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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 101

“Hmm… … .”

Kang Tae-han slowly looked at Ha Su-o in his hand and gently brushed off the remaining soil.

“It’s pretty lame.”

Among the sewo that I’ve seen recently, he’s the one with the thickest eggs.

Kang Tae-han smiled with satisfaction and threw Ha Soo-o backwards.

Even though it was not a specific operation of the air submerged water, the thrown sewage flowed neatly into the backpack on the back, drawing a neat parabola.

The place Kang Tae-han is now is halfway up Yeongsan, where he usually goes.

Although he had heard from Shin Jun-ho that ‘wild boars might come out around here’, that didn’t change Kang Tae-han’s plans.

‘It’s about a wild boar, well… … .’

Naturally, the hills of Moorim’s days were far more dangerous than those of modern times. To wild beasts, to bandits… … .

Of course, that didn’t mean that wild boars were docile animals, but to Kang Tae-han, who used to go hiking and train in such places, they were not a big deal.

“About this.”

Would I have continued to climb the mountain like that?

A shallow hedge began to appear in front of him, and Kang Tae-han continued walking towards it.

A boundary line installed to separate mountains from each other.

Although the energy is a little weak, the surrounding area has the conditions for a good place, and the mountains beyond this boundary are also full of spiritual energy as the mountains are connected by ridges.

There was still quite a bit of untouched space in this mountain, but resources are always finite.

Someday, I will need to look for another spiritual mountain, so I asked Shin Jun-ho a little while ago to find out who the owner of that mountain was. By the way.

‘Again, that nobleman is really rich… … .’

In conclusion, this area was just Shin Jun-ho’s land.

They said it was handed over to a friend’s father at a bargain price. In any case, it was good news for Kang Tae-han.

If the space to move around was this wide, the amount of herbs that could be harvested would of course increase, as well as the range of choices.

Kang Tae-han lightly climbed over the thigh-high fence with a slightly expectant look on his face.

“It’s definitely nice here too.”

Although it is a little farther from the center of the mountain I used to go to, it is a spiritual mountain that has the conditions of a good place as it is connected by a ridge right next to it.

He took a few steps off the beaten path, stooped down, and pulled out the source of the energy he was feeling nearby.

A deodeok that appears to have been around for ten years.

From the outside, it didn’t look like much, but inside, there was a small vibrating energy filled with aura.

‘I thought it was necessary to reduce the amount of herbs collected.’

It seems that it won’t be for a while.

Kang Tae-han had just put the canned duck into his backpack and began speeding up his steps with the aim of exploring new territory.

The main goal is to skim through something rather than dig it up. That is why I did not touch any medicinal herbs unless I needed them and walked with an emphasis on hiking.

* * *

‘… Well?’

Did you cross the mountain halfway like that?

I felt a heavy presence from a little far away.

Kang Tae-han expands his senses so that he can reach the place where he feels his presence. He was soon able to confirm the identity of the presence.

“It’s just that guy.”

Kang Tae-han raised his eyesight to see the wild boar with his own eyes. It seems that it is one of the wild boars that Shin Jun-ho mentioned about appearing in the neighborhood.

It is quite large, but judging from the tusks and patterns on its back, it appears to be a young adult that has just emerged from the herd.

However, Kang Tae-han did not dare to touch him. I don’t know if it’s someone who hurt people or shows aggression, but at least I haven’t seen any signs of that yet.

If so, is there any reason to kill yourself?

Kang Tae-han shook his head slowly from side to side while laughing, and then the wild boar, who had been guarding this side in his heart, gradually relaxed and started walking to another place.

“… uh? for a moment.”

but the next moment.

The boar put its head on the ground and started looking for something. It seems to have found food underneath it. However, the location was a problem.

The energy of the earth felt through the senses.

One possibility came to mind, and when I opened my eyes again precisely, Kang Tae-han’s idea was correct.

“That doesn’t work.”

Kang Tae-han shook his head slowly this time.

However, the meaning of shaking my head just now and the meaning of shaking my head now were completely different.

The next moment, his body swiped and disappeared.


Kang Tae-han appears right next to the wild boar, and the huge body floats into the air, crashing into a tree far away! and bumped into

A wild boar who ran out without knowing why.

It happened so quickly, but there was a clear palm print left on the leather on the side of the neck in the direction Kang Tae-han appeared, so I could roughly guess what had happened.

“I didn’t mean to use my hands, but… … .”

The story changes only if this guy eats herbs.

Kang Tae-han bent down and put his hand into the place where the boar had been banging his head. Then, a root of wild ginseng, which had already been eaten, popped out.

