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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 49

God of Olympus

“… Are you okay?”

No response.

I opened my eyes wide and looked at the space inside the bracelet, worried that something had gone wrong and Carter’s soul had died.

‘I’m glad… … .’

Carter’s soul was clearly inside that mannequin.

“Hey, if it doesn’t work, just come out.”

probably failed

Well, it doesn’t make sense that a soul goes into a mannequin like that… … .

“What, what is it?”

Suddenly, the mannequin started to glow.


Dark red light like blood began to seep into the mannequin, and the mannequin’s appearance gradually changed accordingly.

As time passed, the mannequin’s skin took on vitality just like a human’s.


The mannequin’s arms are raised and lowered.

Stiff movement like a block of wood.

However, as the action is repeated, the movement becomes more and more natural.

Whoops – pat!

When all light was absorbed, the mannequin stopped moving.

The completely stopped mannequin was so sophisticated that it was indistinguishable from a human.

Big stature, strong muscles.

It is the body of a typical Kwon.

One peculiarity is that the skin is very dark.

So it does look stronger.

“… Are you okay?”

At the moment when I was still a little puzzled because there was no reaction, it suddenly opened its eyes.

‘madam… I was surprised.’

The eyes looking at me are no different from those of humans.

I carefully called his name.


Then its mouth opens and a voice like the Cater I know comes out.


“Are you successful?”

Kater stares at her wrists, clenching her fists tightly.

Tears flow from the man’s eyes.

“… Why are you crying?”

The guy who cried sadly for a long time without answering me looked straight at me and said.

[Finally got a perfect body!]

“… … .”

is it right?

* * *

Carter and I talked until the sun came up.

When I implicitly asked him if he wanted to see his new body for himself, would he like to come out and see it?

– I’m still lacking. There are also things to know. I’ll tell you and leave after I’m fully acclimated to this body.

To think that Kater admits that he lacks himself!

I was honestly a bit surprised.

Moreover, he is not as reckless as before, and when he wants to come out, he will speak separately.

A much more mature look than before.

‘Is it because my body has changed?’

Certainly, people have to die at least once to change a bit.

‘But what the hell are you trying to find out in it?’

The only thing there is ‘Apollon’s Palace’.

Anyway, good is good, so I turned my attention away from Kater and went down to the dining room.

It wasn’t long after the sun had risen, but my father had already come down and was eating. With Arias and a man she’s never seen before.

“Oh, did you sleep well, Martin?”

“Yes, what about your father?”

“I slept well too. Come, come and sit down.”


I greeted Arias, who raised his hand at me, and sat down next to my father.

The man sitting across from my father looked at me curiously and then opened his mouth.

“Nice to meet you, Champion Martin. Call me Kerbel.”


it’s a name you know

“You’re the bailiff, nice to meet you.”

“To have breakfast with the hero! It’s good that you didn’t eat!”

“You’re welcome. But from early in the morning, for some reason… … .”

he replies with a grin.

“I came as a reserve because cheers called me.”

“Are you in reserve?”

“If the Sword Saint cannot come in time, this body has decided to go instead.”

So it’s a kind of insurance.

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God’s hammer, Kervel, deserves it.

I smiled and nodded.

“If that happens, please take care of me.”

“Haha, I am lacking in many ways, but I will do my best for the hero.”

“I have heard many rumors about the Executor. I feel strong.”

“Thank you, eat.”

Before I knew it, the meal was ready in front of me.

“Yes, eat a lot.”

I was thinking that I should talk about Kater later when I was with my father, when someone came into the restaurant.

“Here you are.”

it’s a saint

I asked her the same question I had asked Kerbel.

“Why did you come here early in the morning?”

“Of course I came to see the hero!”

“uh… Let’s start with a meal. Let’s talk after dinner.”

“I don’t eat breakfast!”

Uh huh!

It is a healthy law to eat breakfast.

“I’ll wait in parlor number 5. Eat slowly and come.”

The saintess smiles and greets her father, Arias, and Kerbel before turning away.

‘If you say that and leave, you won’t be able to eat slowly… … .’

He let out a small sigh and quickly swallowed the food.

* * *

After a stormy meal, I went up to parlor number 5.


The saintess who was eagerly eating cookies is looking at me with her eyes wide open.


He suddenly coughed and pounded his chest, so he quickly brought him water and patted him on the back.

“Hey! I almost died!”

“Are you okay?”

“… yes I’m okay. How should I repay the grace of saving my life… … .”

Even if you pretend to be so small, you’ve already seen it all, right?

Well, because beauty is beauty, it looks cute.

I would have liked it better if you hadn’t told me to kill me in my previous life.

“I’m glad you’re okay. So what are you going to say?”

“Earth will be destroyed soon!”

what is this again?

“Could you elaborate a bit?”

She told me of a conversation she had with the god Roden.

The earth will soon be destroyed, and the god Roden is trying to prepare for the upcoming crisis by accepting the earthlings as Roden.

“what do you think?”

what do you think

“That is very good. Earth is doomed… It went so well.”


The powers of the two worlds gather in one place.

Of course, the earthlings entering Roden won’t be as calm, but that’s what the leaders of each country should take care of.

‘If this happens, I won’t have to do a test today.’

No matter what their level is, the decision has already been made to be together.

In addition. It became very clear what I had to do next.

‘I have to go to Earth.’

Before the earth disappears, you have to catch the villains, the beings with evil karma, and the monsters that are said to exist quite a lot on earth.

