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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 183

“It’s been really busy.”

Meanwhile, the body care headquarters located in Seoul, Korea.

This place was currently going through a very crowded time from the morning. After sitting down and looking around the office, Deputy Director Park let out a small sigh with an ambiguous expression on his face.

“All right. I will send you an e-mail, so please check the attached material there for details.”

“I do not know… It’s because we don’t have stock right now. Supply is also delayed in the domestic market, so it seems difficult to say for sure.”

“You want to make a deal right now? I’m sorry, but we’re in a situation where there are a lot of orders right now. Maybe it will be difficult for a while… Yes Yes.”

Voice calls are heard from all directions in the office.

If you put the receiver down, the phone rings again a few seconds later, so there is no time to organize the contents separately, so it is the level of holding the receiver with your shoulder and chin and proceeding with the call and paperwork at the same time.

‘Even though I’ve been busy lately.’

Deputy Director Park recalled an interview with a player he watched on live broadcast this morning. It was an interview with none other than Kang Ju-wan, a Korean player who is making an outstanding performance at Everton FC.

Everton FC, which showed potential from the beginning and middle of this season, rose to 4th place with a truly exciting momentum.

It was a great event in itself that Everton, who had been a weak team for quite a long time, rose from the bottom of the league to the top at once.

It is often possible for a weak team to beat a strong team due to coincidence and luck, but overturning the season rankings was impossible unless the skills themselves were outstanding.

Then, what was the secret of Everton, who was a weak team, suddenly boosted their performance in the middle of the season?

It was natural for many people to be curious about it, and other teams in the league, as well as people involved in sports other than football, paid a lot of attention to it.

‘But it was all thanks to our massage chair… This is true.’

However, some of them were suddenly revealed through an interview with Kang Joo-wan the day before. And Deputy Director Park, who heard that, couldn’t help but be more surprised than the others.

Although he did not mention the specific product name… It was easy to guess that it was referring to the product of his company.

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Leaving aside everything else, it was a part that became virtually certain just by saying ‘the owner of the club gave it to me separately’ at the end of the interview. Everton’s owner was none other than Tarvin Marchesi.

However, it seems that even if you are not a company person, you can make that guess… Thanks to that, the sales team of Body Care was going through a chaotic time like now.

Originally, the craze that started in India was slowly spreading to Southeast Asia and was getting busy, but one of the best news of all time was added to it.

Other teams in the Premier League, as well as other leagues in Europe, outside football, baseball, cricket, American football, etc… Inquiries and orders continued to come in from various sports industries around the world.

‘Listening, the boss seems to be smiling… … .’

Truly a great boon for the company.

Where the hell can you get such a publicity effect that includes storytelling? To put it bluntly, the original team’s official sponsor was able to obtain a huge advertising effect without paying a single penny.

‘They’re excited too.’

And is the overburdened sales team dying?

-If you do, that’s not the case again. Of course, everyone looked tired from the overdue work load from the morning, but their eyes were shining brightly.

The reason is no different, thanks to the sales bonus.

As more and more employees complain of fatigue due to the increased workload on the sales team these days, the standard for bonuses was almost doubled as a special measure.

In other words, each time you win a contract, you personally receive nearly double the amount of your existing bonus.

In such a situation, big business partners who had to travel around on a plane to run sales were making inquiries first… … .

Although it was quite difficult to add a new contract as the schedule was already tightly packed, the eyes of the employees rolling their heads to try to coordinate it were literally flashing guns.

“Giving more as you work is the most motivating thing to say… … .”

Deputy Director Park, who was watching them, murmured to himself softly, then slightly turned his gaze to his smartphone. Floating there was a graph of his personal motivation, separate from the bonuses of the other employees.

“Hey, is this going to go up?”

What is listed there is none other than the stock price of body care.

As soon as he saw Kang Joo-wan’s interview the day before, he set the alarm early in the morning and bought body care as soon as the market opened.

And the result… Pretty salty level.

Deputy Manager Park put his smartphone in with a smile and began to focus on his work again. It’s a new word, but these days, I feel like I’m going to go to the company.

* * *

“… It’s more serious than you think.”

A hot spring at a pension located in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon.

Ga-in Jeong, who entered the bath after taking a shower, was amazed at the size of the open-air bath, which was larger than expected.

‘Isn’t this the first time I’ve been to a place like this?’

A large hot spring located outdoors.

Although it was surrounded by a high fence, it was impossible to see anything outside, but the ceiling was open, so it was a place where you could feel the outdoor atmosphere.

Jeong Ga-in approached the bath and carefully put her toe inside as if checking the temperature first.

She flinched at the momentary change in temperature, but soon, as if she liked it, she slowly dipped her ankles and then dipped her entire body into the bath.

“Huh… … .”

Elasticity that comes out of the mouth.

It’s hot but not too hot, and it feels like your fatigue is melting away even though you’ve just been soaking your body. Perhaps it was because she was in such a good mood, Jeong Ga-in smiled without realizing it.

“… Definitely good.”

a few days ago.

Jeong Ga-in visited Cheonma Massage once more to check the condition and finish, and this time, she was massaged by Kang Tae-han, the director there.

However, unlike before, after the massage, there was a place that recommended ‘If you have a schedule, visit it on the weekend’, so it was this pension.

There is an open-air bath here, and they say that the bath here will suit you well.

Originally, I would have just overlooked it, but I had already seen Kang Tae-han’s skills and was curious about the open-air bath itself, so I took the time to visit.

‘There’s a reason why he recommended it.’

And I am very satisfied with the feeling of visiting.

I don’t know if it’s just my mood, but there’s definitely a different feeling than usual. It is different from simply soaking your body in hot water, and more comfort and comfort.

