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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 66

Second EX level perk

The fire bird that hatched from the egg had the appearance of a bird, as the name suggests.

I’d say it roughly resembles a hawk.

Of course, there are minor differences such as having three eyes, a body the size of a house, and fire spouting from feathers, but the overall appearance was very similar to that of a hawk.

It is said that they destroyed countless cities in the past, and it is clearly visible how they did it.

Terrible fire pouring from feathers.

Even the ground is melting in the fire.

Literally a disaster.

Had he not been bound by his father’s chains and had been free, that mad phoenix would have already turned this whole area into a sea of fire.

‘Should I raise it to Intermediate?’

To be honest, I thought I would be able to withstand it enough.

At the end of his previous life, the ability that made him able to endure for a certain period of time even in the lava underground of the Kadar Mountains was the low-class ‘Fire Resistance’.

But that phoenix, even though it is this far away, makes me feel the heat similar to when I fell into lava.

It must mean that you have to use the intermediate level unconditionally when you are close.

As I was contemplating what to do, Arin transformed and covered my entire body from head to toe.

The heat goes away little by little.

[Save your karma. I’ll try to absorb it as much as possible!]


Arin’s consideration made me feel better, so I added strength to my feet as I spurred the ground.


The chain that binds the fire bird is already shaking anxiously.

Considering that the chain was embodied by his father’s ability, which had grown over the past three years, the Phoenix was definitely on a different level from the Skeleton King, as Hoorn said.


‘It’s as expected.’

From the beginning, my father and I planned the strategy under the assumption that the Phoenix would be this good.

That level of power was within our expected range.

My father’s chain just needs to last until I close the gap with the phoenix.


In an instant, the firebird howled.

Truly a huge monster.

If Arin hadn’t even covered her ears, how could her eardrums have burst without a chance to use her hands?

The distance to the Phoenix is now 30m.

I made a spear of strong energy and held it in my hand.

When I stop by applying strength to my toes, my feet scrape the ground and move forward.

A body that shifts its center of gravity forward due to a sudden stop.


I didn’t resist the force, and I threw one leg forward and threw it at the firebird with all my might.


A spear that flies much faster than the arrows shot by Apollo’s palace.

I widened the hand that was holding the spear of the river a moment ago.

A 6-star superman can create strong qi, a 7-star superman can release the strong qi outside the body, and an 8-star superman can control the released strong qi.

Then what about the 9-star Superman?

Beyond manipulating it, it is also possible to transform the emitted strong energy itself.

like now.

Chow ah-

At my gesture, the window opens wide and transforms into the shape of a net.

The only reason why Kangi was implemented in the form of a spear was because of speed. You don’t need to keep the form of a spear any longer as long as you approach the phoenix.

It was around that time that the father’s chain that wrapped around the firebird’s body ran out of power.


A chain that disappears as if it melts into thin air.

The firebird that has regained freedom flaps its wings and tries to take flight.

But he lost his freedom again.

The net of strong energy I threw entangled him.

The strong air melts in the heat that radiates from the body of the fire bird.

But I held on for the next moment and continued to inject magic into the river net.

After about 10 seconds passed, I heard the sound I was waiting for.


Looking up, there were toxic dark clouds in the clear sky.


Lightning strikes the body of the phoenix, causing a thunderbolt.

flash – flash – flash –

The fire bird is gradually weakened by the lightning that continues to fall. The proof is that the strength of the one who resisted my magic is gradually diminishing.

I could feel him weakening in real time.

‘I’ll have to finish it soon.’

Beyond simply tying the Phoenix, the time has come to attack.

The target is his head.

Witchbeasts usually have something called a nucleus, and like the Skeleton King, that nucleus usually exists in the brain.

The Witchbeast’s weakness is its core.

Currently, I don’t have much karma, and I don’t know if Apollo’s palace will work for the phoenix.

So I tried to get rid of Gangi’s net and make a sword of Gangki instead and stab the fire bird directly in the head.

That was the end of this raid operation that my father and I created.

However, when he tries to get rid of Kang Ki’s net, he hesitates due to the constant feeling of incongruity.

‘It’s too easy.’

Without a single blockage, the raid proceeded more easily than my father and I thought.

The opponent is the Phoenix, who promised that the transcendent Horn was stronger than the Skeleton King.

‘This isn’t it.’

There must be something I’m missing somewhere.

With such confidence, I raised my head and looked at the firebird.

I can see the eyes of the phoenix staring at me through the rolling flames.

‘this… … .’

In contrast to the blazing fire, his eyes were extremely cold.

Eyes that seemed to feel no pain at all.

There was only murder intent against me.

‘It’s a trap.’

The moment I noticed that, I immediately activated ‘Magical Concentration’ and tried to get away from the Phoenix as much as possible.

At that moment, the Phoenix also behaved differently from before.

As if when he screamed and became weak, his momentum increased explosively.

He must have noticed that I had noticed the trap too.

scoot- scoot-

A huge sphere of fire was compressed from the gaping mouth.

An orb the size of my fist at most.

So more dangerous

You can see that that small fireball contains enough power to kill me in one blow.

‘It’s not like I’m tying him up.’

I kicked the ground as hard as I could after removing the river’s net.


