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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 40

I said earth

On the other hand, the saintess and Leto, who had fled at night, had just crossed the border of Talon over and over the mountain.

“I don’t think I have to worry about the chase anymore.”

At Leto’s words, the saintess sighed heavily and sat down on the floor.

“Ah~ I am so tired. Are you sure?”


“Then let’s get some rest. I need to take a nap.”


“Sleep is the best way to rest!”

“If you go down the mountain, there will be a village, so let’s go a little further.”

“no! I can’t go even if I’m beaten to death!”

After a moment of silence, Leto nodded.

“Then just sleep for an hour. If I sleep too much now, I won’t be able to sleep at night.”

“okay. Resto too~”

The saintess immediately fell asleep with her back leaning against a large tree.

I must have been tired.

Leto smiled and took out a blanket and covered the saintess’s body, then climbed up the tree.

He intended to stand guard until the saintess woke up.

* * *

“What are all these things?”

The square building rises as high as a hundred meters.

There is not one such building.


I quickly dodged my body at the loud noise I heard from behind.

Then a lump of iron on four wheels passed where she was, with a person inside.

“Hey, what is this all about?”

The saintess couldn’t help but be taken aback.

This is because there were countless such pieces of iron.

It was a civilization she had never seen or thought of.

“I shouldn’t be here.”

A muttering sound is heard in her ears as she quickly moves out of the boulevard of metal and into a place where people are walking.

“Look at that foreigner, he is so pretty. Are you a celebrity?”

“Can’t you see the clothes? be a hunter As you can see, clothes are also items.”

“Wow – if you have a pretty face and a job as a hunter, you’ll eat it raw in real life.”

“Are all hunters doing well? That’s something you don’t know.”

What is a celebrity and what is a hunter?

Seeing how people talk about eating raw, it doesn’t seem that hunter means hunter.

‘It’s not Roden.’

This is a very unfamiliar world to the saintess.

The moment she recognized that, the saintess realized what she was going through.


It’s not the story of Martin you’ve always seen lately, but it’s a new story.

‘This is the first time… … .’

Wisdom’s background was always Roden.

But, this is a different world.

It wasn’t just the world that was new.

People passing by are staring at them. In other words, it means that you are looking at yourself.

Originally, he was only a thorough spectator in Wisdom, but for some reason, people here are seeing him clearly.

‘I feel strange.’

What is this prophecy trying to tell you?

It was the time when the saintess was about to enter into trouble.

T-ring- T-ring- T-ring-

Suddenly there are beeps coming from all over the place. Then, people check something similar in size to the communication tool in their pockets.

“uh? The gate is activated! Ratings are immeasurable!”

“crazy! Impossible to measure?”

“What is it that makes you so surprised? Is it more dangerous than triple S class?”

“Of course!”

“Even if it’s a triple S class, it’s impossible to respond to anything other than a teenage hunter.

A street that suddenly becomes noisy.

The saintess frowned.

It’s because the words you know yourself came out of their words.

‘gate… … .’

Could this be a world that is periodically invaded by other worlds like Roden?

“Everybody please go to the shelter!”

A man moved quickly and shouted in a loud voice.


At the time when the saintess was looking at the man, the people who had stopped talking started moving in the same direction.

The saintess did not follow them.

Rather, they headed in the opposite direction, in the direction of the superman who ran away screaming loudly.

After running for about a minute, a barricade appeared in front of her.

A man waiting there shouted, holding out his palm toward the saintess.

“stop! This is a Danger Zone! please go back! what? foreigner? Hmmm. This is a Danger Zone! Please go back!”

Why are you saying the same thing twice?

After thinking for a moment, the saintess was able to infer one fact.

‘Here, God did not give us the blessing of language.’

I heard that the demon world was like that too.

The demons who poured in through the same gate couldn’t communicate, so they killed each other and died.

It seems that this place is also like that.

After roughly grasping the situation, the saintess smiled lightly and said,

“Please speak here. Communication is possible.”

At the saintess’ words, the man’s eyes widened.

“Ooh, you speak our language really well.”

“… I have lived here for a long time.”

“Also! Anyway, you can’t go this way. Please go to the shelter.”

“Who can go this way?”

“Of course, only Hunters can enter.”

In the saintess’ mind, the person who had shouted loudly and ran ahead came to mind.

The reason why he was considered a superman was because of the magical energy that radiated from his body.

Apparently, people here call superhumans hunters.

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Magical power emanated from the saintess’ body.

“How is it? Can I go in now?”

“ah! You were a Hunter. Come in. Please take good care of the gate.”

The saintess bowed the same way to the bowing man and passed the barricade.

Not long after going inside, she could see dozens of people gathered together and the space distorting where they were looking.

‘That’s the gate.’

It is the gate that I have only heard about.

The saintess, who had been staring blankly at the gate for a moment, turned her eyes to the superhumans who were waiting.

Superhumans, called hunters in the local language, were all looking at the gate with nervous eyes, but there was no feeling of seeing something unfamiliar there.

‘Looks like there are often gates here… … .’

Well, it seemed very natural for the people I saw on the street to evacuate to shelters.

Even so, the reason why they are so nervous must have something to do with the ‘immeasurable’ rating that people talked about earlier.

‘Is there any place where I can see the gate properly?’

Looking around, the saintess found a 20-story building quite far away, and headed there.

At that height, you can see it in detail.

widely. widely. widely.

He spurted out his magic power, stepped on the wall, and headed for the top.

Several supermen were already waiting on the roof of the building.

“A release-type ability is right… … . Are you a foreigner?”

“You speak well here. I have lived a long time.”

“Aha! You’re a release type, right?”

I didn’t know the details, but the saintess roughly matched the rhythm.


