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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 145

[‘Wheel of Twilight’ Hwang Ji-woon, who plays Rohan, returns to practice with a miraculous cure! ‘I’m sorry for causing concern to the fans.’]

[Crisis of completely disappearing lead replacement? ‘Rehearsal was also successful’ Twilight’s wheel, scheduled to proceed without setbacks or changes.]

“Hey, I thought this might tip over in the middle.”

Director Hwang was sitting in the resting room of Cheonma Massage and browsing internet articles on his smartphone. After seeing an article about Hwang Ji-woon’s comeback, he muttered something with a proud voice.

“It seems to be performing properly without any problems.”

“why. Do you have any acquaintances there?”

I usually read articles and sometimes react with something, but today I feel like my reaction is especially positive. Seeing that, Seonghyun Choi spoke quietly.

“It’s not like that… I made a reservation for a musical because I thought I would do some cultural activities after a long time.”

“Eh? Does the manager watch musicals too?”

Seonghyeon Choi was taken aback by Hwang Jiwoon’s words and asked.

Then, Director Hwang put his hand holding the smartphone down on the sofa and asked, as if he was dumbfounded.

“Hey, can’t I watch a musical?”

“No, when I think of my usual image… Should I say it doesn’t suit me, or should I say it’s very surprising… … .”

“What is my image like?”

“What is that… Singing trot alone while driving, humming unknown songs, just like that, right?”

Well, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see it.

Seonghyun Choi scratched his head with an embarrassed expression and said as if adding:

“… Actually, this is my first time too.”

Then, Director Hwang leaned back on the sofa with an awkward expression and said. In fact, it has no choice but to look far away from musicals. It wasn’t something I was particularly interested in in the first place.

“But the other day, I was watching Secret Singer, and Hwang Ji-woon had a great song. So I got a little interested.”

“Ah, the princess Albanian? It was no joke.”

Secret Singer is a music entertainment program in which singers who hide their identities compete against each other. There, Hwang Ji-woon presented musical songs under the name Princess Albam Man, and made a big success by winning 7 consecutive championships.

“You saw that and booked the musical.”

At Director Hwang’s words, Seonghyun Choi nodded slowly with an expression of understanding.

In the past, I had read an article that more people were interested in musicals because of Hwang Ji-woon’s influence, but I didn’t have to go far, it was right in front of me.

“But why didn’t you get Hwang Ji-woon’s autograph this time? Are you keeping it separately instead of hanging it in the store?”

“sign? I haven’t even seen the performance yet, what a sign.”

Shouldn’t we meet first to get an autograph?

Chief Hwang tilted his head, not knowing what he was talking about. Then Choi Seong-hyun opened his mouth in a calm voice.

“You went to the store a while ago.”

“… uh? really?”

“What is that… … . The other day, I ate Chadol Jjambbong for lunch. He even came on crutches, so he stood out quite a bit.”

Director Hwang put his finger on his forehead and thought for a moment. Was it like that? He snapped his fingers as if he had remembered it belatedly.

“On days when I ate jjamppong… Is it the day you went to the dentist?”

“Oh, I guess so?”

“Right… … .”

Director Hwang recalled the memory of that day.

He sat down with his chin resting on his chin and let out a small sigh. It was a sigh filled with regret.

“Director, are you a fan of Hwang Ji-woon?”

In the meantime, someone called from the front.

When I looked up, it was Kang Tae-han, who had just entered the break room.

“I wouldn’t even call myself a fan… It’s a bit unfortunate.”

“If you regret not seeing it, you are a fan.”

“is it?”

Director Hwang tilted his head at Choi Seong-hyun’s words. It made some sense. Seeing that, Kang Tae-han smiled and opened his mouth.

“Then it’s good that I got your autograph.”

“… Did you get his autograph?”

“I didn’t receive it that day… Yesterday, during lunchtime, we met separately outside.”

The day before, Hwang Ji-woon came to say thank you.

We met briefly at a cafe on the first floor before lunch break ended, and I remembered that the number of autograph frames hadn’t increased recently, so I got an autograph just in case.

“Probably in the car.”

“Kya! After all, Taehan is very considerate!”

“Oh, and… … .”

Director Hwang gives a thumbs up at Kang Tae-han’s words.

