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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 138

‘It’s a fateful meeting that I wasn’t expecting… … !’

A massage chair made by a massage master.

Isn’t it a fantasy object that only exists in the imagination?

To Marchesi, it sounded like ‘a famous sword forged by God Shiva himself’.

‘I didn’t know about this.’

Marchesi placed his hand on his forehead, looking as if he would burst into a sigh at any moment. He hadn’t known at all that such a hit item had been released.

Of course, no matter how wide the global information network is, it will be difficult to keep track of newly released massage chair products in Korea… Perhaps because of the strong emotions, Marchesi felt that even that was regrettable.

“You must have liked the massage chair, right?”

“Ah, of course. It was great!”

When Kang Tae-han asked a question, Marchesi reacted violently, even giving a thumbs up.

“The massage chairs I’ve used in the past were just like, ‘Well, there are devices like this,’ but this… I really wanted to have it.”

A voice that sounds like a deep sense of possessiveness. It is a face that seems to reveal even grand ambitions.

He regretted that he had only been able to use it for ten minutes, but it became even more regretful when he found out that it was a massage chair for Master’s lecture.

“It must have been interrupted in the middle of a massage.”

“Yes… Each individual could only spend ten minutes.”

When Kang Tae-han said, as if he could understand just by looking at his face, Marchesi sighed and nodded. At the time, I was conscious of the gaze of the people waiting for me, but I wanted to pay for the charter and continue sitting.

“Then let’s take a look.”

“ah… Yes. It should be.”

Kang Tae-han speaks with a grin.

Then Marchesi quietly lay down on the bed. I was planning to simply say hello, but the conversation was longer than I thought, so I cut off the massage time.

‘by the way… It might have relieved more fatigue than I thought.’

While lying on his stomach, Marchesi suddenly came up with such an idea. I had already warmed up in the sauna, used a massage chair, and even had a pleasant dinner to relieve my fatigue and stress.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not expecting it, but I’m thinking that maybe the satisfaction level will drop a bit. It’s like eating snacks before a meal can make you lose your appetite.

“Hmm, the physical condition itself isn’t too bad.”

Maybe thanks to that, my physical condition is actually not that bad. Kang Tae-han withdrew his senses and removed his hand.

“Haha, is that so?”

“yes. then… … .”


That doesn’t mean there is nowhere to look.

Taehan Kang put his hands on both of his shoulders and said.

“Let’s start with the big picture.”

Deaf deuk.

At that moment, Kang Tae-han’s hand lightly twisted Marchesh’s shoulders, and at the same time, a bone resonant that he had never heard before resonated from inside his body.

“Uh oh oh oh!”

It didn’t hurt. Surprisingly painless

However, the sound and vibration from the bone instinctively makes me scream.

“uh… uh?”

However, as there was no pain, the scream quickly faded.

Instead, the comfort of being seated. I felt that comfortable and comfortable feeling all over my shoulder, as if a long-displaced part had been put back to normal.

But that comfort was just the beginning.

It could be said that he just cleared the road before running.


Kang Tae-han starts acupressure from deep inside. At first glance, it didn’t look much different from the last time she received a massage in England, but what Marchesi was feeling was completely different.

An intense feeling that I had never felt before!

An intense stimulus erupted from the place where the finger touched, and soon the sensation spread to the entire shoulder.

‘Certainly, it’s different… … !’

I’d say it feels a bit more authentic.

The last time I received it while lying on the sofa, it felt like I was relaxing my muscles, and the feeling I received from the massage chair was the same… It doesn’t feel like that now, but it feels like the muscles themselves are being torn apart.

The first time he had a massage, he seemed to have tasted a higher level of massage than he knew.

Now it felt like I was tasting the next step there. Marchesi burst into admiration even while his legs were shaking with pain and pleasure.

‘As expected, a master is a master… … .’

When I sat on the massage chair, the feeling was very similar to Kang Tae-han’s touch, and I thought that if I received it for a long time, it would have a somewhat substituted effect.

Having received it myself, this is definitely different.

There was a difference between eating real strawberries and eating sweets with strawberry flavor added.

‘However… Please be gentle with me!’

Now, the hand that is off the shoulder, runs down the back and presses the waist. From the intense pain and stimulation transmitted through the spine, Marchesi’s consciousness was gradually blurring.

* * *

“ha… … .”

After a while.

After coming out of Cheonma Massage, Marchesi lay down on the bed with a face full of satisfaction.

It’s soft, but it feels like it holds your posture firmly from deep inside. The reviews of the hotel aren’t bad, but it seems like they use good beds.

However, it was good for Marchesi now.

If it’s this comfortable feeling flowing through your body right now… Even if you are lying on the bare floor, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable feeling.

