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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 72

Miracle ripple power

The moment I clenched my fist,

Martin felt that the sight he saw was a little different than usual.

‘It’s clear.’

You only see what you want to see.

‘Sick people.’

When he wanted to see them, the numerous people in front of him were erased, and only those wishing to get well were seen.

‘Get better.’

When he wanted to heal them, something invisible to the eyes of ordinary people began to flow from the ‘healing light’ that was shining like the sun in the sky.

It seemed to remind Martin of something he had seen some time ago.

‘Haze… … .’

The haze that Horn dealt with, from the Firebird’s fireball.

Hundreds of haze similar to that were spewing out from ‘Healing Light’.

‘ah… … .’

It feels like this.

I feel like I can do anything.

Is this what omnipotence is?

Martin trembled.

The moment the haze wanted to come out of the ‘healing light’, they were connected to the people of the land.

When the connection is over, the ‘Healing Light’ split into over a hundred pieces and falls to the ground.

Pod! Pod! Pod!

A feast of light bursting out here and there.

Martin could see that everyone who wanted to be cured got what they wanted.

after so long

People scream out.

“I can see ahead! Mom! I can see my mother!”

“Five… Bill! Bill opened his eyes!”

“All, legs! I can walk now! Holy Son, thank you!”

“Head… My head doesn’t hurt anymore!”

“Oh, my God… … .”

‘Healing Light’ healed things that were close to impossible to treat with human power.

Martin turned off ‘float’ and looked up at the heads of the people.

‘It’s worth the effort.’

The speed at which the clouds grew was much faster than before.

Meanwhile, at the time Martin was smiling happily.

A man and a woman were looking down at the ground from a higher place than where the ‘healing light’ was.

They were the ancient hero Latun and the former saint Lynn.

“Isn’t that the power of Apollo?”

Latun nodded at Rin’s question.

“yes. It’s great anyway.”


“You mean junior guy. so fast I’m already getting the hang of it. No, this is more than getting a sense… … .”

Lynn held the hand of Latun, who muttered to himself, lost in thought.

“What are you doing?”

“Ahh… sorry. I think it’s a bit strange.”

“What do you think?”

“That guy, I don’t think he’s just a normal human being.”

Lin tilted her head.

“He’s a hero, but there’s no way he’s normal.”

“No, that’s not what I mean… … . Hmmm – Yeah, you’ll see. No, I’d rather investigate.”

“you… … .”

Lynn shook her head.

After saving Roden as a warrior, Latoon went around the demon world to find himself.

In the end, he took himself safely out of the world of demons, achieved his long goal, and seemed to have lost his will for a while due to some futility and boredom.

By the way! Latun’s eyes were revived again.

Shine like a star.

Just like when I became a warrior a long time ago.

Rin looked at Ratoon as if he was bewildered, then laughed.

His love has found his will, but what can he do?

“That investigation, I’m with you.”

* * *

Kim Hyung-min, who fell asleep by Loki the day before and woke up after lunch, scratched his stomach and headed to the living room.

‘What happened yesterday.’

I know that I drank alcohol, but at some point, I lost my memory.

‘Does this mean the film is cut?’

It was my first experience since becoming a Hunter, so I thought it was fun.


His father, Kim Jeong-moon, was not alone in the living room. Alice was also there.

At Kim Hyung-min’s stupid voice, Alice turned her head and looked at him.

“Are you awake?”

“Ah yes… … . When did you come?”

“I came right after clearing the doppelganger dungeon yesterday. I will stay here until I go to catch the phoenix.”

“Oh, that’s good. welcome!”

As Kim Hyung-min spread his arms wide, Kim Jung-moon turned his head and glared at him.

“Sit quietly and watch TV.”

“Ah, yes!”

Thinking that he might get beaten up because the film was cut in the middle of the night, Kim Hyung-min quickly sat down next to Kim Jung-moon.

“Father, yesterday… … .”

“Shh! This is an important scene.”

“yes… … .”

Are you watching a movie?

In any case, Kim Hyung-min turned his eyes to the TV, ecstatic at the thought that he would not have to be scolded.

What appeared on the screen were buildings in a slightly different style from Earth and people filling the streets.

“Are you Loden? A lot of people have gathered. Are you holding a meeting or something?”

“… … .”

After a while, the camera rotated to reveal Martin’s figure.

“Oh, the hero has good stamina. ah! Are you fine just drinking cider? But what the hell is going on in Roden? I heard that the hero’s family is so good, did you hold a demonstration in front of something?”

I warned him to watch TV calmly, but when his son didn’t seem to understand, Kim Jung-moon sighed and briefly explained what had been reported in the breaking news since morning.

“So you’re saying that the hero’s treatment of the sick, which even first-class healers couldn’t touch, spread and everyone came like that? Is it the pope and the saint of Trinity who are leading them?”


“Three years ago, even the dead were brought back to life, but what a big deal… … .”

Kim Hyung-min closed his babbling mouth.

It was because he remembered that the person who attacked Martin three years ago and created a war crisis with Roden was here.

Looking at Kim Hyung-min, who was gently checking Alice’s eyes, Kim Jung-moon smiled.