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han rummaged through his wallet, took out something from inside and put it on the table.

“If you don’t mind, take this too.”

“What is this?”

It looks like a ticket of some sort. Chief Hwang’s eyes widened as he looked at what this was.

“The Wheel of Twilight… T, special seats?”

A name that is bound to feel special no matter who sees it!

Moreover, I did not know the details of the musical seats, but I remember that even when I made a reservation, only the VIP seats were available.

“No, can I take this?”

In other words, items not for sale, things that cannot be obtained even if one wants to. Director Hwang’s eyes, staring at Kang Tae-han, showed a look of bewilderment. In response, Kang Tae-han smiled and shrugged.

“Originally, I was going to go with my girlfriend, but I thought it would be difficult to do it because I had a schedule that day.”

“Then what, father or something… … .”

“My father is also busy with shop work on days off, so just don’t burden yourself. I also received it as a gift from Mr. Hwang Ji-woon.”

Director Hwang scratched his head a couple of times with an embarrassed expression, then stared blankly at the ticket in his hand. Then he said with a smile on his face.

“okay. I’ll have a good look.”

After all, employee welfare is no joke.

Director Hwang muttered something like that, carefully putting the ticket Kang Tae-han gave him into his wallet.

* * *

The cold of winter is also broken.

By the time I want to feel the spring vibes.

Recently in Cheonma Massage… These days, I have been feeling that baseball players are visiting more and more often.

“Looks like at least one or two come a day.”

“Why don’t you do that?”

At the words of the employee standing next to him, Chief Hwang tapped the keyboard and said in a natural voice.

When spring comes and April arrives, a new season of baseball opens. For professional baseball players, it is like a time to return to their main job after a break.

So, in a way, it is natural to pay close attention to physical condition management.

However, originally, Hanha and Daesung mainly visited… Players from other teams began to come one by one, and these days, players from most teams are constantly coming and going.

“… Uh, isn’t it Taesik?”

“Ah, senior.”

“Hey, just sit down.”

As a result, it often happens that players from opposing teams run into each other in stores in this way.

A junior player standing up and saying hello, and a senior player shaking his hand to stop him. However, whether or not they are very friendly with each other, after that, both players were exuding an awkward atmosphere in silence.

“Hmm, hmm.”

It was the senior who spoke first there.

He cleared his throat with a clearing of his throat, then tried to open his mouth in a natural voice.

“Taesik, do you come here often?”

“No, it doesn’t come often… … . I got to know about it because Joo-ho hyung told me the other day, but sometimes he comes to me after training and when he feels tired.”

“I see… … . Do you have a lot of team members?”

“I don’t know that much. How is your brother’s team? I hear players from Seyang’s side are often seen.”

“Oh yeah? Well… I’m not sure either. I don’t see it as often as during the season. haha.”

In reality, players from both teams were already waiting for the day to book the Cheonma course, and were making reservations to receive even the artisan course, but they did not dare to tell the truth while looking at each other.

This is because they know the skill and efficacy of Cheonma Massage.

Quite a number of baseball players are already coming and going, but it could be a difficult situation if they became more widely known in the industry or if they were to compete with each other for reservations.

‘It’s already been like that, but… … .’

Still, it might get worse from here. In fact, there were still teams and players who did not know the existence of this place.

“Mr. Joo Tae-shik?”

“Ah, yes.”

“I’ll go into room number four.”

In the meantime, a junior player gets up from his seat after being guided. Then, the senior spoke in a voice mixed with embarrassment and envy.

“Do you receive it directly from the director today?”

Rooms 1 through 5, which are the previous numbers, are assigned only when taking the Cheonma course. Being guided to room 4 means that he is taking the Heavenly Demon course.

“Yes. What course do you take, senior?”

“I… Normal course.”

He also made a reservation for the Cheonma course, but it was not for this month, but for next month. He said in a low voice with a hint of envy.

“Oh, the other masseuses here are also good.”

“So… No, yes.”

“Then have a good time, senior.”

The appearance of juniors walking down the aisle after greeting each other.

Why? The shape of the corner of the mouth that was slightly visible at the end bothered me for some reason. That’s what it looked like with the tip slightly raised.

‘If you think about the opening of the season… It’s more appropriate to receive it next month according to that.’

