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Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain Chapter 39

I will

As long as he recognized that his opponent was an 8-star superhuman, Cedric had no intention of sparing his strength.

So he kicked the ground with enough force, and his speed was very fast. Enough to get closer to Tupa in one step.

However, Cedric’s body stopped halfway.

It was because the moment Tupa spread his arms wide, an intangible energy flew through the space and clung to Cedric’s body.

It was like a magic spider’s web.

Cedric stopped at a distance of about 5m from Toopa and smiled.

“You must have been the solitary leader of the Tarantula.”

“Do you know me?”

“I heard a rumor. Even in ‘Swamp’, it’s garbage of a different dimension.”

“… Who are you? From the looks of it, he doesn’t seem to be from the ‘Black Sun’.”

Cedric tilted his head.

“Were you also fighting the ‘black sun’? Anyway, the same villains do everything with each other.”

“Aren’t you asking? Who are you?”

“Cedric Lou.”

“Crazy dog, Count Lou?”

Tufa’s face hardened.

From the hero’s point of view, he was Cedric, who was praised as a fighting spirit because he was so good at fighting, but from the villains’ point of view, he was a tenacious mad dog who would never let go once bitten.

To the villains, Cedric was the kind of superman they didn’t want to associate with.

“Are you starting to understand the situation?”

Toupa did not answer Cedric’s question.

It would have to be seen that there was no time for that.

‘Damn it, why is there such a guy here!’

Cedric, a pure body type superhuman specializing in blows that fights with physical strength with strong strength and durability that cannot be broken at all.

On the other hand, he is a supporter-type superman who can tie up opponents.

I can restrict my actions to some extent, but there is no way to give a decisive blow to a superman like me.

‘It’s not a good match.’

At least, I don’t know if there is someone who specializes in destructive power among my subordinates, but there is no such person.

This fight has no choice but to be long, and in the end, there is a high probability that Cedric will take victory.

Sensing this, Tupa sneaked a glance at the person next to him.

‘Is this guy the only one to trust?’

Ramsen, who recently joined the Tarantula Crew as sub-master, is a 7-star superman.

I haven’t seen what that ability is, but it should be useful nonetheless.

But the problem is that it’s not just Cedric over there.

Even that sword demon-like guy who ran amok like a demon and slashed everyone in sight was an 8-star superhuman like himself.


The magical threads that bound Cedric’s body explode.

The explosion sent Tupa back, but Cedric did not pursue.

He just lifted one lip and smirked.

“How are you? No matter how much you think about it, you can’t come up with an answer?”

“… … .”

“Get caught. Then I won’t kill you right now.”

The nonsense that made him laugh out loud made Tupa fight.

“… You have to fight to know.”

“Well, let’s try it, Leon.”

Swish – Leon swung his sword to wipe away the blood and came towards Cedric.

“Did you call, Count?”

“Continue with what you are doing, and if there is a gap, kill that first. Is it possible?”

Leon nodded, and the one called that, Toopa, bit his lip.

“Count Lu, I heard that you are a noble who knows honor, but are you saying that you will not compete fairly?”

“When I fight with the villains, I don’t care about that. And you just glanced at the subordinate next to you earlier. Where are you rhyming fair and square? Leon.”


“Get started. Don’t let any of them get away.”

“All right.”

It was then that Leon, who nodded, was about to leave.

“You look at me so funny.”


A huge amount of mana emanated from Tufa’s body and began to encroach on the area.

* * *

“Please. finish it here.”

Cater’s words, which seem to be calm but with earnestness, pierce my heart.

“I… … .”

“I know how much you love children. I used to say that even if I kill adults, I will never kill children.”

“okay… … .”

“Am I a child?”

“… By my standards.”

“Then won’t you kill me?”

“… … .”

He opened his eyes and looked at me, but I couldn’t make eye contact with him.

“The instructor said this to me, who had lost his fighting power after being beaten like that by Aline.”


“Useless bastard. From now on, live in the basement sorting out paperwork.”

It is a type of disposal.

trash bastards.

“Is that why you came here?”

“Actually, I didn’t even know this place existed until I came here.”

“You said you didn’t know anything? If you are forced… … .”

“No way. I was just offered a chance to gain new strength, and it would be very painful.

The guy who glared at me for a moment continues.

“I was so desperate. I just wanted to kill you with my own hands. At some point, it became the goal of my life.”

“… to kill me Isn’t this the attitude of a guy asking for a favor?”

“Even in front of training where you could die at any moment, you used to show the leisure to joke like that. I really hated that aspect of you.”

Kater twisted her body for a while, wondering where she was in pain, then continued.

“Even when I came here, I heard that it was a failure. You said that my body couldn’t accept the cells of the ancient Witchbeast.”

“Did those strange legs belong to an ancient witch beast?”


“They’re crazy people beyond imagination.”

Our planet Roden has faced several crises in its long history.

Excluding the Age of Mythology, which is so old that it is impossible to get a sense of it, the biggest crisis would be the three invasions of the Demon World.


It is a place where demons live together, and there is not only one place. It is said that there are several demon worlds in the universe, and each demon world that invaded our planet was ruled by a different demon king.

Invasion of the demon world usually occurs when a gate connecting that world and our world is created, and demons refer to the monsters that flowed into our world during the invasion of the demon world.

The difference between monsters and beasts scattered across the continent lies in the use of magical power.

In other words, witches can use magic just like us humans.

Of course, it’s bound to be so powerful that it can’t even be compared to a normal monster.

