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The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage Chapter 100

Sometimes I feel that way.

The feeling that the body itself desperately wants something.

A bowl of ramen you eat when you’re hungry at night, a cup of water you drink after waking up after a long sleep, or chocolate you secretly eat while training in the military.

It’s not just because of a simple desire, but from the body, it wants it, and the moment it enters the mouth, the body responds unequivocally, that feeling.

“Wow. what is this?”

I could feel that in the sip of this kudzu tea I just drank.

The moment it passes through your throat, a subtle warmth spreads throughout your body. It felt as if water was pouring into a sponge in an instant.

Could it be that he was simply thirsty?

It wasn’t. Sufficient hydration is essential when hiking, and even before entering the cafe, I had emptied the remaining bottled water before coming back.

‘The taste is better than I thought… … .’

To be honest, I didn’t expect the taste at all.

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Like I said earlier, I feel like taking a bowl of medicine.

However, the harmony between the first taste that is sweet and cold and the bitter taste that reveals its presence subtly goes better than expected, making it a very good tea in terms of taste.

I don’t know if it’s because of my mood.

For some reason, I feel a lot more comfortable than before, and I feel that breathing is slightly easier. It feels like something that has been on top for a long time has come down.

“haha. You seem to like it, don’t you?”

Watching Jeon tilt his head silently and drink tea in succession, Mr. Choi burst out laughing.

“this… It’s just a thing.”

If it was his usual personality, he would have tried not to show it off or to pass it off with appropriate words, but Jeon must have been so moved that he expressed his honest feelings.

“I said I like this. Would you recommend it?”

“It is regrettable that there is a menu that Mr. Choi said was not good.”

Perhaps embarrassed for nothing, he let out a grunt and took another sip of kudzu tea. I also felt that my body was receiving it well.

“Whoop whoop.”

Seeing this, Mr. Choi crossed his arms and put on a happy expression. There may be many reasons for running a cafe, but personally, the moment I felt the most rewarding was serving a cup of hot tea to a customer who hadn’t come in a long time.

Choi Jun-seok offered a cup of kudzu tea to the regulars who stopped by so often. but… Is it because of the efficacy of kudzu tea and how impressive it was?

“I’m here, Mr. Choi.”

“… Are you here again?”

Now, Chun climbs the mountain almost once every two days and stops by a cafe as a routine. He ordered a cup of kudzu tea as if it were natural and sat down.

“I’m feeling these days, the day I drank this and the day I didn’t drink are just different days! haha.”

It wasn’t just Mr.

Other regulars also visit the cafe more and more frequently, and now it feels like a quiet cafe is a thing of the past.

‘This seems to be more effective than I thought… … .’

In the midst of being busy, the door opens again and two guests come in. Mr. Choi pondered for a while, and quietly put down the signboard on the counter that read ‘Recommended Menu / Healthful arrowroot tea’ out of sight.

* * *

[Rejecting rumors of retirement? Kang Joo-wan, successive great performances! Coach 曰, ‘The key to winning this game is definitely Mr. Kang.’]

[A return that was faster than expected and a greater leap forward than expected. Kang Joo-wan’s new heyday after going through a dark period.]

After Kang Joo-wan received a massage and returned to England.

His senses have completely returned, and his diligent participation in training even during the slump created synergy, and he was showing off his skills that are more outstanding than before, worthy of being said to be in his new heyday.

And Everton’s manager is a person who prioritizes skill and potential above other factors.

Originally, he objected to Kang Ju-wan’s return, thinking it was too soon, but when Kang Ju-wan proved his skills in the practice game, he immediately secured his place in the league game.

The result was a three-game winning streak.

Of course, three consecutive victories was not a record that could be said to be so great, but all the decisive goals in those three matches were related to Kang Ju-wan, so it could be said that it was a splendid revival.

“Kang, tell me honestly.”

“Didn’t you come here with the Super Soldier Serum rather than a massage?”

As a result, the other players on the team also began to show a deep interest in him. More precisely, he was curious about the secret to raising his potential in a short period of time beyond the slump.

“Or maybe I got the radiation wrong.”

“Oh, like the Hulk?”

“Yeah, I was filming the bones on my ankle and the gamma rays leaked out too much.”

“Or they ate oriental power herbs that cannot be detected by conventional doping tests.”

“Right, that’s it!”

Godwin snaps his fingers and bursts into laughter as if he finally understood his colleague’s joke. Kang Joo-wan burst into laughter at the absurd sound of the two.

“What is ‘that’? Haven’t you seen too many movies?”

“Korean ginseng… was it I’ve heard that Korea has been famous for its mysterious herbs since ancient times. It seems like that, doesn’t it?”

“It’s true that ginseng is famous, but if you were going to get better just by eating it, you would get better right away. Have you ever eaten something similar?”


“I mean, this.”

At Godwin’s words, Kang Ju-wan opened a drawer and took out a hand-sized black bottle. Seeing that, Godwin’s brow furrowed in an instant.

“It’s dog-bitter jam, that.”

“Yes, you took a big bite.”

The identity of the bottle is red ginseng tablets containing red ginseng extract.

In the past, when I was feeling low, I used to eat a spoonful in the morning, but Godwin, thinking of something like chocolate jam just by looking at the color, secretly ate a spoonful.

“I thought you were eating cyanide.”

At that time, I remember that all the colleagues and staff around me rushed to Godwin’s scream.

“Hmm, hmm. Whatever.”

It was one of the fun memories, but it wasn’t a proud story, so Godwin changed the topic with a clear cough.

“We’ll have to check this week to see if it’s true or not that you always say it’s because of the massage.”

The last time Kang Ju-Wan handed out business cards for massage parlors in Korean, most of the players accepted them for now, but showed signs of hesitation.

However, only Godwin and one other player had reservations right away that day.

