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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 133

“Hmm… … .”

Marchesi rested her chin on her left hand, swallowed, and scrolled down the mouse. Portfolios and other details submitted by Daecheong Construction were lined up on the screen.

‘Certainly not bad.’

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Large-scale construction involving significant expansion of existing facilities and construction of large-scale plants. It is a large project involving at least several hundred billion units, and as such, prominent companies from around the world participated in order to win orders.

And now, what is on the list of this document are the last remaining companies among those prominent companies.

Among these candidates, Daecheong Construction was not the best, but… Depending on the room for negotiation, the ranking can be reversed. To be honest, it wasn’t a big problem no matter which option I chose because they were similar to each other.

‘If so… … .’

Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to have a talk with Daecheong Construction and negotiate separately? It may seem a little capricious, but in the way you visit yourself.

“Because communication is very important in business.”

Marchesi muttered to himself, then nodded slowly as if to understand himself. It was not wrong.

Even if the contract is signed with another place, having a meeting with Daecheong Construction individually will itself be a factor that makes other companies nervous and stimulated.

“Since I was on my way to Korea… You can even get a massage from Master.”

And then, the true heart that comes out of nowhere.

In the end, it was this extremely private desire that drew attention to Daecheong Construction.

Of course, the plant construction project is very important, and communication with companies is very important, but to be honest, the main thing is that I want to get a massage from Kang Tae-han.

Master Kang once said that.

It is impossible to accept guests separately by ignoring the existing reservation, but in the case of individual guests, they can take time after work to look after them.

So, when you come to Korea, please stop by at least once.

‘Then I can’t stop by.’

There is no major problem in choosing any of the companies listed in the candidate group. This is especially true if you are not signing a contract but just visiting and talking.


Wouldn’t it be better to go on a business trip abroad and be able to fulfill your personal greed? It can be said that it really kills two birds with one stone.

Marchesi touched her chin and was lost in thought for a while.

The thought was not long. If a weight is added to a balanced scale, the scale will tilt right away.

He immediately nodded once with a determined face, then picked up the receiver on the table.

“Yes, it is me.”

[Yes. I’m listening, Chairman.]

“Make an appointment with Daecheong Construction. There is something I want to ask about this plant project.”

[All right. What is the schedule and location?]

“As quickly as possible without overlapping with the existing schedule. You should ask Daecheong Construction to decide the location.”

[…] … .]

The secretary’s reply was a little late.

There were some parts that were different from what he was thinking, so it took some time to understand the words.

[So… Are you saying that the chairman will go all the way to Korea and talk with Daecheong Construction?]

Not always.

In most business situations, the giver has an advantage over the receiver, unless the other party has some degree of merit.

In the case of this project, of course, this is the former, and Daecheong Construction is the latter, only a candidate among them. However, Marchesi wants to meet the other person in person.

To be honest, it was a bit far from the usual case, so it was natural for the secretary to ask back.

“okay. So get ready.”

But there was something the secretary didn’t know.

One was that Marchesi wanted to take a break confidently using a business trip as an excuse, and that there was a massage master, Kang Tae-han’s shop in Korea.

* * *

“Haha, the director really helped me a lot.”

Kwak Sang-yeong is the general manager of the Liner Hotel.

Sitting at the Italian restaurant in the hotel, he burst into a small smile and expressed his gratitude once again.

“Actually, I was about to give up halfway, but thanks to the director, I was able to proceed with the work smoothly.”

“It was nothing. I just introduced you.”

At those words, Kang Tae-han smiled and shook his head.

The Liner Hotel was a place where the healing part was emphasized from the time the building was designed, with the sauna on the top floor and the fitness center on the lower floor in mind.

One of the main selling points was the sauna and fitness center where you can enjoy the city and river views through the glass windows.

In fact, these facilities have been spotlighted on social media, and the unexpected jackpot, Cheonma Massage, has become a hot topic, and the Liner Hotel has recently begun to be known as a place synonymous with healing and vacation.

Here, in order to further emphasize this healing part, the plan to create a concept space called a healing space in a premium room above a suite was passed… … .

When I tried to put the plan into action, there was a blockage from the beginning. It was impossible to find a massage chair, which is the core of the healing space.

“Honestly, even when I was planning it, I didn’t know that the shortage was so severe.”

It is safe to say that it is leading the massage chair craze these days, ‘The Meister.’

It is gaining huge popularity among office workers as well as among parents, and it seems that even in the experience corner of a department store, you have to wait for a numbered ticket.

That’s why it’s safe to say that it was the core of this project, but I couldn’t find the substance.

‘Uh… Let me introduce myself.’

Kang Tae-han was the one who helped me in that situation.

He said he had a personal friendship, and he made a direct connection with the superiors of body care.

Thanks to this, as a rental concept at the level of PR planning, the Liner Hotel was able to complete the planning at a much lower price than the original budget.

“Wouldn’t it be the body care people who helped me specifically?”

“You may say so, but it is also true that the project would have ended halfway without Director Kang’s help.”

Kwak Sang-young added as if emphasizing. It wasn’t just empty words, it was the truth.

“And wasn’t there a situation in which there was no particular benefit to the director for helping us? Of course I have to thank you.”

“Well, not really.”

At those words, Kang Tae-han shrugged lightly.

“Because I’m getting royalties.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes. If it gets promoted and sells well, wouldn’t it be too bad for me too? The body care side must have helped with the planning with that thought.”

Of course, with this plan, the number of guests visiting Cheonma Massage from the hotel may decrease a little… … . That’s really just the level of new blood.

In the first place, it was a situation where customers were flocking to such an extent that even regular courses were short of workers these days, so it might be rather welcome for the staff.

“Haha, to think that I can be of such help to the director makes me feel a little bit more at ease.”