By the way, it means that the guys in the ‘swamp’ were attaching it to superhumans in this laboratory, where did they get the corpse of such a demon.

‘The guys participating in the experiment must have been greedy.’

Attaching the body of a witch who was said to be so powerful to the body of a superman?

Although there is only one individual, it is understandable why a bioweapon that reached the level of a 9-star superhuman could be created.

“Did you want to become stronger by doing that?”

“You say that. As long as I can become strong, I am the person who can do anything. Didn’t you know?”

If you didn’t know… it must be a lie

“Then why are you the only one keeping your senses?”

“Didn’t you tell me?”

“… … ?”

Cater laughed bitterly.

“It means that my body couldn’t accept the cells of the ancient Witchbeast. Just in case, I put it on and lay down. But after a day or two, the results were visible. I am a failure. I can live like this with the power of the demon, but I can’t accept that power.”

After a moment’s pause, the man speaks.

“Every moment is so painful.”

It seems that the pain does not mean only physical.

“Do you really want to die?”

“Martin, I don’t talk empty words.”

“Like you said, I don’t kill children.”

I have never killed a child in my previous life.

Even if that child was a villain or a hero chasing me.

“I am not a child!”

The guy said while scanning his body with his eyes.

“I am a monster. Can’t you just think of killing a monster?”

I asked with the intention of using karma if I had to.

“If I could live… If you could have a normal body again, would you like to live a new life?”

“There can be no such thing.”

“So what if.”

The guy answered without thinking.

“There is no such thing. Just like you don’t change, I don’t change either. Unlike you, I have no talent or anything, so I will do my best again to have the power to kill you, and in the end this situation will only repeat itself.”

The man who held his breath for a while, perhaps breathing quickly, called me.


“Tell me.”

“I want to rest now. Life is so hard.”

“f*ck… … .”

This guy is the same age as me.

To hear that life is difficult coming out of a person who is only 14 years old, isn’t this world wrong?


“… … .”


I blew the glass that was on the guy’s body.

The stench stings my nose.

I put the spear point over the guy’s heart.

“f*ck, because you’re my opponent… It will kill you.”

Words I never imagined I would hear from him flowed from his mouth.

“Thank you.”

That relaxed-looking expression also doesn’t belong to the Carter I knew.

“Any last words?”

“I suffered because of you, but I was able to endure because of you, Martin. You live the life you want.”

“Even if you don’t say that, I’ll be fine.”


I thrust a spear into his heart.



He exploded his mana all at once and turned his body into powder.

“… … .”

While being hit without avoiding the splashing blood, he spat out words that he couldn’t say to the living one.

“If you could live again like me, then… Be happy.”

I turned around in the coffin where the guy was.

“after… … .”

There are so many things to kill.

both here and above.

“I have to hurry.”

I’ll have to kill all those who escaped.

It was at that time that I was about to head for the next glass tube with the window in my mind.

[Do you want to have it?]

Suddenly, a voice came into my head.


The same voice is heard once again.

[Do you want to have it?]

“So what?”

The voice didn’t answer my question.

As I was looking around at the sudden voice, my wrist suddenly started to throb.

“Kuh! What is this again!”

I quickly tried to take off the ancient warrior’s bracelet, the epicenter of the pain.

But it didn’t budge, rather, it tightened my wrist even tighter and finally began to take away my mana.


If this happens, it seems that all power will be sucked away.

I thought about using karma, but that was like pouring water into a pot with holes in it.

You have to find another way.

“Keugh… … .”

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Gradually, dizziness begins to arise.

One way comes to mind.

I had to choose, and I made my decision quickly.

‘I cut off my arm.’

Arms can be reborn if there is karma, but if you lose your mind like this, it seemed like a really big problem.

I raised my free right hand.

But just then another voice was heard.

[Please wait, Master!]

It was Arin’s voice.

Chow ah-

Arin, who was in the form of a normal shirt, transforms.

Arin, who transformed into a bracelet by compressing and compressing it, embraced the warrior’s bracelet as it was.

[Hold on!]

My body staggered from the momentary force that escaped.

But Arin is my soul mate. I held on to her word.

All Arin’s actions are for me.

And after a while my expectations were rewarded.

The mana that had only escaped began to pour into my body again.

‘What did you do, Arin?’

[I absorbed the power absorbed by the bracelet and sent it to the master’s body.]

The warrior’s bracelet is sucking my power, and Arin is sucking the power from that bracelet and sending it to my body.

In other words, my power was doing a kind of circulation right now.

‘Can’t you stop?’

[I think the master should do that. All I can do is endure!]

I feel the urgency from Aran.

A voice that is difficult to hold on to.

I rolled my head.

-Do you want to have it?

What the bracelet said.

The clue will be right there.

But I never thought of wanting to have anything.

‘What is it?’

I’m sure there must be a reason why the bracelet suddenly went crazy like this.

I feel that way.

‘Is that it?’

The strange feeling I felt after killing Kater.

Maybe that feeling became a catalyst and woke up the bracelet that was sleeping.

I don’t have any proof, but somehow I think it’s because of it.

And then, once again, the bracelet’s voice echoed in my head.

[Do you want to have it?]

Either way, having something wouldn’t be a bad thing for me.

So I decided.

Arin also seemed to have a hard time holding on.

“Yes, I will.”


As soon as the words fall, a wind blows from somewhere.

In the wind, traces of Kater emerge and begin to rotate in the air.

And they soon began to get sucked into my bracelet.

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

Return of the EX-Class Genius Villain

EX급 천재 빌런의 회귀
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
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