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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 53

seems to be wrong

The arrow received from Kater was as light as a feather and harder than steel.

“Is this made of the demon king’s bones?”


“The Demon King controls the Demon Beast, so this arrow has no choice but to work through that Demon Beast?”

“That’s it. And those arrowheads are no ordinary thing.”

“It’s kind of familiar.”

“When you saw me in the lab, I was wearing it instead of an arm.”

“ah… This was it.”

As I was examining the arrow, he spoke to me with serious eyes.

“I still have a lot of metal left, but I don’t have much of the demon king’s bones that become arrowheads.”

In fact, the arm from which he drew the arrow was drooping.

“You mean there is only one arrow?”

“If you overdo it, you might be able to make at least one more. But I’d like to finish it with just one. If I pull out another one, the possibility of my body collapsing increases.”

You can’t do that.

And in fact there is no such thing.

Because I have a bow in my hand.

“Don’t worry. Then let’s take a shot.”

“for a moment!”

On the day he was about to take out the ‘Palace of Apollo’, Cater stopped him.


“Shoot him when he’s weaker.”

“Which of the earthlings will die by then?”

Even right now, the Skeleton King is rampaging as if he has met his new world.

He couldn’t trample the superhumans of the earth, and now he was breathing breath through his mouth.

“It’s more dangerous if you’re late.”

“I know you believe in that bow. You should be able to match it unconditionally. But whether it can be knocked down with that one shot is another matter.”

“you can do it.”

I’m thinking of using karma this time too.

If I defeat that thing anyway, a lot of karma will come in, but I don’t intend to waste it by casually shooting a single arrow.

But Carter, unaware of that, glared at me coldly.

“I know very well how you want to save them. because you are martin But be cool. Use it when you are sure you can kill it, you fool!”

“Why are you angry? Are you sure?”

Then my father interrupted our conversation.

“Have you made up your mind, Martin?”

“Yes, we have decided to accept them on our side.”

“Then you should avoid useless sacrifices.”

Saying so, my father called Kerbel.

“Tell me.”

“Try to defeat that demon. Can you help me, Executor?”

Kerbel smiled brightly as she held up the hammer.

“To punish evil. That’s what we need to do. Besides, isn’t it helping the hero?”

Kerbel’s eyes staring at me shimmer so much that it’s a little burdensome.

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Glancing at Kater, he is smiling contentedly, as if he had never been so angry.

It must have led to this situation.

‘Anyway, one head is good.’

It’s like a guy who survived the tough training center to the end with a body without a single talent.

“Then please.”

Kerbel, who nodded at my words, shouted while looking at the paladins lined up.

“Roden’s swords!”


“Let’s go!”

* * *


A hunter covered in white powder wields a sword imbued with magic. A figure full of murderous intent to kill the opponent without thinking about defense at all.

However, that attitude was full of gaps.


S-rank hunter Kim Hyung-min couldn’t bear to attack his friend, whom he had talked about dying a while ago, and threw himself away.

“Come to your senses!”

Despite Kim Hyung-min’s cry, the friend just swings his sword and runs at him.

‘That white powder is the problem.’

Those who came in contact with the white powder suddenly spewed out by the Skeleton King all changed like that.


Kim Hyung-min burned the white powder that clung to his arm.

Not everyone to whom the white powder clung like this became like a friend.

Only weak hunters who have become approximately B-class or just A-class are being left behind.


The skin of those infected by the white powder melted away and their bones began to appear.

It’s like a skeleton soldier coming out of some dungeons.


The Skeleton King who causes this situation, moves slowly and tramples the hunters.

If I kill that monster, will my friend come back?

Biting his lip, Kim Hyung-min evaded his friend’s sword and sprinted towards the Skeleton King.

The Skeleton King’s gigantic feet are heard and a shadow falls over Kim Hyung-min’s head.


Kim Hyung-min jumped into the air and stood on the Skeleton King’s feet.

He intended to use the Skeleton King’s bones as a road and climb up to his head to burn them all, just as Kim Jeong-moon had done a moment ago.

