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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 144

“Well, I think I would like to be close to Taehan too.”

Then Yoo Se-ah smiled and said. For some reason, it was a smile that made me feel proud of myself.

“First of all, he’s really good at massage, he’s tall and likable, and when we’re together he’s kind of comfortable… … .”

Folding his fingers one by one, he began to point out Kang Tae-han’s strengths. At her words, Kang Tae-han laughed and opened his mouth.

“Sea, you are already close to me.”

“uh… … .”

“Or are you saying we want to get closer?”

“No, that’s not what it says!”

At Kang Tae-han’s words, Yoo Se-ah blushed and slightly raised the tone of her voice. Emotions are evident in their reactions.

“ha ha ha.”

Kang Tae-han burst into laughter in response. It was a figure that could not be seen on the screen, not as a famous actress, but as Yoo Se-ah.

“Hello, my name is Paul the Hypnotist.”

Meanwhile, another magician came up on the stage and held the microphone. Judging from what he said, he seems to be a person who practices hypnosis magic.

“I need someone to help me with my magic… … .”

Of course, to show hypnosis, you need that partner. The man looked around lightly, then pointed to a table and opened his mouth cautiously.

“Could the man sitting over there, come out for a moment?”

“… You mean that?”

The table he pointed to was none other than where Kang Tae-han was sitting. Kang Tae-han tilted his head, pointed at himself and asked again.

“yes. It’s not difficult, just give me a minute. I ask for a little understanding from my girlfriend.”

A man who speaks once more in a polite voice.

Kang Tae-han looked around lightly. People at other tables were also staring at them.

‘Hmm… There’s nothing I can’t do.’

Isn’t this part of the show anyway? I could have refused, but it was obvious that if one person refused, others would also reject it one after another.

Of course, there is no need for Kang Tae-han to worry about the atmosphere of the show… Still, there is no need to break the fun. Kang Tae-han readily stood up from his seat.

“Ohh, everyone, please give me a round of applause!”

A man with a relieved expression and the audience applauding Kang Tae-han. Kang Tae-han walked between them and stepped onto the stage.

‘… what.’

Hana Kang Tae-han came up on stage.

The man immediately showed a look of bewilderment on his face.

Even if the same person walks on hypnosis, the effect varies greatly depending on the person. There are people who can go from their childhood to their previous lives within one minute, while there are people who can afford to put in the effort for a long time.

‘I didn’t feel it when I saw it from afar… … .’

In the case of this man walking onto the stage, it is the latter.

When he was sitting at the table, he had a rather benign impression, but seeing it from up close, the feeling of intimidation was no joke.

A person who doesn’t seem to be hypnotized well by anyone’s eyes.

Who would you blame?

If you dare to blame it, you have no choice but to blame yourself and your eyes for not choosing carefully.

“Now, may I ask you to introduce yourself for a moment?”

“My name is Kang Tae-han, who runs a massage parlor on the 20th floor of this building.”

“Oh, you are the boss!”

A story that flows naturally.

This is not only to lighten the mood, but it is also a process to obtain information about the other person.

Understanding the other person is the secret to increasing the success rate of hypnosis. The man was picking out Kang Tae-han’s tendencies and characteristics one by one in a casual conversation.

“Now, let’s start with light hypnosis. Could you look over here for a moment?”

The man secretly swallowed the dry saliva and carefully took out a small pendulum from his bosom and held it up.

“Ego, one, one, one, one.”

A muddy crystal connected to a long chain.

At Kang Tae-han’s eye level, the pendulum was swaying left and right according to the man’s signal, and Kang Tae-han’s gaze followed him from side to side.

‘I have to enter strongly from the beginning.’

Originally, it is correct to step up step by step, but it is the opposite when dealing with such a person. If you do that, you won’t go into the first step in the first place.

“I get more and more comfortable, and then I get sleepy, darling, darling.”

A calm voice with a regular beat.

Just when he thought he was ready, the man withdrew the pendulum and lightly clapped his hands in front of Kang Tae-han’s eyes. and.


“What, what happened?”

People buzzing in sudden situations.

