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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 50

I’ll show you something interesting

The god of Olympus, who descended on Elise’s body, entered Roden.

“What are you doing now… … .”

Embarrassed by the unexpected situation, I took a big step back.

And at the very moment of moving backwards, I saw that the space of the god standing still was cut off and something was out of place.

When I blinked, God was already not there.


A light blow is felt in the upper part of the shoulder.


Before I knew it, Arias’s shield had been created, preventing that hand from touching my body.

Will the fire of the demon be like this?

The heat from outside the shield was as hot as the sun, and my steps stopped against my will.

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Gripping support-

The shield quickly melted in the heat radiating from his hand.

This powerful Arias’ shield couldn’t stand it.

‘I have to get out of here.’

I felt it was not the time to save karma.

As I was thinking about what kind of karma I should use to get out of this grip, I heard the voice of God in my ears.

[Aren’t you asking? Why do you have my bow?]


I only have one bow.

Apollo’s Palace.

“You must be Apollo.”

[Yes. I am Apollo But you… … .]

His aura is as hot as the sun, but his voice is as cold as the moon.

[What is your relationship with Transcendental Latun?]

I couldn’t answer

A hand made a hole in the shield and the gear reached my shoulder. It was because the heat I felt there was so strong that my head went blank.

‘What the hell is this?’

The heat seemed to burn my soul, not my shoulders.

It’s to the point where I even think that if it wasn’t for Arin, I might have already died.

‘I have to get my hands off somehow.’

That was when I was thinking that.

[I will leave now.]

with a familiar voice,


The heat I felt in my shoulders disappears in an instant.

body regained freedom.

Taking a big step back and turning around, I see a dark-skinned man taking a deep breath between me and God.

“Hmm- It’s a really nice body.”

It was Cater.

I never thought the time would come when this guy felt so welcome.

“Be careful, Martin.”


Something rushes in from afar at breakneck speed.

‘What is that again?’

At the same time as he thought, he spurred the ground with all his might and stepped back.


With a tremendous explosion, my body flies along with the reborn shield, passes through the gate, and enters the earth.

* * *


After the early morning conversation and Martin left, the saintess sat there for a long time.

The saintess’ mind was all about Martin.

‘It’s an unknown person… … .’


When I heard that he declared that he had to beat the villain and attacked the secret laboratory in the swamp to keep his word, he really thought he was a warrior of justice himself, but meeting him in person like this sometimes feels creepy.

‘Just like that.’

when the earth is doomed

Wouldn’t the average person be surprised or wonder why?

However, the only emotion I saw from him was ‘joyful’.

‘It’s a very good thing…’ … .’

They said the world was going to end, but since that world wasn’t Roden, was it okay?

It was a way of thinking that was incomprehensible to a saintess.

-I, Martin, don’t want to get involved with the man who takes everything. He became a hero because he acknowledged and accepted it himself, but if he refused, I wouldn’t be able to make him a hero. ah… Could this also be his play?

Remembering Roden’s words, the saintess bit her lip hard.

‘Are you really not a human like me?’

Need to find out more, she thought.

Since ancient times, a hero and a saint have always been a pair.

When it was time for the meeting in the afternoon,

The saintess was looking at Martin from a distance from the gate.

After a brief conversation with Earth’s representatives, Pedro and Kerbel are seen leaving.

‘What are you doing?’

While the saintess was puzzled, she suddenly saw an Earthling crossing the gate.

The saintess jumped up from her seat.

You can tell because she herself is a saint who uses the power of the gods.

‘It’s not a person!’

It looks like a human, but what you feel inside is the power of a god.

it’s divine power

When the saintess realized that, the voice of the god Roden was heard as if magic bullets exploded in her ears.

[How dare you, a mutt, set foot on my land without my permission!]

Anger was rampant in Roden’s voice, and soon Roden’s power began to fill the saintess’s body.

[Cast him out!]

The saintess immediately left her seat to obey God’s will.

Kwak Kwah Kwah-

A saintess who flies through the air faster than sound.

The power sent by Roden, who was enraged, was truly enormous, and her speed exceeded that of a 9-star superhuman.

In the extremely slow time, she watched as the god she was supposed to drive away teleported behind Martin and placed a hand on his shoulder.

The power felt in that hand was extremely dangerous.


As if responding to her will, Roden’s power began to be transmitted more intensely, and she gathered the power of the source in her right fist as she flew.

And when it’s half way through,

She could see someone appearing out of nowhere and deflecting God’s hand from Martin’s shoulder.

‘Who is it?’

How could he be safe even if he cut off the hand that had the power of God?

By the time that question arises, she has already reached God.

‘Let’s drive it out.’

The saintess threw a fist filled with the power of the source toward God,


A huge explosion occurred.

* * *


Even after passing through the gate to Earth, I was able to stop only after flying several tens of meters.

I soon identified the culprit behind the explosion.


We see her lashing out at Apollo with her fists covered with source power.

No matter how much Saints use Roden’s power, their opponents are gods who have descended into human bodies.

It doesn’t make sense for the saintess to push her one-sidedly like that.

But now, the body of Apollo, or Alice, is wrapped in golden light.

It must be that the god Loden is intervening and suppressing Apollo’s fire.

“Are you okay?”

