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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 71

All will be cured

[Those who steal it, let me go.]

It was clearly not the pope’s voice.

Moreover, the power of the source is felt in the golden light in his eyes.

‘God has descended.’

As expected, there is only one god who will descend upon the pope now.


[Yes. A polite Martin… … . It’s so awkward.]

Oh oh… I guess I’m talking to Loden’s creator.

Honestly, I’m awkward too!

“By the way, what is a ‘stealer’?”

[…] right. You don’t know anything right now.]

“Do you know anything about me?”

[know. No god in this universe knows more about you than I do.]

“Five… … .”

I didn’t know that I was so loved by God.

It’s quite touching.

[I was too busy making a present for you. I don’t have much time to stay in this body. So can I start by talking?]

‘A sudden gift?’

If you are giving a gift, what can you not concede?

I rubbed my palms together.

“Tell me.”

[I’ll apologize first. I put a lot of thought into it before standing here. I know you will hate it, but I came out like this because my heart was so desperate, so I hope you understand.]


Why do I keep thinking that Roden is having a hard time with me?

“Why would you hate me meeting Roden?”

[It’s okay now, but it might be a little different in the future. Anyway, the reason I found you is because I have a request.]

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God’s request… … .

Let’s listen first.

“What is it?”

[Leave me alone.]

That’s what I heard at first.

“I want you to let go… … . I don’t know what God is talking about.”

‘I never caught you in the first place.’

He stared at me and opened his mouth.

[Greedy Martin. I don’t want to see my world die because of your greed anymore.]

Do you speak strangely?

I’m trying to save Roden by going back, but what kind of greed did I have, and when did I kill the world?

“I can not understand. Could you please elaborate a bit?”

[I can’t say much because the law doesn’t allow it.]


That’s something I’ve heard before.

– What the hell is that? The one attacking you right now. like lightning

Demon Morton answered my question like this.

– It is a punishment given to those who break the law.

At the time, Morton had suffered tremendously for breaking the law.

But now, the law came out of Roden’s mouth again.

‘What the hell is that law?’

Even if I ask anyway, he doesn’t seem to answer, so I’m just listening, so he asks.

[You just need to answer. Will you let me go?]

“If I let Roden go, will there be any harm to me?”

[…] I cannot answer.]

‘I thought so.’

I can’t tell you, I can’t answer you.

‘Then why are we having a conversation?’

Is it because you’re annoyed?

There is always a feeling of rejection.

But isn’t it a request from God?

Since he was hesitant to say no, Roden shook his head as if he knew that.

[As expected.]

“I will answer when I know exactly what Roden is trying to say. Are you okay?”

He nodded his head with a face that wasn’t okay at all.

[Let it be. However, at that time.]

The Pope’s gold is desperate.

[Remember that I gave you quite a bit of power, Taker.]

After that, the golden energy in the pope’s eyes disappeared.

The time that Roden had stopped began to return to its original state, and I began to hear the Roden people’s cheers for me again.


He approached the pope, who was groaning and staggering, and helped him.


I patted him on the back as he was breathing.

‘You’re having a lot of trouble because of God, tsk tsk.’

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God had already left, and only the old man remained.

You always have a lot of trouble.

“Are you okay?”

“Um… thank you.”

“Do you know what just happened?”

The pope’s eyes began to shake wildly.

“… I know.”

The Pope was very confused.

In fact, it’s not even worth it.

The god Roden had just spoken to me, a mere human, in a pleading tone, almost begging.

I’m embarrassed too, but the Pope who served him for a thousand years must be awful.

“Roden keeps asking me to let him go. Do you know what that means?”

“That too… I do not know.”

I’m like a pope, so I don’t really know anything.

As if he was sorry for not being able to answer even one properly, the pope, who was a little away from me, called me.



“The hero is now also a saint.”

That’s how it must be.

“By the way, don’t saints have appointment ceremonies?”

“No. Because it is the white children of Roden, not Lord Roden, who appoints saints.”

“Not everyone will see me as a saint.”

That would be the difference between a warrior receiving an appointment ceremony.

“Still, since the saintess and I stopped by here, most will accept the hero as a saint.”

“Well, I guess.”

If you think about the authority of the holy kingdom.

“And please accept this.”

The Pope held out his palm to me. Then, a dazzling light shone on his palm, and a bracelet appeared.

“Five… Are you pretty?”

“This is what God told me to deliver.”

“Ah, I guess this is that gift.”

I almost forgot

I received the bracelet he held out.

“So what is this bracelet?”

“I heard that it is a divine object that will accelerate the growth of the warrior.”

“A new thing?”

If it’s a sacred thing, doesn’t it mean something used by a god?

‘It’s not a normal thing.’

I was intrigued and quickly activated 『Piercing Eye』.

『A bracelet containing the divine blood of the main god of Roden (?)

When certain conditions are met, you can absorb the wishes of others.

You can convert absorbed wishes into karma.』

“This crazy… … .”

It’s more stuff than I thought.


“Oh, no.”

After shaking his head at the pope, who opened his eyes wide as if he was startled by my curse, he looked at the bracelet again with his ‘eyes’.

Again, the information was the same.

