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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 137

“How do I turn this on?”

Marchesi sitting on a massage chair and looking around.

It was not the first time he had seen a massage chair, but it was true that it was an unfamiliar device, and it was the first time that it was as large and full-fledged as an airplane cockpit.

“This is the controller.”

Secretary Choi gave Marchesi a remote control.

A remote control with large buttons as a whole, perhaps considering the elderly. After looking at the remote control for a while, Marchesi pressed the power button.

“Oh, it works.”

A chair that moves with a uh-uh-huh sound.

The backrest goes backwards and the footrest extends forward, giving you a comfortable posture.

‘Is there a feeling more than I thought?’

At the same time, several ball sensors roll at the same time to scan Marchesi’s body and figure out its structure.

It was only a light look, but nevertheless Marchesi was making an expression as if he was riding a ride, feeling something authentic.

A face with a feeling that it was much better than expected.

But let’s start moving the massage chair in earnest.

“Oh oh… Oh oh… … ?!”

Marchesi’s face began to be colored with admiration and surprise in an instant at the cool sensation transmitted through his body.


A heavy vibrating sound from inside the massage chair!

However, the touch of the roller, which is transmitted through the muscles of the whole body, is incomparably delicate, not matching the profound mechanical sound.

Even if it seems like you are simply putting pressure on yourself.

At some point, the strength is released loosely, and several small and hard rollers release the muscles in various places with pinpoints.

If I had to express it, I would say it is strong yet soft.

At first, I thought the name was a bit grandiose, but ‘The Meister’, that is, the expression of craftsmanship, is a skill that is not a waste.

‘Was Korea a massage powerhouse? … .’

Marchesi received Korean massage only twice.

However, once I received it directly from Kang Tae-han, and the second time I got it is this massage chair. Somehow, I only tasted the best masseuse and the best massage chair. so that.

‘This is K-massage… … .’

It was a part that could be said to be a natural thing for Marchesi to come up with such an idea.

“Uhhhh… … .”

Elasticity that leaks out of your mouth.

Marchesi had the same expression as the man who was using the massage chair earlier in the turn, no more, no less. It’s the expression that makes the world look tired.

Maybe my body was more tired than I thought.

Well, isn’t it a business trip that I decided to get a massage because my body was tired from the beginning. I didn’t feel it well because I was a little excited about the trip, but I was wandering around the road just before.

Enjoy this comfortable massage time after relaxing your tired body by soaking it in a hot bath.

It is truly an apocalyptic time.

However… Everything has an end.


“… uh?”

A massage chair that signals the end of operation with a mechanical sound.

Originally, a longer massage course would have been prepared, but since this was a separately programmed product for experience, it lasted only ten minutes.

“One more time… … .”

the moment you want to say

I could feel the eyes looking this way.

People sitting on wide flats or chairs.

At first glance, it seemed like everyone was doing their own thing, but if you had a little notice, you could tell that everyone was paying attention to this side.

To be precise, the empty seat in the massage chair.

It had only been ten minutes, but in the meantime, the number of people waiting had increased.

No, maybe there were people waiting before that, and he cut in line without even realizing it.

‘… I can’t help it.’

Although Marchesi was left with deep regret.

I put down the remote control I was holding and slowly got up from my seat.

* * *

“Did you say that massage chair, Meister?”

“yes. you’re right.”

“Where should I buy that?”

A small cafe in front of the sauna.

There, Marchesi asked in a raised voice.

Although he had to move away due to the pressure of his gaze, there was still an unquenched thirst in a corner of his heart.

Thanks to the massage, my body has noticeably refreshed.

Even so, a deep regret remained.

“I do not know… There is a saying that it is a shortage nationwide right now, so it may be difficult to find.”

“Um… okay.”

At Secretary Choi’s words, Marchesi slowly nodded. Certainly, that level of satisfaction is worth it.

Aren’t you thinking about how you can live as soon as the experience is over, even if you’re just yourself?

Convinced, Marchesi took out his smartphone and started searching for the name of the product. Because there are not only general routes to get things.

“The company is body care… It is an affiliate of Daecheong Group. Hmm.”

Daecheong. It’s a name you see often these days.

After checking the company, Marchesi swallowed his saliva and looked up at Secretary Choi.

“If it’s a company on the daecheong side, how can Mr. Choi save it?”

“It’s hard to say anything. Because I have nothing to do with your work.”

