The park they had been walking for a while came out of nowhere, and the two were now walking through the city. At Arhin’s words, Marchesh pointed forward and said.

“It’s not very far. There, that building.”

“Even if you point and say that, there are so many buildings. I don’t know what you’re referring to.”

At that, Marchesi let out a smirk and stared at the liner building he had just pointed to.

Time that has passed does not come back.

It is impossible to travel on two feet, side by side, like the well-to-do Arhin of old.

But maybe.

maybe that could be possible. I’m not sure, but I didn’t think it was possible. Marchesi let out a small sigh, filled with complicated feelings in many ways.

“… Hmm.”

Did he just interpret that sigh as a sign of exhaustion?

“This is also quite expensive, but… Wouldn’t it have been better to live in an electric wheelchair even if the ride wasn’t comfortable?”

Archin, who glanced at Marchesh, opened his mouth insinuatingly, as if he was noticing it for nothing. At that, Marchesi burst out laughing.

“I think an electric wheelchair would have been better.”

“okay? There is a model I was thinking about at the time, so should I just place an order now?”

“Well… no.”

At his words, Marchesi shook his head slowly.

Then he said in a calm voice.

“Let’s think about it after getting a massage first.”

I can’t say for sure, but… … .

Maybe it will be a useless purchase. Maybe I’ll never have to use a wheelchair again.


It soon became clear that Marchesi’s expectations were by no means false.

“I heard that he overworked his body a bit when he was young, so it definitely shows off just by looking at it.”

After some time, Arhin arrived at Cheonma Massage and was lying in the massage room. After taking a quick look at his physical condition, Kang Tae-han nodded and spoke in a calm voice.

“But it shouldn’t be difficult to fix it.”

His tone was light, like that of an engineer who found a minor problem with a small gadget.

* * *

“… Wouldn’t it be difficult?”

Meanwhile, Arhin, who was lying on the bed, questioned Kang Tae-han’s words without realizing it. It was because it was a reaction that felt so different from what he knew.

“You mean that is possible?”

Arheen’s follow-up question was mixed with disbelief and doubt rather than expectation. Of course, he also looked here and there to fix his physical condition.

The conclusion drawn from that is that it cannot be fixed.

It was only possible to slow down the deterioration, but it was difficult to restore an already weakened body.

And saying that something that is difficult for anyone to see is ‘easy’ is one of the two. Either a genius who is far superior to others, or a swindler.

However, Arheen has only seen the latter case. The people who said that in front of him were all scammers.

“Hmm… Let’s see.”

However, Kang Tae-han did not dare to protest against his suspicions. Instead, he only opened his mouth while taking one more look at his body, to be exact, at his bloodstream.

“The first thing that came to my mind was the left knee here. It must have been a forced landing from a high place, right?”

“… … !”

That’s what it says.

It was a time when I was quite young compared to now, but it was around the time when I was starting to feel that my body was straining.

The scene we filmed was jumping down from the 3rd floor to outrun the opponent going down the stairs and waiting at the entrance first.

I pretended to be fine and finished the filming successfully, but I had to suffer from a limp for a while, probably because the fall was unstable.

“Then the other knee… One side is anxious, so is this natural? And the ankles, shoulders, neck, and upper extremities shook greatly once… … .”

After that, Kang Tae-han listed the parts one after another as if he were reading something written somewhere.

When I thought about it while listening to those words, I was surprised to find that Arheen himself was arranging the places where he suffered serious injuries while filming, in order.

“And what was crucial was… It’s just the waist. This wasn’t a big accident, but things that have been piling up have become a problem.”

“Hey, wait!”

In the end, Archin, who couldn’t hear him, cut off his words.

Reconciling the past, which even he half-forgotten, to this extent, was not only surprising, but also felt fearful.

Besides, talking about the waist… It was a very private thing. It wasn’t because of the shooting, it was because his nephew accidentally stepped on his waist while he was lying in the living room!

“Now that I understand the teacher’s enchantment… Stop it.”

Archin spoke softly in a calm voice.

Arheen, who had been suspicious of strong negligence until just now, but now his eyes were filled with awe.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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