“Ugh- that must be a bit unfair.”


“I was summoned because I was here at a time like this.”

“… Well, I can’t help it. I just hope a lot of people don’t get hurt.”

“Oh my god, an immeasurable rating, how hard is this? During the triple S-class gate, two teenage hunters took care of it, so one or four of you should come. Moreover, it is a semi-permanent gate, right? We have to hold out for a very long time.”

Thank you for giving me the information you know.

It was then that the saintess was listening to various stories from the man.

“Gate activated! It opens in 10 seconds!”

Hearing the loud resounding voice, the man who had been concentrating on the conversation shut his mouth and pulled out the bow he was carrying on his back, and all the superhumans below began to prepare by emitting mana.

After 10 seconds like that.


A resonant sound resonated through the air, and the disc-shaped gate emitted light.

A short but powerful light!

As soon as the light fades, something can be seen beyond the gate.

And the saintess who checked inside was stunned.

‘Nonsense… … .’

A statue was visible through the gate.

There is a statue of Roden in the central square of the Holy Kingdom.

* * *

“… lady! Wake up!”

Suddenly, the pain felt on her cheek made the saintess go mad! He screamed and raised his upper body.

“What, what?”

Leto asked, looking at her with worried eyes.

“Are you okay?”

“Ugh! Why did you hit me on the cheek?”

“No matter how much I try to wake him up, he just grunts and doesn’t want to wake up. But maybe… Were you predicting?”


“this… … .”

As a saintess who had never had wisdom in the way of dreaming while sleeping, she never even thought of it.

Leto asked with a puzzled face.

“I made a mistake, right? You shouldn’t have woken up?”

“… no. You woke up well.”

Anyway, I saw everything I could see in Yeji.

‘They said the name of the planet was Earth… … .’

It was amazing to experience another world, to see Roden through an open gate there!

Something big is about to happen.

Leto cautiously opened her mouth as the saintess grabbed her hair and tried to engrave the scenes of Wisdom one by one.



“You’re okay, right? Could it be that I slapped you so hard on your head that it didn’t get damaged?”

“… It would have been better not to ask questions later.”

“Ah, haha.”

“I’m okay. Anyway, I think I should say sorry to Leto.”

Leto narrowed his eyes.

What else is this saintess asking for?

I hope it’s not a request from a night runaway class.

“What is it?”

“Well… Let’s go back.”

“yes? Do you want to go back?”


“To the Holy Kingdom?”


A vein popped out of Leto’s forehead.

“That is a very bad idea. If you don’t go back after doing something like this… … .”

After the trial, you will be confined to the Confessor, and in the worst case, you may even be burned at the stake.

It was the saintess who asked her to come out, but it was she who brought her to another country while defying all pursuit.

‘Of course, only I will be punished.’

Because the saintess is the only one on the continent.

“I know what Leto is worried about.”

“… I don’t think you know.”

“Nope. If I go back like this, I’m afraid I’ll be criticized for not acting like a saint.”

“… … .”


‘You’re right I don’t know!’

However, the saintess held Leto’s hand with a smile that said she knew everything about you.

“Something great is about to happen.”

“… Is it related to the foreknowledge you just experienced?”

“yes. I can’t go into detail right now, but I can assure you of one thing.”

“… … .”

“It’s such a big deal that no one in the world will be able to pay attention to me and Leto.”

If it’s that big, that’s a problem in its own right.

“Are there any gates connected to the Pandemonium?”

“Well… I don’t think it’s demonic. No, no.”

“Apparently, the head… … .”


“Haha, then what about Martin? Didn’t you want to see it that way?”

“You will see him soon.”

The statue of Roden was not the only thing the saintess saw.

He must have been there as she looked through the gate.

‘Are you sure.’

I distinctly remember Martin standing alone on the highest podium next to the Roden statue.

“Let’s go back.”

You’ll see him soon anyway.

“First, contact your grandfather.”

* * *

Tufa spread her arms wide and radiated magical energy.


The blood flowing from his mouth clearly showed that he was overdoing it.

“I can’t kill you, but I can capture you… … .”

In reality, Cedric and Leon felt that it was very difficult to move as they were tightly bound by the invisible magical thread that Tufa shot out.

But Cedric didn’t panic at all.

“How long do you think you can hold us?”

“One minute is enough.”

After spitting out an unexpected answer, Tupa suddenly shouted.



“The Tarantulas scatter, carrying one researcher on their backs!”

“I take orders!”

Ramsen quickly runs back. Cedric had no choice but to panic at this moment.

“Are you risking your life to save the researcher on the villain garbage?”

Toopa laughed as he coughed up blood.

“Kuk-kuk. I’d rather watch you fail your mission and suffer, I have no interest in researchers.”

“This crazy… … .”

Cedric said at the time when Leon was swinging his magical sword to cut off the magic web of the long-lived Tufa.

“There is no need for that.”


“We just need to focus on him.”

“What do you mean by that… … .”


Cedric pointed backwards with his thumb, and Leon quickly looked in his direction.

Martin was there.

“Lord… … ?”

“Looks like Martin is up to something else.”

Cedric tilted his head and continued.

“By the way, did Martin also shoot the bow?”

I don’t know where I picked it up, but Martin is holding a bow about the size of his height.

Watching the scattered researchers and the Tarantula members approaching them from a distance, Martin immediately drew the string of his bow with nothing in it.



Arrows of fire began to form in his hands.

After a while, when Martin let go of the string he was holding in his hand,

The arrows of fire rose to the sky and were split in an instant, and the flames spewed out from the arrows spread like a curtain and covered the sun in the sky.

“Am I dreaming… … .”

Although he didn’t open his mouth, Leon felt the same way as Cedric.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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