“Is that so… … .”

Marchesi answered with a regretful voice.

Secretary Choi took a sip of coffee, thinking, “Let’s find out.” … .


I noticed later that something was strange.

He had never told Marchesi that he belonged to the Daecheong Group.

Did you already know?

Apparently, Marchesi didn’t seem to notice or watch the reaction, he just continued to rummage through his smartphone.

Secretary Choi thought for a moment before opening his mouth cautiously.

“… Did you know that I am an employee at the main office?”

“Well? Well, you came out with the employee ID you were wearing around your neck when you first came out of the cafe.”

Marchesi said in a voice that it was not a big deal.

“I knew it when I saw it. It wasn’t difficult to recognize because the corporate mark stood out.”

At Marchesi’s words, Secretary Choi looked back on what had happened.

certainly… It seems so.

At first, he left the cafe without much thought, and after thinking about Marchesi’s intentions, he belatedly put his employee ID in his pocket.

But did you see it?

I don’t remember seeing eye contact.

“Because I have a bit of a wide field of vision.”

Marchesh shrugged his shoulders and spoke first, as if he had read Secretary Choi’s thoughts from the look of embarrassment. Secretary Choi hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth cautiously.

“Did you know… I didn’t know.”

“What does that matter?”

If you just want to do good to a person who has lost their way, but corporate affairs are intertwined, you may be misunderstood. In that case, it is understandable to try to hide it.

Of course, it could have just been a business purpose and tried to approach it naturally… what about it though It is true that he received help, and Marchesi’s time with Secretary Choi wasn’t too bad.

“More than that, I’m really hungry because I came out sweaty. We have some time before we are supposed to meet the master… Would you like to have dinner together?”

“… That’s good.”

It’s a position where you can wield the power of the armor sufficiently.

It’s not that he doesn’t know that either.

But still, seeing the way he treated him like a friend he met while traveling, Secretary Choi smiled without knowing it.

‘Sometimes they do eccentricities beyond common sense, but… … .’

A person with a very human side.

He carefully corrected the evaluation of Marchesi he had read before.

* * *

“Hey Taehan.”

Cheonma Massage’s resting room.

Choi Seong-hyeon sneaked up to Tae-han Kang who was sitting on the sofa and looking at the news on the Internet.


“It’s because there’s a bit of confusion in what I told you before.”

Then, he turned around and put his hand on his back.

“When relaxing the shoulder side intensively, I thought that acupressure from the side of the Gokwon acupoint would be more effective than starting from the jujube acupoint.”

A hand that moves whenever each point is spoken.

It looked a bit clumsy at first glance, but each time, he was properly pointing out the location that fit the blood.

‘Has it come to the stage of thinking about improvement?’

It’s not just about using what you’ve learned.

The process of self-examination and thinking of ways to improve on your own without being told.

Well, that’s the process everyone goes through.

Not only that, but what Seonghyeon Choi said made a lot of sense. It was because Kang Tae-han was trying to tell him in a more advanced level in the first place.

“Are you listening?”

“Of course I am listening.”

“But why are you still?”

“Should I say that I felt a bit special?”

This was also evidence of Choi’s growth. Kang Tae-han smiles with a proud face in his heart. On the other hand, Seonghyeon Choi’s eyebrows naturally furrowed at those words.

“Anyway, to answer the question you asked earlier… … .”

Jujuchuhyeol is one of the main acupuncture points along the spine, and Gokwonhyeol is a blood located on the blood road extending from the daechuhyeol.

In other words, Gokwonhyeol has its roots in Jujubehyeol. Of course, it is Gok Won-hyeol that has a greater impact on the shoulder, and depending on the situation, it is sometimes effective to release these sub-hyeoles first.

Although it may take a long time, as a result, the way to amplify the effect of massage as much as possible is to release the root acupuncture points first.

“Hmm… Is that better overall?”

“right. I don’t know if there are people who only have shoulder problems, but most don’t.”

The inside of the body is organically connected, so it is very rare for a problem to be limited to a specific area. At Kang Tae-han’s words, Choi Seong-hyeon nodded with an understanding face.

“Certainly, that too.”

“Well, most people have problems with their shoulders, so it’s natural for you to worry about that.”

At that time, Director Hwang, who was sitting on the sofa across from him, asked insinuatingly.

“But Seonghyun, you work really hard these days.”