On stage, the man who was swinging the pendulum collapsed backwards with his eyes closed, and Kang Tae-han held his back and looked embarrassed.

* * *

‘… I didn’t know it would turn out like this.’

Kang Tae-han, who had just been hypnotized.

However, it was not Kang Tae-han who collapsed under the effect of hypnosis, but the hypnotist who was hypnotizing him. He lifted the fallen hypnotist’s back and let out an embarrassing laugh.

Even in Murim, there was a technique to interfere with the other person’s mind. so-called sorcery.

However, the effect is different depending on the mental strength of the other person, and if there is a large difference in level between each other, it is rather frequent that the technique is returned, so the practicality is not very high.

And in Kang Tae-han’s case… It is immune to most witchcraft and does not work, and has the power to automatically return to the caster if an attempt is made to interfere with the mind.

The influence of the level of the Demonic Cult learned after becoming a Heavenly Demon.

However, in modern times, there is no concept of enchantment, so it is a concept that I had forgotten half of, thinking that it would not actually be used… … .

‘I never thought I’d react in a situation like this.’

Because of that, hypnotism had no effect on Kang Tae-han, and rather went back and the other person fell into hypnosis on their own.

For Kang Tae-han, this is a truly embarrassing situation.

He slowly raised his head and looked around.

“What happened? The hypnotist has collapsed?”

“Isn’t it like ice magic?”

“Hey, great. Does that really work?”

Judging from the reaction of the audience, it seems that they think it is an extension of the show. Everyone seems to have high expectations.

Kang Tae-han let out a small sigh and bowed his head to the audience with a smile. To make it appear that this is the intended situation.


The audience cheered accordingly!

I don’t know what the situation is, but from their point of view, it’s okay if it looks amazing anyway.

‘What about… I think I understand.’

At the same time, Kang Tae-han checked the condition of the hypnotist.

A feeling that slipped into the back. Looking at it lightly, it was so basic that it felt awkward to say that it was witchcraft and counter it.

While holding your back, gently place your hand on your neck with the opposite hand. From there, point out the blood, apply stimulation to the upper part of the body, and lift the spirit from the sleeping state.

right after that.


The man jumped up in surprise and grabbed the scruff of his neck. His movements were so urgent that he almost fell over, but thanks to Kang Tae-han holding his shoulders, he was able to balance himself safely.

“This, this… What happened?”

The look of a man with an expression of bewilderment. Even the fear flickers in a situation you are experiencing for the first time. Kang Tae-han smiled and said while looking at the audience.

“Haha, it seems Taehan-ssi isn’t used to my body yet.”

“OMG… Crazy.”

“I guess it’s real ice magic!”

“Are you a shaman, not a hypnotist?”

Wow! The audience gave thunderous applause.

On the other hand, there was someone who sent a worried look, and it was none other than Yoo Se-ah.

‘I can’t do it for a long time.’

I also felt that it would be more fun than I thought, but I can’t make Yoo Se-ah worry too much with a joke. Kang Tae-han slightly lowered his head and spoke with ventriloquism.

“When I clap, act like you’ve been possessed and come back.”

It was an instruction without explanation, but the man is also a hypnotist who has experienced numerous stages. The man slowly nodded his head as if he had roughly grasped the situation.

“… Thank you for your consideration.”

Then, in a small voice, thank you.

Kang Tae-han gave an answer with a wink and a smile, then looked at the audience again and said.

“Then, before Tae-han gets even more surprised, I’ll take it back. Shall we take a look at this?”


And Kang Tae-han clapping.

Then the man pretended to hesitate for some reason, and then stood up again with the same confident attitude as when he first came on stage.

“… It was the magic of hypnosis, rain, and bing!”



His voice came out awkwardly as he stuttered to the end, as if he still felt embarrassed, but fortunately, the audience’s reaction was explosive.

“I am deeply grateful to Mr. Taehan for his help… Phew. Ah, this is a small gift.”

A man who was stealing the sweat from his brow for no reason. As if he had belatedly remembered, he handed the small box to Kang Tae-han in his arms. It seemed to be a pendulum handed out as souvenirs.

“thank you.”