This is the time when we have quite a bit of time to spare until the next game after playing at home. He had made a reservation for this time, and was scheduled to leave for Korea two days later after receiving permission from the director.

“What is it, Godwin? Are you really going?”

Another colleague sitting next to him, Deck asked.

“ok. why?”

“You mean all the way to Korea for a massage?”

If you are in Korea, even if you roughly estimate, the flight time alone will consume close to 10 hours. No matter how much time we have until the next game, the schedule is burdensome.

Because of this, other people who showed interest in massage only thought about going when the season was over or when they had free time.

Because of this, Deck thought that what Godwin was saying was something like a usual joke… … .

“Can’t we?”

Because of his personality, he is a Godwin whose intuition only comes true after he tries it himself. He asked again, tilting his head with an expression that said, “Isn’t it obvious?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong with it… Isn’t the cost-effectiveness too inconsistent in terms of time to return after one massage?”

“That’s not really it. You’re mistaken, Deck.”

Godwin said, waving his finger from side to side.

“It’s not another massage, it’s an oriental martial arts master’s massage!”

A voice that is so absurd that it even seems innocent.

“That bastard’s Oriental… … .”

At those words, Deck hit his forehead and sighed, and Kang Joo-wan watched him giggling from the side.

* * *

“Taehan! Come on.”

An alley in a residential area in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do.

When I parked my car nearby and entered the gate, Shin Jun-ho, who was watering the garden, greeted me happily.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Shin.”

The owner of the mountain where Kang Tae-han periodically collects elixirs.

Kang Tae-han doesn’t visit often because of his busy work these days, but since he’s indebted to him, he often visits and hands over gifts.

“I stopped by briefly on the way.”

“haha. Nice to meet you and thank you.”

“Here is the gift I mentioned on the phone earlier.”

At the same time, Kang Tae-han handed Shin Jun-ho the long paper bag he was holding. Upon accepting it, a heavy feeling was transmitted to his hand.

“This… Is it alcohol?”

“Yes, it is soaked with wild ginseng.”

“Sah, wild ginseng?”

At those words, Shin Jun-ho was frightened.

“No, what else… … .”

“It’s not that great.”

Kang Tae-han shook his hand with an embarrassed expression.

A total of three wild ginseng roots in sake. However, all three of them were aged between four and five years, and they were dug up in Shin Jun-ho’s mountain in the first place, so I thought this kind of gift was natural.

“I still have the deodeokju I gave you last time.”

“It’s better to eat after a while. Instead, don’t drink a lot of wild ginseng wine at once, just drink one glass with your wife. Then it will be of some help to your health.”

“… Yes, thank you, I will drink well.”

Shin Jun-ho showed an apologetic expression, but it was Kang Tae-han who told him how to drink. Shin Jun-ho laughed and smiled.

“Now, let’s not do this here, let’s go inside. I’ll give you a cup of tea.”

Shin Jun-ho turned off the watering hose and pointed towards the inside of the house.

“Shall we do that?”

“Okay then let’s go in.”

It wasn’t that there was no time, so Kang Tae-han nodded happily and entered the house following Shin Jun-ho, who was leading the way.

“It seems that your mother is not there, right?”

“Ah, these days my wife has a taste for walking. You’re probably walking on the mountain behind the neighborhood by now.”

Even after Kang Tae-han opened the shop, Chae Seo-yoon would periodically visit Kang Tae-han for a massage and go back.

Could it have been three or four times?

Thanks to that, I was noticeably better now.

The pelvis and spine had also returned to their original positions, and the joint pain was now to the point where running on a rainy day was okay as long as I didn’t overdo it.

In addition, because of his improved physical strength, he now has time left after doing housework, so he spends that time playing with his children or going for a walk.

“It’s all thanks to you. Thanks again.”

There was no way to treat it, and even if it could be done, I was worried that there would be formidable side effects, but without that, my wife became healthy.

He had already thanked him a lot, but when he thought of his wife, who had become as cheerful as when they were newlyweds, Shin Jun-ho could only thank Kang Tae-han several times.

“haha… He says everything.”

Knowing how he felt, Kang Tae-han only nodded shyly. After a while, the two sat face to face with a table and a cup of coffee between them.


Kang Tae-han brings the glass to his lips and briefly smells the scent.

Whether it’s because they pay special attention to coffee, the fragrant and mellow flavor unique to fresh beans is far superior to that of regular franchise coffee.

“by the way… If it’s a passing road, did you go to the mountain today?”

By the time I tasted a sip of coffee like that.

Shin Jun-ho, who was sitting there, asked indirectly. Kang Tae-han shook his head slowly at his words.

“No, just the opposite. I was just about to enter the mountain.”

Since he brought camping equipment today, Kang Tae-han is thinking of staying overnight and going up to Seoul early in the morning. Meanwhile, at his words, Shin Jun-ho put on a cautious expression.

“Is anything going on?”

“that is… Not sure, though.”

He said, putting down the glass he was holding.

“I don’t know if they came all the way to our mountain, but it seems that a few wild boars have been appearing in the nearby area lately, and they’ve been scolding them.”

“A wild boar? It’s dangerous.”

be a wild boar

Although he showed a look of surprise in line with the atmosphere, he is Kang Tae-han, who has only a sense of ‘that’s right’ on the inside.

“Yeah, that’s why everyone was cautious. I’m not even going to tell you not to go, but I’m saying this because I want Taehan-san to be careful.”

“Um… Iknow, right. Then, even if you go to the mountains, it would be better to visit only during the day.”

Kang Tae-han said something he didn’t mean to say and took another sip of the ground coffee he had put down for a while.

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

The Heavenly Demon Gives a Massage

천마님 안마하신다
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The Heavenly Demon, who returned to modern times, gives a massage


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