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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 52

This is enough

It was in the early 1900s that the four major catastrophes appeared.

The first catastrophe, the black dragon, appeared at a time when humans were just beginning to be able to manipulate magical powers and turned the world upside down.

Those who had just become Hunters could not stand against the Black Dragon.

Europe was on the verge of war, but it was impossible to wage a war until such a monster ran rampant.

Humanity had to join forces to survive, and countries that expanded their powers and colonized other countries had to gather all their strength to defend their countries.

But even so, the black dragon could not be stopped. To mankind, the black dragon was literally like a disaster sent from heaven.

Such an era lasted for a year, and just as mankind had given up hope, the second catastrophe appeared.

Fortunately, the second plague did not target humans.

It just clung tenaciously to the black dragon.

Since then, new disasters have appeared at intervals of one year.

The world was devastated only by the battle of disasters, and civilization declined.

Humanity stood before the end.

But 10 years after the first black dragon appeared.

No more new calamities appeared.

The ten plagues fought ceaselessly to kill each other, and mankind hopefully waited with bated breath for their fight to end.

A year later, a miracle happened.

It is also thankful that the number of disasters, which were ten, has been reduced to four, but even those four disasters have ceased to function.

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Germany, Russia, Australia, Egypt.

The disasters that settled in each of these four countries fell into a long slumber, and only then could mankind stretch and rise.

100 years have passed since then, but humans still have not touched the four great disasters.

Science developed and hunters became stronger day by day, but they failed to kill them.

It is because the fear of those who dragged the world to destruction remains deep in their bones.

But now,

A catastrophe that had been dormant for the past hundred years has awakened.

The object name is Skeleton King.

It is a catastrophe that lay dormant in Russia.

coo wo uh uh-

The Skeleton King woke up screaming.

It soon turns into powder as if disintegrating and goes up to the sky.

According to the records, it was called the Skeleton King because it had the appearance of a skeleton, but originally it freely changed its body shape and roamed the world more freely than any other disaster.

As if to prove the record, the Skeleton King began to move rapidly high in the sky like a cloud.

“We are going south!”

The world turned upside down.

There were still many words coming out because of the unmeasurable grade gate, but there were also people who cried out for the end with such a voice of concern that it would go back to the past after waking up to the disaster.

“Are you going to the gate?”

Those in the same place shuddered at the words of the president of the association who was watching the movement of the Skeleton King in the association situation room.

It was because there were still countless hunters near the gate besides the hunters killed by the Lodens.

“Perhaps he was attracted by the magic that the black Rhodan radiated.”

“We need to withdraw all the hunters around the gate right now.”

“We have to ask the World Hunter Association to summon all the 10 superhumans.”

As the president of the association raises his hand, those who were expressing their opinions shut up.

“What is the probability that the Skeleton King will enter the gate?”

“It is not that there is none. But rather, we should consider that the Skeleton King may follow the orders of the Lordans.”

“I’ll turn… … .”

Right now, just a moment ago, it was a situation that was being pushed terribly.

While the teenage superman Oliver and dozens of hunters could not break through the defense that Rodenin lightly hit, Rodenin annihilated dozens of hunters with a single bow. Furthermore, the hunters who are a little famous in Korea, who have gathered at the gate, are being destroyed terribly by a single Roden with a hammer.

But what if Roden manages the Skeleton King as well?

It’s terrifying to even imagine.

“The shield disappears!”


The protective shield that was not broken even when Oliver hit it like that disappears.

Oliver probably won’t break it. Because he wasn’t even moving.

‘Since they reduced the number, are they trying to counterattack?’

Just when the president of the association thought so, a small gate appeared in front of the Loden people.

“What else is that… … .”

The three Rodens went straight into it, and the small gate quickly disappeared. And at the same time, Oliver’s head turned to the gate.

“Looks like we’re back in Loden!”

“You mean you weren’t a person with the ability to create a shield? You said you could use that ability?”

“Yeah, it seems so.”

“Damn it… … .”

The president’s eyes turned to the screen where he was chasing the Skeleton King.

The Skeleton King, who was rapidly moving south, had almost arrived near the gate before he knew it.

“First, tell them to deal with the Skeleton King.”

“How about just taking out the Hunters?”

“And what if they have the Skeleton King?”

“… … .”

“If you call me like this, you must have the confidence to use it. We take down the Skeleton King before that. 2nd line, 3rd, 4th, 5th. Call everyone together.”

Looking at the Skeleton King, who stayed in the form of a cloud and then descended to the ground and returned to its original form, the association president continued.

“Start the Skeleton King raid.”

* * *

He returned to Roden through the fantasy gate his father made.

It was not possible to pass through the gate directly through the illusionary door, and after moving only to the front of the gate, I walked in from there.

With Executor Kerbel, who was rampaging with a hammer.

“That girl… … .”

The first thing I saw after crossing over to Roden was a saintess sitting on the floor and Alice lying on her lap.

‘I had a secret crush on her because she had the same name as my Alice, but it’s a pity.’

It was quite impressive to see the paladins in golden armor arranging behind them.

“Did the saintess subdue you?”

The saintess shook her head.

“Roden took care of it himself. By the way, is it because of the bow you used earlier that the god Apollo attacked the warrior?”

“I will. Because the name of the bow is ‘Apollon’s Palace’.”

“How does the hero have something like that?”

I am under no obligation to answer.

I just laughed.

The saintess didn’t seem particularly curious.

“By the way, it’s huge.”

“Iknow, right.”