“I-I really thank you.”

In any case, the situation was well settled.

Kang Tae-han shook his hand lightly and returned to the table with the box. Then Yoo Se-ah spoke cautiously with a worried voice.

“… I am Taehan. It’s okay, right?”

“yes. I honestly don’t remember, but I’m fine.”

Kang Tae-han tilted his head with a puzzled face and naturally let go of his pretense.

* * *

“Jiwoon! Are you really here?”

A musical practice room equipped with a wide stage and podium.

When Hwang Ji-woon opened the door and went inside, PD Choi jumped up in surprise.

“I told you I was coming.”

“It is, but… Aren’t you overdoing it?”

PD Choi looked down at Hwang Ji-woon’s legs and asked.

When I heard it on the phone, I thought he was just joking like usual, but he was really taking off his cast.

“it’s okay. Even the doctor said it wouldn’t matter as long as I was walking around lightly.”

“… Legs attached so quickly?”

“Even the doctor was surprised.”

Hwang Ji-woon shrugged his shoulders at PD Choi’s reaction. It’s surprising. It wasn’t anything else, it was because Hwang Ji-woon himself couldn’t believe the level of recovery speed.

It’s been three days since I went to Cheonma Massage.

It’s a bit insufficient to say that he has fully recovered, but his condition has improved to the point where it’s okay to run around lightly, let alone take off the cast.

‘Besides, I’m in good shape… … .’

A body that is hard to believe has been resting at home for weeks.

My body was itchy just yesterday, so I jogged to the next town and came back. I could say that I was in the best condition.

“… Are you really okay?”

“Because it is.”

Hwang Ji-woon smiles at PD Choi’s words. Then PD Choi scratched his head in a sour voice.

“Ah, I tried to find a substitute, but I can’t.”

“What, were you looking for someone else?”

“Ha ha ha, just kidding, man.”

Then he laughed mischievously, and then, with a happy expression, tapped him lightly on the shoulder.

“Who would want to take over Rohan, which Hwang Ji-woon was supposed to be in charge of? It’s obvious that you will be compared to the audience.”

“What… There is no one else to do it.”

“Look at how you receive it right away when you give it a lift, he doesn’t have any humility.”

Two people bursting into laughter at each other.

PD Choi glanced behind him. It wasn’t until the full-scale rehearsal, but the actors were in the middle of matching their acting in key scenes.

“Did you memorize all the scripts?”

“Of course.”

Hwang Ji-woon said in a confident voice.

“There’s nothing to do at home anyway, so I memorized both sides.”

That’s what he said, but he is Hwang Ji-woon, who has been doing image training while looking at the script whenever he has a chance while resting due to a broken leg.

The desire to stand on this stage as the lead role was because Hwang Ji-woon himself had the greatest desire than anyone else.

“Then I’ll play the opposite role… … . Shall we take a look at the status with this part?”

PD Choi pointed out a part of the script and said.

The scene where a beggar begging for Rohan, who has just arrived at London’s port, complains after finding out that Rohan is also broke.

It starts with a dark and gloomy atmosphere, but it is a famous number that sings of Rohan’s will and hope even in difficult situations in other countries.

“You want to go right away?”

“What, would you like to loosen up your neck?”

“It’s kind of like that, but… No, just do something.”

Hwang Ji-woon shrugs with a shy expression.

However, unlike his reaction, his steps toward the small stage in the corner were light, as if they were filled with anticipation and excitement.

and after a while

“… Senior Hwang Ji-woon, didn’t you take a break for a few weeks?”

“I know. I heard you were seriously injured.”

Other actors slowly gather around the small stage. Their eyes were focused on none other than Hwang Ji-woon.

“Certainly, the PD-sama should have said to wait.”

It was just a small stage prepared in the corner of the practice room, but Hwang Ji-woon showed off his presence and control of the stage enough to immediately know why Wheel of Twilight was his representative work there.

‘… As expected, Jiwoon is the only one in the role of Rohan.’

A performance that is hard to think of as an actor who went through a break. Seeing that, PD Choi nodded slowly, and was convinced that his decision was correct.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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