This time’s ‘Magical Concentration’ is a bit different from what I usually use.

‘Magical concentration’ only for evasion.

An advanced technique that can only be used at the 9-star level, which does not end with a single programmed action, and keeps you focused for as long as you want.

That was the ‘Magic Concentration’ that I had activated just now.


The louder my heart beats, the faster I move.

I centered it and started to turn wide.

fault. fault. fault.

My current speed when using ‘Magical Concentration’ is comparable to that of a 10-year-old superhuman.

However, the firebird flinched while being struck by my father’s thunderbolt, but still did not take its eyes off me. Not only that, but he was also turning in the direction I was turning.


A fireball that didn’t stop even when it was the size of a fist, and continued to compress until finally it was as small as a fingernail.

I had a hunch that his attack would begin soon.


You only need to dodge it once.

If it contained that much power, the fire bird must be too much.

After safely avoiding this attack, you can finish as you originally intended.

I thought so.


oh oh oh-

The moment I saw the fireball start moving, I realized I had underestimated the firebird.

‘crazy… … .’

My movement now is twice as fast as usual, and my eyes are faster than that. Even in my eyes, the speed at which the fireballs flew was too fast to handle.

I had no choice but to dodge the fireball with power beyond what my body could handle.


Thanks to that, my leg bones were broken.

Still, I was able to dodge the fireball, so it wouldn’t be a loss.


I didn’t even touch it, but the place where the fireball passed and the clothes near the wrist that were close to it became powder and fluttered.

A destructive power that clearly exceeded the range that Arin could offset.

Relieved that he managed to avoid it by overdoing it, he blew magic into his broken leg.

With the resilience of a 9-star Superman, you should be able to attach broken bones in about 10 seconds.

But that was just then.


Something unexpected happened.

‘… Did you turn around?’

The fireball that passed by me turns long and flies towards me.

‘Speed wasn’t the problem.’

That fireball was fast enough that I could only dodge it with force, but there was another ability that was more terrifying than that.

‘Piljung (必中)… … .’

Like Apollo’s palace, it seems unlikely to stop until it reaches me.

It wasn’t just that I felt that way.

At some point, I can tell because I can see something connecting me and the fireball.


It was very similar to the haze that appeared when Horn subdued Arin’s doppelganger with just words.

The existence of the Phoenix itself was obviously not a transcendental one, but that ability seemed very close to that of a transcendental one.


I dodged the fireball again with my incomplete body. The only reason I was able to avoid this much was thanks to the sense of battle that I had honed in my previous life.

Shook- shook- shook- shook-

In a short period of time, I dodged the fireballs as many as five times.

‘sh*t… … .’

This time, as well, the fireball flew without fail as if it had no intention of stopping.

As long as the haze doesn’t go away, I’m pretty sure I can’t get away from that fireball.

I turned to the only being who could solve this situation.

Four-horned demon horn.

But the man who said he would not watch my death quietly is nowhere to be seen. Alindo, who was with him.

I don’t think he did anything to Arlene.

According to the contract of the soul, it is impossible for him to harm me, and touching Arleen is tantamount to touching me.

Did you even try to escape?

I’m sorry you didn’t help me, but… It’s not bad.

You should be grateful that Arlene saved your life.

‘Anyway, I hope my father runs away soon… … .’

But contrary to my wishes, my father was waving his hands and attacking the phoenix. You must be trying to kill the firebird first before I get killed by the fireball.

bang! bang! bang!

Not just thunderbolts, all kinds of attacks such as ice, wind, and steel hit the fire bird.

Perhaps because the attack was so powerful, the Phoenix didn’t look the same as before.


The firebird struggled and screamed continuously.

This time, I can see that he is really in pain, not pretending to be in pain.

Now that the river net has been reaped, the fact that he is just being beaten in place must mean that the blow is considerable.

However, it seems that my father’s fantasy of killing the Phoenix before I die will not come true.

‘I don’t think I can stand it anymore.’

The fireball came back 5m away before I knew it.

I no longer have the strength to escape.

You’d be right in saying you don’t even have the strength to stand.

Naturally, a situation came that had no choice but to admit death.

‘Whatever… … .’

I saved my younger siblings and met people who believed in me like a father.

I made my name known to both worlds, met demons and gods I hadn’t seen in my previous life, and became a warrior.

It was a short but fun life.

I lived a life that was so enjoyable that it could not be compared to my previous life.

So it’s going to be such a pity.


A huge explosion occurred in front of my eyes.

It must have finally been hit by a fireball.

It is so bright that darkness fills the field of vision where there was only light.

Soon I couldn’t see anything.

The maddening heat penetrated Arin and crawled into my skin.

The pain of burning flesh and melting bones overtakes me.

But the pain was short-lived, and soon I couldn’t feel anything.

‘He’s dying again.’

Second, but still not accustomed to death.

Will there be another chance?

‘There’s no way a miracle like that would happen twice.’

Consciousness slowly begins to blur.

It was then that something familiar came to mind in his vision filled with darkness.

『The destruction of the world of Roden is confirmed.

EX grade privileges are activated.』

As I did one day, I lost consciousness while watching the text passing by.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
Score 9.0
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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