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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 65

Are you friendly?

The most famous Rhodenman on Earth is Martin.

That is a fact no one can deny.

In the past, a video in which Martin killed countless hunters with a single arrow and brought them back to life recorded 10 billion views.

There is probably no one who knows how to use the Internet who does not know Martin’s face.

However, if you ask if Martin is the only Rhodenian that Earthlings know, that’s not the case either.

After three years of exchange, many Roden people became known to the earth.

Among them, the most famous Lodenman after Martin was, of course, Pedro.

The scene where Pedro blocked the attacks of many hunters, including the teenage hunter Oliver, and later copied Oliver’s ability and tied the Skeleton King with a stronger chain, was still deeply embedded in the minds of earthlings even three years later.

Next to Pedro is Trinity.

saintess. informed Trinity, commonly known as Arin.

Until now, they had never appeared at the same time, but the earthlings united them and called them Trinity.

The saintess, who is said to be favored by the god Roden, defeated the strong Alice.

Pedro’s daughter and Martin’s younger brother, Arlene, is known as an overwhelming superhuman whose talents are unparalleled on both Roden and Earth.

Lastly, Arin, the princess of the Talon Empire, was truly the ultimate girl crush.

The scene of her blocking the SS-class gate created in the earth with Roden’s White Tiger Knights was like a scene in a movie mixed with science fiction and fantasy.

Trinity, who showed off their strengths and made their name known to the earth.

All three women had something in common.

It is that she has a beautiful appearance like a goddess and has tremendous talent.

Even so, they were only doing things that were helpful to the Earth, so it might have been natural for Earthlings to be enthusiastic about them.

Earthlings looked forward to the day when they would gather in one place, to the extent that they called them together under one name, ‘Trinity’.

Even though I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I hoped that one day we would be able to see each other together.

However, it is said that the trinity will all appear today.

That too along with Roden’s hundreds of superhumans.

Numerous Earthlings gathered near the gate to see this.

* * *

Cheek Chuck-

About a hundred superhumans in white armor cross the gate.

The White Tiger Knights of the Talon Empire.

The image of Princess Arin crossing the gate side by side with Danju at the forefront looked so cool that viewers would naturally admire it.

Subsequently, paladins wearing golden armor symbolizing the god Roden pass through the gate. This time, as expected, at the forefront are the saintess of Trinity and Executor Kerbel.

The atmosphere exuded by the saints and paladins was so solemn that those who admired Arin fell silent.

All the Paladins also got out and lined up, and the final procession came out.

fantasy knights.

Unlike the previous two groups, they wore black suits and lined up between the Knights of the White Tiger and the Paladins, and Arlene and James, one of Trinity, were at the forefront.

“I’m serious?”

“Yes, it’s also Roden.”

Also Roden.

Words like that just come out of nowhere.

“You know what?”


“The commander of the Roden Expeditionary Force this time is said to be cheering.”

“Who is the warrior?”

“I heard that the hero focuses on the phoenix and the whole thing is led by cheers?”

“Are our hunters also going under cheers?”

“In the first place, it’s impossible to catch the firebird with our own power.”

While the Earthlings were talking about the Phoenix Raid, Arin and Arin were also having a conversation.

“long time no see. How are you?”

“Yes, has the princess been well?”

“Well, how are you?”

Both of them were already old.

After the Skeleton King was destroyed, 1st Prince Armin introduced Princess Arin to Martin as promised at the palace, and Arin met Arin through Martin after that.

Arin sighed softly and grumbled.

“I wanted to join the Phoenix Raid too.”

“Can the princess get involved in such a dangerous thing?”

“If I had thought about that, I wouldn’t have joined the White Tiger Knights in the first place. By the way… How’s the warrior doing?”


“Didn’t the hero talk about me?”

Arin’s question

Arin, who had been looking straight ahead the whole time, turned his head to look at Arin and asked again.

“What are you talking about?”

“Just say anything.”

“… I never did.”

“I’ve felt it since I saw you before… Hey, do you hate me?”

“It can’t be. Why do I hate the princess? You are the one who is praised by everyone.”

Arin narrowed his forehead.

It was because he clearly felt that Arlene hated him with the answer he had just given.

“… Why do you hate me?”

“Because you don’t like it? And does it matter whether I like the princess or not?”

“Meaning… there is Aren’t you the hero’s most cherished younger brother?”

Arlene furrowed her fine brow.

“Don’t talk like that. Oppa loves us all equally.”

“… I made a mistake. I’m sorry.”

“I will accept your apology. But I also have some questions.”

“What are you curious about?”

“Are you close with your brother?”

“Well… I hope so.”

“… … .”

Allin stared at Arin for a moment, then turned his head forward.

A displeased look.

Arin couldn’t understand why Arin hated him so much.

‘I’m sure it won’t work.’

There won’t be many opportunities to have a conversation like this with Aline in the future. So, this time, you should ask properly.

Arin liked fighters like Arin.

However, the moment she was about to open her mouth, a door of light began to form in front of her.

‘Tsk, we’ll have to talk later.’

The Gate of Light was completed while Arin promised the future.


Through it, a person familiar not only to the Lodens but also to the Earthlings now walks out.