“Why are you looking at something like that, not like you?”

“Hehe. Yes? Anyway! What I want to say is that you saved the dead back then, but now why are you doing that with only healing some sick people?”

Kim Jung-moon’s face became serious.

“They say the divine power used is different from that time and this time.”

“uh… The hero, who is a Rhoden, would not have received the constellation, so how can he borrow other divine powers?”

“If you don’t know that, it’s a mess. Furthermore, they say that the power used this time is the power used by Lord Apollo.”

“If it’s Apollo… You’re Elise’s sister’s Constellation.”


Unlike Aline, who was treated at home, Pedro was treated in the middle of the street.

Therefore, there were a lot of people who saw Martin healing, and of course there were Hunters from Earth.

Ellis had used ‘healing light’ quite a lot while doing volunteer work on Earth, and thanks to this, it was known that the power Martin used belonged to Apollo.

“That is amazing. How did the hero get Apollo’s power… … . Is this something you don’t even know about?”

“… I don’t know either.”

Ellis had not informed anyone that Apollo had given Martin the ‘Healing Light’.

It’s a kind of dishonor related to Apollo’s honor.

“uh? I guess I’m going to do something.”

On the screen, you can see Martin walking out of the room.

After looking at the crowd for a while, Martin raised his hand. Then, a divine light shone on his fingertips.

After a while, the ‘healing light’ that rose to the sky shone like the sun, and the noise from the living room disappeared.

Not only this living room, but everyone watching that scene would have their mouths shut.

You can tell just by looking at the TV.

that’s real!

A holy light breaking through the screen.

Martin’s handling of ‘healing light’ seemed as if God himself was performing a miracle.

Papa papa papa!

The light that splits into hundreds of pieces and falls.

After a while, the camera shows the people on the ground.

People who regain their normal bodies and jump for joy.

It’s truly a miracle.

Since all of this was shot in real time, no one would suspect that it was manipulation.

“Such an unbelievable ability… … .”

Kim Jung-moon let out a quiet voice.

“Can any sister do something like that?”

Kim Hyung-min asked in a trembling voice.

But Alice didn’t turn a blind eye to them. It would be right to assume that there is no time for that.

[Damn greedy!]

It was because her Constellation was making noise.

‘Why are you suddenly like this, Lord Apollo?’

[It was just given to me to wear when my weak body was injured, but to use it like that!]

‘… … .’

Alice was speechless for a moment at the sight of Apollo, who was very excited.

[This is a scam!]

‘Doesn’t the fact that a hero can use Apollo’s power like that mean that Apollo’s permission was given in advance?’

[Can you do something like that?]

Elise shook her head.

Although he did a lot of volunteer work, all he could do with the help of Apollo was to heal the wounds of the injured or alleviate the suffering of those who were sick.

The ‘healing light’ allowed to her and the ‘healing light’ used by Martin now showed a difference between the light from a small light bulb and the sunlight.

‘I thought that Apollo liked the hero quite a bit. That’s why you allowed me to use that kind of power… … .’

[Permission! That greedy person is not someone who gets permission and uses power!]

Looks like a lot of regret.

Alice did not understand Apollo’s words.

‘How can a hero use Apollo’s power without permission?’

Apollo, who paused for a moment, began to speak.

[Take your worldly objects as an example.]

‘As expected, Apollo-nim is kind.’

[Hmmmm, I gave the plane to that greedy Martin.]

‘Is the power given to me about as good as a car?’

[The one I gave you is also an airplane.]

‘yes? But how does it make such a difference?’

[Because the oil I gave you and the driving method I taught you were just that much.]

‘Then you gave the warrior more oil and taught him how to drive? Still, I am an apostle of Apollo by name… … .’

Alice pursed her lips in a bit of regret.

Capturing Alice’s feelings, Apollo spoke in the voice of a grandfather soothing his granddaughter.

[Because your body can’t stand it. And I didn’t give greedy Martin any oil. It’s only natural that I didn’t teach you how to use it.]

‘… Then what is all that?’

[It made oil on its own, filled the plane, and learned how to use it on its own!]

‘That, is that possible?’

[I’m very sorry, but… It’s not impossible for him. This is obviously my mistake. He’ll realize more in the future, and eventually… her!]

Apollo sighed and left.

“sister? it’s okay?”

Alice still couldn’t answer.

Apollo’s words came as shocking to her as they were.

‘A person who can handle the power of a god at will against the will of a god… … .’

I never could have imagined that there would be such a person.

Can you see such a person as a person?

‘Martin… Who are you?’

Alice misses Martin.

* * *

Seeing Martin heal a person with a gesture shocked both worlds.

It was only in Roden that the atmosphere of ‘a saint became a saint!’, but on Earth where the constellation exists, it didn’t stop at that level.

Numerous gods watched through the contractors and apostles the scene that seemed as if the divine power was manifested by the god himself.

The shock received by the gods was greater than that received by the earthlings.

When Apollo announced that he had given only the right to use the power and that he had not added any power, the whole divine world was upset.

Because that was something that was inconceivable.

However, even in this atmosphere

“It’s Martin! It was a good thing to be acquainted with him!”

There was one god who was particularly excited.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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