‘Wow… Can something like this exist?’

An object that can absorb desires and convert them into karma… … .

They even say that the blood of the god Roden has gone into it!

It is truly a treasure beyond imagination.

‘They said they made it while reducing the time they could stay in the Pope’s body… … .’

It’s definitely a bracelet worth it.

Looking at the bracelet in a daze, I suddenly have a question.

“Have the former warriors also received bracelets like this from Roden?”

“I don’t think there is any precedent for Roden to give something to a hero.”

“Well… All right.”

It’s a unique item.

I said with a good laugh.

“Please tell me that you received it thank you.”

I think I know why Roden gave me this bracelet.

‘He wants me to grow up quickly.’

That’s why I gave you this bracelet, and didn’t you put the lump of desire that can be absorbed with the bracelet in front of me like that?

Roden said

– Leave me alone.

That’s the point.

In the end, taking everything that has come to light, it must mean that I can only let him go if my growth accelerates.

‘not bad.’

I gladly put the bracelet on the wrist of the opposite arm with the warrior’s bracelet.

‘Five… … .’

Their desire, which looked like a cloud, is seen more clearly.

I think I know how to make that cloud move.

‘You will.’

You just have to want it.

You just need to have that will.

‘Come here.’

The clouds floating above the heads of the crowd begin to move according to my will.

“Whoa… … .”

He took a deep breath and ordered.

‘come in.’

At that moment, a wish in the form of a cloud began to enter my head.

‘ah… … .’

I close my eyes and see their wishes.

【Please allow me to walk again.】

As the desire disappears, a text window pops up.

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Possessed Karma: 1』

Karma 1 has risen.

【Please allow me to see ahead.】

Possession Karma: 2

【Please cure my illness.】

Possession Karma: 3

【Please make my family harmonious.】

Retained Karma: 4

【Please become a god and create a new world.】

Retained Karma: 104




I was so focused that I had no idea how much time had passed.

Thousands of wishes were read without exception and turned into karma.

and at the end,

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Retained Karma: 32,125』

There was a whopping 32,125 points of karma.

‘Something’s not coming out.’

Did all the gods develop their strength in this way?

Somehow it doesn’t seem like it.

The gods deal with karma, but I have a hunch that I’m the only one who can do this.

‘It’s 30,000 again… … .’

Oliver doesn’t even need to be called.

like the firebird?

Now I can catch it myself.

When I get out of my thoughts and look ahead, I see the Pope staring at me with his eyes wide open.

“Yo, warrior… … .”

“Why is that?”

“Something has changed. I can’t explain it in words, but it has definitely changed. Uh, what happened?”

Unlike a pope who has lived for a thousand years, his voice was shaking very badly.

After patting him on the shoulder, I came out of the sphere the saintess had made.

When I look at people, I become quiet at once.

I looked over their heads.

‘It’s happening again.’

still small

Even if I absorbed it, I couldn’t raise it by 1 point?

The important thing is that their aspirations are growing steadily, albeit slowly.

‘I need to speed up the growth.’

to arouse their aspirations.

What increases your faith in me.

I can do it.

When I look around, I see people flocking and people taking pictures of me.

Not only Roden people, but also Earth people with cameras are visible.

What I am going to do now will spread widely on Earth as well.

‘I’ll make you a saint.’

Even for karma.

I used ‘float’.

『We embody the ‘unshakable will’.

1000 karma used per minute

Retained Karma: 32,125』

Now there will be no reason to collapse because of mental strength.

He took out the ‘Healing Light’ from the warrior’s bracelet and called to Arin.



‘Give me some magic until I tell you to stop.’


I intend to show both worlds how to heal them.

We cannot grant your wish to reconcile your family or to become a god, but it is possible to open the eyes of a blind person or to make a person who cannot walk walk again.

Because I have a ‘healing light’.

‘Thank you, Apollo.’

As I raise my hand, the ‘healing light’ escapes from my hand and rises into the sky.

‘Grow up.’

The mana quickly disappears, and the light grows in size.

If I hadn’t used ‘floating’, it would not be strange even if I collapsed due to lack of mental strength.

Arin refilled the empty magic power.

and i

‘Become bigger.’

Once again, I added strength to ‘Healing Light’.

‘It’s not enough yet.’

That light cannot heal everyone.

Because there were at least a hundred people who wished to heal their uncomfortable bodies.

That’s how I repeated five times to use and refill my magic power, and it was only then that I realized that I had reached the size of light enough to heal them all.

saw people

Everyone’s eyes can be seen turning to the ‘healing light’ floating in the sky. Even those who cannot see are directing their eyes toward the light, as if they instinctively sensed something.

The power emitted by that ‘healing light’ is so divine that even an ordinary person who knows nothing about it can feel it.

It would be natural.

Not a few of them even looked up at the light with their hands together and were praying.

I opened my mouth only after giving them time to clearly see the light and take pictures.

“People who can’t see.”

Dozens of heads turned toward me.

“People who can’t walk.”

Many eyes turn to me.

“People with incurable diseases.”

The eyes of everyone who longed to cure the body and return to normal come to me.

“You will all be cured.”

He squeezed the hand he was holding tight.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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