It was Pedro.

When he appeared, those in the front row were all polite.

The same goes for Arin, who is a princess in Talon, but is only a member of the raid in this raid.

“Meet the Commander!”

Pedro, who looked at the Lodens who came to Earth for a while, also opened his mouth after being polite.

“I will move right away without wasting time.”

When Pedro waved his hand, the fantasy door he came out of disappears and three large illusion doors appear.

“I hope each of you will do well in your assigned duties.”


Pedro smiled happily and nodded, and each group entered through a predetermined illusion door.

* * *

You can see the eggs of the firebird in the distance.

Right now, it is in the form of an egg, but once attacked, it will wake up in the form of a disaster.

‘I have to catch that thing.’

It doesn’t look too hard.

[Do I really need to help?]

It was Horn, the devil, who approached with his robe covering his four horns and asked.

“You just remain as insurance.”

With the help of Horn, the transcendent, I’d be able to catch a firebird like that very easily.

However, I decided not to accept his help in this raid.

If, very if, I only asked for it to come out when we couldn’t catch it.

The reason was karma.

‘If I get help from the devil, the incoming karma will be less.’

There is also some evidence.

That is the doppelganger I met in the dungeon.

When facing Arryn’s doppelganger, our strength was by no means weak. Because there were two 9-star supermen and two 8-star superhumans.

However, the doppelganger was strong enough that we had to run away without even using our hands.

What doesn’t make sense is that the karma brought in by holding such a strong doppelganger is only a little over 2,000 points.

I think it happened because Horn intervened.

[Still, if you are in danger of dying… I will kill the firebird.]

It’s a real idiot to refuse help to the point of dying to get a little more karma.

I nodded meekly.


The space trembles and a fantasy gate is realized in front of it.

It’s a huge door unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Familiar faces coming through.

Alin and the Phantom Knights.


Arlene, who had passed through the fantasy door in front of me, found me and came running.

‘guy… … .’

Before I had time to say hello, I hugged him tightly.

Aline, who is 16 years old, is an age at which it would not be strange to get married, but to me, she is just a lovable younger sister.

On the contrary, it’s much better than Lamba, who doesn’t even want to hold his hand because he’s a little big!

Arlene held me for a while, then blushed and took a step back.

‘I know how to be ashamed.’

A lot has definitely changed.

It’s also very normal.

Laughter bursts out of my heart.

“Didn’t it happen that you came?”


“What about the others?”

“The Paladins went to Egypt, and the Knights of the White Tiger went to Australia.”

Egypt and Australia are two other catastrophic countries.

The other Lodenians went there to prepare for other disasters that might wake us up while we subjugated the Firebird.

For the same reason, most of Earth’s Hunters have also gone to Egypt and Australia.

The only teenage hunters on Earth who were here now were Kim Jeong-moon and Alice, who were friends with me.

“The Archduke.”

James came up to me and announced that the preparations were complete.

I climbed a nearby large rock and shouted at those gathered to catch the firebird.

“Let’s get started!”

* * *

The range covered by the magic circle was incredibly wide.

It had to be because it was a magic formation that my father invested a lot of time and effort into.

As soon as they enter the magic circle, the fantasy knights and earth hunters disperse and move to the designated location.

The only people who headed straight toward the firebird were me, my father, Arlin, and Horn.

Others will spread widely to keep the Phoenix in check, or if the Phoenix tries to escape, it will attract attention so that it does not attack the magic circle as much as possible.



“Can I ask you something?”


“Are you close with the princess?”

Why did he suddenly ask about the princess?

I was curious, but I answered at once.

“No, I’ve only seen it twice?”



The first time we met through the introduction of the prince, and the second time we met alone, so I took Aline with me.

Of course, I couldn’t build a close enough friendship.

“But why all of a sudden?”

“yes? no… … .”

How do you look good… … .

Maybe it’s because of my mood?


I stopped walking at my father’s words.

It is a planned point.

If you go further than this, you will be caught in the attack of your father.

“Do you want to start right away?”


“Then I’ll break the egg first.”

Firebird eggs are nothing.

Even if you attack it, the phoenix that hatched from the egg won’t take any damage.

So, you can start the firebird raid in earnest only after breaking the egg by giving it a shock.


As the father raises his right hand to shoulder height, a sphere is created above the hand.


When I waved my left hand, this time a much smaller fantasy door appeared than I usually make.

What can be seen beyond the phantasmagoric gate is the egg of the fire bird.

The father threw the sphere into the illusionary door and immediately closed the illusionary door.


A huge explosion takes place in the distance.

The shockwave can be felt all the way here.

The reason we stopped here was because of that explosion.

After a while,


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Great heat began to spread out.


The Demon Beast and the Firebird woke up screaming.

“Get ready, Martin.”


My father first manifested an illusion before the phoenix flew up.

oh oh oh-

The chain that sealed the Skeleton King in the past descends from the sky and approaches the Phoenix.

At the same time, I kicked the ground using Karma.

‘Resistance to fire. Ha(下).’

『I realize fire attribute resistance (lower grade).

100 karma used per minute

Possession Karma: 2,810』

This is the beginning of the Phoenix Raid.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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