“It’s high… … .”

but you have to go

You must kill the Skeleton King before your friend’s body completely melts away.

“after… … .”

Kim Hyung-min takes a deep breath and prepares to climb.

But he ran into trouble before he even started.

The bone he was stepping on softened and he grabbed Kim Hyung-min’s ankle.


In an instant, huge flames erupted from Kim Hyung-min’s body.

The bones holding his ankle melted away, and Kim Hyung-min regained his freedom.

‘It works.’

Kim Hyung-min’s eyes lit up.

If it only reaches the head, I think I might be able to melt it somehow.

Kim Hyung-min, who confirmed the possibility with his own eyes, immediately started running on the body of the Skeleton King.

But soon something bounced from the middle of the bone and blocked him.

A skeleton the size of a human.

Dozens of skeleton soldiers emerged from the skeleton king’s bones and rushed at Kim Hyung-min.


The skeleton soldier is melted by Kim Hyung-min’s fireball.

But they weren’t just melting.


A skeleton soldier disappears while wielding a sword of bones in his hand.

Kim Hyung-min glanced at the collar brushed by the sword.

At some point, the white powder that clung to it is slowly expanding its area.

Chi Ik-

Kim Hyung-min, who tore his collar, once again created dozens of fireballs and threw them at the skeleton soldiers.

Skeleton soldiers melted away in an instant. However, as much as they disappeared, no, more skeleton soldiers were created and surrounded Kim Hyung-min.

Front, back, left, right, top.

Instead of moving forward, Kim Hyung-min got stuck there.

so i didn’t see

The Skeleton King’s hand approaching over his head.

Just as Kim Hyung-min was about to be crushed to death by the Skeleton King, a wind blew from somewhere.

squeak- squeak- squeak-

The sharp magic power of the wind shattered dozens of skeleton soldiers surrounding Kim Hyung-min.

It was only then that Kim Hyung-min could see the Skeleton King’s huge hand approaching him.

“Let’s avoid it for now.”

familiar voice.

Kim Hyung-min was able to see the face of the person who helped him by blowing the magic of the wind.


He was Kim Jeong-moon, one of the superhumans in his teens and the father of Kim Hyung-min. Kim Jung-moon, who wrapped his arm around Kim Hyung-min’s waist, kicked his bones and ran.

Kim Hyung-min shouted as he watched the Skeleton King move away in an instant.

“I can melt that Skeleton King’s head with my fire!”

“Okay, you just have to play it. You need Oliver’s ‘seal’ to get rid of it completely.”


The two landed at a distance from the Skeleton King.

Unable to acknowledge his father’s words, Kim Hyung-min tried to approach the Skull King again, but Kim Jeong-moon caught him.

“Let go! You have to do it to know!”

“wait. The Skeleton King wants to do something.”

His words were not made up to keep his son from going.

As if he was really trying to do something, the Skeleton King crouched down and trembled.

and after a while


The Skeleton King spread his body wide.

“This crazy… … .”

A huge number of skeleton soldiers began to fall from his body.

According to Kim Hyung-min, each one of them is a skeleton soldier that is more than a B-class hunter.

The number of such things reached dozens of times the number of hunters here.

What’s more disappointing is that the Skeleton King was crouching down again.

“Is this a catastrophe… … .”

While Kim Hyung-min muttered blankly, Kim Jeong-moon, who was next to him, let out a deep sigh.

From that sigh, Kim Hyung-min felt a sense of relief that did not match the current situation.

Looking at his son who was puzzled, Kim Jung-moon smiled lightly.

“Looks like you’re trying to help us.”

“who… … .”

Kim Hyung-moon, who had doubts, turned his head.

They were fighting the Skeleton King, and it would be obvious to say that they were the ones who would help them here and now.

“Wow… … .”

A feeling of admiration springs out.

Lodens wearing golden armor came out of the gate and slaughtered the Skeleton Soldiers.

* * *

“I’ll be sure to drain that giant skull’s power, Martin Champion.”