Roden’s villains will remain the same, but they will disappear together when the Earth is destroyed.

And in order to do that, you need to know when the earth is ruined.

“When exactly is the time of ruin… Where are you uncomfortable?”

Her expression is very blank. He even averts his eyes when I look at him.

what did i do wrong

Shaking her head, she quickly shook her hand.

“Oh, no. I think the hero’s heart for Roden is really great.”

“Haha, isn’t it natural for a hero?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Hehe.”

I mean it’s so weird

“Do you know the exact time the Earth will fall?”

“No, I don’t know that either. Roden-sama also just said that he would perish soon.”

It’s a bit vague.

From God’s point of view, the word ‘soon’ could be hundreds of years by human standards, or it could literally be a very short time.

‘I’ll have to hurry as much as possible.’

I hardened my heart and slightly bowed my head to her.

“thank you. It helped me a lot.”

“Oh, no.”

“Will this just happen? I think we should discuss it with Duke Lamot.”

“yes… … .”

“Then see you later after the meeting.”

I got up and left the drawing room.

* * *

Time passed quickly and it was already afternoon.

Perhaps knowing that we had an important meeting with Earth ahead, no one came to the embassy except for the saintess.

To be honest, I thought there would be a lot of people who would ask for at least one seat besides me and my father out of the three seats to be held today.

Well, isn’t this all because of the power of the pope and father?

“It’s time to go.”


The swordsman didn’t come after all.

He could make a fantasy door and bring him right away if he contacted him, but the reason he couldn’t do that was because he didn’t get in touch.

The father’s face looked very dark.

It must be because the Sword Saint is a close friend of his father.

I comforted my father as I walked toward the gate.

“You will be fine. How many people in the world can do anything about Sword Saint-nim?”

When the world discusses the armed ranks of the 10 supermen, there are always supermen who fall within three fingers. Sword Saint was one of those superhumans.

Such is the power of the swordsman who occupied the position of a teenage superman with the body of an ordinary superman without any special characteristics.

“I think so too… I’m worried that that friend may have met someone he shouldn’t have met.”

“Someone I shouldn’t meet? Who is that?”

“Don’t worry.”

“Did Geomseong-nim have a bad relationship with Yeomma?”

I was sorry to ask.

The names are the 5 heroes and 5 villains, but if you get along well, that’s even weirder.

But there seems to be some personal story as well.

“A while ago, that friend had picked up something that was quite rare, but Yeomma took it away. Swordsman went looking for Yeomma to get it back, and every time he met, he would come back in a dying state. Even now, his body is full of burn marks from those fights.”

Five… It’s fun to talk about this.

“But even after meeting Yeomma so many times, she is still alive. He is also a great person.”

“That’s because Yeomma saved me.”

“yes? Why does Yeomma, the villain, save Geomseong-nim? And several times.”

“Yumma is actually a bit like a villain to be called a villain. If he hadn’t invaded the imperial palace and made a mess, he wouldn’t have been treated as a villain.”

I wondered why the flame demon had invaded the imperial palace and how my father had driven him out, who was difficult to deal with even the Sword Saint, but I couldn’t ask.

Because we arrived at the gate.

Across the other side, three Earthlings had already arrived and were waiting.


She nodded at me and stopped,

Me, my father, and Kerbel moved forward.

“Have you eaten?”

At my greetings, Kim Jung-moon shook his head.

“I couldn’t because my stomach was full.”

“Oops… You must eat well. Anyway, let me introduce you. We are the representatives of Loden to speak with you today. I am Martin.”


“It’s Kervel.”

I deliberately left out my last name to hide my relationship with my father.

Well, you know my last name because we talked about it yesterday.

At our introduction, the other side also opened their mouths in turn.

“I am Kim Jung-moon.”

“This is Alice.”

Does it have the same name as our Alice?


I asked straight forward.

“Are you willing to go to war with us?”

The answer came from Oliver’s mouth in the middle.

“We also seek peace.”

“Good for you. Then go to the next… Do you want to interact with our Roden?”

“Of course.”

“Then we should talk about the qualifications and conditions to cross the gate.”

Alice, who had been quiet at that time, stepped out.

“My god wants to talk to you. Could you please give me a moment please?”

It was an unexpected suggestion, but I readily nodded.

After all, I was going to talk to their god someday.

‘But how the hell does that god know me?’

I was curious about that, but isn’t a good thing a good thing?

“I see.”

After a while, Father and Kerbel moved away, and on the other side, the two of them, excluding Elise, fell far away.

“How can we talk?”

“please wait for a moment.”

Elise closed her eyes.

About 3 seconds later, when she opened her eyes again,

Her eyes were blazing like the sun, and her disposition was completely changed.

‘It’s rare.’

That fire, I feel like I’ve encountered it somewhere.

As she tilted her head at the familiar feeling, she opened her mouth.


It was a man’s voice, not Alice’s.

“Do you know me?”

[I am the god of Olympus. I cannot know you.]

I’m sure it’s the first time I’ve heard the name Olympus, what does this mean?

“How do you know me?”

[I can’t say that.]

It’s annoying.

So, without knowing it, I ask in a blunt tone.

“I heard you have something to say to me. what is it?”

[Is this the main point? That’s not bad either.]

The blazing eyes stare straight at me.

He asked when I averted my eyes from the feeling that everything inside was being exposed.

[Why do you have my bow?]


‘If I had a bow… … .’

Just then, God began to move.

Even when he came to the gate, he did not stop walking.

That, Alice’s body passed through the gate and entered Roden.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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