Did you say Oliver? he runs towards me

His tone seemed worried, but his eyes conveyed the thought that he would take me hostage in case of emergency.

But there were two people in front of me who crossed the gate faster than that.

It was my father and Kater.

“Martin, are you okay?”

“Yes, Father.”

When the two appeared, Oliver couldn’t come any further. Then the father hardened his face and asked him.

“Can you consider the attack on Martin now as the will of the earth?”

“… God willing.”

“It means God can attack us whenever he wants.”

Oliver was at a loss for words, so he kept his mouth shut.

At that time, Kater’s voice came into my head.

[Should I kill you?]

‘… what? Is that possible?’

Now our conversation was coming and going at high speed because it was not through the mouth.

[With this body, it is possible.]

‘What the hell is that body?’

[The demon king’s body.]

For a moment, I thought I had heard it wrong.

‘Wasn’t it the corpse of an ancient witch?’

[I thought so too, but it turned out to be the body of the demon king. To be precise, it was a weapon the demon king made by removing his own body.]

‘How do you know that?’

[In the process of uniting the soul and body, the remaining memories of the demon king that remained in the body flowed in.]

There’s something really special about it.

‘Then do you have the power of the demon king now?’

[No way. The Demon King is a transcendent. Its power does not come from the body. Well, even so, if you become a demon king, your body is perfect.]

Looking at Oliver standing 10 meters in front of us and Kim Jung-moon still dazed near the gate, I asked Carter.

‘There are two 9-star superhumans over there. Can you deal with both?’


‘I want to save my father’s power.’

This is Earth now.

Because the gate is open, there are quite a few strong players. Maybe all those teenage hunters are gathered together.

be prepared in case

[You’re quick to judge the situation, Martin. It was like that originally, but I think it got better.]

‘What do you think? Can you deal with those two alone?’

[I don’t think I need to use my strength.]

‘… What?’

[Quack. I’ll show you something fun.]


Suddenly, a dark red light radiated from Kater’s body.

It was the very light that made him a man from a mannequin.

‘Hey, what are you doing?’

[Keuk-kuk, protect me for 3 minutes.]

‘What are you trying to do?’

[I feel it. There is a witch in this place called Earth. He’s also a very strong guy. I will use the energy of the demon king sleeping in my body to bring the demon to this place.]

‘What? What crazy!’


Dark red light soared into the sky.

[It’s three minutes from now.]

‘Damn it, I got it.’

At that time, the father who was looking around opened his mouth.



With us at the center, the father’s magic circle is manifested.

“It’s a protector. Don’t go out.”

At the same time, Oliver rushes towards us. He wasn’t as strong as Alice, where Apollo descended, but he had divine powers all over his body, albeit faintly.

thud! thud!

His attack shakes my father’s protective circle.

but it’s cool

Kwak Kwah Kwah-

Perhaps feeling that it couldn’t continue like this, Oliver began to emit powerful magic that was on a different level than before.

Its power is definitely 9-star.

He looks weaker than his father, but the problem is that he is not the only earthling here.

At first glance, over a hundred superhumans are running towards us.

They split in two, half this way and half toward the gate.

Should we consider it fortunate that Kim Jung-moon did not join?

“Hold on for a little while!”

“I get it.”

At my father’s confident answer, I used Karma without delay.

‘Convert 5,000 points into combat power.’

『The Seeker of Good (EX)

Steals the evil one’s karma.

Possession Karma: 5,220』

A star that was originally five. Another star is added there.


While taking the master 6 star, the bones are twisted and the muscles rupture and recover repeatedly. Then the skin peels off and waste products flow out.

It is a dislocation of the hip joint.

At that moment, Arin covers my body from head to toe.

One of Arin’s functions was activated.

‘Staying clean in the middle of this.’

Thanks to Arin, I was able to smile even in such an urgent situation.

Fortunately, the painful metamorphosis ended within 30 seconds.

‘Six stars.’

Also known as Master.

But my level of advancement went one step further.

5,000 points was too much to end with that.

oh oh oh-

The magical energy in the heart rapidly increases in size, and the magical channels spread throughout the body become thicker and tougher than before.

It is 7 stars.

I got two stars in just one minute right here.

It is only possible because there is karma.

‘It’s worth living now.’

No one will know the frustration I felt when I, a 9-star superman, returned and became a 2-star superman.

‘It was always like walking in water.’

But now that I’m 7 stars, it’s different.

My whole body was full of strength, and at the same time I felt light as if I could fly.

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Goo Goo Goo-

I opened my eyes to the huge sound and looked ahead.

My father is enduring it by infusing mana into the extension guard, but the attacks of dozens of superhumans, including 9-star superhumans, are quite fierce.

To the extent that the guards seem to be in danger.

I used Karma again without hesitation.


『We embody the ‘unshakable will’.

1,000 karma used per minute

Possession Karma: 5,220』


He immediately summoned the ‘Palace of Apollo’ and drew a protest.

The target is all enemies that hit the guard.


I poured all my magic power and fired an arrow into the sky.

High in the sky, arrows of fire can be seen splitting into dozens and falling to the ground like comets.

‘Go through everything.’

It was at that moment that my eyes became dizzy due to the overuse of magical power.

[Apollo’s divine power has been converted into magical power. I will inject it right away.]

Arin’s voice was heard, and magic power began to fill the empty heart.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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