“Oh, why? When did I do it roughly?”

“no… Originally, I worked hard, but should I say that I feel more active? Should I say I look good?”

“Hey, why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

Choi Seong-hyun speaks in a voice mixed with annoyance.

Hana’s face shows a look of embarrassment, but it doesn’t seem like she just made up words that aren’t there. In fact, Choi Seong-hyun was feeling especially proud these days.

He scratched his head and spoke in a deliberately sullen voice.

“… Lately, I have often heard the word ‘teacher’.”

Choi Seong-hyun is the age of just graduating from college.

Among masseuses, it is probably a young age.

As a result, he used to be called ‘bachelor’ or ‘student’ by customers, but these days he is more often referred to as ‘teacher’ than that.

In a way, it may be just a title, but… … .

In fact, there is nothing that affects a person’s attitude as much as a title. Just like the saying that a seat makes a person, a title also has an impact on the other person.

Moreover, I didn’t bother to say it, but I was jealous of Kang Tae-han being called ‘teacher’ unlike myself… More emotions will have to be new.

“Isn’t it because you look old, don’t you?”

“No, man!”

Choi Seong-hyun responds to Kang Tae-han’s thoughtlessly thrown words. Kang Tae-han laughed at that appearance.

‘… It did change a lot.’

to teach someone.

It also means that you have to observe the other person as much.

Because you know the other person, you can teach them that well.

Therefore, Kang Tae-han himself knew best about Seong-hyeon Choi’s growth and change. At first, Director Hwang said, ‘Isn’t it ambiguous to put it on the Artisan course?

“… But who are you waiting for today?”

Meanwhile, Seonghyun Choi, who glanced at his watch, said to Taehan Kang. The time for Kang Tae-han to leave work has already passed. Still, it meant that today he had a guest he had invited or promised.

There were many times when famous entertainers or athletes came to visit, so Choi Seong-hyun was looking forward to it even though it was not his job.

“today? Mr Marchesi.”

“Speaking of Marchesi… Ahh.”

Of course, Choi Seong-hyun was also the person he met.

The owner of Everton FC, who invited Cheonma Massage employees all at once to the Liverpool resort. Recalling that face, Seonghyun Choi nodded slowly.

A very grateful person.

However, unlike Kang Tae-han, who gave me a massage, and Hwang, who was with me at the dinner table, I didn’t have a personal relationship. so that.

“Then I’ll go to work first.”

Seonghyun Choi waved his hand without regret and started walking towards the dressing room.

As if he was expecting a celebrity or a famous player, he left immediately. Kang Tae-han, who looked at the back for a while, spoke a word in a low voice.

“Oh, I’m leaving without any regrets.”

“I mean.”

As if agreeing with that statement, Chief Hwang, who was next to him, nodded.

* * *

“Ah, Master Kang!”

After a while, the massage room of Cheonma Massage.

When Kang Tae-han entered, Marchesi, who had been waiting for him, greeted him with a pale face.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Marchesi.”

“ha ha ha! what i will say How I longed to see you!”

Marchesi bursts into laughter. A person who can break down the vigilance that was not there. A good laugh. Kang Tae-han also smiled at that smile.

“You must be a bit tired.”

“Of course there is that too! The desire to meet the teacher itself was great.”

Saying that, Marchesi lay down on the bed.

Then, as if he had suddenly remembered something, he raised his body from the bed and opened his mouth.

“Oh, come to think of it, I used a massage chair in the sauna today.”

“Well, I think I know what it is.”

The upper floor sauna is also used by Kang Tae-han.

Of course, they are also aware of the existence of massage chairs placed there as an experience corner. Taehan Kang nodded slowly.

“I’m trying out a massage chair there… You might be misunderstood, but I felt the touch of a massage master in a slightly strange way. Would you say it’s the same as the basis of technology?”

“It can be.”

I said it cautiously because it could hurt my pride, but Kang Tae-han reacted as if it were natural. In response, Marchesi opened his mouth once more with more confidence in his guess.

“Has Master Kang participated in the production?”

“You feel good.”

Again, Kang Tae-han spoke in a calm voice.

“I was there as a technical advisor.”

“… Wow. I knew it.”

Kang Tae-han reacted insignificantly.

At that moment, the value of ‘Massage Chair The Meister’ was soaring in Marchesi’s mind in real time.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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