‘To think it could be better than last time… … .’

When I received it for interest at a resort in England.

You can’t compare it to back then. First of all, it felt much more authentic than then… Above all, the effect of sleeping soundly after getting a massage was the difference between heaven and earth.

When I woke up in the dark massage room at the time.

Marchesi, who was getting up, was startled without realizing it. The feeling of the waist that I felt when I raised my upper body was so soft.

“… It was good that you came.”

A short, yet satisfying review.

Of course, there are many voices within the company that oppose Marchesi’s personal behavior.

That’s why he took his own risk and visited… It was well worth it, Marchesi could confidently say.

“… In my free time, let’s go for a walk or something.”

The time is already late.

I was just arriving in Korea today, so I must be a little tired from traveling… Maybe it was because of the massage, or rather, I had to worry about whether I would be able to fall asleep with the rest of my body feeling refreshed.

In that case, it would be better to take a walk.

Just as the view of the Han River from the window was quite good, Marchesi got up from the bed to get ready to go out.

‘… Well?’

But, suddenly, something caught his attention.

An object that is somehow familiar to the eye, located in a corner.

“… Why is this here?”

A massage chair that is no different, The Meister.

Inside the Liner Hotel, there was a plan to create a ‘healing space’ in a room above a suite, and the core of the plan was this massage chair.

Naturally, it was also placed in Marchesi’s room.

Originally, it was something I should have been happy about, but… … .

At the sight of this massage chair placed in a corner room, Marchesi felt embarrassed and depressed at the same time.

‘If only I knew this was here… … .’

You wouldn’t have to regret it in the bathroom, you could have gotten it here! Because the regrets and regrets of the time still vividly came to mind, it was Marchesi who felt even savagery rather than joy.

“ah… This is so ironic.”

… However, apart from that mind.

One step closer to the massage chair.

He approached right in front of me, naturally sat down on the massage chair and leaned his back against the backrest.

“I can’t not write what I let you write.”

Marchesi holding the remote control and operating it right away.

Perhaps thanks to having experienced it once in a sauna, the hand movements are quite familiar.

‘Since I’ve already received a massage… … .’

This time in rest mode.

When I pressed the button on the remote control, the massage chair stretched out to a level similar to lying down, and pressure and acupressure started to come in just right for my whole body.

exactly… It’s not bad.

How could I hate this comfortable and cozy feeling. Even though it was a situation where I just woke up after receiving a massage and sleeping soundly, there was a deep charm that held people like a swamp.

‘please… I’ll buy it when I go back.’

Even though it’s a shortage phenomenon.

I will definitely save it and go back no matter what.

Marchesi thinks of that… After spending a long hour on the massage chair, I was able to go for a walk.

* * *

“… Woo woo woo.”

A training center for the Hanha players of the professional baseball team.

The man put down the bench press he was holding and exhaled deeply. He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he lay on the machine.

“Kwangho hyung, can I get you some water?”

“uh? Oh, thank you.”

It was third baseman Kim Tae-pyeong who handed him the water bottle.

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Lee Kwang-ho finished breathing, got up, sat down, and slowly drank two sips of water.

“Hyung, aren’t you overdoing yourself a bit today?”

“What, these days, all the kids are doing this.”

When Kim Tae-pyeong asked in a worried tone, Lee Gwang-ho looked around with his chin and said in a tone that was not a big deal.

“What is it, but… … .”

Kim Tae-pyeong nodded slowly and said.

As the saying goes, recently, the amount of practice for Hanha players has increased significantly. It was not a directive from the manager or coaching staff, but a voluntary act by each player.

“Still, my brother is a little older.”

“What? Hey, what are you doing on the bench less than me?”

“Oh, yes. It’s a mess even if you worry about it.”

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Lee Kwang-ho’s reaction is a little hot when he mentions his age.

Then Kim Tae-pyeong laughed and shook his head, and Lee Kwang-ho couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Then, as if to add a word, he slowly opened his mouth.

“And I’m going to get a massage tomorrow.”

“ah… You had a corner to believe in.”


The massage he is talking about is the Cheonma course of Cheonma Massage.

It is a massage performed by Kang Tae-han, who was the direct cause and hidden credit for Han-ha’s great performance last season.

That’s why I am confident that I can get back to my best condition even if I overdo it a little today.

No, it’s better to overdo it a little. That’s because the feeling of getting a massage is a little more special and satisfaction goes up.

“Child… I’m just envious.”

“Hey, didn’t you go last week?”

“That’s why I envy you more, well… You can only get it next month.”

Kim Tae-pyeong said that in a voice full of regret. It was half playful, but on the other hand, it was half heartfelt.