Kerbel smiled and crossed the gate with hundreds of paladins.

It must have been a very appropriate time since the crazy Skeleton King had summoned the Bone Corps.

so what am i doing now?

I’m looking for Kater.

“Yai-san, you said you couldn’t come over here?”

To put Carter’s assurances to shame, there was a skeleton soldier crossing the gate from time to time.

Of course they


Arias disappeared without leaving a trace.

Still, isn’t it a problem that Carter is wrong?

But at my greasiness, Carter only snorted.

“They are like puppets without reason. I don’t even know what’s scary At least the Skeleton King can’t come here, so don’t worry.”

“… Are you sure?”

“of course. That Skeleton King is also in the Demon King’s memory.”

“Five… … .”

I guess it’s a pretty great monster if it remains in the memory of the demon king?

“Not only that. There are three more of them on Earth. I was only able to wake up that one closest to me because I lacked my skills.”

“that’s interesting… … .”

Why are those things on Earth and not in the demon realm?

Well, you’re busy right now, let’s talk about this later.

“Hmm… Did you do this?”

My head turned involuntarily at my father’s muttering.

Since earlier, my father had been repeating creating and removing a small magic circle on his hand while muttering something to himself.

“What are you doing?”

“That’s what Oliver wrote.”


“I analyzed it with ‘eyes’, but it is difficult to realize the spirit.”

It must have been natural since it was a chain made with the power of the Constellation, that is, the power of a god.

By the way… for a moment!

Didn’t you just say you analyzed it?

“Did you analyze it?”

“The source belongs to God, but the embodiment is human. It’s difficult, but nothing is impossible.”

“Wow… … .”

Admiration comes out of nowhere.

My father would be the only person in the world who could say such a thing as if it were natural.

‘Awesome cheers!’

My father’s talent is truly overwhelming.

“Hmm… If I can only implement this, I think I might be able to discover something new.”

I was taken aback by my father’s muttering that came out again.

‘A new road?’

Another word for enlightenment.

My father is a person who has already reached a level that no one can follow in terms of the 9 stars of human limitations, especially in terms of technology such as application.

Taking it one step further… … .

‘It means integrating with the characteristics.’

Like Krishnar.

Of course, you can’t compare a guy who only handles ‘swamp’ and a father who handles ‘fantasy’.

Being one with fantasy is that you can do anything you dream of.

‘Isn’t that a complete god?’

Of course, due to the limits of human beings, you can’t really do everything like a god, but I think it’s almost like a half-body.

‘It’s really no joke.’

Of course, what my father is trying to do can’t be easy. However, just seeing and analyzing God’s technology once, and being able to challenge implementation based on that analysis is already a great enough feat.

I definitely thought so.

By the way… … .

“Oh~ I can do it like this.”

My father was floating a magic circle in his hand.

crazy! did you really make it?

i’m scared

“… Did you really implement it?”

My father nodded and told me.

“I want to finish the battle quickly and have time for training.”

Father’s face was flushed red.

“I will stop the Skeleton King with this. Get ready, son. You have to make the finish.”

“… … .”

At this moment, I couldn’t help but question.

‘Wouldn’t it have been much better for my father to be a warrior than for me?’

What the hell did Roden see in me and push me like this?

* * *

same time.

Above Namsan Mountain.

A man and a woman appeared high in the sky.

The woman who was looking down with curious eyes opened her mouth.

“Is this the Earth?”

“Okay, let’s see… … . oh! Didn’t it take longer than expected? It looks the same as when I left Earth.”

“Wow, I’m so glad. In this case, the time axis is off, so it’s rather nice.”

“I mean.”

After looking at the man for a while, the woman cautiously called the man’s name.



“Is something bad happening?”

“… why?”

“I don’t like the expression.”

“ah… … .”

Ratoon replied with a bitter smile.

“Because I saw something I never thought would be here.”

Latun turns his head.

Where he looked, there was a roaring Skeleton King.

“I think I got it wrong.”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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