Wild boars are omnivores, but like people, these guys have their own tastes. Once you get a taste for digging and eating hemp, you pick and eat only hemp.

There is no way you can ignore that.

“by the way.”

Kang Tae-han threw down the hemp bearing the marks of the boar’s teeth and started walking towards the boar, which was hanging limply under a tree in the distance.

A simple burial method that applies the principles of fa-kyung.

However, its power was enough to pierce through the boar’s thick hide and strike it all the way to the inside.

“How do you do this?”

It’s okay to throw it away, and even if you ask, if you don’t dig quite deep, it might be like calling another wild boar. Wild boars are omnivores that also eat meat.


Kang Tae-han is lost in thought for a moment.

Meanwhile, his hand is on the boar’s back. I guessed that he was a guy who roamed around Yeongsan and ate herbs, but sure enough, he had accumulated quite a lot of spirits in his body.

Even though he felt so embarrassed, Kang Tae-han started absorbing that aura all the time with the Absorption Great Law.

As it belonged to a wild beast, its energy was somewhat rough, but it was at a level that did not cause any problems now that the danteon had enough internal energy and was stable.

‘Let’s ask one more time.’

After completing a series of courses.

Kang Tae-han, who had been lost in thought until then, lifted the wild boar that had stopped breathing on his shoulder, then took out his smartphone with the other hand and started contacting Shin Jun-ho.

* * *

“Taehan! Come on. I see you often today.”

“Iknow, right.”

Quite a bit of time passes, around sunset when the sun is slowly going down.

When Kang Tae-han came down the mountain, Shin Jun-ho, who was contacted by him, waved and greeted him.

Kang Tae-han smiled at him and at the same time glanced around.

A deserted vacant lot where you wouldn’t normally meet other people. However, now I see a lot of parked cars, and I see quite a few people walking around as well.

And a cluttered atmosphere as if preparing something.

On one side, a drum-sized grill was in full swing, and on the other side, they were busy preparing drinks, ssamjang, and other ingredients.

“by the way… Was that true?”

“It’s a big deal if you lie. People gathered like this.”

On the other hand, Shin Joon-ho was looking at something hanging over Kang Tae-han’s shoulder with his mouth wide open.

It is none other than a wild boar.

When I heard the words ‘I found a dead wild boar’ over the phone, I believed it because it was Kang Tae-han’s words, but seeing it in real life like this felt different.

What’s more, the sight of that large lump hanging over a young man’s shoulder, and the sight of the young man casually descending the mountain with it on his back, was a sight enough to exude admiration.

“… I knew that Taehan was strong, but he was a trader.”

“haha… Because I exercise every day.”

At a glance, it’s about the size of a decent pig.

It is said that he had to drain the blood separately, but he still seemed to weigh about 60kg, but Kang Tae-han just smiled casually.

“Hey… You’re just carrying this. Even the kids who are a bit lazy at the workplace are having a hard time.”

A large table prepared in advance by Shin Jun-ho. When he brought the boar near him, the man sitting nearby burst out in admiration as he saw Kang Tae-han carrying the pig.

As if he had waited, a man stood up and picked up a large knife. He was an acquaintance of Shin Jun-ho, who had lived as a meat processor for more than half his life.

“Isn’t it the level of amateurs to drain the blood?”

“I did what it said on What Tube, and it looks good.”

“okay… … ? Huh true. You seem to have a talent for this job.”

At Kang Tae-han’s vaguely evasive words, the man was suspicious, but he skipped over it and started sharpening the knife. Either way, it wasn’t what mattered.

“Can you fix it?”

“I’ve only slaughtered cows these days, but there’s nothing I can’t do. It’s not once or twice that I’ve caught a wild boar.”

He started working right away without a long word.

Peeling off the leather and moving the knife without hesitation, it was a skillful knife that could be felt at a glance.

“But you are much better prepared than I thought.”

Kang Tae-han, who was watching the process, hinted.

Today we are going to have a barbecue party with this wild boar.

However, despite the rather sudden proposal, it feels like preparations are going fast.

“Ah, when managing the mountain, wild boars are sometimes caught.”

To that question, Shin Jun-ho answered in a voice that it was no big deal. As much as I do business related to mountains, there are many such acquaintances around me.

As a result, the number of times wild boars were caught and feasts were held in this way was not small. Of course, this doesn’t happen often, but… A level that is roughly once a year.


Meanwhile, Kang Tae-han nodded slowly, thinking that the question he asked Shin Jun-ho was the correct answer.

Of course, it is almost impossible for Kang Tae-han to eat a wild boar by himself. However, the process of grooming itself is a nuisance to eat a little bit.