In the past, at a drinking party, Kang Tae-han said, ‘If you come to the store, I will look after you separately after work’.

Each of us only went there once, and since then we have been making regular reservations. I felt like I was taking advantage of what I had done as a favor, so the players made their own promises.

“What were you talking about?”

“Speaking of massage. Gwangho hyung is going to the Cheonma course tomorrow.”

“Five… Then, would you like to come with me in my car? I’m going tomorrow to take the artisan course too.”

“Artisan course? Who do you get it from?”

“I am Teacher Choi.”

“ah… He’s not playing with his hands these days.”

However, since it is not possible to satisfy all the needs of massage, naturally, more and more people are using the lower level, the artisan course and the general course.

“I took the regular course the other day, and it wasn’t bad. Rather, do you feel that this is a good value for money?”

“okay? i wasn’t good Who did you get it from?”

“I’m Yoon Ji-ho. Can I get you a business card?”

“Well… Please upload it to the group chat room later.”

As a result, the reviews and evaluations of Cheonma Massage’s masseuses were often going up and down among the players.

Some people have a really good taste, their skills change every time they receive it, it gives me a bit of teacher Kang’s feeling… … .

As if these evaluations matched quite well, there was a tendency that masseuses who received good reviews from players actually had a tendency to make reservations more and more difficult.

“But take it easy so you don’t get hurt, Gwangho hyung. that… Who is it. The weightlifter who appeared in an article a while ago.”

“Are you Aram Choi?”

“Yes, Aram Choi.”

At Choi Tae-joon’s words, Kim Tae-pyeong nodded.

Aram Choi. As a medalist who won a gold medal at the last Olympics, she is also an athlete who has attracted attention for her simple appearance that does not go well with her strong muscular body.

Thanks to that, I swept advertisements for diet products, and because of that, I was a well-known athlete… … .

“He was also seriously injured during training this time.”

He suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital. Although the details have not been released yet, it seemed that the player’s life was at an opaque level.

“What… It’s true that you have to be careful all the time, but it’s also a job that makes a living through sports anyway.”

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Lee Kwang-ho nodded after quietly listening to his words.

“But apart from that, wouldn’t Mr. Kang be able to fix some minor injuries? He is the one who made the side effects of my back surgery go away.”

“… You are not wrong.”

I was talking as if it was some kind of panacea… Since that wasn’t a joke, Kim Tae-pyeong nodded slowly and drank a sip of water.

* * *

Business room at the Liner Hotel.

It was a place with an open ceiling and a wide hall, and it was a large space where large-scale seminars could be held, but now only one man was sitting alone.

None other than Tarvin Marchesi.

He was usually famous for his easy-going and human side, but now he seems to be deep in thought, and looks quite serious.

In the midst of such a quiet time.


Carefully I opened the door and someone came inside.

It is none other than Jang Tae-hyun, chairman of Daecheong Group.

“Ah, you are here.”

Marchesi then got up from his seat and greeted him warmly.

“sorry. I should have looked for it, but it’s because there’s no attendant right now.”

“No, no. I really wanted to meet Mr. Marchesi at least once. Thank you for inviting me.”

“I’m glad you said that. ha ha ha.”

The same person as usual, good-looking voice.

However, on the other hand, the serious atmosphere still lingered, suggesting that this meeting was not simply a private occasion.

‘The atmosphere is quite serious… … .’

Chairman Jang Tae-hyun feels the same way.

Originally, a meeting with Marchesi was scheduled, but it was tomorrow, not today, and this place was suddenly created through Marchesi’s personal contact.

What could be the reason?

I don’t know the details, but it’s bound to be an important position for him. It was because of the large-scale construction project of Elephant Industries.

Perhaps, he may be talking about negotiations that are difficult to bring out in public. It may be such a sensitive matter that it is difficult to answer right away.

“The weather was nice today.”

Effortlessly hiding such tension, Chairman Jang Tae-hyun deliberately brought up a common topic as he sat down. The idea was to lighten the mood a little.

“… In fact, the reason I wanted to meet Jang Tae-hyun was because I wanted to talk about business.”

However, it seems Marchesh had no intention of doing that.

Contrary to the image he had previously known, Chairman Jang Tae-hyun tried hard to hide his embarrassment at his words that came straight through.

“What will it be?”

A few predictions that come to mind.

It is difficult to answer all of them right away, but if you think about the project, you may have to make a decision. Taehyung Jang quietly swallowed a dry saliva.

“I would like to officially import your massage chair from our company.”

“… Yes?”

Silence flowing for a while.

It was Jang Tae-hyun, who was not showing any signs of nervousness.

“… A massage chair?”

At the words that I hadn’t even thought of, he asked me involuntarily in a choked voice.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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