I think so.

Still, he couldn’t help but feel envy right away, biting his lip with a bitter expression.

* * *

“Thank you for taking the time today.”

“It was nothing. They buy me dinner, and I’m more grateful.”

A meat restaurant located in Dangsan-dong.

There, Kang Tae-han was sitting opposite Jang Woo-young, the honorary chairman of the Daecheong Group, across the fire.

“I don’t hate meeting people.”

“is it. Good luck.”

Seeing Kang Tae-han talking with a smile, Jang Woo-young also smiled. I guess it makes my face feel a bit warmer. It was a very different look from the hard impression I had when I first saw it.

“by the way… I am a little surprised.”

After greeting Kang Tae-han, he looked around the store and said.

Although the inside is neat, it was an ordinary meat restaurant that didn’t look like anything special. To put it bluntly, it was a shop that didn’t quite match the image that comes to mind when you think of a conglomerate.

“You know a store like this?”

“haha. I also quite like pork belly. Well, there should be a better house, but this is close to your store, and… … .”

Pork belly served on a plate and brought to the table.

The pink gloss flowing over the thick meat cut into large pieces made it look like the meat was in good condition.

“The salted fish here is very good.”

However, Wooyoung Jang was interested in the other side.

Meljeot is a dialect of salted anchovies. He spoke softly with a confident expression, and placed the melissa sauce on the table with the meat in the corner of the grill.

“Let’s try it with meat sometime later.”

“If you say that, I can’t help but hope.”

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han naturally grabbed the tongs and began to place the meat on the grill.

Meat cooked slowly over an open fire.

Jang Woo-young watched the pork belly slowly turn white, and opened his mouth alludedly.

“I heard that our company has received a lot of help from Director Kang these days. Not too long ago, my son told me about it himself.”

The Meister, a massage chair completed in cooperation with Kang Tae-han.

This not only conquered the massage chair market and created a craze, but also indirectly contributed to Daecheong Construction’s large-scale project orders.

“Thank you, in many ways.”

Thanks to this, Daechung Group was able to solidify its new position, and the stock price has grown explosively, needless to say.

Now that he has sorted out his stocks and has virtually retired, Jang Woo-young said so in a sincere voice as his affection for the company still remained.

“Hey, I just got paid and took on the job.”

Hana Kang Tae-han shook his head slightly, as if he had just done the right thing, and showed a calm reaction.

“Mmm, that’s right.”

It’s not humility or ostentation, it’s a response that comes from the heart. He looks like he’s really in his twenties. Jang Woo-young swallowed admiration inwardly.

“By the way… What were you trying to say earlier?”

In the meantime, Kang Tae-han, who was overturning the meat on the grill, asked a hint.

“… Well? What do you mean?”

“Looks like you were trying to say something at the store.”

Jang Woo-young asked if it was okay to have dinner together.

However, before he could say that, he hesitated and swallowed the words he was about to say. When he pointed out that part, a look of surprise appeared on Jang Woo-young’s face.

“… Heh heh, did you know that?”

“I tend to be a bit cautious.”

Kang Tae-han said with a soft smile.

“I’m not asking, it’s just that you seem to have a hard time talking about it first. You can tell me later.”

“… No, let’s get it out now.”

Jang Woo-young took a break, quenched his throat with a sip of water, and carefully opened his mouth.

“… There’s an athlete I’ve known for a long time. He is a friend who has been sponsored by our foundation since he was a student… You probably know that, Aram Choi.”

Aram Choi is a female weightlifter who won a gold medal at the last Olympics. A lot of time has passed since then, but the name is still often mentioned in articles. Kang Tae-han nodded at Jang Woo-yeong’s words.

“Of course I know.”

“Then, you must know that Aram was seriously injured and stopped his activities.”

Taehan Kang nodded again.

Rather, since the last Olympics had been more than sixty years before him, he had seen her name more often in recent injury articles.

“I’m not doing this because I’m a player sponsored by our company’s foundation, and I’m not doing this because I’m a personal friend. but… It’s just that I feel sorry for that child.”

Jang Woo-young paused for a while with a bitter expression, then looked into Kang Tae-han’s eyes and spoke in a serious voice.

“If it’s okay, could you take a look at the child?”

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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