The size of the beast that flew in the form of a cloud, arrived here, and returned to its original form was truly staggering. It seems to be a hundred meters tall.

It looks like an elongated mountain standing.

Of course, that mountain is a bit different from normal mountains in that it can move and attack someone.

Earthlings were pointing to that demon and shouting that it was the Skeleton King.

It’s hard to beat the naming sense of who built it, but on the other hand, it seems that there is no more intuitive name than that.

That Skeleton Witchbeast could be called a king by anyone’s eyes.

The saintess asked as she watched the superhumans of Earth fleeing.

“Are you unwilling to fight?”

I could say

“It is not.”

At first glance, it seems to leave the battlefield at random, but it is not.

I can understand this because I have seen many times when I was being chased in my previous life.

They are retreating deliberately with a destination somewhere.

“If they keep their distance, something… Oh, there he comes.”

Dozens of metal balls flew towards the Skeleton King from the sky.

I couldn’t feel any magical powers, but I instinctively knew that it was a pretty menacing weapon.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam-

The metal hit the Skeleton King’s bones and caused an explosion.

‘That’s amazing.’

It’s a destructive force that would be quite disappointing if you were a superhuman who hadn’t reached master level.

But the opponent is the Skeleton King.

Will it really work?

When the smoke that accompanied the explosion dissipated, the result was revealed.

zero damage.

The exploding metal did no damage to the Skeleton King.

The next thing that flew in was a magical attack from a distance by superhumans from Earth.

The Skeleton King, who had greeted the metals casually, raised his hand to block the magic attack.

There was even a little bit of soot in the area being attacked.

‘Is it an attribute that is weak against magical power?’

In fact, if you only think about the destructive power, there was no difference between the iron block and the magic attack from before. Even so, it was clear that he was sensitive to magic, seeing that the attack from behind would leave even the slightest traces.

And it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who figured it out.

Twelve superhumans, including Kim Jung-moon and Oliver, were seen approaching the Skeleton King.

Oliver was the first to attack.

He ran well, but suddenly stopped and released his magic with all his might.

A book was already on his hand, and when he raised his hand, chains began to pour down from the top of the Skeleton King’s head.

‘It’s a unique ability.’

It seems that the chain was summoned through that book, but the first thing I thought of when I saw it was the chain wrapped around the body of the demon Horn sealed in Arias’ realm.

Of course, you can’t compare the chain that the Transcendentalist and the third hero Lamune wrapped to seal Horn, the four-horned demon, and the chain summoned by Oliver, who looks a bit far behind our teenage superhumans, but anyway, the feeling itself is quite sounds similar

thud! thud! thud!

The Skeleton King moved first.

The ground shakes like an earthquake.

It seemed to move to avoid the chain falling on him, but unlike when it was in the form of a cloud, the movement was sluggish, and eventually the chain began to wrap around his head.

“I will stop the transformation of the Skeleton King!”

That chain seems to prevent the Skeleton King’s head from turning into a cloud.

‘Isn’t that great?’

Just when I was admiring it, Kim Jung-moon’s activity began.


Light shines from his feet.

Like Oliver, he seems to have received power from something called a constellation.

He had a wooden spear and a shield in his hand, and as he approached the Skeleton King, he stepped on the Skeleton King’s body and started running.

woo woo woo-

The Skeleton King roared.

With one hand, he tried to remove the chain that wrapped around his hair, while at the same time lowering the other hand down to try to shake off Kim Jeong-moon.

But still he burst out slow, and by the time he missed the second time, Kim Jong-moon was already on top of him.


Light emanates from the window Kim Jung-moon lifted.

A tremendous power that is unknown why it was not used when fighting us is compressed and formed on the spearhead.


As it is, I slash my spear at the top of the Skull King’s head.


A little bit of bone meal.

Soon after, Kim Jung-moon lifted the spear again and inserted it.


One more time.


One more time.


The Skeleton King moved his sluggish hand and tried to hit Kim Jeong-moon.

The superhumans of other Earths were also attacking the Skeleton King, but the Skeleton King’s hand continued to follow only Kim Jeong-moon.

Of course, Kim Jung-moon was not slow enough to be swayed by such gestures.

dodge, stab.

Poke, dodge, poke, poke, poke.

Finally, in repeated attacks,


For the first time, the sound of a skull cracking is heard.

but at the same time,


The chains were also broken.

Looking around, I see Oliver sitting on the ground coughing up blood.

The book he was holding was gone.


After vomiting curses, Kim Jeong-moon kicked the skull king in the head and ran.

The skull, which had cracks, shook slightly, but soon regained its normal appearance.

The scattered bone powder also sticks to the head.

Whoa whoa whoa-

The Skeleton King roars once again.

Then Cater spoke to me.

“Do you want to intervene?”

“… … .”

It is with an honest heart.

Shall we say that the perception of earthlings has changed through this fight?

‘This is enough to pass.’

They will definitely help Roden.

“Keukkeuk, are you saying that weak people can’t be left alone? Well, that’s how Martin is.”

“… What did you say.”

I wondered if I was kidding, so I glanced away and saw Kater reaching out to me.

“… what? whatever?”

“Use this. The compatibility with the Witchbeast will be fine.”

Kudo deuk-

Something thin and long came out through his palm.

A pure white bone with a small, pointed metal in front.

The material and shape were slightly different from what I knew, but it was definitely an arrow.

“Will something like this work for the Skeleton King?”

“If it were just an arrow, it wouldn’t work.”

Kater continued with a smile on his lips.

“This is an arrow made from the bones of the demon king.”

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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