Kwak Sang-young scratches his head with an embarrassing expression.

“Still, if there is anything I can help with later, please feel free to tell me.”

But that and the gratitude you feel are two different things.

Kwak Sang-young put his clenched hands on the table and opened his mouth in a serious voice.

* * *

Meanwhile, after having lunch with Kang Tae-han.

“How is it? manager.”

“Is it better than I thought?”

He was checking out the tidied up healing space in one of the hotel’s suites. It was the first room to be completed among the sequential rooms.

“It doesn’t even feel out of place.”

Kwak Sang-young examines it up close, then carefully examines it again from afar. A satisfied smile appeared on his face.

As the size of the massage chair is, I was worried that it would fit well with the existing room interior, but it didn’t feel awkward or out of place, perhaps thanks to the design of the product itself.

“By the way, is this the massage chair in question…? … .”

After checking if it matches the existing atmosphere.

His attention naturally shifted to the massage chair. I was acutely aware of how popular this massage chair is right now, as I directly encountered the phenomenon of scarcity.

“You mean the workmanship is so great?”

“I also had a chance to go to a department store the other day, but I thought I would try it once, so when I went there, the numbered tickets were already back.”

An employee standing next to him said in a voice mixed with admiration.

“So, have you tried it?”

“no. I just came home.”

“That’s right… … .”

The fact that the line is so long means that there is a lot of curiosity and expectations from people. It must be all the more so because it is difficult to obtain due to the shortage.

“Maybe it will be a much more successful project than initially anticipated.”

Incorporating such a massage chair into the guest room.

Wouldn’t that alone be a significant publicity effect? In fact, as soon as I posted this on social media, it seemed that the phone calls were constantly coming in.

“It’s okay.”

Meanwhile, Kwak Sang-young naturally sat down in the massage chair. Indeed, the luxurious fit was felt not only on the back but also on the whole body.

“Would you like to try it?”

“Shouldn’t we check how much it is?”

As general manager, it is essential to keep track of the level of satisfaction with each facility.

Of course, there is also personal curiosity. Kwak Sang-young held up the remote control next to him with a grin on his face, and pressed the power button and the run button in turn.

“Hey, the first impression is something different… … .”

A ball sensor that lightly sweeps the spine from bottom to top as it starts. It was Kwak Sang-young, who was smiling for a long time at the feeling of something authentic.

“… What?!”

The massage started, and the moment the hard roller touched the hardened area, a voice full of embarrassment came out of his mouth without even realizing it.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh!”

Intense stimulation felt all over the shoulder and back!

It feels like he is trying to find and point out the knotted muscles that he didn’t even know about, and loosen them up.

this feeling.

I’ve felt it somewhere.

It’s none other than Teacher Kang Tae-han’s feeling.

Of course, there was no skill that seemed to pierce the nerves or strong stimulation enough to turn my head white, and compared to Mr. Kang’s touch, it was quite plain… … .

It seems that the feeling subtly oozes out in the basic part.

‘slightly… It feels like Mr. Kang’s gentle taste.’

Although very gentle.

Perhaps because of that, the comfort is far greater than the pain.

Is it a feeling of slowly loosening up?

“Haaa… … .”

After a while, acupressure was applied to the limbs and soles of the feet. Kwak Sang-yeong let out a languid sigh as he felt the comfort felt throughout his body.

I feel like taking a break like this.

The moment when one was stretched like that.

“Manager, you need to move slowly now.”

“… ok?”

At the words of the employee next to him, Kwak Sang-young opened his eyes. He asked, scratching his head, feeling as if he had been interrupted.

“why. You have about an hour to spare.”

“that… It has been forty minutes now.”

“… ok? What are you talking about?”

It can’t be, it’s ten minutes at most.

Kwak Sang-young checks the time with a sullen expression.

However, his eyes soon opened wide.


Kwak Sang-young was startled and hurriedly got up from the massage chair. Time passed much faster than I thought.

“Wow… This is a thing, a thing.”

As he hurriedly adjusted his clothes, he muttered in an admiring voice.

Why are people’s reviews so good?

And I thought I could understand why the experience section limited the time each person could experience.

‘I could do it all day.’

And why is the purchase rate so high?

Kwak Sang-young immediately thought, ‘Should I buy one at home, too?’

* * *

[Aone, retirement is just a suspicion? Restart concert ticketing]

[‘I want to repay the fans who waited for me.’ Suspicion and suffering of A1’s vocal cord nodules and the story so far.]

“Aone, it looks like your vocal cord nodules have recovered well.”

Yoo Se-ah, who glanced at the internet article Kang Tae-han was reading, impliedly opened her mouth.

“Yes. I guess so.”

At those words, Kang Tae-han smiled. It was a smile mixed with personal pride.

“I think the concert that was canceled last time will be held again. I got a text message again two days after it was canceled.”

“Good for you.”

“So. They say the refund process will continue, but I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Then Yoo Se-ah looked at Kang Tae-han as if she had come to her mind belatedly and said as if adding:

“ah! Of course, there will also be housewarming. You can go after the concert, or the next day… ha ha ha.”

However, Yoo Se-ah scratched her head with an awkward expression, probably feeling embarrassed while talking. Kang Tae-han, who was watching her, let out a timid smile.

“That’s true, but I think you can refund the ticket.”

“uh… Do you not want to go to a concert?”

“It is not… There are some things I received separately.”

Saying that, Kang Tae-han rummaged through his smartphone and then turned the screen to Yoo Se-ah. There was something like a reservation history on the screen.

“A1 Early Spring Concert VVIP seats… What?”

Yoo Se-ah’s voice, which had been reading in a calm voice, belatedly showed signs of bewilderment. At her reaction, Kang Tae-han shrugged lightly with a smile on his face.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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