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Like… It feels like the warmth of the hot spring seeps directly into your body. She knows it makes no sense, but none of the expressions she could think of were more appropriate than this.

In addition, the pension facilities are very clean, perhaps because it is newly built, and there is a golf course and a walking trail nearby, so it is good to change your mood… Favorite place in many ways.

Today, Ga-in Jeong was soaking in the hot water for a long time, thinking that it would be nice if she came alone because of the schedule, but next time, if the time comes, it would be nice to come with other fellow players.

‘… what?’

Jeong Ga-in came out after washing herself.

She looked at her watch and put on a questioning expression. A lot more time had passed than I thought.

That in and of itself is quite possible… The problem was that she had been soaking in hot springs all that time.

Originally, it was normal to feel dizzy or at least have a spinning head, but far from being dizzy, I felt that my body was full of energy and was vivid.

In fact, in a way, it was natural.

It is a hot spring containing spiritual energy in the form of water energy, so it is a place where ordinary people can see the efficacy, because people with the five elements have stayed.

Even if you just soak your body in the hot water and breathe, you can say that the internal blood flow is in order. It was no wonder that she felt more comfortable than usual in the hot spring, and that she did not feel even the slightest bit of dizziness.

“Um… I don’t know.”

However, it is something that Jeong Ga-in himself cannot know.

I’m just guessing that it’s because I’m in good condition these days. Slowly drying her hair in front of a fan, she immediately changed her clothes and walked outside.

“Ha, anyway, it was really good.”

Then, in a small voice that others couldn’t hear, he gave a general review of the hot spring. As if to prove that her words were sincere, a refreshing smile appeared on her face.

“… uh?”

It was about then.

Someone’s mysterious voice came from one side of the hallway.

It is a voice I remember hearing somewhere. The voice came from the hallway leading to the men’s bath. Jeong Ga-in turned her head toward it.

“Why is Cain here?”

None other than Seonghyeon Choi was standing there.

* * *

“… Seonghyun, why are you here?”

“I have a day off today. I am from Daejeon.”

Seonghyeon Choi was dressed lightly.

On top of that, there was still a hint of moisture in her hair, as if she had just come out of a bath.

“I also have no training today.”

The two of them were making puzzled faces at each other.

We met once in Seoul, but suddenly run into each other at a pension in Daejeon? It’s not impossible, of course, but honestly, it’s hard to believe.

Of course, we were still regularly exchanging KakaoTalk messages, but neither Jung Ga-in nor Choi Seong-hyun said that we were coming here.

“… Did Taehan introduce you to this place?”

Then, all of a sudden, Choi Seong-hyun opened his mouth as if there was something he could figure out. Then, Ga-in Jeong nodded.

“yes. The director informed me. He said that the hot springs here would suit me well, and told me to go there on the weekend… … .”

“ah… okay.”

this kid is real

Seonghyun Choi swallowed the words that seemed to come out of his mouth unconsciously. Naturally, it was Kang Tae-han who informed Choi Seong-hyeon of this place.

Be sure to check it out this weekend too.

He will take care of the reservation and payment, so go and have a good rest. And if possible, go alone.

It was Choi Seong-hyun who came here with a smile, thinking that he was very kind and said, ‘If you can, go alone’, but he was very grateful.

But did you have such an ulterior motive? It was only now that I began to see the intention of making such requests.

‘It’s good to be misunderstood like this… … .’

Due to Kang Tae-han’s personality, he seems to have tried to fire support in his own way, but from Choi Seong-hyun’s point of view, who has quite a bit of dating experience, this is an out.

From his point of view, it just feels embarrassing!

My gratitude to my friend melted in an instant, and the moment when I felt like I was about to let out a sigh without even realizing it.

“Whoops. Anyway, it’s nice to see you like this.”

“… Yeah? Ah yes. Me too.”

In the midst of the silence, which seemed awkward, Jeong Ga-in smiled lightly and said. At that word, the stiff atmosphere melted away, and Choi Seong-hyun unknowingly put his honest heart into his mouth.

“To be honest, the last time I went to the store, it was a bit disappointing that someone other than Seong-hyeon came to the store.”

“ah… Actually, that day is a bit special. Originally, that’s not what I do. haha.”

At Jeong Ga-in’s words, Choi Seong-hyun said with a shy expression. It was a rather dumbfounded response to her more active expression than I thought.

“Do you have any companions with you?”

“no. I came alone.”

“Oh, me too. Then, shall we go for a walk together later? It was a bit ambiguous to come and go alone, so I was thinking about it.”

Jeong Ga-in narrows the distance in an instant with a calm tone of voice.

As much as she was originally focused on archery, she had no interest in dating, and of course she had no experience.

That’s why we measure the distance between each other, and if we pull once, we push, and we don’t even know these basic common sense of love.

“article… like.”

However, sometimes this method is more powerful.

To that boldness stemming from innocence, Seonghyun Choi answered in a confused voice without even realizing it. Hearing those words, Jeong Ga-in smiled brightly.

“Then after about 30 minutes… Shall we meet in front of the main gate of the pension? I’ll buy you one drink from the concession stand.”

“All right.”

“Then see you later.”

After leaving those words, Jeong Ga-in took the lead and walked down the aisle.

Seonghyun Choi, who was left behind, stood blankly for a while… I took out my smartphone and listened to the vibration in my pocket.

[Is something wrong?]

A KakaoTalk message from none other than Kang Tae-han.

Seonghyeon Choi, who saw those words, quickly replied as if it was something he wanted to say.

[Something happened, it’s ten.]

[Have you ever interfered?]

The message immediately returned to Choi Seong-hyun’s words.

Seonghyun Choi, who saw the message, thought for a while, then started tapping the screen again with a shy smile.

[no. Thank you.]

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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