In that case, I thought it would be much better to deal with it this way, and judging from the situation, it seems that it was a pretty bad choice.

“Hey… But is this meat really good?”

Meanwhile, the man who had been preparing the meat for a while said with a small exclamation.

“How is it?”

“First off, I’m female and I’m not that old compared to my size, so I don’t smell much… … .”

In the meantime, I’ve been grooming wild boar about 15 times, but the quality of meat this good was about to be counted on my hands.

“And what did they hit and die about? There was no stiffness in the muscles, so it was very soft. It seems that he died instantly in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with it.”

‘I was going to kill him right away… … .’

At his words, Kang Tae-han scratched his lower jaw with an embarrassed expression. It wasn’t done with the condition of the meat in mind, but in the end it was a desirable thing.

“Mr. Jeong! Is the meat still a seal?”

“If you hurry, your hand will hurt! Why are you looking?”

“Because I’m hungry!”

A man who had been lighting a charcoal fire for a while before came over and said, Judging from the way they communicated, it seemed like they hadn’t seen each other just once or twice.

“Then, did you eat this first?”

“Hehe, I thought you prepared it.”

The meat of the front leg, trimmed separately and placed on a plate.

Mr. Jeong grunted, but pushed the plate forward, and the man picked it up with a satisfied face.

“It’s wild meat, so if you don’t want to get sick, eat it thoroughly cooked!”

“Oh, did I eat once or twice? don’t worry… Well?”

Then the man who was about to go back to the charcoal grill.

He then met Kang Tae-han’s eyes, put the plate down for a moment, and offered a light handshake.

“Are you the one who brought the wild boar?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“thank you. Thanks to you, I can see people’s faces after a long time and eat good meat. I will eat well.”

He shook his hands a couple of times, gave a light bow, and started to go back to his seat.

“The two of you should go over there as well.”

“Is that okay, Mr. Jeong?”

“Yes, so I can do it while resting.”

Mr. Jeong waved his hands and pretended to go that way.

“Thank you as always, Mr. Jeong. Give me some trouble.”

“What is suffering?”

The man continued to move his hands while speaking bluntly, and Shin Jun-ho and Kang Tae-han left him behind and started walking towards the table where people were gathered.

“These are nice people.”


Kang Tae-han calmly expresses his feelings.

At those words, Shin Jun-ho also smiled brightly.

That day, after Shin Jun-ho contacted them, the people who gathered at the foot of the mountain vomited their spirits by devouring a wild boar.

* * *

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Liner Hotel located in Yeongdeungpo-gu.

It was a new hotel that had just been built, so it was a bit less well-known, but it was still rapidly gaining ground day by day.

The location is almost close to Yeouido.

Han River view from the room.

Great amenities including a sauna on the top floor.

In addition, there were many other strengths to highlight, and these factors were combined to lead to good reviews among visitors who visited.

“Ah, now I have some free time.”

A hotelier who has been doing business for a while at the front desk.

After the busy period of checking out, he looked at the relatively quiet lobby and carefully straightened his waist so as not to show too much.

“Still, it was a bit on the small side today.”

The colleague next to him responded.

“okay… There will be more and more of them in the future.”

Having a lot of guests is definitely a good thing. But on the other hand, it is unavoidable that fatigue builds up in proportion to it.

Besides, they are the front desk staff who can be called the face of the hotel. It was their fate to speak quietly while standing upright even in the midst of such grumbling.

“By the way, did you watch the game yesterday?”

“Everton and Manchester United? I saw it.”

“Hey, Kang Joo-wan has completely returned to form.”

At the same time, the two of them quietly chatting. Both of them have been fans of overseas soccer for quite a long time, and watching the highlights after work was a small pleasure in life.

“May I help you?”

In the meantime, when a guest approached, the man immediately greeted him with a polite eye salute. As can be seen from the greeting, the guest this time was a foreigner.


“Oh, I’d like to check in.”

“what is your name?

“This is Godwin Belster.”

… Well?

A name that is somehow familiar.

He reflexively checked the customer’s face, then hesitated, then checked the reservation list pretending nothing was wrong.

“Room 1712. You can take the elevator over there and go up.”


“Then have a nice day.”

Godwin gets the key and walks away.

The two hoteliers at the desk stared at his back in silence for a while.

“… Right?”

“Crazy, crazy.”

Godwin Belster, one of Everton’s representative players.

The two young hoteliers were trying hard to calm down their excitement and stomping their feet in a situation where they faced a player they had only seen on TV, no, who was running around in the game yesterday.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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